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    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    that's a shame

    Hey, is the All-American Sports Park still in business? that place had the coolest go-karts
    I don't even know. I don't think it is last I heard the land was going to be used for a water park. Wet n wild just reopened this year and it is so packed every day they have to turn people away.


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    The fans begin to boo as Kyojin walks out of the curtain. He takes a few steps forwards and throws his arms out, pyro raining down from the JABETron behind him. He smirks at the reaction from the fans as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. He walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring. He looks around at the fans before looking up at the steel cage hanging high above him. He smiles vindictively and approaches the ropes, asking for a microphone.

    Kyojin: Lower the cage.

    The stagehands look confused as Kyojin holds the microphone to his lips still. He lowers it and looks around. He brings the microphone back up as he approaches the ropes, looking down at the stagehands by the timekeeper’s position.

    Kyojin: Did you not hear your Superstar of the Year? Bit of advice boys, when somebody as great and talented as I am tells you to do something- you don’t ask questions, you don’t sit there looking like idiots twiddling your thumbs, you do what they tell you to do- and you do it quickly.

    The fans boo loudly but the stagehands send a message backstage. Kyojin remains standing at the ropes until finally, the cage begins to lower. He takes a step backwards as the cage finally reaches the ring. He takes a step forwards and runs his hand across the steel.

    Kyojin: Pure steel. Nothing but the very strongest metal shaped and designed to withhold the most powerful of warriors, animals and creatures. Strong enough and sharp enough to rip the skin from a human being’s body.

    And tonight, that’s what Jman has to look forward to. Feeling the flesh ripped from the bone, feeling every single move I make as I show the world just what he has sunk to.

    The fans explode with boos and a Jman chant rings out.

    Kyojin: You see, this whole thing goes back all the way to before IWA Destined For Immortality. I’m talking about 2012, when Jman thought that he’d just swagger into IWA and take the spot I was more deserving of, took my spot as the top face in IWA. He seemed to think that I wouldn’t give a damn that you people wanted to see him over me.

    He seemed to think I’d sit back and wait in second position as he took over as ‘The Man’.

    The fans boo louder and the Jman chant gets louder.

    Kyojin: So at Destined For Immortality, I made everybody realise that I had become too great, too powerful, too important and too damn good to just sit in the back and hear people talk and chant his name as if he were the best thing that could possibly have ever happened to IWA.

    Isn’t it ironic that the moment I step into this company again, he seems to be following me? He steps out of his retirement home, comes out of his little hole and shows his face again. The moment Kyojin stepped back here, the man who puts J into JBW comes back.

    And I get exactly what I wanted.

    Kyojin runs his hand across the steel once more.

    Kyojin: Oh you don’t understand, I planned this from the very start. Artemis Eclipse, he’s a blip on my radar, he’s the guy I’m going to beat at Luck of the Draw- despite whatever stipulation is decided upon in some stupid card game. I’m telling you now ‘Arty’, luck won’t have a place in our match because the Superstar of the Year is walking out of Sin City victorious whether you like it or not.

    No, my target- my real target ever since I stepped foot in this company has been Jman.

    Kyojin grips the steel.

    Kyojin: Because I know I have what it takes to end him.

    Kyojin lets go of the steel as the fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: And you know it too! Do not get any of your reactions mixed up, you all know what I’m capable of in this ring. That’s why, in just my second show back, I’m booked in the main event against a man that is a legend in this company. A stalwart of JBW.

    And in this steel cage, I’m going to destroy him once and for-


    Jman’s music hits and the crowd explodes with cheers as he comes out onto the stage. Mic in hand, already in his ring gear, J walks down the ramp with his eyes locked on Kyojin. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, J ignores the open cage door and, instead, begins climbing the cage. This get a whole new round of cheers from the crowd and a smirk from Kyo. Feet dangling into the ring, Jman sits atop the cell, eyes Kyojin, and begins to speak.

    Jman: Two months ago, Kyo, just before I decided to leave this business, when I was begging for a reason to leave this business, I wanted you to be the one to end my career once and for all. Not Shuriken, not Ma$$, not anybody I’ve shared that JBW locker room with. You. You know why? Because, when we’re talking about natural ability, you’re the most talented guy I’ve ever been in this ring with.

