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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    Was very interesting actually all of that on Raw i do believe we have left the PG Era and entered the Reality Era last Raw coupled with the Total Divas show being the examples.
    I agree and I like that it is happening as well my iwc friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by merhardt03 View Post
    Um what, that never happened. JK
    Yes it did, Triple H dumped Stephanie in storylines over a decade ago which ended the McMahon-Helmsley regime.

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    I like the angle they are taking with the whole story, my one question was why did Show have to KO DB, he'd met his obligation by having the match....end of.

    I like Rhodes and hope he comes back with his daddy at his side to start the big fight back against the McMafia

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    I have to agree, Big Show is pathetic when he cries (or try to...). I think this is not a good thing in this storyline. I don't understand why he cries every week on RAW & SD ! Because they force him to just watch what happen to others ? Because they order him to hit another guy ? Really weird his crying thing.
    Especially since a couple of weeks ago, he would have just laughed it off...

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    You've misunderstood the term "breaking the fourth wall", probably because CM Punk said it. You see, breaking the fourth wall was a phrase coined on stage, because you have 3 walls then the audience. If the situation was real, the audience would be a wall in a house too, thus the fourth wall. Therefore by addressing the audience you are breaking the fourth wall. Cody did not 'break the fourth wall'. Perhaps he toed the line with kayfabe but "breaking the fourth wall" is the wrong phrase to use in this situation.

    I disagree with your overall point, too. It's imaginable that someone who's just been fired would want to voice his grievances about the company and what better way to do it than on camera. So he said about his father and his brother. It's all about making this feel as real as possible. Do millions of people flock to the cinemas to see a movie because they think it's real? Hell no. Same with wrestling, I watch for the entertainment, not for whether it's real or fake. That being said, making it seem as real as possible helps with the believability and the entertaining factor of the product.

    You're welcome!!

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    Much of the IWC complained about the WWE being edgier and the same second it does this; it starts an uproar.

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