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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyJose2391 View Post
    AS OF THIS MOMENT NO ONE BUT JMAN MAY POST!!!! Or else face being buried
    say what now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction View Post
    say what now
    Killlllllllllll hiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by BennyTheBall View Post
    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejman93 View Post
    Killlllllllllll hiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmm!!!
    Hey guys. Big up to JMan for posting the FINAL SD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction View Post
    say what now we gotta filler this page.....

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    The pyro hits and and the fans cheer like crazy as SD! gets underway and we whip around the arena to get a look at some signs made by the Jabe faithful.

    Can't we all just get along?

    Too many #hashtags

    Poot for president!

    Rome is a transitional champ

    We want Lenny!

    Sly: Well, ladies and gentlemen, the usual mood around SHOWDOWN! Arena is replaced by an almost palpable sense of nervousness as we welcome you to SHOWDOWN! I'm Sly Slyvesterstein and the man beside me is "The Living Legend" Larry Zbysco. Larry, I don't know about you, but, with how WARfare went off the air, I can feel something in the air as we begin this telecast. Poot has his hands full tonight...

    Larry: That fucker Poot-Hair is nothing but a sorry low life redneck who can barely handle a normal night on the job let alone something like this. He needs to go back to the trailer park and fuck his sister like we all know he does.

    Sly: Why do you constantly bash Poot Larry? Right now we are at WAR within ourselves, and a man like Poot is a seasoned vet at these things. We need him at this moment.

    Larry: War Smore. Back in my day, we'd all have a big ass fight backstage, come out to the ring then beat the hell out of each other, go back to the lockerooms and have another big ass fight, then go to the showers. Oh...of course by "big ass fight" I'm meaning we literally fought each other with our assholes.

    Sly: How the hell do you fight with your bunghole?? Wait...nevermind...I don't want to know. I'm getting word that Poot-Hair is coming out now to make some kind of announcement.

    *Poot's music hits, and he walks out the cheers of the SD! fans. The throws his hand up in a peace sign and looks around with a cheeky grin*

    Poot: Welcome to SHOWDOWN! ladies and gentlemen! We have one helluva show lined up tonight! There seems to be one small, drug addicted problem I need to take care of first...

    *Poot looks down at Larry, steps down off the ramp, and walks over to the announce table.*

    Poot: Hey Larry, I hear you've been running your dick sucker about me the past couple weeks. You have anything to say to me, say it to my face you hobo fuck.

    Larry: Whaa? No, no, no that uhh....that was Sly. Yeah, it was all that mexican over there in the tie! I would never say anything about you Poot! I've been your biggest fan since you got here!

    *Poot-Hair looks at Larry and a look of anger crosses his face. He grabs Larry by his shit stained shirt, stands him up, and gets face to face to him*

    Poot: I...hate...liars Larry. You do not want to know what will happen to you if you keep lying to me

    Larry: I SWEAR POOT! It's all Sly! That guatemalan shit stick over there! He's been talking shit about you since day one!


    *Poot clenches his fist as reaches back, getting ready to knock Larry out.*

    Larry: Oh God NO NO NO!!

    *Larry's face turns a bright red and he grimaces*

    Poot: Did you....Did you just soil yourself? Oh my God, it smells like burning garbage. Your ass smells like you shoved a squirrel up in it and the little feller suffocated. Get the fuck away from me you sick ass.

    *Poot let's Larry go and he scampers off to the backstage area, dropping little nuggets of poop out of his shorts legs as he goes. Poot wipes his hands off after using some germ-x and goes back to the ramp*

    Poot: Ugh....I think the smell of Larry's shit is embedded in my nose holes now. Anyways, back to what I was saying. First of all tonight we're going to have a a tag match for a chance to earn the spot for the unified tag team titles. We'll have Loki and Aerial vs. team #SHAG! These boys should rock the house down tonight.

    I wanted to do something a little different tonight for our main event. RomanFlare doesn't want to be a fighting champion but I dont give a flying buttfuck what he wants or thinks so I'm booking RomanFlare vs. Shining Light! I believe Shining has just what it's going to take to finally shut Romes up. Let's all hope huh?