    That gets some boos from the crowd but J rolls on.

    Jman: They’ll boo, Kyo, but they know it. So, you can bitch about the position I put you in with IWA all you want but, like you said, tonight, you’ll get exactly what you want. Tonight, my friend…

    J hops down from atop the cage and lands on his feet before finishing that sentence.

    Jman: Tonight, with the lights at their brightest, in the biggest free TV match JBW has had in a long while, you and I will be surrounded by this unforgiving steel and you, Kyojin, will have as good an opportunity as you’ll ever have to end my career and cement your budding legacy.

    Jman approaches Kyojin a little more closely before speaking again.

    Jman: I know how important your legacy is to you, Kyo, and I know you see me as the guy that’s standing in its way. But, in order to accomplish that goal, you’ll be facing the best Jman you’ve ever faced.

    The crowd pops big time for that as J continues.

    Jman: In IWA, you were Doctor Jack Kevorkian and I was looking to commit career suicide. Tonight, though, begins my second act as a professional wrestler. I’m excited to move back into the world of JBW, but there’s one thing, one loose end, one obstacle I need to deal with first. And that’s you, K-
    Kyojin: That’s the Superstar of the Year!

    The fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: And for my legacy, for all of what I have ever achieved, for all of what you have ever achieved. Tonight is your big chance to get back into this game. For the entirety of our careers Jman, we have gone one-on-one twice.

    Kyojin holds up two fingers on his right hand into Jman’s face, still holding the microphone with said hand.

    Kyojin: You’ve beaten me once.

    Kyo moves his left hand up with one finger up, dropping one finger from his right hand.

    Kyojin: And I have beaten you once.

    The fans boo loudly as Kyojin drops his left hand and moves the microphone back to his mouth.

    Kyojin: Tonight Jman, you’re returning to this ring for the very first time properly in two months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by North Vegas Benny View Post
    I don't even know. I don't think it is last I heard the land was going to be used for a water park. Wet n wild just reopened this year and it is so packed every day they have to turn people away.
    Yeah, my aunt was telling me about the craziness that was Wet N Wild (You mean people living in the desert would love a place built around cool, refreshing water? what a concept!) just stunned at how poorly that went off, with a bit more planning they could have really cleaned up (but then I guess they did anyway)

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    You’ve been nothing but a shell of yourself for the last eight weeks, tonight is your real time return. And the thing is, you need this much, much more than I do. Tonight, you’ve gotta be hungrier than I, you’ve gotta be more determined than I and you’ve simply got to be better than I.

    Why? For two reasons. Number one, this is it for you. Your final run. You’ve seen them all come and you’ve seen them all go. You admit yourself that you have never come up against anybody as good as I am, and I’ll return that statement. I’ve faced a hell of a lot of guys. Van Hooligan X, Mike Hawk, Darius, Mr. Smyth, Chris Divine, Shaz, Orion Slayde. Those guys are the next generation. And I’ve beaten them all.

    But then you have your generation. Guys like Matt Elder, Tai Nights, William Carlin, Grind Bastard, Artemis Eclipse. I’ve beaten them all as well. Hell, I’ve even faced Ma$$dinero, and sure I lost but I can stand up and say that not one of them has what you have Jman.

    You are the best man I have ever fought in this ring- bar none.

    The fans give Kyojin a cheer out of respect.

    Kyojin: And the second reason, well it’s simple. This is JBW. We fought in IWA before and despite the way those fans reacted to you there, they will never be able to love and appreciate Jman like the fans of JBW do. IWA fans try their very hardest to do so but JBW fans are the guys who know the real Jman more than anybody.

    This company has seen your very highest triumphs, but it’s also seen you slump to lows you never knew you could. This company is your hunting ground Jman. Now ICW/IWA, that’s my hunting ground. I made my name there and branched out. You did the same from here.

    So the simple fact of the matter is Jman...

    Kyo takes a step forward into Jman’s face.

    I wanted to destroy you at home.

    The fans explode with boos as Kyo smiles vindictively like only he can.

