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    Was Raw awesome last night or what?

    Just wanted to get you guys thoughts on RAW last night... IMO (as you can tell by the title) I thought it was great. The WWE has been putting on some really good stuff as of late but I have to say that this is the first time in a while that i've been emotionally invested. Now im not one to get mad or sad when watching wrestling because of course it's scripted but man they pulled me in last night. First starting off with DB getting his title TAKEN away from him (which was expected but it sucked seeing it) and that Big show segment with Dusty was heart wrenching... To watch Dusty buckle like dat MAN that was great. I really felt like jumping through the TV and kicking Stephenie right in her mouth! lol. The Miz's mother also did a great acting job as we saw the return of the REAL viper (about time) Now all he has to do is punt someone and it'll be all good. Well, anyways let me know what you guys think... Did u like it? What was your fav match or segment? Thanks for reading *Out*


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