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    What is the greatest WWF/WWE feud of all-time?

    This is nearly impossible to answer, but I'd love to hear what your favorites are...
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    Im going to say Taker/Kane. Sure their matches werent exactly 5 star classics, but the storytelling was perfect every time. Plus I like the supernatural element to it, made it a bit more different to the usual rivalries.

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    Mr. McMahon vs Stone Cold

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    Rock and Stone Cold hands down

    AJ and Kurt (made me a fan again) in TNA gets my non WWE vote haha

    Should have been 18-1

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    Austin vs Bret Hart, it had two 5 star matches, Drama, Great interviews, it was intense and it spawned off the Whole Hart Foundation thing and it led to other great feuds and matches....

    Think how much the story changed from the beging of the Feud till the end.

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    Hogan vs Piper
    Savage vs Steamboat

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    Stone Cold Vs Vinnie Mac the fued that led the then WWF to overtake WCW in the ratings. Follwed by Hogan-Piper the fued that main the WWF mainstream and started the deaths of all the regional promotions. I for one would of loved if wrestlemania would of bombed and put Vince out of business then we'd have actual wrestling instead of sports entertainment to watch.
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    Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart. Classic and unbeatable feud right there.
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