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    Quote Originally Posted by xStraightxEdgexSaviorx View Post
    I'm as giddy as a school girl right now for Warfare. Lol I can't wait!!
    lol easy there sparky...


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    Quote Originally Posted by thejman93 View Post
    lol easy there sparky...
    Lol @ sparky.
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xStraightxEdgexSaviorx View Post
    I'm as giddy as a school girl right now for Warfare. Lol I can't wait!!
    What are you wearing?

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    Hey Guys What Days to you post Mayhem and Warfere

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    Quote Originally Posted by eboy View Post
    Hey Guys What Days to you post Mayhem and Warfere
    Warfare on tuesdays where you can catch me HolyJose2391 every week and Mayhem is saturday nights
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyJose2391 View Post
    Warfare on tuesdays where you can catch HolyJose2391 every week and Mayhem is saturday nights
    And every Wednesday before the PPV, we have a recap show called "Showdown"


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    Welcome to JBW Warfare!!!! The pyros hit and the crowd is chanting JBW! JBW! JBW! Tonight is a big night as this is our Go-Home before our Pioneered Annihilation PPV this Sunday!!! Unbelievable things has happened over the past weeks on Warfare and questions has been unanswered. Tonight is a big night so lets get this show started!!!
    Trips88, TheDevilsAdvacate, Stinger187, and JBW's newcomer HolyJose2391 comes out to a BIG pop from the fans!!! All four, walking side by side like an alliance gets into the ring and all four has mics in there hands. *Trips88 starts to talk* "JBW fans, what you are looking at is four pissed off men who look on taking out each one of the Five Star Attraction!!! *Crowd cheers* You see, because we are not about to sit around and watch 5 men take over and put us on the sidelines!!! Nope, nada, it ain't happening! *Crowd cheers* We also aligned because each of us in this ring has a problem with each member IN the FSA. Its no secret that I have a problem one particular somebody in the FSA and that somebody is the leader of FSA, the Japanese Avenger, Manabu. *Crowd boos* This all started when Manabu cost me the Warfare Television title, just to keep it on his fellow FSA memeber Markus Beerstein. Manabu walks around here with his group like he owns this company. Manabu may have a very historic career and made a mark in every company he has been in but he WILL NOT takeover this company!!! *Crowd cheers* JBW is a place full of young, fresh stars who are willing to fight for there company and if Manabu thinks he and is FSA buddies are taking over this company then he has a another thing coming!!!!" *Fans chant Trips88's name*

    *TheDevilsAdvacate speaks* Thats right Trips88. I came to JBW because I saw this company growing and saw the competition and I knew I had to jump on board. I may not be a JBW original but I feel damn great to be here. *Crowd cheers* There are people who have treated me with the up most respect here but there are people that have tried to kick me out of JBW. One of those people goes by the name of Snair. *Crowd boos* Last time me and Snair stood faced to face, he bashed me right in the head with a metal baseball bat leaving me out of action with a minor concussion. It sucked being MIA for a while but now i'm back and ready with a vengence! *Crowd cheers* Tonight, Snair, before your Warfare World title match against IPITB in a Steel Cage match at Pioneered Annihilation, how about you vs me in a match tonight? *Crowd cheers* Lets see if your REALLY ready for your big match at Pioneered Annihilation!"

    *Stinger187 speaks* "Since this is about calling out each cowardly member of the FSA one by one, i'm going to call out the man who thinks hes 'The Son Of Hercules' and the man I plan on making him submit, ZEUS APOLLO! *Crowd boos* Zeus Apollo thinks highly of himself. He thinks that he is the chosen one and that we should bow down to him. I'm not afraid to admit it but he did make me tap out at Self-Destruction with a chokehold maneuver but went way too far when he tried to choke the living day lights out of me! It has nothing to do with him beating me, its about him adding insult to injury and making it known that he respect nobody but himself! At Pioneered Annihilation, I will get payback and I will have the the 'almighty' Zeus tapping out!!! *Crowd cheers* Maybe, just MAYBE, i'll let Zeus out of my Submission hold but I don't see that happening!"

