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    If Khali wins any title I will stop watching WWE. I get angry enough that he even has a job there.

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    When he first came in as a monster heel, I liked him (minus the one foot pin on Taker. Didn't even mind the WHC run. But when you take guys like him and Big Show and have them job to EVERYONE, be a joke just to be cheered, it's hard to ever get behind them again. Khali 'could' have value again, but ONLY IF they turn him back to being a monster and give him a proper manager/mouth piece. Only then could I MAYBE get behind another (short) WHC run. But please keep him away from the WWE championship.

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    I'd get behind him...

    with a shovel.

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    It doubtful it would happen.... But Great Khali as WWE champion might be something else... If done in the Andre the Giant style, same thing for Big Show at his age and the point in his career.... But only if it is used to create or elevate the next face of the WWE.....
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    Why would anyone ever ask a question this offensive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay_Allison View Post
    Why would anyone ever ask a question this offensive?
    To make the IWC go mad with that thought lol

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    It's not really angering, mostly because it's not possible. Khali would literally die if he had to keep up the work rate he'd need to in order to be even a mid-card champion, much less hold one of the world titles.


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