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    Looking forward to tonights show

    ^^^^^ this is an e-fed of IMPACT Wrestling that i created

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    Warfare ep 6 3/29/11
    Warfare kicks off with the pyros hitting and the fans chanting JBW chants! We are one week away from JBW's next PPV Self-Destruction and we already know what the card looks like. Well lets get started folks!!!
    IPITB makes his way to the ring without his Warfare World title and a mic in his hand. The fans give him a good reaction. IPITB storms into the ring and starts to talk. "You see, i'm not going to beat around the bush. Snair, you have what I want and I want it now so bring your ass out here right now! *Waits for him to come out*
    Snair appears smiling while holding the Warfare World title around his shoulder. "Looking for me IPITB? Haha well i'm here and its obvious that you want your title back, well its not going to happen. *Crowd boos* Because you see, I was suppose to hold the Warfare title, I was suppose to be in the first title defense but no, you and that other unknown wrestler gets the shot. Well you see, until you beat me at Self-Destruction, your not the official champion on Warfare. You have to go through one person to get back your title, me! As for now, i'm keeping your title because quite frankly, you don't deserve it. I do! You won't have to worry about me having your title because i'm going to win the Warfare title anyways. It won't make a difference. You can say that the Warfare World Championship is on ice as of now but at Self-Destruction, we will know who the REAL champion is. Good luck this Sunday, you will need it!
    *IPITB replys* "Maybe you didn't understand me when I said that I want my title back but it looks like i'm gonna have to come up there beat the hell out of you, and take my Warfare World title back! Does that sound like a good idea everyone??? *Crowd cheers* Well then it looks like i'm gonna have to do so!
    *Snair talks* "You aren't going to do anything because i'm leaving as of right now. *Snair leaves*
    TBA's music hits and all you see is Snair running back out as TBA is chasing him into the ring which IPITB tries clotheslines Snair as he runs into the ring but Snair ducks it and escapes the ring into the crowd. TBA and IPITB both looks pissed as they failed to get revenge on Snair.
    *Brown One walks out with a mic* "Enough three of you! Enough! This is getting out of control now! Since you TBA and IPITB wants to fight Snair so bad, you will do so tonight! Its not going to be a 2 on 1 Handicap match, Snair is going to find a partner in the back and if he finds one, we have a Tag Team match tonight but
    if Snair cannot find a Tag Team partner, its going to be a Handicap match! Now, Snair, if you do not hand over the Warfare World title to IPITB right now, you will not get your Warfare title shot at Self-Destruction. Got it?
    *IPITB starts to talk* "You Brown One, let him keep it. If he thinks that he should rightfully be Warfare Champion, then let him hold MY title but at Self-Destruction, we will see who is rightfully Warfare Champion. IPITB drops the mic and thats it for this promo.

    VKM and Heelturn are backstage. *VKM starts the conversation* "Listen, we have to win tonight against SevenCagedTigers & Tom George. The Ego Trips needs this win in order to get back another crack at the JBW Tag Team titles. Now I didn't want to have to say this but you haven't been doing anything lately. *Heelturn disagrees* "What do you mean by that?" *VKM replys* "Well, you haven't been stepping up to the plate as of lately. The Ego Trips are suppose to be a winning team with a cocky attitude but you aren't showing any of that. It kills for me to say this but your becoming soft. Your always the weak link in the matches and you've always been quiet while I have been the talker of the team. You have to keep your end of the bargain. *Heelturn responds* "Well maybe I would't be so quiet and always get pinned if you had my back once in a while and you would't be such an attention whore! You know what, I ain't gonna get into a argument over something stupid. I'll meet up with you in the ring when you can cool your "ego" down alright? *VKM replys* Yeah, you do that.

    Wallyman is up next as he defends his Warfare TV title against HHHBK!

    Match 1: Wallyman vs HHHBK for the Warfare TV title

    Wallyman makes his way to the ring ready to defend his Warfare TV title. He gets booed from the fans.

    HHHBK makes his way to the ring and gets booed from the crowd as well. He looks to capture the Warfare TV title.

