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    Ted DiBiase Quits WWE

    So, Ted posted this vid

    Wonder if we will see him in TNA or maybe he goes to Japan? Or retires?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krysys View Post
    So, Ted posted this vid

    Wonder if we will see him in TNA or maybe he goes to Japan? Or retires?

    At first I thought that he would breakout way before Cody. Boy was I wrong. I just don't see much charisma in him. Probably decision for the man was to quit.

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    In related, equally relevant news, I just took a dump.

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    Well I think he clearly said that he has some other things that he wants to do in life (he mentioned that he wants to be a dad, so I presume that means he wants a break from wrestling to be with his family).

    I'm disappointed. I've always liked Ted DiBiase, and I think he had potential to be something. But he's not had anything to work with at all since he returned from injury and he's struggled to find his niche when it comes to his character. He was able to get it don in the ring though no doubt.

    I hope we'll see him back down the line.
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    He was a good talent but not great, with a bit of nurturing like what Axel is getting he could have been the future, but he was just too injury prone and not well suited for the WWE schedule, I think he would be a better fit in TNA like Mr. Anderson.

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    Dammit, I'm going to have to go back to watching actual paint dry now.

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    Shame really, having met Ted once at Aaron's up the street ,when they were here at the Coliseum, he was easy to talk to and seemed like a regular guy. Maybe that's his problem though? Too average?
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    Yeah, as a father of 2 little ones (my oldest started kindergarten today), I can't imagine being away from them over 200 days a year. I think he's being honest about wanting to do other things at this point and time in his life. I do think he was about as blah of a 2nd generation star that the WWE has had... not to mention his theme song was the worst in the WWE... but I think he's definitely taking a break to be a good dad and you cant fault a guy for that.

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    It's like Tyler Reks all over again!

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    I liked Ted DiBiase and think there would've been a lot that could be done with him. Ted had some bad luck.

    It's a shame it didn't work out, but WWE will barely miss him - if at all.
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