    Kyojin: And tonight-
    Jman: Tonight, you have that opportunity. But maybe opportunity is the wrong word for what you have in front of you tonight, Kyo. It’s a great opportunity, sure, but it’s also a great burden. You’re trying to come in to my professional home, the place where the fans know me better than I know myself, and you’re vowing to end my career? Most men, Kyojin, men I respect, wouldn’t dare attempt what you’re so steadfastly committed to doing tonight. Most men would wilt under that burden. But, look at you, you want this. Whatever comes later tonight, you want it. And you know what, man? I respect the hell out of you for that.

    The crowd actually pops at that and Kyojin gives a slight nod.

    Jman: But, y’know, that’s your undoing.

    An even bigger pop goes up and Kyo goes back to staring a hole through J.

    Jman: You’re right, this is my last run. Three months, six months, a year from now, I’m done. Before then, though, I have things I want to do. And, hell, in the end, you might be the guy that puts me away. You damn near did it once. But, tonight? Tonight I’m too fired up by the emotion in this building, too optimistic about the future of JBW, too focused on being a part of that future and too aware that this is the culmination of a great rivalry in my career to let it all slip away.

    The crowd pops for that as J rolls along.

    Jman: There’s one match in my career that I measure every other contest against, Kyo: Shuriken versus Jman for the WARfare World Heavyweight Championship at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia.

    The mention of that match gets a healthy response from the capacity crowd.

    Jman: No match I’ll ever have, I don’t think, will measure up to that one in my mind. Tonight, though, for all the reasons we’ve said, is going to be damn close. Closer than Death Row, any World title defense, or any contest I’ve ever had.

    Jman walks over to a wall of the cage and hooks his fingers through gaps in the steel before speaking again.

    Jman: And, y’know, you’re half right about me following you here, Kyo. The morning after I signed, R(ob) sent me a text saying he was looking to sign you. He wasn’t sure, but I knew you’d come. And, when you did, I wanted to show up right behind you. I wanted to plant that seed in management’s head. So, last week, I sat in my car and made sure you were here before I came in. When I saw you show up on the screen of my phone, I knew it was time. Not because I wanted to steal your thunder, though. No, I timed my return that way so management could connect the dots. And, obviously…

    J looks at Kyojin and the cage around them before continuing.

    Jman: See, my friend, there’s nothing I want more than to have this main event tonight. I’ll do anything the walls of this structure allow me to in order to win it. I know you will too. We both have too much riding on this, too much invested in it, to have it any other way.

    Kyojin cocks his head slightly and nods his head. He brings the microphone back up to his lips while still nodding his head.

    Kyojin: And that’s why despite everything you did, I can’t help but show some respect for you Jman.

    The fans in the arena give Kyojin a pop for that.

    Kyojin: Because no matter what happens tonight, I know that you know I’m going to be the saviour of JBW.

    The fans explode with boos as Jman stiffens up a little. He doesn’t turn to look at Kyojin but his body language has clearly changed.

    Kyojin: Because that’s something you couldn’t do, could you J? You tried and failed to lead this company to success- how you put all of that desire to be in this ring aside and got behind the General Manager desk and called the shots. How you gave up all of this to go and do that. You tried so hard to make it work J. And the thing is, you were so close.

    But then you bottled it.

    The fans boo louder than they have all segment as Jman turns furiously and storms into Kyo’s face, pressing his head against Kyo’s forehead. Kyo smiles vindictively once more as he brings the microphone back up to his lips.

    Kyojin: Touchy, touchy. What is it J? Guilty conscience? You see, for all of these fans- you’re this hero. You’re a guy that is one of the biggest legends JBW has ever produced and you always remember where you come from- that’s why none of these people could ever boo what you do. Despite the fact that last year, you decided to jump ship and join Ma$$dinero in your ‘hate campaign’ of this company in a stable where you needed four other guys to hide the fact that you were really nothing more than a sidekick to Ma$$dinero.

    And the thing is J, what makes me laugh the most is that you’re a surefire number one choice for the hall of fame when JBW does that...but would you be if they knew the real you?

    Kyo backs up with a smile on his face as Jman looks ready to fly at Kyo.

    Kyojin: Do they know the man who eight weeks ago walked out on this company? Do they know the man who decided one day that he was going to let this company DIE? No, no they don’t. But I do. I know exactly what you are Jman.

