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    I was just considering others who could be the next Heyman guy and thought of Big E.

    Considering he just came off the storyline with Ziggler and AJ has seemed to dump him to the side; it leaves him open. He could almost fill in any open storyline, even jumping in with the Corporation if they needed another heavy hitter.
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    The Morgan idea would be great but all i have read is that a deal was no where near close?

    There's a few NXT guys he could call on to make the step up? Or will this be were the Wyatts use Kane for the first time and set there sights on Punk, I am sure they could spin a story to have the Wyatts target punk?

    I am sure i read the next 'Heyman guy' was possibly going to be Paige?

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    My only problem with the whole Punk/Heyman angle is what does Punk do next? Considering where we are in the year I think its far too early to put Punk in the title race and WWE need to present another top storyline aside from Daniel Bryan vs. The Corporation. Problem is WWE is thin of upper midcard and main event heels as Punk himself, Big Show and Dolph Ziggler have all turned face in recent months. To me the Ziggler face turn was a mistake, his big bumping ring style and show off persona suit being a heel better. I could see Ziggler as a natural fit with Paul Heyman as part of a new Dangerous Alliance with Curtis Axel which I think could provide a gripping feud with Punk, but as Ziggler only turned face in June and is feuding with Dean Ambrose I can't see it happening. As for Axel, I really enjoyed his bouts with Kofi Kingston this week and would like to see a longer feud between the two

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    No the term "paul heyman guy" its being overused soonrr or later it will get stale and then the iwc will say WWE creative cant come up with new things

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    Sooner or later, the stable of Daniel Bryan & CM Punk (and maybe Ryback?) will be there. You know it. This whole Paul Heyman Guy thing has to over as soon as possible. Since there is no John Cena, PG era is not like the same. We see the bosses threats their wrestlers like thrash, ordering the GM what they want him to do for them, firing superstars easily and beat the hell out of DB every single week. The only power that can fight with them is Paul Heyman. I won't buy Mr. McMahons's face turn against Triple H. That would be pointless and old fashion. I would like to see CM Punk and Paul Heyman, giving their help to Daniel Bryan against McMahons. Hell, Paul Heyman was the one who controlled The Shield back when CM Punk was the WWE Champion for 434 days (sound like Paul). Regaining The Shield from McMahons, helping DB to defeat McMahons and in the end, betraying DB and making CM Punk the WWE Champion again. I would watch that. That's the kind of behaviour only Paul Heyman can sell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Just a thought here, but this could be a way to re-introduce Matt Morgan. He's reportedly been in talks with WWE since leaving TNA, and if you remember, he was one of the guys that was part of Team Lesnar/Heyman back at Survivor Series 2003, so he could be brough in as a 'Paul Heyman guy'. i think a role of added muscle to Heyman and Axel would be a good role for Morgan, plus it would add a fresh impetus to the Heyman vs Punk feud.
    Winning idea there because Morgan is awful at promos.


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