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    I don't see him turning over to the dark side either but its good for him. You can only be a good guy for so long and he needs to go heel to make wrestling entertaining at least.

    I'd like to see him turn, don't get me wrong but look how long Hogan was portrayed as a good guy. Wasn't until he went to WCW and was not until WWE already started the Attitude Era. Now they are going back to a PG era so I don't see their biggest good guy persona going bad.

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    In my opinion his persona now is just a main event version of Matt Hardy; talking about never backing down from a fight and never giving up. I think he would need some kind of gimmick to pull off this heel turn. Just him being mad at fans for booing him won't be enough. Any thoughts on a gimmick for Cena's heel turn?

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    Cena heel turn would be the greatest shocker in the pg era.

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    he shoult get his old rapping gimmick back

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    Doesn't matter what gimmick he has.

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    The Heel Cena Thread

    Had a dream that Randy Orton almost won at Night of Champions, but he got screwed by John Cena when Cena sets Randy up to get caught with the Wasteland by Barrett then after Orton is eliminated Barrett lays down for Cena, and lets Cena win the WWE championship. Then on Raw he explains that he's the real leader of Nexus and that he did Orton like that because he was Jealous of the new attention he's been getting lately, and that he's the real hero. Could u and I mean could u see this as a good rivalry if this actually happen?

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    I WOULD LOVE IT!!! cena as a heel might be awesome but unfortunately i dont see this happening yet

    quick question why are you dreaming of guys in tights? lol jk

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    Cena was only a good heel under his Thugonomics gimmick. If he just became a heel on the spot without any drastic change in gimmick then he would just come off as a butthurt John Cena that you normally see after he gets beaten up really badly without being given the chance to go into Super Cena mode. To see further details, look up Cena after he was brutally attacked by NEXUS.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    I could see it. Don't think I'd dream it though.

    I'd still like to see Jericho win as it would mean he was staying put for the time being

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    Although Cena is probably one of the best Gimmicks around at the moment (And he is as much as people dont like to admit it!!!) i think he was alot more comfortable in his Thuganmoics role. Would love to see him turn and team up with R-Truh and MVP to have a rap battle with Nrxus!lol

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