    *HolyJose2391 speaks* "For those who don't know me, i'm the rain of diastar, the shadows of darkness, and I go by the name of HolyJose2391! *Crowd cheers* You people may not recognize me and my wrestling abilities but I was the top dog in Mexico, and after being the top dog in Mexico, I noticed the great skills of JBW and wanted to make a name for myself here. With all of that being said, i'm going to go through anybody and bust my ass to become the biggest star and a future World Champion here in JBW!!! *Crowd cheers* I'm willing to start at the bottom of the rankings, all the way up to the top until I reach my destiny and that destiny is becoming the Warfare World Champion! As for this group called the Five Star Attraction, they are the biggest scum of the earth! *Crowd cheers* They have been taking control here, doing things there own way, and ganging up on IPITB along with the rest of the Warfare roster and I wanted to do something about it, hence why i'm here. When Trips88 gave the idea of starting a group to take on the FSA, I knew it was a perfect opportunity for m to help take out the cowardly FSA! I'm willing to take out any member of the FSA whether its the leader Manabu, the viscous Snair, the Son of Hercules Zeus Apollo, the beast rko619, or the badass Markus Beerstein, i'll take out anyone JBW descides to put in front of me!"

    *Trips88 speaks* "There you have it folks! Like I said earlier, us four are going to stop this domination, that is the FSA era!!!" *Crowd cheers*
    Christmas music hits and Manabu walks out into the ring wearing a santa costume, full on hat and white beard he has a huge bag slung over his left shoulder but unbeknownst to the fans it is Manabu. The Crowd cheer wildly despite it not being christmas. *Trips88 speaks* "What the hell is this about? Its not even Christmas!"

    Santabu stands in the ring and waits for the music to die "ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas everyone!Has everyone been a good boy or girl? I cant give you a present otherwise"
    A person in the crowd shouts "it's not christmas!"
    "It's not christmas? Nooo Im sure it must be! it must be christmas today! I woke up with so many presents!" Santabu takes off his beard and costume and reveals himself, the arena fills with loud boos
    "Ohh come on! it's christmas today, I woke up with 4 presents under my tree: Stinger187 Trips88 TheDevilsAdvocate and Holyjose2391, you all just jealous you didnt get any? You see as a present I've been given the choice of who I can destroy, who I can send to the depths of the underworld, who I can judge for all the wrongs in their life and exterminate the diseases that suck the world dry of all the good.

    Manabu opens up the toy sack and starts handing out disfigured dolls and figures of Trips, Stinger TDA and HolyJose" Dont be shy kids! there's enough of these for everyone! They show the darkness consuming the insides of their real life counterparts, the diseases destroying themselves and the world, I hope these toys haunt you all and set a view of what not to be!

    But enough of this christmas shit, The Five Star Attraction start making a name for themselves, busting our asses to complete our mission. But there are some people at JBW who just cant take that someone else is getting the attention, a group are proving themselves to be dominant, a group who are only doing the right thing. And those who cant take it? They band together so they to fuel their own foolish selfish desires, all of you are disgusting, draining the life source of the earth just because we're trying to do some good? How dare you
    But I'm quite a patient guy, I can wait if it's worth it so I'm going to be opening my first present at Pioneered Annihilation and you can all share it with me! Because it's a match against Trips88! You'll regret even entering the world of wrestling Trips, you'll be such a bloody mess that you'll be just as maimed and disfigured as your insides!!

    *Trips88 speaks* "Sounds like a challenge Manabu. I ACCEPT! *Crowd cheers* Oh yeah, it won't be a regular match either! You said that you'll leave me in such a bloody mess and that i'll be just maimed and disfigured my insides? Well, lets see if you can do that in a FIRST BLOOD MATCH!!!! *Crowd cheers as Manabu looks surprised at what he hears* Hmmm, a First Blood match you shall say, your on Trips88!"
    Snair along with Zeus Apollo, rko619, and Markus Beerstein makes there way next to there leader Manabu. Snair with a mic speaks, "TheDevilsAdvacte. How is that head feeling? Is it better? When I hit you right across the skull with a metal baseball bat, I left you knocked out in that very same ring your in. *Crowd boos* Now that you've came back after being MIA by me, you aligned yourself with people who are way over there heads if they think they are stopping the Five Star Attraction! You also have the nerve to challenge me into a match tonight, well I accept! Tonight will be a warm-up match for me when I beat IPITB at Pioneered Annihilation and take his Warfare World title!" *Crowd boos*

    *President Brown One pops up on the titantron* Hey, hey, hey, lets not get too carried away with setting matches seeing thats part of my job here on Warfare. So it looks like its going to be Trips88 vs The Japanese Avenger Manabu in a First Blood match. I like that, consider it on the card at Pioneered Annihilation! *Crowd cheers* Also, Snair, TDA, you want to fight each other so bad then tonight, it will happen, in a LumberJack match! *Crowd cheers* Trips88, Stinger187, and Holyjose2391 will be in TDA's corner while the FSA will be in Snair's corner. Thats it for now and JBW fans, enjoy the show!" *Crowd cheers* President Brown One made Snair vs TheDevilsAdvacate officially set for tonight in a LumberJack match! What a match tonight! Both wanted this match and we will see how things take place!
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    Commercial Break

    On another topic, steveorton has got something planned for us as says that he is going to confont some things and will give us his future plans in JBW. What does this mean??? This happens tonight but lets take you to our first match set for tonight, Silverdust vs thejman93 right now!!!