    Okay, now that the business part is over it's time for something a bit more personal. T1CG, you've been taking some personal shots at me here lately. Now you've got some gargantuan man named ET fighting for you. If you have any problems with me or anything I say or do come see me. I'm more than happy to kick your teeth down your throat again. That goes for you and your little bitches that run with you. Come see me in my office if you don't believe me *smirks*

    One last thing and I'll get out of here. At the last WARfare, me and a bunch of our crew paid a little visit to Uncle Ka$hy's homefront and beat the hell out of everything in sight. Let me give you boys on the Mayhem and Warfare side a little piece of information; just give up now because in the end you're just going to lose. At Kingdom Come, prepare for everything you are to become mine. It's over, you just don't know it yet.

    *Poot drops the microphone then blows a kiss at the camera. He throws his hand up at the crowd and starts to walk toward the back

    *Just as Poot starts to head to the back, the lights violently flicker and a familiar tune is heard*

    Kayden: Listen to me you backwoods swine, nobody, and I mean NOBODY is going to be getting a shot at Idolator known as RomanFlare but ME. I am the number one contender for his belt, I am the rightful and sole person that is going to be responsible for dismantling him. I am empowered by my god to remove him from the face of the Earth. When you ask? TONIGHT! I WANT HIM TONIGHT!!

    *The crowd goes BALLISTIC at the announcement that Kayden will face Rome tonight*

    Poot: I don't know who the hell you think you are, but where I'm from, you ask for something not demand it. You come to me with that attitude and you know what you get? Not a damn thing. I made the match for Shining Light vs. RomanFlare tonight for the SD! Heavyweight Title and I fully intend for that match to happen. Learn some manners and maybe next time if you're nice you'll get your shot.

    Kayden: I don't think you're hearing me you ignorant redneck, I wasn't asking you, I was telling you. You have the same problem here as your Champion; you think you're better than you are. And just like our hypocritical champion RomanFlare, I have no problems with stomping your brains out to get what is rightfully mine.

    Poot: What the fuck did you just say to me? Keep running your God Whacko cock sucker and you won't make it out the arena tonight much less be in any shape to compete at a later date.

    *Just as Kayden is about to speak again, The Unified World Champion's music hits and Rome marches through the curtain and down the ramp, title bouncing around on his waist. He jumps on the stairs an holds the microphone to his lips as he slides between the ropes.*

    Rome: Wait just a cotton-picking minute you crazy prick. Gimme a minute before I beat your half'n'half face in.

    *Rome wipes his hands over his mouth, marching back and forth against the near ropes.*

    Rome: You come into my ring and have the motherfucking cahoones to hit me? HOW DARE YOU TOUCH YOUR CHAMPION! I don't care if you're a divine gift to Earth, you don't lay your damn hands on me!

    *Rome stops across the ring from Kayden, pointing at him*

    Rome: You delusional prick. I've got it, I understand what the problem here is. You REALLY do think you're some kind of divine gift, don't you? You really believe all that bullshit, huh? Most people understand that it's just fairy tales, but you're really that damn dumb, huh? Well, I've got a treat for you then. Lucifier might be holding the mic, but his buddy God's ready to clock you cold!

    *Rome throws the mic at Kayden and charges him. The fight that ensues after Kayden's double leg takedown isn't pretty. Neither man can get a clean shot in as they roll around on the mat and Poot, after having a chuckle at the mess before him, decides it's time to break it up.*

    Poot: Fellas! Fellas! Godamnit!

    With that, Poot drops the mic and his a picture perfect sliding dropkick to the ribs of Kayden and Rome; effectively seperating them. He walks back over to the mic and picks it up.

    Poot: Save it for the main event, boys. Y'all got your wish.

    The crowd pops hard as Poot leaves the ring. Kayden and Rome get up and stare one another down as we fade to commercial.

    ad time!

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    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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    Flameheart comes out nonchalantly, carrying a jug of rum and takes a swig. He then salutes the crowd. He walks down to the ring, throwing more jewelry at the crowd. He laughs as the crowd fights for the gold and silver. He enters the ring and grabs the mic.

    Flameheart: The lads over there fightin' over riches....don't ye worry. I'd do the same!

    It seems Yours Truly ain't impressed no one since my last match. Looks like I have to show ye' more of brawling style I picked up fightin' over the seas I has sailed! I'm issuin' an open challenge to anyone in the back or anyone in the audience! Come on now lads? What ye' say to this?

    Sly: Wow, it's Trips 88! Trips might not be as active these days but, my god, what a talent he was in the early days of JBW.

