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    Amazing last show. I am proud to say that I stayed loyal to my promise that I would be with JBW until' the end. From when I co-wrote Warfare with Dubs until' now I can say it has been one hell of a ride. Never missed a promo, always put my heart and soul into my feuds, and rode off into the sunset like anyone would love to. Thanks for the memories, JBW!
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    amazing show and an amazing way to end my feud with Shuriken. Who knew when I first started I would be feuding with such a legend. I was able to hang with one of the best. From my small humble beginning in SuperNova to really redefining who HolyJose was. Thank you JBW for all the great memories!
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    My one and only match for JBW was on its last show, thank-you for the honour Eddie

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    Goddang it. Another fed gone :c

    Excellent run while I was with the fed although not much happened. Wish it didn't have to close down but its for the best.

    And most importantly excellent show. Well worth the wait.

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    Just wanna thank everybody for understanding.

    Also, thanks to Luizero, HJ and Ashley for doing matches for the show.

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    waaaaaaaa! I was gonna read the show tonight and now I know how it ends. I should have not picked today to watch sad and depressing movies. Oh well, i will still read the show later on tonight

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    What a great show. Sad to see JBW go, especially when I came back....Eddie and the rest of the writers....Thanks for your hard work!

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    Man this sucks. I will read the show later tonight when I can. It is sad to see the e-fed I started in shutting down. I always had love for the JBW over any fed here, even when I wasn't part of it, and wanted to see it back on top. I wish I knew that it was ending, I would have loved to have the Sleeper have been part of it. R.I.P. JBW!!! Gone, but will never be forgotten.


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    Sad to see this happen. JBW is where I started and to see it going down has been painful. To be honest, plans were in the works for The Alpha Dog to return. I would have participated more but J wanted to keep it secret. I don't know what J has been up to but I'm sure he has a good reason to be gone.

    Thank you Eddie for trying to keep JBW up and running. For what it's worth, you did awesome on the final and the ones before that.

    I still believe in this fed though and I really hope this isn't goodbye permentaly but just for now.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

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    So this is the end... Man it sucks to see it go down this way.

    JBW was my start. It is one of the sole reasons why I joined EWN. You guys will never know what JBW has meant for me and what it had become in my life. I was brought up by guys like Sau and Leggo. The legends of EWN and learned under them. They were friends. Dubs was a beast and he deserves a lot of the credit for JBW was. It is a shame that you guys wiil never be able to see what he and all the others before you made. They were the penicle, they were excellence, they were number 1 and I was glad that I got to be apart of it all, the highs and the lows. It sucks to see something so great go out the way it did, but JBW was never going to be as good as it once was. I am glad to say that I am JBW through and through. It will forever be my home and something that I will never regret doing. People have come and gone, but Rehmix will always remain, one of the final few.

    Thanks for the meomries. FOR THE CAUSE!

    Long Live JBW!


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    Hey Bear...Rehmix called... He wants his everything back.

    Malcolm Cage
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