    Match 1: thejman93 vs Silverdust

    thejman93 makes his way to the ring by himself as thedag isn't here this week. He gets into the ring with half the JBW Tag Team titles around his waist and starts to speak, "So last week I come out here and try to do a civilized interview with Silverdust and for a while everything was going well but then he decided to start some shit. I'm getting sick and tired of all the sneaky bullshit! The Silvers are really good at ambushing people but on Sunday the have to man up, if that's possible for SilverLace, and go face to face with us for the JBW tag titles. In fact, you guys don't have to wait 'till Sunday, I'm gonna get my hands on Silverdust right now!"

    Silverdust with SilverLace makes there way to the ring and they surprisingly get booed because of what they did on Mayhem last Saturday when they struck Massdinero with a steel chair. Silverdust makes his way into the ring. Silverdust looks ready to win as the match gets started.

    What a match!!! thejman93 wins but Silverdust gave him one hell of a fight! You can also say that thejman93 got payback from when The Silver Bros attacked him last week on Mayhem! Great win from thejman93!

    Oh wait, The Silver Bros are now attacking thejman93! They are just beating him down! Silverdust picks jman up and hits him with a hard punch! SilverLace also gives Bunny Hop drop which knocks thejman93 out for sure! Silverdust goes outside the ring, picks up a steel chair, and goes back inside the ring. SilverLace picks thejman93 up as Silverdust gets ready to hit him with it but suddenly...

    *Ramjam and Ice Cream Man pop up on the titantron* Listen up JBW FREAKS! The Ice Cream Man and I are the only straight shooters on the roster! Our goal is simple, to annihilate every tag team JBW has to sacrifice! We have tried to please others our entire careers. Now we mean to break bodies! So there is a PPV upcoming with the tag titles on the line? Well, haha, whoever wins better be ready because we have set our goal on becoming new JBW tag champs! Believe that, freaks! BWahahahaha!

    SilverLace and Silverdust don't know whats going on as they look at the titantron with a blank stare. Ranjam and Ice Cream Man aren't on the titantron and thejman93 just punches both of them right in the private area as he escapes the ring and also escapes a chairshot to the head! Man, The Silver Bros must be in pain after that! The Silver Bros try to get up as they try to relieve the pain and run slowly after thejman93.

    Dave: Hey ladies and gentlemen, i'm Dave and I'm standing by with Trips88! Now Trips88, you along with Stinger187, TheDevilsAdvacate, and HolyJose2391 to take out the FSA but is this a legitimate faction like the FSA?

    Trips: No. Me, Stinger187, TheDevilsAdvacate, and HolyJose2391 are just JBW stars who have come together to put an end in the FSA's domination. After we do that, we'll go our seperate ways, competing for Warfare titles and making a name for ourselves, by ourselves.

    Dave: Okay then. So JBW President Brown One made the First Blood match between you and The Japanese Avenger Manabu officially set for Pioneered Annihilation this Sunday. Your thoughts?

    Trips88: Well my thoughts are simple. I plan on beating Manabu to a blody pulp and getting revenge for costing me the Warfare TV title. After Pioneered Annihilation is all set and done, Manabu and the FSA will never be the same again!

    As the interview is over, Manabu out of nowhere, ambushes Trips88, making him fall onto a wooden table. Trips88 tries to get back up but Manabu just gives Superkicks Trips88 in the face, leaving him knocked down to the concrete. That was un-called for by Manabu! Looks like Manabu just couldn't wait get his hands on Trips88 at Pioneered Annihilation!!!

