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    I agree that the more reality is inserted, the better. I like the blurred lines storylines better than the overly gimmicked individuals (i.e. Brodus Clay, Fandango, Los Matadores, etc.)

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    HHH did call Big Show Paul.

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    i don't know why people are bitching about big show crying. he cried like 100s times before this storyline.

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    I don't mind the storylines, what bothers me is that this is green light to screwjob finish the next couple of PPV main events, which there is no chance in hell I will order.

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    i love the idea it gives the characters more depth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    When Big Show was a heel he could get away with whatever he wanted, but he becomes a face his iron clad contract is a joke... It's very interesting how that worked out. I don't know if you could say they broke the fourth wall too much though. I think they were just trying to make the storylines personal and they did. They wanted you to feel for the big show, and a lot of those fans did. They wanted to get Cody Rhodes more over while giving him some time off, and I think we all know they did haha.

    Weird thing that did bother me... I don't that Orton kicked out of Rhodes' finisher... It's raw, that shouldn't happen haha... Why do we even call them finishers anymore lol.
    Regarding your last paragraph, I agree, just have him kick out of his secondary finisher/signature (which they did anyways) Orton/Cody was unbelievably good, I was legit pissed off when Cody lost and his promo afterwards was awesome, so I really enjoyed that aspect of last night. Can't wait till he comes back.

    I had to admit, I kind of thought Rhodes would kick out of the RKO, or Bryan would distract Orton. Something to help Rhodes win. Looking at it from a kayfabe point of view, if Bryan is so intent on sticking it to the man, why not screw Orton out of the victory. Was something I questioned during the match.

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    If anything these wrestlers esp Big Show, Cody Rhodes, and Daniel Bryan, it will give the WWE a chance to tweek their characters... or go other directions with them....
    Mention on several fb discussions last night wouldn't be surprise to see Cody come back under a mask as Midnight Rider 2 or something...
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    Was very interesting actually all of that on Raw i do believe we have left the PG Era and entered the Reality Era last Raw coupled with the Total Divas show being the examples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glamour Girl View Post
    I was watching RAW last night and I seemed to notice a trend in the breaking of the 4th Wall by characters like DB, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and the Divas. Let me break it down a bit:

    1. Cody: Last night his character broke the wall by acknowledging the gimmicks and backstage relationship between the McMahons and his family. He also acknowledged being married or close to marriage and having a family to support which although assumed by many isn't something characters normally get into.

    2. Big Show: I'm not sure if how much of what was said between him and Steph was real, but they touched the subject of giants not living as long as other people and him needing to support his family which again although I assumed he had a family this was the first I've heard of it since I've watched WWE.

    3. DB: Although he's clearly a small guy in this business it's clear the WWE's drawing a lot from his real life to sell his character these days and it's a good idea cause I remember a time when I didn't care about him at all. (Still not fond of his beard though).

    4. Triple H and Steph: Although they're not going into their real lives as much as other characters the acknowledgement of their marriage itself breaks kayfabe considering over a decade ago they got divorced in storylines. Last night Steph talked to Big Show about how he's known her since she was a little girl and given her advice she now uses against him.

    5. The Divas: AJ's comments about how she's wanted to be in the WWE since she was little certainly draw from a real place and her character has practically dropped the whole crazy angle and I guess we're expected to forget all of her kayfabe boyfriends and focus on how this new AJ is more of a manifestation of her real life self. The Total Divas cast have almost dropped the face and heel roles and have mostly come off as friends in acknowledgment of their hit show.

    I'm sure I'm missing stuff, but you get the gist of it so now do you agree that the WWE is breaking the 4th Wall too much and if so do you like the end result or would you rather it went back to being mostly kayfabe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MP.Brouser View Post
    I can also remember Michael Cole saying 'What? You buried him last week' to JBL about a superstar. (forgot who)
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