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    Who has been your favorite Knockout and why?

    Question for all who want to answer....
    Who has been your favorite Knockout of all time and why???

    Myself I got 3 names..... Christy Hemme of course, she a red-hot red head, can wear anything and look amazing.... had one of my favorite moves from any woman wrestler!! the flying firecrotch Guillotine, one of the most interesting names too...
    Next, Mickie James.... the woman can wrestle with the best of them, and can be the best heel or face of the division, plus she seem to be a great singer as well....
    Finally Taryn Terrell, since she came in first as a referee and now as a active wrestler she hasn't disappointed... some what i would call 4 star if not even 5 star matches against Gail Kim... plus she just mind-blowing Beautiful...
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    I can't really speak for all time but since I've been watching TNA: ODB. BAM!
    Christy is stunning but no longer a wrestler so I've disqualified her and she should come and see me to discuss the matter!
    Mickie James is a close second choice for me, with Daffney in third.

    Divas to believe in.

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    Daffney. She was a goth and had an awesome ass. Double win.
    Wrestling lost the spectacle factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karsten Langenfeld View Post
    Daffney. She was a goth and had an awesome ass. Double win.
    daffney for same reasons. she was really good back in WCW. Too bad she never made it to WWE, except for a brief run in OVW in 2001 or 2002.

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    I always liked Gail Kim. That girl can go and can seemingly put on great matches with any female wrestler: Tara, Mickie James, Taryn, Awesome Kong, etc.

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    Tessmacher: DAT ASS

    Just can't look past it.

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    That's not an easy question to answer... I think my number one would be Awesome Kong because she's talented and basically broke the mold on what a female wrestler should be. Number two would be Daffney just because she's Daffney. Then Christy Hemme because she is one of the best looking women I've seen and she has a great voice as an announcer.
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    Madison Rayne - From her time with the Beautiful People to being the Queen Bee there has been something about her that drawn me in. She may not the best in the ring and by far not the worse. He has the look and gets great heat on the mic.

    Tara is a close second.

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    Mickie is my favorite Knockout cause she pretty much has it all.

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    I watch TNA only since Hogan made his debut so I would say

    Gail Kim, Tara & Mickie James

    + Taryn Terrell really impressed me in her matches vs Gail Kim.
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