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    Quote Originally Posted by sharkie325 View Post
    Ask your mom how childish I was last night
    I asked her and you were very childish, she said you cant go to the comic book store this weekend, so juvenile
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharkie325 View Post
    Ask your mom how childish I was last night
    i think i'm very tired cause this made me laugh and i am ashame.

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    Well then...

    You want to spoil things or me kid. Here we go.

    I know mummy and daddy like to tell you that a fat man ho lives at the north pole has a bunch of elves make your toys for christmas each year. Santa Clause is fake. So are your mothers tits, but that's another story for another time. I hope i didn't spoil your childhood wanker! I spoiled your mum in the bedroom last night. She loved every minute.

    This isn't a spoiler so much as it is just a dumb fucking thread. It's got nothing to do with the fact i haven't watched NOC. It's just other than to troll each other, this thread serves zero purpose for creating a conversation. What's te fuckig point.

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    Respect the beard !

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    this is the first thing to amuse me today, how wonderful
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    Sometimes, just sometimes, I really love this place.
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