    Larry: He was a part of that big storyline, right? The one the Mexican always blubbers about?

    Sly: Larry, don't say things like that. But yes, Trips was a big part of the war between SuperNova and The FSA.

    Larry: Hey, you little shitburger, don't talk to me like I'm your child.

    Sly: I-

    * as he slaps Sly* Just call the match...

    Flameheart vs. Tripps88

    Flameheart has Tripps in a rear head lock. Tripps starts to fight out of it but Flameheart hits Tripps with a nasty clothesline. Flmaeheart is walking over to the ropes with a cocky expression on his face. Tripps gets up and sees Flameheart with his back against him and hits Flameheart in the back sending him over the ropes. Tripps runs the ropes and hits a suicide dive through the ring both men hitting the barricade. The ref begins the count out


    Both men still down


    Tripps tries to inch himself to the barricade


    Flameheart is still not stirring


    Tripps manages to try and pull himself up.


    Flameheart is trying to pull himself up using the edge of the ring.


    Tripps rolls himself into the ring.


    Flameheart reaches the steel steps and pulls himself up.


    Tripps looks to be ready to celebrate a count out victory


    Flameheart quickly slides into the ring.

    Tripps immediately begins to stomp on Flameheart while he pushes himself up. Tripps runs the ropes and hits a running boot. Tripps grabs Flameheart by the hair and looks to hit him with a hard impact DDT. Flameheart reverses it and hits the 'Walk The Plank' (Standing C4) out of nowhere and the ref counts.




    Sly: Flameheart is impressive once again. He can seemingly hit the Walk The Plank from anywhere.

    Larry: I like Patchy. He doesn't dick around out there. He's a throwback.

    Sly: Wow, that was nice Larry. Before you say something cruel, let's go backstage.

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    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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    B.A.N is standing by ready to interview Johnny Phantom when a big gloved fist bursts into frame and knocks Phantom straight to the ground with a single hit. RedRuM jumps into frame and takes the microphone from B.A.N

    RedRuM: NIGGA!!! In case you forgot who 'da fuck I am, I'm REDMUTHAFUCKINRUM NIGGA!! I'm far mo' important than that bitch ass bitch you was 'bout ready to fuckin' talk to!!! I'm the SHOWDOWN! TV CHAMPION NIGGA!!

    B.A.N: There's no need to say that word so many times... some people find it offensive you know...

    RedRuM: You find it offensive nigga? Well, I'ma tell you what you and yo' fuckin' honky ass can do 'bout it... suck my big black fuckin' cock is what yo' ignant ass can do! Gargle that shit like its mouthwash bitch!! Suck 'dat shit so hard you turn it into a fuckin' raisin!!!

    B.A.N: That is disgusting!! You're horrible!

    RedRuM: The only thing that's horrible 'round this place bitch is that fuckin' greatness like my damn self isn't fuckin' aknowledged nigga!!! I'm one of the longest reigning Champions in JBW history... do I get any fuckin' accolades?? NO NIGGA!!! I DON'T!! 'dey don't want no hood nigga rerresenting this bitch ass whitebread company!!! 'Dats why 'dey got 'gem teo white boys!! Sandman and Malcom Cage 'an shit!! Those nigga's so white, them niggas enriched!! Fuckin' white niggas!!

    RedRuM pulls out a plastic bag. He digs inside of it and pulls out a paper towel wrapped up. B.A.N looks on confused wondering what it was, RedRuM didn't disappoint... he pulled out of the paper towel a rib. He turns around, pulls his mask down and eats it. He turns back around after an awkward couple of minutes of him smacking and slobbering, he licks his fingers clean and starts to say something when B.A.N cuts him off.

    B.A.N: Before you speak, what do you think about this all out JBW was against each other?

    RedRuM looks at him, looks at the camera and pulls B.A.N's mic close to his mouth.

    RedRuM: NIGGA!!!!

    He screams as he walks away from the camera.

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    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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    Dingo Mac walks out to the ring to a chorus of cheers carrying a duffle bag with him. In his other hand he has a can of Foster's beer and drinking it as he walks down to the ring. He hops into the ring and punts the can of Foster's out into the crowd spraying everyone in the vicinity with beer. The crowd cheering.

