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    why Randy Orton?

    I havent been a regular WWE fan for about 10 years or so, but I watch every now and again. My question is why is Randy Orton WWE champion? Is it just because Cena is out? I mean not to take anything away from him but hes not really that important to the storyline. I mean they couldve plugged anybody in that spot ,so why Orton? He has little charisma, very blank facial expressions, no emotions except when he does that corny pound the mat thing., basic mic skills, again no emotion, no energy, no personality. Hes pretty good I guess in the ring, but he doesnt even main event Raw or Smackdown. His match tonight with.....Golddust?? focused around...the Cody Rhodes angle? On smackdown hes going against RVD caught up in his beef with ADR, and not beating him clean again this is the WWE champion?? I somewhat understand how he got involved with Cody but shouldnt he more focused on DB? And not wasting his time mid-carding in angles that dont directly involve him? Where or how does that fit

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    I think it is history. Randy Orton has the persona and ring skills needed to be a champion plus he has the history of dealing with HHH and company that made him the ideal guy for this story-line.

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    plus hes been wanting and asking for another heel title run for ages.

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    Here's how I view it. WWE needed a heel to be champion to complete the corporation 2.0. Obviouslly the idea of making Db the corporate stooge was out since hes way to over to get that right. Plus with the matter of Cena being out you need DB to be the top face of the company. Then you look at Randy who is with out a shadow of a doubt, the top heel in WWE since Edge left. He's the best but has been stuck in crappy face feuds on Smackdown the past few months. Add to the fact he's been asking for heel turn for weeks, it's just a natural fit.

    Not only do the best heels/faces get to do their thing, it puts DB in the title picture legit as well as show the world that Randy is one of the best wrestlers in WWE.

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    Because he's a great all rounder that is over with the crowd.
    He's a main eventer and should champion or involved in the title picture.

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    because he is everything that a WWE champion is stereo typically supposed to be, as JBL has been saying, "if you built a WWE superstar from the ground up it would look like randy orton", he embodies the assumtion of what the wwe is...which makes him the perfect foil for Bryan who is the antithesis of that
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    I think I might be in the minority here, but I actually think that Randy Orton's promos sound cool. He has a ton of base in his voice like Kane does if you think about it. It just makes everything he says sound badass. And he can be pretty funny if given the opportunity. I remember a few years ago when he was WWE champion he said, "I would even RKO my own Grandmother to keep this title". And I honestly have not laughed at something that hard in awhile.
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    I agree with the Devils Advocate, I like Randy Orton and believe the 'he's bland' is a grain of thruth amplified by the IWC repeating it over (and over, and over). Fact is that Randy Orton is one of the best in ring competitors in the WWE: he has been having great matches with everyone he worked with the last five years.

    Without Orton, without HHH, this storyline would fail miserably. They're perfect for it, great heels, legitimate main eventers, shared history. And though they'll probably never get the credit for it, they're elevating Daniel Bryan to great height. Daniel of course does his bit too, but he's got great guys to play off. Daniel Bryan created great public support by himself, but HHH and Orton are going to push him to the moon. When Bryan beats Orton for the title, the roof will be blown of the stadium.
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    Who else is there beside Orton to be in that role?
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    Makes sense really he is the ideal champion in Vince's mind and he was in evolution with HHH as well.


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