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    Emily Davis: The following contest is a triple threat match for the IWA Vanity Championship!

    Rocky: What?

    Mike: What thea triple threat? When the hell was that added?

    Emily Davis: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Vivica!

    The fans erupt with boos as Daddys Little Girl skips out onto the staging area.

    Mike: Im still trying to ascertain how exactly the match has become a triple threat match. Weve not heard about this, and nobody in the back is telling me whats going on here.

    Rocky: Doesnt matter, Mike. The sexiest bitch in IWA is here now and whether it is one on one or a triple threat, this match will have huge ramifications for the entire division.

    Mike: The Vanity championship is currently vacant for the second time in as many month. Vivica and Juno have had run ins in the past, but this is by far the most personal that these two have gotten. Quite frankly, as I may have mentioned before, Vivica is not right in the head!

    Rocky: Wipe your mouth out with soap, Mike! Viv has it together, no doubt about that.

    Mike: You seem overly excitable about this match.

    Rocky: Vivica versus Juno Mercury for the IWA Vanity Championship? Two of my most favourite Vanities? Happy birthday to me!

    As soon as the first note hits, the fans explode with cheers!

    Rocky: Looks like the smarks are out tonight!

    Emily Davis: And her opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Juno Mercury!

    Juno strolls out to the staging area, and the cheers within Villa Park become more deafening. Mercury stands there and soaks in the atmosphere, slightly taken aback by the reactions.

    Mike: Not a homecoming per se, but Juno is back in the United Kingdom and listen to these fans! Never thought Id hear anyone cheer for Juno again.

    Rocky: These fickle fans are jumping on the bandwagon. They are just catching up to what I have known for a long damn time Juno Mercury is one of, if not THE best Vanity in IWA. In fact, much better than any other female wrestler in the world. Especially that Ash Attack from RTE!

    Mike: Ash Attack quite RT-

    Rocky: Shut it, Mike! My point remains valid.

    Juno stays on top of the ramp looking around Villa Park as the fans break out into a Mercury! chant, but after a few moments, she looks towards the ring and at Vivica. The look in Junos eyes change to a look of rage, and she immediately charges down the ramp. Viv is in the ring ready and waiting as Juno slides into the ring. The fans explode with cheers as Juno tackles Vivica to the ground and starts slamming right hands down onto the skull of Vivica.

    Mike: Looks like this match is already starting!

    Vivica rolls Juno onto her back and starts landing some right hands of her own. The Vanities roll around the ring, trying to get the upper hand as Emily climbs out of the way. The ref stays a safe distance away, clearly not planning on doing anything about this.

    Rocky: That ref is such a fucking pansie!

    Mike: Would you get in the middle of that?

    Rocky: Would I get in the middle of Vivica and Mercury? I would dare say that there is nothing better in this world than doing that!

    Juno is back on top and is about to slam another punch into the skull of Vivica when

    Mike: Who, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE!

    The fans erupt with more boos as the woman in question storms out onto the staging area.

    Rocky: What the hell is she doing here?

    Emily Davis: And their opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, Pisces Pink!

    The IWA Faithful are clearly not pleased to see Pink back, as they boo the former Vanity champ. Juno and Vivica have stopped scrapping for the moment as both look at Pink in shock. Juno is on her knees whilst Viv is sitting down leaning against the ropes. Pink looks directly at the ring before charging down, the fans booing even louder.

    Rocky: Who invited the hungry hippo here?

    Mike: So Pink is the third competitor in this match. And this match is on!

    As soon as Pink slides into the ring, Mercury and Vivica are on top of her and start wailing down heavy blows as the bell rings to start the match. Pink battles through though and starts to get to her feet, shoving both Vivica and Juno to one side.

    Mike: Pink is near super human. That is not normal!

    Pink starts to land heavy blows onto Juno as Viv watches on for a moment. Pink lands a big right hand, knocking Juno out of the ring in the process. Pink then immediately turns around and charges towards Vivica, but Viv dives out of the way and Pink runs straight into the turnbuckle. Viv rolls out of the ring and approaches Juno from behind on the outside.

    Eve/Juno Mercury vs. Layla/Vivica vs. Kaitlyn/Pisces Pink
    Start at 03:39, finish at 09:47.

