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    Yeah, this is the exact impression I get with the Ascension. They are going to be at NXT until they get released. Leo Kruger is being brought up to the main roster ahead of them for a reason.
    i dont know about that either. kruger is in his mid-30s as well, and has been in FCW/NXT for a number of years. i love the character, but there must be something he is missing in ring work wise as the reason he has not been called up already. his gimmick would translate very easily to the main roster.

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    So here is my question for the Undertaker string: Is the character theme, (gimmick), something that is possible for another superstar to use in the current WWE era?

    Personally, I am not certain this is something that can go over with the current fans. There are a couple reasons I feel this way. First, the believability of the gimmick is shallow. Not that I think the older fans were gullible, but they bought into the character; which gave the "dead man" theme power and sustainability. The buy in from the fans is what made the "Ministry of Darkness". Current fans do not seem to have the same buy in to this character theme. Look at Kane; he is more viewed as a monster instead of being the Devil's favorite demon. You can also look at how they are molding Brey Wyatt's character. There is a darkness to the character; but they are staying away from an "undead" or "unkillable" type of character. Second, will the WWE Universe accept anyone attempting to use any of the Undertaker's moves or character themes. It is possible the buy in to the character of the Undertaker is so extreme; that any superstar attempting to use the gimmick would be ostracized and never build a fan base. It could be possible for the Undertaker to put this character over; "transferring his power". But, then I think my first concern again comes in to kill any momentum the superstar may build.

    Then the next question I need to ask myself is; why would they need someone else to be the Undertaker. I don't think it is so much they need someone to be the Undertaker, as much as they need someone who can come in and be as dominant as the Undertaker has been. Taking away the "human element" by making the character seem "undead" brings a different realism to the ring if they no sell a move or finisher. I think back to when the Undertaker would no sell a big move and he would receive huge crowd cheers. When John Cena does the same thing, he is jeered by the crown and the chants of "you can't wrestle" rain down upon him. The only other "human' wrestler I can remember getting away with repeated no sells in the ring is Hulk Hogan; but that was always played off as "crowd energy". He even pulled off a highly cheered no sell against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    Why would they repeat a character and storyline? If you have watched wrestling for multiple decades; you cannot help but see repeated story themes carried by different superstars. The current primary story; "superstar vs corporation" has had at least four runs since I have been watching. As the good book says; "there is nothing new under the sun".

    What other thoughts are out there?
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    The Undertakers Streak

    Okay so before i start i know alot of people are flat out against the Undertaker's streak ever ending and i know some people are the complete opposite. Which brings me to asking, "If the streak were to end, how do you want it to end? and what type of superstar or wrestler to lose it to?

    For example do you want it to end while being used to propel a young wrestler like say Mid-Carder (Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, Bray Wyatt etc...) To use it to propel a superstar like that could be used either way - they win clean and gain ultimate respect, or they win by cheating and gain Nuclear heat from the crowd.

    And For the type of wrestler/superstar - Types include Part Time Wrestlers (Rock,Lesnar,Jericho), Full Time Wrestlers - Main Eventer's (Cena, Punk, Sheamus, Bryan) , Mid Carder's (Kingston, Barrett, Shield Members), Low Carder's (Gabriel, Kidd, NxT Superstars)

    Me Personally if it where to end i would want it to be a Wrestler who is on the crisp on Main Event status to win clean which would solidify his push to Main Event Status and should if done right become to be one of the biggest draws in wrestling history for a little while or for a long period of time.

    What is your personal opinion?

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    There's 76 pages of it here....happy reading.

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    I don't want The Undertaker to lose at Mania, he should retire undefeated. The Streak should live forever and should be part of his Legacy. but if WWE decide to end it, I think it should be by a young superstar who can go with tbhis gimmick "the man who ended The Undertaker's career & streak". But you have always the possibility that this guy will quit or be fired and go somewhere else, TNA ? ROH ? so this is not going to happen I think for that reason. Even with a well established superstar who will probably stay in the WWE forever, there is always a possibility that he can be fired or chose to end his contract and go somewhere else.

    So for me there is almost no chance for the Streak to end, for that reason
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    Isn't there a thread for this?

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    Oh...It's this thread again.

    Until you can find someone who has had a Career that could rival Takers he should never lose. Someone established like Cena would gain nothing from it and someone who is still young in their career do not deserve it.

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    The streak should never end but if it were to, it should have been against Orton at WM 21.

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    IF it were to end then it would have to be to a superstar that WWE were 100% positive was destined for big things. Like REALLY big things. Ending the streak is at this point (and has been for several years now) arguably the biggest accolade that you can hope to achieve in WWE, and arguably even in the entire wrestling business. I mean when you enter the business, winning the WWE Championship is always something that's a distinct possibility, but ending the streak is something that you have > than 1% chance of doing. So if you were to achieve is, then that's it, you're going to be destined for the top.

    Taker only has very limited time left too, so there's that to consider. Is there someone currently in the business, in WWE that you could pick out and say "Yeah, this guy is going to be the next top guy in WWE"? I'm not sure there is. So with that in mind, then the streak isn't going to end. Because as I said, that's the only circumstance that I'd consider seeing the streak end.

    Another possible scenario would be to have Cena beat the streak. Imagine the butt-hurt and the backlash? This would effectively turn Cena heel instantly, but again, how likely are to ever see a Cena heel turn?

    So yeah, I'd only want to see the streak broken if there was a guy that WWE could get behind and say "Iup, this is our man for the foreseeable future". But given Taker only has a limited amount of time let, you have t assume that it would need to be someone currently in WWE, and I don't really see anyone that fits the bill at the minute.
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    the same tired answer most people say would be the debut of sting, with sting ending the streak .

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