    Dingo: Ay Mates. On WARFare I went on to go ahead and win the JBW Southern Heavyweight Championships. I mean who better but a man from down under to be the JBW Southern Heavyweight Champion. But that hick redneck got the better of me and now I can't be allowed another shot at that belt. But if Larry Ray Beauregard go and make his own belt about the south and his cheap beer drinking ways I might as well make a much more dignified championship myself.

    Dingo pulls out his duffle bag and pulls out a belt with a black strap and four gold plates. On the left side are two side plates with the map of Western Australia and Victoria, the Middle Big Plate with the Australian Flag and Union Jack and the right side two side pates of the maps of Queensland and New South Wales.

    Dingo: See LRB you go around calling yourself the Southern Champion. Well from now on I shall be known as the JBW Australian Champion. Now let me explain it. I am the best wrestler to come out of Australia so I declare myself the first ever JBW Australian Champion. Now only a man from Australia himself can come and challenge me but ay seeing as I am the best Australian wrestler there is I'll be holding on to this gem of the southern hemisphere for a long time to co…

    Daniel May walks out to a huge pop and ovation from the crowd he walks down to the ring high giving the fans in attendance and slides into the ring with a mic in hand

    Daniel: Ey there Dingo! So listen you call yourself the best Australian wrestler. Well I don't know man I mean here on SHOWDOWN! I am the former SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Champion while here in JBW you've….lost to Larry Ray. Now how can you claim that you're the best Australian wrestler in JBW then? Now hey before we get angry and throw down like only an Aussie can I have a suggestion to make. Instead of declaring yourself the first JBW Australian Champion, how about two Aussies going at it one on one to rightfully claim themselves as the JBW Australian Champion. Ey crowd what do you guys have to say about it?

    *Crowd pops HUGE for that announcement*

    Daniel: Ey Dingo mate. The crowd don't lie. What have you say? Daniel May vs. Dingo Mac for the JBW Australian Championship right here tonight on SHOWDOWN!?

    Dingo has a pensive look on his face as the crowd chants "LET'S GO DINGO! LET'S GO DANIEL" back and forth. Dingo raises the mic to his mouth.

    Dingo: Ey mate. You're on!

    *Crowd cheers as Dingo and Daniel stare each other down and Dingo comes up and raises the JBW Australian Championship in the air and Daniel has a 'ready or not let's do this face' on.

    Daniel May v. Dingo Mac for the JBW Australian Championship

    Dingo has a headlock locked in on May as the crowd is spill down the middle with their chants for both men. May, seemingly feeding off the energy of the crowd, begins to find his way to his feet and, after a few eldows to Dingo's gut, he gets out of it.

    A quick irish whip to the corner to Dingo later, May is the one in control. May runs at Dingo, hits him with a big running knee, and watches as Mac crumbles to the ground. Instead of going for the cover, May drags Mac to the center of the ring before turning his gaze to the top turnbuckle.

    With the crowd egging him on, May climbs to the top rope and stands up. May leaps and...........Eats a huge leaping DDT from Mac! Mac sprung into the air from his knees and, as May was coming back to earth, hit him with a massive DDT! Mac goes for the cover:




    Mac wins!

    Sly: My god, what a move by Mac! Dingo Mac, officially now, is the first ever JBW Australian Champion! What a match!

    Larry: I seriously didn't know white guys could jump like that...

    As Sly sighs at Larry's comment, Mac raises the title over his head as the crowd pops. We fade to commercial with Daniel May nodding to Mac as he heads backstage.

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    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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    Sly: Well, folks, that was an amazing showing from Dingo Mac and Daniel May, but now... It's time for...

    Larry: Now it's time for the main event, moron! The people at home all know it so theres no need to try and keep us in suspense. Dick.

    Sly: Well, OK, folks, let's get these guys out here for what will be a brutal showdown between two pairs of beasts.

    Co-Main Event: #SHAG vs Loki and Ariel. (#1 contenders match for the JBW Unified World Tag Team Championships)

    Larry: Now, I don't know about you, Sly, but I know who I'm rooting for here. Without Broc and Sully, the tag team division had nothing to speak of until #SHAG stepped on the scene. I'm predicting the quickest main event in SHOWDOWN! history.

    Sly: I disagree. Loki and Ariel survived Chainsaw and Samson on Mayhem, and are now currently aligned with former SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Champion, Shining Light. Guys like Shining don't align themeselves with losers. He may be a fanatic, but he's a smart fanatic, and he knows these two behemoths are two to be taken seriously.

