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    Problem is, it's a tag Team and they won't stay together too long. it's WWE. So what will happen when the break ? Same thing if there is a sort of Ministry of Darkness. How long it will last ? Not a good idea in my opinion. If WWE decide to create a similar gimmick it should be with one person and he will have to keep the gimmick forever, like The Undertaker did. If I had the power to decide I would not think to replace or immitate The Undertaker, the gimmick would die with him when he retires.
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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    that was way too much to read so i just skip it
    will there ever be a new deadman? no there wont
    and it shouldnt even.
    u can have a dark figure in wwe or a sinister figure like him or a straight up badass one like the american badass version but u will never build a 20-0 streak u will never build the sheer impact that he brings at mania anymore and u wont ever create an exact replica of him either.
    similar gimmick? not exactly but a few tweaks here and there that resemble the deadman...sure i can see that.
    but never a illustrous career like his.
    it would hurt his rep, the bussiness, the fans would hate on it and wwe would be mad to attempt an exact replica of it.
    hulk hogan was a big star and wwe never rly copied him, they had all different babyface stars to accomodate to the times.
    hogan was flashy, shiny yellow and red cartoonish colours from the 80's
    u got rock and stone cold both extremely versatile kick ass and rude fro the attitude era, a time in the late 90's early 00's where the ruthlessness and new hip hop gangster wave was trending.
    and then u got american troop loving pg friendly babyface cena who also fits in to today's product, he looks like a male supermodel to attract the craving female audience, u got the respect to the troops which is important to make the american troops fighting at oversees in afghanistan and all over the middle east which always are broadcasted in the news, and u got the mom and dad friendly guy who appeals to the kids audience which is a incresing demographic in viewership from wwe standarts.
    so u got different times flowing with different characters. how will the next deadman be like? he wont be called the deadman, he would be a costumised bonafied sinister character that will mix with the future year he will be main eventing in wwe whichever that will be.

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