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    Kane should now turn face!!!!

    Its about time Kane turns face, and finishes his career on a good note!!!!!!!!!!!
    what do you guys think??????

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    Kane should stay heel. I remember during the 2000-2005 period when Kane was at his heel best, people boo'd him with a smile on their faces.

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    Even though I know its probably the last time time that we will see Kane as a world champion, he is always good for PPVs. In the Smackdown Chamber match, he eliminated half the participants in the match! He does seem to get a bigger push as a heel, than a face.

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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    if he's a face he will get pushed down
    kane should be sent home like batista
    he was turned heel and then he said he quit

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    If they would turn Cena Heel I may just start to watch it on a regular basis again. But they do need a massive face to take his spot, and im not sure who could do that any time soon, unless the rock returns to wrestle, but we all know that wont happen.

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    Kane isn't over as a heel though, people cheer him just as much as they did Edge in their rivalry, I for one believe that Kane is one of those people that will always have more people cheering than booing him in an arena.

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    its just because of what he does, he destroys people just look at the elimination chamber. and people just love that which is why he gets cheers. same as when someone is doing a promo and suddenly you hear that BANG at the beginning of kane's entrance, the moment people here that they know they are in for some ass kicking

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    i think right now he's more of a tweener than anything, i think that even if creactive decides to put over a guy as a heel or face, the crowd basically decides it and i think that he's a tweener with some of the things he's done lately.
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    after taker is 20 n 0 kane should b the 1 2 beat the streak! and then they both retire!
    The Red Ryda

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Red Ryda View Post
    after taker is 20 n 0 kane should b the 1 2 beat the streak! and then they both retire!
    Not a terrible idea but I think Undertaker is going to retire right after getting to 20-0


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