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    Angry Is it just me or was this weeks Impact just awful?

    I am a fan of TNA, but I missed a few weeks. I thought this weeks show was nearly unwatchable. The storyllines suck. It reminds me of WCW towards the end. The Pope segment was terrible, and the Jarrett/Angle segment was very lame. Flair turns on Fortune? Why? Lame, lame, lame... Please comment. Maybe its just me?

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    No it's not just you.
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    I hardly even seen wrestling. All those stupid and odd segments, mostly with Jeff Jerrett/Karen having dinner or some shit like that. The only matches I seen was Doug Williams vs Hernandez, Matt Hardy vs AJ Styles, and the Tag Team Knockouts match. I know there was RVD vs Jeff Hardy for the TNA World title but I missed it due to being bored with the show. And can anyone explain to me why the Knockouts are getting so much airtime all of a sudden when they should be building up the other wrestlers!!! BTW, having Ric Flair turn on Fortune was the only good thing that came out of the show.
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    Basically, Impact has been a glorified talk show lately...Yap, yap, yap. Do they ever just shut up and wrestle? I enjoy a good talk-heavy show as much as I enjoy a good wrestling-heavy show! The key word in that last sentence is "good" and it simply doesn't apply to the show that TNA delivered last night. It's becoming more and more frustrating to watch TNA. There's so much talent on the roster that isn't being utilized properly. We rarely get in-ring action, and even when we do it feels like the majority of the meaningful matches are plagued by weak and/or cheap finishes. Victory Road pay-per-view buyers were pissed about the main event lasting 90 seconds, so TNA came back with an Impact show that featured roughly nine minutes of wrestling in two hours. Furthermore, only one of the four matches on the show went longer than two minutes.

    For example, the four-way match had great potential, but TNA failed to deliver once again with a dumb finish. Pope's new healing gimmick has become the lamest gimmick in TNA right now, go back to what you used to be and stop "healing" the world. Also, what's the point in aligning all these people with Hernandez? 1. he can't talk on the mic and 2. if he wants to do a re-incarnation of LAX please bring back Homicide, at least he CAN talk!

    The TV title match: Who was I to root for? They were all apart of Immortal and they didn't put a face in the mix which pissed me off! I'm cool with trying to push Gunner as more than a security guard who formed a jobber tag team, but why not put him in a position where he can actually be elevated by winning the belt in a meaningful way?

    Madison Rayne vs. Alissa Flash: A 17-second match? What the hell was the point of bringing Alissa Flash when So Cal Val or any local jobber could have done what Flash did? Were they afraid she'd get over like she did when they booked her against the debuting Sarita? You know, the match where Flash got over more in one outing than Sarita ever has? Flash quickly jumped out as the Knockout with the most breakout potential. She had a unique look and in-ring style that made her stand out from the other Knockouts, yet she was never given a real opportunity to shine. Her 17-second loss was just a sad reminder of wasted potential.
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    There is way too much talking on TNA, ,its a shame cos they got really good talent, good tag teams, good stables but some of the storylines are just crazy, the angle vs jarrett feud went on for far too long, the new sting tryin to be joker thing is ridiculous, i cant look at him and what is brian kendrick doing, is he trying to be the most irritating man on tv, i just hope they dont split up fortune and i mite av missed a couple of weeks but whats goin on with d-von and the pope, its just stupid, no offence but d-von shouldnt be there anymre, jeff jarrett and karen should stay in mexico on not be on tna anymore and in my opinion, i dont think crimson deserves the push hes gettin, good to see austin aries bk too, i gotta say i miss prince justice brotherhood, lol, they used to be cheesy but really funny.


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