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    If Del Rio defeat Edge and win the heavyweight title,appear on Raw the next day I hope he finally stop introduce himself whenever he wanna cut a promo.Maybe one last time where he will say something like "MY NAME IS ALBERTO DEL RIO AND I'M THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION JAJAJA"

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    Del rio is doing a good job but I think cm punk is a better heel. I liked punk as a face but am enjoying his performances recently.

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    CM Punk is the top heel in the business at the moment. ADR is nowhere near that level, nowhere near...

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    You are very wrong , he doesn't compare to CM Punk no one does write now in the heel area , the Miz is getting closer as of late though !
    "Everybody wants to call me the Triple H of Ring of Honor, I think that’s hilarious. I would prefer to call Triple H the CM Punk of the WWE"

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    ADR is not yet but close, simply CM Punk cut better promos and know how to handle people, he is natural heel

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