    The Assassins Creed

    Larry: First of all, these guys have been here a long time, but they've sucked for a good portion of that time. Secondly, Ariel is a girls name.

    Sly: Just look at the size of these two men and tell me they are gonna be a cake walk for Istvan and Shaz. These two men have gone toe to toe with the likes of V3, The Sleeper, NightWolf and many more greats from Mayhem. They've held their own just fine here on SHOWDOWN! as well. What with them being the SHOWDOWN! tag team champions and all that.

    Larry: JobberBots. I fucking hate JobberBots. Someone really needs to do something about these wastes of space around here.


    Istvan and Shaz walk out onto the stage to the mixed reaction that heels in JBW tend to recieve. As they walk down the ramp, Istvan spots a hot looking milf and points to her whilst flashing his trademark, "#SHAG ya later, kurwa" winning smile. In return, the woman flashes him.

    Larry: Now that's what I'm talking about! I think I just had a malfunction in my lower left nut, in a good way.

    Shaz walks a little too close to the ringside barrier, and another hot looking woman grabs him by the wrist. Another woman grabs ahold of his arm, and together they drag Shaz towards them and begin to smother him in kisses. Another cheeky MILF grabs his balls, and Shaz finally pulls himself away. Together with a laughing Istvan, he continues to make his way towards the ring. They make their way around the ring, and each grab a microphone.

    Shaz: It looks like we got some freaks on our hands tonight! Loki and Ariel! We need to beat those losers! Cause there will be some girls waiting for us in the back room! Not just any types of girls! But MILF's!

    Istvan Gretzky: Yes, kurwa, we must be defeating these comical assholes who think they be scary, but them is about as scary as Michael Mouski and his good friend, Donald the Duckski! Air-notso-real and Lock and key are going down in catch-as-catch-can-grapples-ring.. and our American women's are going aaalll the way down, back in the room for locker, kurwa! #SHAG is in the building, and no man is safe from a beat down, and no MILF is safe from our charm and charismatic, kurwa!

    Shaz: Yes bitch! Let's do this 'ting! Team #SHAG is in the fucking house! Let's rock these cocksuckers!

    Infuriated, Loki and Ariel run towards the ropes, and, in unision, dive clear over the top rope in a breathtaking display of agility.

    Istvan and Shaz look up, each take two steps to the side, and Loki and Ariel come crashing down onto the floor with a pair of sickening smacks.


    Larry: What a pair of shmucks!

    Istvan and Shaz' demeanour changes, and in a split second, they go from #playboyladykillers, to #bruteforcejabesterkillers.

    Shaz gazes down at Ariel, and with a twisted look in his eye, runs towards him and kicks him in the head, soccer style.

    Sly: Oh my lord, that was vicious!

    Larry: That was the greatest kick I've ever seen in my hundred and thirty two years on this planet. Wow.

    Istvan grabs Loki by the hair and yanks him to his feet, and runs him into the ringsteps head first. He then rolls him into the ring, and with Shaz, he rolls under the bottom rope himself, and swiftly gets to his feet.

    Shaz is swifter, and without hesitation, he repeats his actions from a few seconds ago and almost takes Loki's head off with a second sickening kick.

    Istvan wastes no time in racing over to the prone Loki and trapping him in his new finishing move.

    The Kurwa Lock.


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    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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    The bell rings, but Istvan continues to hold onto The Kurwa Lock while Shaz jumps over the top rope and lands a crazy elbow drop on the still unconscious Ariel. Acting as if Ariel absorbed one hundred percent of the impact, Shaz gets straight to his feet and throws his hands in the air in a show of showmanship. The fans pop for the devastation that they are witnessing. Shaz reaches down and shows nothing but pure power as he deadlifts the man who is almost fifty pounds heavier than him. He then throws him over the bottom rope and into the ring--following him in, he looks over at Istvan, who still has The Kurwa Lock synched in tight on the unconscious Loki, and gives him the thumbs up/thumbs down hand gesture. Istvan then gets an evil look in his eye, and gives Loki one last powerful tug and breaks his neck in a shocking display of brutality.

    Larry: That is how you do it!

    Sly: We need to get someone out here, right now!

    Shaz then lifts up Ariel and hits him with a flipping piledriver.

    Shaz gets to his feet, and calls for a stage hand to pass him a microphone.

