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    Thumbs up Alberto Del Rio is the top WWE heel.

    I don't think there is any dispute on this. Am I wrong?
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    you are making some fucking retarded treads. also vickie is the top heel follow by cole.

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    only just behind miz as top heel wrestler
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    del rio and miz both don't even get half the heat vickie gets. vickie just have to say one word. all cole has to do is stand up and get booed.

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    Both Cole and Vickie get more heat. As far as wrestlers go, Miz and possibly CM Punk (although he gets a lot of chants supporting him also).
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    I should have specified wrestler. I actually was going to mention Vickie in the initial post, but she isn't an active wrestler. She obviously gets the most heat. Also, I don't care at all if you like my posts or not. You are just some dude I don't know on the internet.
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    Del Rio is the futre for WWE he has great talent and charisma and has made his bones in the biz, but you already knew that.

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    Del Rio already gets some cheers, I see him becoming a top tweener in no time, but he can make it work, unlike Orton.

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    WWE management try everything in their power to make Alberto to become the top heel but to be honest i think he still lack of heat,as someone mention Vickie received more heat.

    You want some real 'hate heat'? Jeff Jarrett.

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    I would say CM Punk is the top heel wrestler right now.

    Vickie definitely gets the most heat in WWE followed by Cole.

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