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    Thumbs up Taz was the greatest ECW wrestler of all-time.

    Agree or disagree? I really don't think there is even an argument if you watched mid 90's ECW while it was happening. Its a shame that Vince had to hold him back in WWF and then he got hurt. Who do you think the best ECW wrestler of all-time was?
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    TBH, when I used to watch original ECW in the 90's, besides Taz I really liked RVD and Sabu! Never really got into the Dudley's or New Jack!

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    Taz wasn't the best, but he was absolutely my favourite! From his tough guy demeanour to his devastating Tazplexes, he had me (Red) hooked from the moment I saw him. He may be a midget, but in ECW he stood head and shoulders over the rest, and his shooter gimmick may have been a scam, but his path of destruction had me believing that he was one of the toughest guys in wrestling. Paul Heyman has always said ECW was about masking a wrestlers weaknesses and accenuating their strengths, while WWE has almost the opposite policy so it's no wonder that the extremly little Tazz was nothing compared to the mighty Taz.
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    Yeah, he was amazing to watch, whether it was his wrestling, or his hostile attitutde towards other wrestlers in the ring or on the mic. The one thing in ECW I hated the most was his manager, who of course later went on to manage Rob Van Dam. Bill Alfonso his name was, godamn that guy was so damn annoying, what with his whistle and all. lol

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    Best wrestler? Probably. But ECW was all about the E; Extreme. And for me, Sabu was the best in ECW. The numerous massive scars on his body show that.

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    Lets be serious, Taz was not the best Wrestler in ECW history.... How many 5 star or 4 star Taz matches you seen? i didnt see any.... maybe the Tripple threat with Awesome and Tankaka and its was thanks to the other men..... Taz cause throw a good suplex to little wrestlers men, he had alot of inovative suplexs but he didnt have great matches..... To me on the mic, Feuds, Creativity, match wise and performance it was Raven who was head and shoulders above Taz in every aspect....... it doesnt take much to pop out of everyones moves and beat them in 2 mins.

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