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    this shows how stupid a crowd can be!!!

    i'm sitting watching raw and hear the crowd chanting ONE MORE MATCH to Edge,
    do they want him in a weelchair?,

    your thoughts??
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    People are stupid. I would bet money that 70% of the crowd thinks his whole 'Never cleared to wrestle again' is some cop out to focus on his acting career.
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    this is just a thought maybe it was for Christian, being the "One More Match" thing is his gimmick

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    I assumed that was for Christian. I may be wrong, but I thought that was still his schtick.
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    i thought it was towards Christian from his time as a whiny heel
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    I am pretty sure that was for Christian ... and even if it wasn't just because a crowd chants it doesn't mean they want to see Edge in a wheelchair ... they know he cant wrestle ... they chant that for every WWE superstar that comes back as a guest ... does not mean the crowd is stupid. It means they miss him that is all ....

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    Gotta agree, there wasn't really a moment I thought that chant was for Edge
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    they just miss him is all. hell I miss him too. I remember his debut in 1998 I believe, winning the ic title for all of24 hours from jeff Jarrett.

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    thnx for the different perspective, a little trust in mankind gained.
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    plus you can still wish a wrestler can have one more match. we all know he is hurt yes. but i know a lot wish he wasn't hurt and can wrestle again.

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