    Sorry JBW fans but Warfare World Champ IPITB couldn't make it to the show tonight as he is trying to relieve pain from his shoulder and is trying to get in good shape before Pioneered Annihilation. This is the best idea as we wouldn't want him to get hurt badly before his big title defense against Snair inside a Steel Cage nonetheless. We will see him at Pioneered Annihilation and taking on Snair inside a Steel Cage!!!
    Markus Beerstein along with rko619 and Zeus Apollo makes there way to the ring and gets heavily booed. Thats not a surprise that he is getting booed as they are in the most hated group in pro wrestling which is the Five Star Attraction. Beerstein, drinking his beer with the Warfare TV title around his waist and a mic in his hand, gets into the ring and starts to speak,"Well, listen up people I don't care what kind of plan have those 5 idiots after last week, but doesn't matter We are the FSA, the most powerful force in all the JBW, no one can beat us, anyway I have to take care of some little insect first, Rehmix congratulations for becoming no 1 contender for my title, everyone can get a fluke victory once in a while, and I'm really going to enjoy destroy you in Pioneered Annihilation you little ***, well if you are able to make it, i want to see if you are worthy enough so you are going to face in a match tonight, its up to you, prove me if you have what it takes the fight The Beast From Berlin or just you have luck you mindless dumbass!!!,
    now to celebrate that we are the most dominant faction of all history, we the FSA are going to drink some premium German beer, not this crap you sell here in America", each member of the FSA drinks except Zeus Apollo, people get mad and the USA chants starts", and for my friend Zeus Apollo I have one unique liquor", Beerstein brings a strange bottle to the ring , "here to you the nectar of the Gods, only a God man like Zeus can taste it", Zeus Apollo receives the bottle and smiles, then he drink the nectar with glee, remember we are the FIVE STAR ATTRACTION and no one can stop us!!!!!"
    Rehmix makes his way to the ring with a solid pop. Looks like he is accepting a match against Markus Beerstein to prove that he is a threat to Beerstein's TV title on Sunday at Pioneered Annihilation!!! The match gets underway!

    WOW!!! What an upset!!! Rehmix just beat Markus Beerstein, 6 nights away from there TV title match at Pioneered Annihilation!!! Rehmix just proved that he is a threat to Rehmix's TV title! Markus Beerstein is irate as that wasn't how things were suppose to go for him tonight but he just got beat by Rehmix!!! Great win by Rehmix as he faces Markus Beerstein for the TV title!!!
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    Commercial break

    Welcome back ladies and gentlemen as Zeus Apollo and rko619 are still in the ring after Markus Beerstein's match which he lost and they look to take on Stinger187 and HolyJose2391 right now!!!
    Stinger187 makes his way to the ring as he gets a huge pop from the fans. Stinger187 usually shakes fan's hands and looks at the crowd but not tonight. The only thing he is focused on his Zeus Apollo, the man he'll be facing in a Submission match at Pioneered Annihilation!
    JBW newcomer HolyJose2391 makes his way to the ring as he looks to show the JBW fans what hes about in this tag team match. Stinger187 is his partner tonight as both teams look to beat each other down right now! The bell rings and the match gets started!

    Stinger187 and HolyJose2391 did it! They won the tag team match!!!

    Stinger187 and HolyJose2391 celebrates in the ring but Zeus Apollo and rko619 gives up and hits them from behind!!! *Crowd boos* They are just stomping on Stinger187 and HolyJose2391! rko619 gives HolyJose2391 a powerbombs which almost broke him in half! rko619 then throws HolyJose2391 out of the ring which HolyJose2391 is clearly out of it.
    Stinger187 didn't have much time to recover as he was quickly struck from behind by Zeus Apollo and rko619 of the Five Star Attraction. Zeus got down and locked Stinger187 in his vicious triangle-chokehold that was practically impossible to get out of, no matter how strong one was; they couldn't match the strength of a God. rko619 fetched a microphone and rolled it to Zeus, who spoke as he kept the hold locked on Stinger...

    "You can't get out can you? You're done, giving in, losing all the fight you have left in you... Well, you brought this one on yourself Stinger. Do you really think you and those other mortals can dethrone us? This is an early preview of our match at Pioneered Annihilation... You can't escape, you can't grab the ropes, and there's no chance that you'll get to tap... You probably can't even hear me anymore, can you?"

    Zeus released the hold, and rolls around, getting in the face of Stinger, who was unconscious, lying on his stomach. Zeus took the microphone and spoke again...

    "Look at you! Is this what you really want? It WILL happen again, and then you will leave me alone... The Five Star Attraction will continue it's hostile takeover, and I will use you as my example; the example of what will happen to anyone who stands in the way of our goal... Zeus has struck!"