    HHHBK wins the match by count out from Wallyman paying too much attention to Absolutely Perfect but he isn't Warfare TV Champion due to the rule book!

    All three wrestlers then start to argue then it leads to physicality with Wallyman throwing the first punch at Absolutely Perfect leading to all three wrestlers fighting each other! Absolutely Perfect beats on both of them and throws them out of the ring! Talk about strength! Both HHHBK and Wallyman looks surprised how they both got beaten down tonight against one man which is AP! Wallyman and HHHBK leaves the arena.

    Snair is backstage trying to recruit The Grand Wizard. *Snair talks* "Tonight, I have to take on both TBA and IPITB tonight but I need a partner to even the odds. What do ya say?" *The Grand Wizard refuses* "Nah man. Thats your business and besides, i'm in no way, shape, or form going to have your back tonight. I'm a lone Wolfe. Kick ass though!"

    Match 2: thedag vs The Crippler

    thedag makes his way to the ring being well.... his usual self. He kinda blows kisses to the fans which gets him booed. He seems to imbrace the boos.

    The Crippler
    The Crippler makes his way to the ring.

    The Crippler wins by DQ! thejman93 tried to beat down The Crippler which did not work as The Crippler fought back and threw him out of the ring with help from Yes_I_Am as he came out to the ring as well.

    thejman93 is out of the ring with thedag and they both look pissed! Thats two wins for Yes_I_Am and The Crippler and 1 win for The Arisocrats! Yes_I_Am and The Crippler is definitely proving that they are a threat to The Arisocrats and threre Tag Team titles!

    Snair is backstage and tries to recruit steveorton as his Tag Team partner but he also refuses the offer.
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    Stinger187 is backstage as he has something to say. "You see, I challenged Zeus Apollo to a match at Self-Destruction last week but he had the nerve to walk away from the offer like the pussy he is! I take that as disrespect but its cool though. I have a match tonight and thats what i'm focusing on. I'm working my way up to have another shot at the Warfare World title if its the last thing I do!

    Match 3: The Ego Trips vs SevenCagedTigers and Tom George

    The Ego Trips
    The Ego Trips makes there way to the ring. They were arguing with each other earlier backstage but they need to put there differences aside and win the match.

    SevenCagedTigers and Tom George
    SevenCagedTigers and Tom George makes there way to the ring.

    SevenCagedTigers and Tom George wins this one!

    After the match, VKM and Heelturn start to argue. VKM starts to shove Heelturn and then slaps him right across the face which shocks the crowd! VKM leaves the ring turning his back on his own partner Heelturn which he gets booed. Heelturn is irate that his own partner just slapped him! Tensions are arising in The Ego Trips team!

    TBA and IPITB are backstage as they talk about tonight's Tag Team match. *IPITB starts to talk* "Listen man, I know we haven't see eye to eye on many things. I don't like you and you don't like me but we have to get the job done and thats beat Snair and his mystery partner. Lets work as a team alright?" *TBA responds* "I don't need for you to tell me to get the job done. I always get the job done. Now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to get ready for the Tag match." TBA walks away to his lockerroom.

    Match 4: Stinger187 vs ihearvoices

    Stinger187 makes his way to the ring.

    ihearvoices makes his way to the ring.

    Stinger187 wins the match!

    Zeus Apollo has come out to the ring without music. He stepped into the JBW ring for the first time, and took in the moment. The fans, who weren't fans of his promos, let them know their distaste for him, with loud arrays of booing... Zeus ignored it... And much like Mr. Anderson, looked up and used some kind of "force" to have a microphone lowered to him. He grabbed it, and was going to speak to everyone. "Stinger187... You really sure that you want this match?... I'll give you some time to think it over, and if you still think you can survive; then you'll get your match... I don't know who you are, I don't care... To me you're a selfish heathen who doesn't respect what the GODS have given you... You'll see what WE'RE capable of at Self Destruction, and you'll see the hidden strength that I possess... None of you have seen me in a match here before, but I swear on my immortality, that you'll all beg to see me every night, whether it's on Warfare, Mayhem, or Barnward Trampoline, Grape-Eating, Meth Abusing show like that one in Orlando... The RINGS of War are here... You can't get enough OF me." *Stinger187 responds* "Well i'm glad to hear your not a pussy after all! *Crowd laughs* but I tell you this Zeus, those words your saying will have to be backed up at Self-Destruction because your gonna have the fight of your life!" Both Zeus and Stinger187 drops the mic and has a staredown between each other.

