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    That Cena vs Punk match from Raw in March.....

    Let's see it didn't get it's place in the best matches of the year and also didn't get put in the websites top 50 raw matches the reason that they are not mentioning this match is due to the piledriver that they performed? We all know that McMahon got mad at both Cena and Punk but punishing your two top stars is kind of hard.

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    Is the match where HHH and Taker reportedly got fined for the chairshots to the head in there? If so, then it's probably not that.
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    What that was a great match, the Cena powerbomb and Punk piledriver really freshened the encounter up

    They obviously realized that they had chemistry and realized also that maybe they had had too many matches together so they threw those two new(for them at least spots) in there it really hightened the drama. What a joke this match isnt included in that list

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    I would hardly call omitting their match from some arbitrary lists that no one will remember in 6 months punishment!


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