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    Cross Armbreaker- the new threat to the World Title

    Think about the last time a finishing move was so feared that the move itself instilled fear in the wrestlers and some of the fans. Jimmy hart vied for a ban on Jake Robert's DDT. Vickie Guerrero banned the Triangle choke after Taker used it to "win" the world title (decision was reversed). Many jobbers used to complain about their livelihood when they had to face Kamala bc some jobbers ended up in the hospital after the splash. I wont even hint on what Yokozuna did to his foes!!!
    Alberto Del Rio has a finisher called the cross armbreaker, which is a submission formerly used by Seargent Pitbull Pitman in WCW at one time. I dont know if there is a counter to the move unless you are near the ropes, but this move seems to be a major catalyst in the history of the World Heavyweight Championship as Del Rio is the #1 contender. He has put it on many people like Rey, Mark Henry, R Truth, Kofi, Morrisson, Even Edge and with no counter.

    Is there a counter to the move ?

    Is the title in danger?

    Will this move be banned?

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    Yes, there is counter to the cross armbreaker.

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    There is a poll. I saw 0. and I was trying to find it. How does one counter it if someone gets caught in it.?

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    was asking if there is a counter to Alberto Del Rio's finisher which happens to be a submission....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androo View Post
    But its not real...??!??
    explain. i dont get it....educate me on this.....

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    If your fast and talented enough, maybe this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cranium View Post
    If your fast and talented enough, maybe this:
    was that a female in the pink? looks like the more you move , the more pressure goes on the arm. had the guy held a foreign object, then the hold might get broken. But that wouldnt be practical. Still not convinced there is a real counter. thanks for the vid.....

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    There is always a counter to move you just need to know how to position your body, for more info. watch the movie,"Never Back Down", I'm jus sayin...
    I'm jus sayin...

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