    And that’s why tonight, I’m going to not only be doing this for myself, I’m going to be doing it for all of these people. Because they need to be taught a lesson in how much of a bitch you truly are!

    The fans explode with boos once more but Kyojin laughs it off and continues.

    Kyojin: And who better than the Superstar of the Year to teach them that lesson? Who better than the man after tonight will have a new nickname...the man who ended Jman...

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    Kyojin walks forwards and gets nose to nose to J.

    ...For good.
    J looks as if he’s about to bring the fight to Kyojin but, instead, he backs up a step and gets a wild smile on his face.

    Jman: Hahaha! You want to end me, you son of a bitch?! Go ahead. End me. Because, you know what, it won’t accomplish shit. Your best shot at ending JBW- that’s your real endgame, right?- has come and gone, pal. You say I was close to getting things back on track? Really? Because all I heard were complaints. “It too much like HWA.” Jman’s on TV too much.” Why aren’t I getting a title shot?” “Why’s he main eventing?” “Y’know, maybe it’d be better if we just closed up shop.” Fuck that, man.

    Jman paces around the ring as Kyojin laughs at his tirade. J continues to pace the ring as he speaks again in a wild tone.

    Jman: Putting myself in some position of leadership that, haha, obviously, I wasn’t fucking prepared for, Team Fuck It, they were both sad little attempts to make JBW relevant again. That’s all the last year and a half has been. Me leaving, a guy who actually knows what he’s doing coming in, it’s the best goddamned thing that’s happened to this company since 2011.

    J stops pacing, more relaxed now, and approaches Kyojin again. J leans on the ropes five feet from Kyo’ and speaks in a calmer tone.

    Jman: This-what we’re doing right now- this is all JBW’s needed for a year and a half. Two guys who hate each other and respect each other all the same, ready to square off. They *motions to the crowd* know bullshit when they see it and, for the large part, from myself and other people of power in this company, that’s what they’ve been fed. They’ve been lied to endlessly, they’ve sat through half-baked television shows, matches, promos….all of it. The guys in the back, most of them anyway, stopped caring. Myself included.

    But this, what they’re getting for a main event tonight, is the exact opposite from all that, isn’t it?

    Jman looks over at a nodding Kyojin and closes the gap between them before continuing on.

    Jman: They’ll have all kinds of moments to look back on early in Rob and George’s tenure as the moment that put JBW back on track. Jose winning the title, Black and Blood going nuts, Sag winning the US title…Whatever. The people watching at home tonight, though? The sellout here? They’ll remember Kyojin versus Jman settling the score inside the steel cage.

    A huge pop goes up at that.

    Jman: Or, maybe, they’ll remember Kyojin ending the career of JBW’s favorite son.

    The crowd boos that tremendously as Kyojin smiles.

    Jman: Or, just maybe, they’ll remember tonight as the night that Jman, with a heavy heart, ended the promising career of the2012 Superstar of the Year, Kyojin.

    A massive pop goes up from most of the crowd goes up at that, but Kyojin doesn’t look pleased.

    Jman: Whatever happens, though, Kyo, the fans who were paying attention will remember this as the night that JBW truly found itself again. And they’ll remember us, no matter if we both survive or not, as the guys responsible for that resurgence.

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    Okay, all of the show is up. Everything edited in that was missed. Can't do anything about the match change.

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    I will try to read the show tonight or tomorrow night. Just depends on my hours

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejman93 View Post
    Jman: Who in the blue hell are you? And, if you're going to insult a country, learn how to speak its language first.

    Ivankof: I am speaking nothing but PERFECT english! What is wrong with you?!? And you know who I am, seeing as how YOU spoke of ME first! This is the typical say one thing and do another once you realize you are in over your head, style, I would expect from you! Go eat your greasy body polluting hometown sandwich!
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    What happened to my vig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBlood View Post

    Ivankof: I am speaking nothing but PERFECT english! What is wrong with you?!? And you know who I am, seeing as how YOU spoke of ME first! This is the typical say one thing and do another once you realize you are in over your head, style, I would expect from you! Go eat your greasy body polluting hometown sandwich!
    Jman: Now you wanna trash my city, you shit? You ever see Rocky IV? Spoiler: The Philadelphian beats the Russian.


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