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    Daniel Bryan: The REAL ultimate underdog?

    Ok keeping it short and sweet;
    Although Rey Mysterio is by far the smallest competitor in the WWE to have gone after a world title,
    I think in the way things have turned out in the past few year Daniel Bryan has by far surpassed Rey on that status
    and should be considered the real ultimate underdog.

    Could it be possible, that Bryan's two biggest losses are what have propelled him to being at the stage he is today?

    Daniel Bryan v Sheamus - WM 28
    I can't remember I think it was 18 seconds that it took for him to lose the title. Then overnight Bryan became single-handedly one of the most over guys in the company.

    Daniel Bryan v John Cena [Randy cashing in the MITB briefcase shortly after the match and subsequent pedigree]
    The pure BS of the whole situation increased the massive support for bryan, further establishing his overness in the company

    So let me ask you guys
    Could it be said that even though Daniel Bryan is head and shoulders above most of the wrestlers on the roster, literally could put you in hundreds of submission holds, is technically sound and is definitely a deserved champion;
    That Daniel Bryan's Losses are the major reason for his popularity? That his much frowned upon size is the reason we are so drawn to him?


    [On a side note, they mention how small daniel bryan is standing at 5 ft 10, when Big E Langston stands at only 5 ft 11]

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