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    I RULE WWE creative team?

    if you had full control of WWE creative, what would u do?

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    for starters beat the former WWE creative up for being such morons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtGohan View Post
    for starters beat the former WWE creative up for being such morons.
    100% agree

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    I would make sure that they understand that no writer is allowed to give certain wrestlers special treatment an that all should be treated equally. If they are to disobey that order then I'd start to sever my ties with them. I would want full on control an I'd axe anything that is cheesy to me such as those Hornswoggle segments, and those comedy matches. I would take guys from FCW an pair them up in tag teams as try-outs an if they qualify as GOOD TAG TEAM MATERIAL then I will bring them to whatever brand an bring forth the second coming of the wwe's once proud tag team devision back from its grave. I will also add more emotion to the storylines so that people can really grasp on to it. Not this sad cheap "you kicked me down, so I will get my pay back' kind of thing. I would make the storylines longer.. An by the end of the storyline you will have a whole lot of people behind one of those two individuals.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    I would make Cena the first pro to be demoted to rookie status, put him on NXT with Santino as his pro.

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    Beat the idiots that ended the cruiserweights, bring the cruiserweights and title back and rename it the Light-Heavyweight championship.

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    Get rid of that stupid spinning Raw title, the guest host thing, change peoples names back to what they are originally...talking about Joe Henning, Bryan Danielson, Duke Rotundo. Take that car away from Del Rio...makes me remind him of JBL a bit, get rid of the women wrestlers that can not cut it in the ring and hire ones that can, bring in new tag teams like the Brisco brothers from ROH, MCMG from TNA, build up the tag team division- don't just stick random guys togetrher- . Bring back the cruiserweights title. Give Jericho a big fat new contract...NOW. Let Cena make lots more movies so he would not be in the ring as much. Have less PPVs, and do not have the same people fighting each other at every single PPV. Have championship matches on TV- all titles. Actually give Chavo a good push, not use him as a joke. Put Stricker on Raw as a commentator, move Cole to Smackdown. Have Undertaker retire at Wrestlemania- unbeaten. Thats all I can think about

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    what would I do?

    First I would get rid of brand extension. The rosters are not truly separated anyway because they can show up on the other show anytime they want for guest appearances, which should not happen. The same roster for both shows again would not be such a bad thing. If Cena has a match on SMACKDOWN on Friday, use his time on RAW strictly for a buildup promo to that SMACKDOWN match and don't show his face again the rest of the show. If he has a RAW match on Monday, use his time on the SMACKDOWN beforehand to promote it. That would not be overexposure. Show him on tv once on each episode instead of two or maybe even three times on one RAW episode. That would apply to everyone else as well. I can see that working out. It may even SMACKDOWN the ratings boost that WWE complains about not getting.
    Next I would go back to one lone heavyweight championship...the WWE championship. Also get rid of U.S. title and Diva's title. Stick with the original WWE championships. One heavyweight title may make everyone fight harder.
    The Light-Heavyweight title MAY make its return. That was the original.
    Next....any newcomers....I would not give them too much too soon. Carlito didn't have to win the U.S. title in his debut match. Drew McIntyre didn't have to win IC title after just 3 months. At least 6 months of working up the roster without winning a singles title will not be a crime.
    There are enough divas to create a Divas Tag Team championship, so I would do that.
    One pay-per-view a month is plenty! There are two this October...not necessary.
    I would make the Miz announce when he is cashing in his MITB and build up a feud to the title match. The past 5 cash ins were done without prior notice and it got old. At least Mr. Kennedy and Rob Van Dam announced it (even though Mr. Kennedy had to end up giving up the case due to his injury).
    The WWE would have to have its weight class limitations if I decided to bring back Light-Heavyweight title. Perhaps 220 will be cutoff point.

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    Bye Divas who can't wrestle!!!! Bring back cruiser-weight title and let Santino wrestle for real in matches not for comedy. Have Kozlov get mad serious again. Give Kofi and Morrison the pushes they diverse and don't have Cena be in the WWE championship match every ppv. Stop the "I want payback from 2002" storylines and just make new ones that are original and deeper. Heck, even let the divas have storylines. Bring back guys like Big daddy V and let Jericho be Y2J again.


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