    Zeus drops the microphone in front of Stinger187's face, and stands to his feet. He then kicks the microphone into Stinger's face. Zeus and rko619 walk up the stage to a loud chorus of boos.

    steveorton plans on telling his future with JBW up next!
    steveorton makes his way to the ring and he looks like he is pissed off about something. steveorton has said that he needs to address some things and get things off his chest tonight on Warfare so right now is his chance to do so. steveorton with a mic, gets inside the ring and starts to speak, "Hello JBW fans, I took the time out to confront some things and talk about my future here in JBW. Now I have been in the first Warfare, hell, the first JBW match and from that match to all of the other JBW matches I have been in, I didn't win not one. I don't know whats going on with me not picking up a single win here in JBW but its really pissing me off that i'm always losing my matches. That really isn't helping my career here and if I keep it up, i'm never going to amount to anything here in JBW. I've been getting a lot of feedback from my fellow peers and they have been giving me some good advice but its time for me to make my own choices here. My contract is expiring and here is the deal ladies and gentlemen, if I continue my losing streak and if I continue losing matches, then I might consider leavin wrestling period. *Crowd boos* "I'm not being a soar loser or anything but I planned on being the best damn star here when I signed with JBW and when I wanted to get in the wrestling business. I didn't plan on being a wrestler who couldn't pick up a win to save his life. I'm going to train harder, workout harder, and get better and better in the ring! I'm going to do everything in my power to be the best here in JBW!!!" *Crowd cheers*
    steveorton's music hits and he looks at the crowd and smiles. Could this be steveorton's last time performing in front of the JBW fans??? Only time will tell. steveorton says that he will try to reinvent himself to a winner and a star in JBW but thats easier said then done. Now its time for steveorton to step his game up in JBW. As soon as steveorton is about to leave the ring......
    sin cara makes his way out to the JBW arena and on to the stage area as he has something to say to steveorton. *sin cara speaks* "steve orton you think your so great dont you !!! well your not and im going to take pleasure in disecting you 1 body piece at a time

    steve orton
    S- suck
    T- terrible
    E- evolution dint happen to you
    V- verified loser
    E- everyone wants me to put you on the shelf

    O- overated
    R-rip you apart is what im going 2 do 2 u
    T-to over rated
    O- old boring its time for the new breed ME !!!!
    N- now im going to end your career

    by the way you cant break the streak of me im undefeated
    you cant handle the new breed !!!!"

    sincara leaves the JBW arena as steveorton is confused as why sincara is now putting a target on sincara's head. Looks like the losing streak isn't the only thing steveorton has to worry about. sincara made it clear that he will take out steveorton and make a name for himself just like steveorton. steveorton has a huge task here in JBW, thats for sure.

    TheDevilsAdvacte is backstage with a beaten up Trips88, Stinger187, and HolyJose2391 as he gets ready for his match against Snair. *TDA speaks* "Are you guys okay? Better yet, will you be able to have my back in the LumberJack match when I take on Snair?" *Trips88 speaks* "Damn straight man. The FSA may have weaken us tonight but we will still be able to be in your corner in the LumberJack match tonight. *Stinger187 speaks* "Yeah, what Trips said. Zeus and rko619 took me and HolyJose2391 out but we will get revenge during the LumberJack match when both groups has an 'altercation'. All you have to do TBA is worry about kicking Snair's ass!" *HolyJose2391 speaks* " Thats right. Score a win just for us! We will have your back tonight, no doubt about it.* *TDA speaks* "Thanks guys. I'm ready for my match and I will get revenge on Sanir for what he did to me!!!" All four men shake hands and leaves the lockerroom.
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    Match 4: The Prophecy vs LMPunker

    The Prophecy
    The Prophecy makes his way to the ring and gets booed. He has on a pair of shades, just wiping the boos of the fans right off his shoulders. He has a big match against the one a tag team partner VKM but right now, he has a match tonight.

    LMPunker makes his way to the ring as he looks to pick up a win tonight.

    The Prophecy wins the match!!! LMPunker tried his hardest to win but The Prophecy out-wrestled him tonight!

