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    Best WrestleMania of all time.

    Now ive had this idea for quite a while, "What is the best Wrestlemania of all time?" ,, but with a twist, instead of just judging it from the quality of matches, im saying take into account the (Post-Wrestlemania impact) , (The Build Up) , (Star Quality) , (Time Management at the event) and of course the actual quality of the matches and who won.

    So for me it would have to be Wrestlemania 28. And i believe this one is the best because every match (par divas) had a good to awesome build up. and the matches was incredible, and we are living the after effect of this Wrestlemania today with Daniel Bryan because if he hadn't lost to Sheamus he may have never been this popular.

    The Rock and John Cena had widely the most popular build up and hype of this and last decade maybe not amongst the IWC but the general pop it does and did.

    The Undertaker and Triple H Hell in a Cell was without a doubt the greatest match i has ever seen and im sure alot of people will agree with me there.

    Cm Punk and Chris Jericho had one of the best technical wrestling matches ive seen to date, and this was the continuation of Cm Punk's 434 Day Reign as Champion.

    And there where plenty of other matches that effected storylines for some time to come Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy although the match left alot to be desired it did effect, Extreme Rules, Over The Limit and No way Out, With Johnny being in one of the main events.

    So what is your favourite Wrestlemania and why?

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    Growing up, the first Wrestlemania I got to watch on PPV was 5 and while it was good...for a while 6 and 10 became my favorites. But as years passed, I'd have to say Wrestlemania 19 was by far the best.

    Jericho vs. HBK - Great build-up, even better match. Match of the Year in my honest opinion.

    Hogan vs. McMahon - Great build-up, the match was a bloodbath with great storytelling (Roddy Piper run-in and McMahon refusing to "die" after losing)

    Triple H vs. Booker-T - While I didn't necessarily agree with the racist angle, I did like the fact that it kept Booker-T "relevant" least in the championship hunt. However, the match was disappointing and I thought Booker should have won as a way of "overcoming the odds".

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock - Austin's final match and it was my personal favorite of their rivalry. I know a lot of people would say Wrestlemania 17, but this one was much more simple and the fact that Austin got a proper send off afterward. It was also fitting that The Rock would finally get a win out of this. If he didn't, then I wouldn't count it as a rivalry.

    Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar - Outside of Brock's botched shooting star press, this was a great match and I'm glad they trusted Smackdown to close it.

    Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy - Pretty good match.

    Hell, even Undertaker vs. Big Show & A-Train was worth watching.

    Overall, I thought this was the most complete Wrestlemania.

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    Wrestlemania X-Seven
    Respect the beard !


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