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    I'll buy every ppv that Daniel Bryan main-events. Not going to help or anything, but I did it when CM Punk began to get exposure back in in 2011 and bought Mitb, Summerslam 2011, Night of Champions, and others. So I'll do the same with Daniel Bryan.
    If I could, I would also do it, of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    I don't think the Cena dominance can end just because 1 ppv sells well.
    I don't think I stated that to be the case. I said that we COULD see the Cena dominance end if NoC sells well. Meaning that if NoC does good numbers, we'll see them carry on without Cena through the rest of the year and continue to back these new guys. Because there's reports suggesting that they're thinking about bringing Cena back early. To me that's WWe having cold feet about how well their new stars can be, but if these ppv's (starting with NoC) sell well without Cena, then maybe we'll see the show of faith continuing throughout the year, and when Cena returns, maybe we won't see him being booked to plough through everyone.
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