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Thread: Alex Riley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marx View Post
    I don't dislike him and if they got something for him, I'm all for it. He had some charisma and has 'the look'.

    But I don't understand the recent internet-infatuation (interfatuation?). WWE isn't dropping any balls with him, he just could be good, isn't (used), others are.

    And though he's not a bad commentator, he's not a good one either. If you listen one show, it's okay, but after three shows the 'When I was with Miz' really gets old. His in-ring career was too short to keep on referring to it.
    They are dropping balls with Riley. With so many hours of television, there's plenty of room to give Riley a match, even if it's just in a jobber role. WWE needs to learn to manage their time better and not put so much emphasis towards the main eventers. If Riley is commentating Main Event and Superstars, there's more than enough time for him to change out of his suit and into his gear to get ready for a match during the later part of RAW or SmackDown.

    Give him something else to do so he has something else to talk about.

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    A-RY does his eye brows like a drag queen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Obama View Post
    Alex riley is another zack ryder. There both ovehyped by the Internet and they both suck
    i fully agree with this statement

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    If WWE still had brands, especially when they had 3 brands with Raw, SD and ECW, Riley would have been in with a shot on the B or C shows. It's even possible that he could have catapulted upward from there upon generating some forward momentum. But in the current WWE caste system it's just not possible to have a career trajectory like that anymore. Talented guy, capable talent, decent bit of charisma - it's just that those things won't get you anywhere these days. You have be in someone's favour.

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    Instead of seeing repeat matches and 25% of smackdown being a re-cap of Raw we could get some of the lower guys onto main TV?


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