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    Del Rio is friggin hilarious. I cant help but laugh with this guy. Hes a Tweener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimusSucks View Post
    Del Rio already gets some cheers, I see him becoming a top tweener in no time, but he can make it work, unlike Orton.
    Actually, Orton has made it work very well mind you. Hell, last I checked he arguably the most over with the crowd.

    As for top heel? CM Punk is clearly the top heel in the business especially when people like Chris Jericho, Harley Race, Jim Ross & so forth all have said so.

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    I really thought Sheamus given the opportunity would draw more heat than CM Punk, but what helps Punk is that he works well with an entourage....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuGrad View Post
    I really thought Sheamus given the opportunity would draw more heat than CM Punk, but what helps Punk is that he works well with an entourage....
    Sheamus would be a bigger heel but WWE Senoir Executive Kevin Dunn has an issue with Sheamus which is why Sheamus is being buried so much which is a shame. Sheamus is without question one of the better young talents. The weird thing is even though Sheamus is in good terms with Triple H, it seems Kevin Dunn has more say.

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    id say punk is the top heel del rio is 2nd and then the miz i'll admit punk gets cheered more often then the other two but jericho was the top heel for the past couple of years but he got chants because of the respect for his abilities.

    As for sheamus generating heat he seems to get booed more when acts like a bully usually with someone smaller so with this feud with mark henry nobody cares for it because if it was real or shoot mark henry could snap sheamus like a twig.

    Back on topic if given time i think del rio could be a top heel,tweener or even a face(i think it could work just he does work better as heel)

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    Not the top heel but one of the top heels. Also he is not worthy of a wrestlemania title match 7 months after his debut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladygodiva View Post
    Wade Barrett is a much better heel than him

    He smiles too much to be a heel, everytime I look at him he makes me happy :|
    It's supposed to be a cocky arrogant smile along with the wink but meh.

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    Barrett and Del Rio are very good as heels and smug, just Del Rio does it with more class than Barrett.

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    If Del Rio defeat Edge and win the heavyweight title,appear on Raw the next day I hope he finally stop introduce himself whenever he wanna cut a promo.Maybe one last time where he will say something like "MY NAME IS ALBERTO DEL RIO AND I'M THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION JAJAJA"

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    Del rio is doing a good job but I think cm punk is a better heel. I liked punk as a face but am enjoying his performances recently.

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