    Snair keeps recruiting but then finds some mysterious, jacked up man in front of him. *The mysterious man speaks* "Listen here, my name rko619 and i'm new in JBW. I will like to be your partner so that I can rip apart the bodies known as TBA and IPITB on my first debut on Warfare. Just to warn you though, my actions are not gonna be controlled in the ring tonight. I'm destined to hurt anybody that gets in my way and TBA and IPITB are my two victims tonight. The pain and agony starts right now!!!" *Snair reponds* "Uh, ok. Your my Tag Team partner. Its actually ok that you don't hold back on your actions because I actually want to TBA and IPITB to pay. Now lets go to the ring."

    Self-Destruction next Sunday folks! JBW's second PPV!

    Final match: IPITB and TBA vs Snair and rko619

    Warfare World Champion IPITB makes his way to the ring.

    TBA makes his way to the ring.

    Snair comes out standing on stage with a mic in his hand. "Now you people are wodering who my partner is, well let me just say that he is ready for a fight! He is.........."

    rko619 makes his way to the ring looking jacked and looks to be in a foul mood. The fans don't know anything about him but they know he is big and ready to hurt someone!

    Snair and rko619 picks up the victory!

    Oh come on! Snair and rko619 are just beating the living hell out of TBA and IPITB! Alright thats enough! rko619 hits the Pepsi Plunge on IPITB which knocks him right out of the ring! Snair picks up the Baseball bat,
    Snair just strikes TBA right on the skull! Oh thats just going too far! He nearly took TBA's head off clean! What the hell is wrong with Snair!?! Shit just got real! we'll see you next week! JBW
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    Another great episode, I had a feeling someone was gonna debut tonight.. It wasnt who I thought it was but RKO619 had a good showing.. Gotta love Snair and his title stealing antics, Snair could be the deserving champ, we'll see for sure at Self Destruction (also him looking for tag partners were a funny read).. We're gonna have Zeus Apollo show us what he's all about on the 10th (looking forward to that).. Im kinda sad to see the Ego Trips possibly splitting up because as I said before, I liked the big talk and back it up type attitude they had.. Before I joined they were one of the stand out tag teams (also the Aristocrats and the new tag team also that stands out SilverMass)... Im rooting for Absolutely Perfect to get the TV title especially how he took down two people at once, pretty cool stuff here... Like always im looking forward to Showdown and Mayhem, its big week for wrestling plus we got Mania this Sunday, yup its a big a week for wrestling.. Thanks again WWTNA for another interesting read (its almost like reading a comic book haha)..
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    Good show dawg!
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    Thanks Samoan619 and SilverCena! Mayhem is coming ya dig?
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    What an amazing show WWTNA. I'm loving that newcomer's like Absolutely Perfect and RKO619 are seemingly getting pushes. The mid-card storylines on JBW are better than WWE's!! Plus most importantly, I'm falling in love with the Zeus Apollo character. Jhorton, I might be sending you a PM later. Loving what's going down on Warfare and Mayhem, and I'm really looking forward to Self-Destruction. Great job WWTNA!
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

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    Like the others said, good show WWTNA Mark. This weeks episode had good hype for Self Destruction, and the world title picture gets better and better every week! rko619's debut was great, and he looks destined for greatness straight away, as he won his first match and beat the hell out of the Warfare world champion. I definitely hope that he doesn't get forgotten about *hint WWTNA Mark*.

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    All I can say is I'm impressed with rko619, I made his monkey ass famous(just jk'ing).Great show boss.

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    Great show, great feuds on the horizon. Keep up the great work!
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