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    Full show is up guys! Check it out and give feedback, one of the questions has slightly changed:

    Best Match:
    Best Promo:
    Best Piece of Booking:
    Best Debut or Return *when applicable*:
    Any Piece of Booking You Didn't Like:
    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved:
    Any Other Positives:
    Any Other Constructive Criticism:
    Overall Show Grade:

    Great to finally have this show out. First of all, welcome back to Ka$h! Everything that went down has been put behind us and we're all cool now I believe. For anybody wondering- Ka$h is just a wrestler for us, and has no say in the creative behind the scenes. BITW: Kingdom Come is still going up, so make certain you guys check that out! Some hella good matches, some big surprises that JBW guys may find amazing too!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Some feuds may end, some will continue, and some, well some are just getting started!

    The final bit was a big hint at who our mystery man is- but you will have to wait and see who it is Anybody that has an idea, PM me with your guesses. I'd love to know who people think it is.

    Over the next week, us as a creative will all decide where we're heading in the future, so it's a week off now guys!

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    Mr. Blood: Well Well Well, One more match in JBW, One more Victory for the Dominant Predators, Black Blooded. We fucking told you when we arrived what would happen, we are the single best team in all of professional wrestling. There is not a single group here that has what it takes to rip these belts from our grasp.

    Mr. Black: We are Unstoppable.

    Vivica: That's Right! Nobody can ever beat my Big Daddy, especially not with Unca Blood at his side and me watching their back! I already have this belt from IWA, and soon I will add the JBW Bombshell belt to it, Daddy said so and Daddy is always right! Daddy and Unca Blood said that we were gonna come here and immediately rise to the top and we did just that! You should all listen to them, they are the smartest and strongest and bestest men in the whole wide world!

    Mr. Black: That's right Princess.

    Mr. Blood: We are the future of tag team wrestling, we will go down in history as the best fucking team that there ever was, and each of you that faces us should thank us for the honor of beating your asses, who knows, you may even end up in one of our highlight reels.

    Mr. Black: Nothing Personal

    Mr. Blood: Just Business.

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    Seth Thirteen vs Erick Alexander and Rage vs Mr Lansdale were great matches to read.Solid show guys.Good job from bear with the Divine promo.One thing thought, i felt that the promos weren't enough

    Also nice to see Kash and Dubs back

    What Arsenal fans think about RVP moving to UTD:
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    There is a difference between playing shit and being shit. You said I think RVP is shit, where I'm saying he'll play shit... His ability will still be there but it just won't have a bug effect on UTD.
    Oh akbar....

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    Best Match: Rage vs Lansdale
    Best Promo: Chris Divine
    Best Piece of Booking: The big hint at the end.
    Best Debut or Return *when applicable*: Ma$$
    Any Piece of Booking You Didn't Like: N/A
    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved: Nope.
    Any Other Positives: I liked how Rage/Lansdale ended in controversy and Juarez/Alexander ended. Continues two hot feuds.
    Any Other Constructive Criticism: N/A
    Overall Show Grade: A

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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    Seth Thirteen vs Erick Alexander and Rage vs Mr Lansdale were great matches to read.Solid show guys.Good job from bear with the Divine promo.One thing thought, i felt that the promos weren't enough

    Also nice to see Kash and Dubs back
    Cheers man- I wrote that.

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    Lansdale holds up the Undergound Championship belt before wrapping it around his waist.

    Lansdale: THIS, belongs to me. After the shoddy and quite amateurish actions of one referee.. I believe I am well and truly entitled to some form of compensation.. namely, this belt. In fact.. I refuse to label this as incompetence.. it is as clear as day to me that the referee and Robert Rage conspired together in order to deprive me of the success that I truly deserved. Rage could not keep me down.. despite all of his attempts.. despite throwing everything he had at me.. Arthur Lansdale.. Mr Arthur Lansdale refused to stay down. And so as we all saw.. Rage and the referee hatched their master plan to deny me victory.. who's laughing now though, Robert?

    Aha. Ahahaha. Yes, I do believe it's me.
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    Amazing show guys! I loved coming home to an awesome read, the ending was fucking awesome and now I can't wait for the next!!!

    Darius: Gillz ... I'm coming for you.

    Van Darius
    *EWNCW Ignition Champion (11/22/14 - )


    Van Darius:
    *TWE/RTE Champion (9/23/12 - 2/14/14)

    Van Darius
    *IWA Endurance Champion (4/28/13 - 8/4/13)

    * Sheamus (US Champion 1/20/13 - )
    * Rob Van Dam

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    *KJ Punk holds up his thumb and index finger*

    Punk: Hawk, I was THIS close to taking that TV title off of you. Next time, it won't be a rerun. It'll be a familiar episode with a surprise twist ending.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    You fucking legend.
    First IWA World Champion

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    Promise to read the show in the next day or so. I'm so far behind with everything!

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!



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    Just read the show and thought it was great. I will re read it tonight on my computer(on my phone now) and will give my critque. And i know this sounds weird as i am a guy, but YES! I AM THE NEW BOMBSHELL CHAMPION!

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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