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    The Greatest & Your Favorite Storylines Of All Time

    As I responded to a blog that I read on this site a little earlier, I began to think about what would be considered to be the greatest storyline of all time, & what was my favorite storyline of all time.

    The greatest storyline of all time is a no-brainer, at least to me: The creation of the N.W.O. From the "Outsiders" showing up on Monday Nitro to the reveal of Hogan as the 3rd member, there was no more riveting, what's-gonna-happen-next television in any area or genre at that time.

    My favorite storyline of all time branches from the N.W.O. storyline, & it's the Sting-N.W.O. saga. Sting was & is still my favorite wrestler of all time. To see him transition into the "crow" Sting & run with that storyline for a year without talking was the best thing ever, to me.

    I'm very curious & excited to see you guys' opinions....
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