    Shaz: Jheeze man! Team #SHAG is doing this shit! Now cause of this! Every team must fear the tit loving tag team! Cause not only are we the best tag team in the world! But we are the biggest tit loving team that ever ceased to exist bitches! This is how Team #SHAG roll! Kingdom Come will be Team #SHAG's night! Cause it's the kingdom that will come to us! We will win the tag team straps bitches! And not only that! We will have more bitches and hoes than Justin Bieber! That little batty boy! The two tag teams have no chance against either of Team #SHAG! We are the most sexiest tag team in the world! And we're gonna kill every shit tag team out there! We could just cum on them one by one, but none of them are female! So they can dream bitches! #TEAM SHAG IS IN THE FRRIIICCKIINNN BUILDING!

    Istvan takes the mic

    Istvan: Yes, Shazski, #SHAG greatest catch-as-catch-can-grapples-tandem in all of free world, kurwa! We bring power from London to Warsaw and #dominate.. Come on, Shazski, let's make like bananas and ice cream and split, kurwa!

    Shaz: Once we win the belts! Not only will the muscle loving, cock sucking, tongue licking hoes come to us! But we will be invincible with the tag titles! And the belt around our waist! We may even have a nice naked lady in the middle of the belt bitches!

    Istvan: I think we shoud get some ladies out here right now to show these people what we're rolling with, before we go, Shazski.. Come, kurwas, get your hot American asses out here so people of audience can also witness what #SHAG is shagging tonight, kurwa mac!

    Sly: OK, people, that's how you make a statement. What a way to win a match! Istvan and Shaz have gotta be fav- WAIT A MINUTE! Look, Larry, is-is tha-that TDA?!

    Larry: Sure is, Sly. Its not like you could miss a big bastard like that climbing over the ringside barrier.. Look, there's Shuriken just behind him!

    Sly: Wow, I guess these two were upset that they missed out on all the excitement at WARFare last wee-

    Larry: Its not just them, look over there. Its Lenny Ray, Rob Rage, Connor Chaos, Snair, and Gillz! And there's the WARFare TV champion, Malcolm Cage! This had to be expected, but after halfway through the show I gave up on seeing us whoop those second rate assholes again. Come one, guys, get your asses out here!

    Sly: Holy shit, Larry, they just keep on coming! Jason Alexander is out here now!

    Larry: Ahh, screw it..

    Sly: Wait, what're you doing? Are you mad, man?! Wait, don't answer that--clearly you're mad!

    Larry throws his headset down, and while the WARFare invaders' backs are turned, he slides under the bottom rope, where he joins Istvan and Shaz in the middle of the ring. He points at Snair and beckons him to come in the ring.

    Istvan looks at Shaz with a confused look on his face.

    Shaz looks at Larry, then at the unconscious forms of Loki and Ariel, then returns the same confused look to Istvan.

    Istvan shrugs then turns around a knocks Larry out with one punch.

    Sly: Yep. That's exactly what I would have done if I had vascular arms made from a fallen star. Who needs that old bastard anyway. He would have only got in the way.

    Istvan and Shaz then turn their attentions to the growing crowd of WARFare invaders surrounding the ring.

    Spencer Churchill appears in the crowd and begins to make his way towards the ringside barriers. Once there he steps clean over them and jumps up onto the ring apron, signifying the beginning of the assault.

    Realizing the situation, Istvan rushes towards Spencer, and with one swing of his vascular forearm, he sends the hulking Brit flying to the floor. Unfortunately for Istvan, Snair grabs ahold of his ankles with both arms, and Jason Alexander capitalizes by jumping up on the apron, and nailing Istvan square in the face with a powerful kick, causing him to reel back.

    Istvan's tag team partner, Shaz, falls to a similar tactic on the other side of the ring, and in micro seconds the ring is filled with WARFare invaders.

    Rob Rage and Connor Chaos overcome Istvan with powerful punches and kicks before muscling him up and slamming him down with a sick double spinebuster.

    Oli and Karl Panzer take the opportunity to deliver a few boots to an unconscious Larry Z to a mixed reaction from the SHOWDOWN! faithful.

    Shaz decks Steve Austin with a powerful right haymaker, and levels Steve Orton with a strong left.

    Sly: And, not so surprisingly, The Two Steves have been beaten up with typical ease.

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    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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