    Post match, The Prophecy picks up a mic and speaks "Do you see what is before you? You folks are lucky, you all got to bare witness to the beginning of a new age, the age of The Prophecy. This feeble attempt at competition just found out how inadequate he was, that is a mistake he surely will not make again. He was simply the first of many who will bow before the greatness that is me. Now onto the next pathetic attempt to dethrone me of my greatness, VKM. I can see now why you have acted as you have, jealousy. You work hard for everything I get free, you spend years training to be the best, I was born to be the best. This is something you will find out at Pioneered Annihilation, my old friend you have the misfortune of becoming another victim to me. You see ViKtiM at Pioneered Annihilation the darkness of your ignorance, will be lit by my greatness, and when all is said and done it will be me standing as the winner basking in the glow of victory, whillst you stand in the misery and darkness of your untimely loss, and descend into obscurity. There is nothing you can do now, the winds of change are blowing and you will be swept away, the wheels have started to turn as I The Prophecy will fulfill my prophecy and become the greatest of all time, as you and the entire JBW roster will kneel before me as mere peons. VKM prepare to see the full ferocity of The Prophecy at Pioneered Annihilation. So it has been written so it shall be done". The Prophecy drops the might but as soon as he tries to leave the ring.......

    The titantron is on as we see the city of Baltimore. Rain pours on the rooftops of houses and lightning strikes in the dark clouds that surround the sky of Baltimore City. Camera angle shifts to the steps of an apartment building as a man in a black rain coat with a hood covering his face is shown sitting on the steps of one apartment. The camera draws near to the man as he removes the hood and the man's identity is revealed as V...K...M.

    VKM begins to speak...
    "This is my hometown...This, is where i grew up. The City of Baltimore has taught how to be ruthless, passionless, and cunning. But for the past few weeks, the holy trinity of wrestling hasn't been showing any of three traits that I state I have. But from now on, that changes."

    VKM gets up from the apartment steps and grabs the top handle of a metal trashcan.

    "Many of you know me as the guy that loves to talk! The guy that can just outdo anybody in trash talking. But if there's anything that the streets of Baltimore has bless me with, its sure as hell is street fighting! From trash cans to glass beer bottles, I've used them all. This is the kind of fighting that has made me the most ruthless S.O.B to ever touch the mic and step in the squared circle.
    I live to fight and I will do anything to be the best in JBW. And if I have to start by beating 'The Prophecy' to the point where he no longer looks the same, THEN SO BE IT! Prophecy, you started this when you cost me the tag team titles...But the problem is, you never finished what you started. It's all about survival of the fittest and while I live to fight, your nothing but an insect that fights to survive. At Pioneered Annihilation, I will settle this in a match that I love, a street fight!"

    Whoa!!! VKM vs The Prophecy in a Street Fight at Pioneered Annihilation!!!! The Prophecy is shocked to hear such a match as its going to be him fighting his partner in a Street Fight. These two don't plan on having a regular match, they look to beat the holy hell out of each other!!!!

    Pioneered Annihilation this Sunday!!! Marks JBW's third PPV!!! Make sure to tunr into JBW Showdown to get more info about the PPV.

    Snair is backstage with FSA as they get ready for the main event. Snair takes on TheDevilsAdvacate and the FSA will be in his corner as LumberJacks. The same goes for TDA. This looks to be a great main event up next!!!!

    Main event: Snair vs TheDevilsAdvacate in a LumberJack match

    Snair makes his way down to the ring along with the FSA and they get booed, surprised? Before his match this Sunday against IPITB for the Warfare World title in a Steel Cage match, he looks to defeat TheDevilsAdvacate to gain momentum inhis match at Pioneered Annihilation. Can he do it? Lets find out!!!

    TDA along with Trips88, Stinger187, and HolyJose2391 and he plans to get revenge on Snair in this LumberJack match.

    This match ends up in a draw as Manabu interfered in the match, leading to a big brawl but some unknown came out to the ring and just took out anybody in sight with a steel chair!!! This guy just throwing that chair around like a mad man!!! Who is he???

    After the unknown man clears out the ring, he picks up the mic and speaks, Theres A Pounding in my head.A fuse lit in my body.Society looks down on me,because im in hell.But before I self destruct,before I self loathe,before I lose myself,Im taking many with me.Im setting my sights on JBW.I will lead a crusade of pain,hate,and destruction. All the pain inside me,the poison,cuts,and burns will be will be unleashed.My opponents will feel the Mutilation of there mind,the crucifixtion of there moral,and the execution of there pride.The rest of JBW have been warned but they wont know what to expect. I'm Tad Locust and i'm putting JBW on notice!"

    Tad Locust certainly made an impact tonight as he took out everybody in the LumberJack match and now said that he is putting JBW on notice. What does that mean? What are is intentions of being here in JBW??? What and who is he going after??? Thats all the time we have folks, good night and see you this Sunday at Pioneered Annihilation!!!! JBW!
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    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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