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    WWE Championship 6 Pack Challenge
    Orton vs. Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Barrett vs. Edge vs. Jericho - Because I'm starting to like Sheamus, if WWE are going to make him a believable champion, he needs to win clean - I don't think he has every won a championship match clean - but I think he'll lose it to Orton, he'll have his moment and he'll either be attack by Nexus or The Miz will cash in his MITB, if he loses to Bryan Danielson.

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Undertaker vs. Kane - If Taker wins, the feud will be over after that and I love Kane having the title, I want him to have a pretty decent run with the title.

    IC Championship
    Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler - I like Ziggler more and I feel it is in the same positions as the Taker/Kane match, if the title changes hands, the feud will be over.

    US Championship
    The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) - I feel this match is pretty important, if The Miz loses, he'll cash in MITB after the six-pack challenge. If The Miz wins, Orton will not win the six-pack challenge. Plus, I would love to see this feud keep going.

    Womens/Diva Championship Unification Match
    Michelle McCool vs. Melina - Layal will turn face and cost McCool the match.

    Big Show vs. CM Punk - I love CM Punk and he needs the big win.

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    I figured since the ppv is tonight I'd make my pics now.

    If there is a tag titles match, the hart dynasty will hold onto the titles. No Idea who will be in it, but I don't really care anymore with the tag team division.

    C.M. Punk vs Big Show I'm going to have to give to Punk. He'll cheat one way or another and pull out a win. Plus what's the point of this feud if he loses every match.

    McCool vs Melina I've given a lot of thought, and I'm actually starting to think McCool will win. this will give her and Layla a chance to feud after the fact, which looks like it's going to happen.

    Miz vs Daniel Brian is going to be amazing. I expect a lot of near falls and close calls. I also expect to see Alex Reily get involved. In the end I predict that it's Brian coming out on top.

    Kifi Kingston vs Dolf Ziggler. I don't know why, but I can't really bring myself to care about this match. I think Ziggler will win though.

    Undertaker vs Kane. I think Undertaker is going to regain the World Heavyweight Championship. I know a lot of people disagree and say that would be the end of the feud, but I think that's ridiculous. Taker already has been made to look so pathetic. If he lost to Kane now, why would he deserve another shot? If Taker wins, Kane get a rematch, keeping the feud alive.

    6 Pack Challange. I see Jericho coming out as the winner on this one after a long, hard fought, exhausting match. Then, as he's about to head to the back. . . AWESOME!!! Miz comes out, irate about losing his championship earlier in the night and screaming something along the lines of "I'm not leaving without a championship!" Skull Crushing Finally, but only a two count. Miz beats Jericho down, another Skull Crushing Finally, one, two, three, and we have a new champion. Awesome.

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    I have not seen any results as of yet but here are my pics

    WWE Championship 6 Pack Challenge
    Orton vs. Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Barrett vs. Edge vs. Jericho
    I would love it Jericho wins it, or WWE poping a suprise on us and have Barret win it. But I am thinking they will put it on Cena yet again- because its been awhile since he held it, plus it will keep him in the main event(God I am hoping I am wrong.

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Undertaker vs. Kane
    Kane just to prolong their feud.

    IC Championship
    Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Dolph and have Katlyn come in after and celebrate with Dolph, pissing off Vicky

    US Championship
    The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan
    Bryan Danielson just because he is Bryan Danielson. I really am impressed with Miz, but I hope he does not cash in his thing tonight....maybe tomorrow on Raw

    Womens/Diva Championship Unification Match
    Laycool(Michelle Mccool or Layla) vs. Melina
    Layla or McCool, just to break them up.

    Big Show vs. CM Punk
    Punk so he can move on to another feud
    Tag team match? Just hope Smith and Kidd remain champs- their needs to be more tag teams

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    I just saw the ppv, and I refuse to spoil it for anyone because I hate that, but I will say this: some of the the match finishes were to be expected, some of them were surprising, and one was plain disappointing. I really hope I'm not giving away too much here.

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    I just saw the results- and will not spoil it either- only thing that did not look like it would have been good was the tag team match thing.
    And yes, one ending was to be expected, well two really.

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    I will say this as well because it doesn't give away any finish and it was just my opinion. Miz vs. Daniel Bryan stole the show, and i was very impressed/surprised with the Miz's performance from a wrestling standpoint.

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    That would have been the only match I would have wanted to see. Miz has come a long way in the last 2 yrs- he deserves the push he is getting.


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