    Mike: Kickout!

    Rocky: The Swanton bomb was so close!

    Vivica is back to her feet, as Mercury is slowly getting to her feet. Vivica charges at Mercury, leaping through the air.

    Mike: Crossbody!

    Rocky: No!

    Mercury catches Vivica, and turns the move, into a modified belly to belly suplex! Vivica is put down, as Mercury rolls out of the ring, onto the apron. Mercury stands up, as Vivica lays in the ring. Mercury springboards onto the top rope, and flies off, going straight at Vivica with a crossbody of her own! She hooks the leg.

    ...Thr-no! Pisces Pink launches into the ring and lands an elbow to the back of Mercury's head, breaking up the pinfall.

    Pisces Pink is back to her feet, as the fans start a Mercury chant. Mercury is to her feet, as she charges at Pisces Pink, and Pisces Pink ducks a clothesline. She spins, and lifts Mercury up, dropping her down with a backdrop. Pisces Pink is back up, as she runs into the ropes, bouncing back, and drops an elbow to the chest of Mercury. Pisces Pink is back to her feet once more, as the fans are booing viciously. Pisces Pink looks around, not understanding the reactions from the fans.

    Mike: These fans have a strong hatred for Pink tonight. It seems that Mercury is the fan favourite for a change.

    Rocky: Pink has no right to be here. When Mercury defeats both Pink and Vivica, she will defeat her two biggest adversaries in her entire career to win the Vanity Championship!
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    Pink grabs Mercury's legs. Mercury is squirming but Pisces Pink doesn't let go, as he falls backwards, and launches Mercury straight into the turnbuckle. Mercury crashes, nailing hard. Mercury stumbles backwards, as Pisces Pink is to her feet. Pisces Pink nails Mercury in the gut as Mercury keels over. Pisces Pink pulls Mercury in, and nails a monstrous Pisces slam! Pisces Pink goes for the cover.

    ...Thr-no! Mercury kicks out, the same time as Vivica attempts to break up the pinfall. Vivica is to her feet, waiting, as Pisces Pink is getting to her feet. Vivica charges, grabbing the head of Pisces Pink. Vivica lifts Pisces Pink (albeit with a big struggle) up and lands a suplex!

    Mike: Wow! She just lifted a 260 pound woman!

    Vivica is back up, as she turns, and Mercury picks Vivica up onto her shoulders with a fireman's carry. Before Mercury can do anything else, Vivica immediately catches Mercury in the temple with three stiff elbow shots! Mercury drops Vivica, as Vivica charges at the ropes, bounces off and nails Mercury with a stiff clothesline! Vivica rolls Mercury over, going for the cover.

    ...Thr-no! Mercury kicks out just before three. Vivica is to her feet, as she turns, seeing Pisces Pink stirring. Vivica charges, as Pisces Pink is to her feet, and Vivica leaps through the air. Vivica goes for a leaping clothesline, but Pisces Pink catches Vivica, and keeps her held into the air, and plants Vivica in the corner, on the top turnbuckle. Pisces Pink then immediately nails Vivica in the face with two stiff elbows. Pisces Pink climbs to the second rope, as she catches Vivica with a third elbow. Pisces Pink latches onto Vivica.

    Rocky: What the hell is she doing?!?

    Mike: Superplex!

    Rocky: No! Not on the princess!

    Mercury is to her feet, as she runs, getting underneath Pisces Pink.

    Mike: Oh my God! Surely not!

    Rocky: Please not on Vivica!

    Mercury nails a powerbomb to Pisces Pink, as Pisces Pink nails a superplex to Vivica! All three women are down, as the fans are chanting This is awesome! The ref looks at all three women, checks on them individually and starts to count.

    Rocky: What the hell is Mercury doing? Take out hippo, not the princess!

    ...Mercury slowly crawls...
    Mercury crawls towards Pisces Pink...
    She drapes an arm over Pisces Pink and the ref drops to the mat.

    ...Thr-No! Pisces Pink kicks out, to the astonishment of Mercury and the fans! Mercury crawls some more, and he drapes an arm over Vivica.


    Vivica kicks out also, and Mercury slams the mat in frustration. Mercury rolls onto her back and starts to knead her eyes with the balls of her hands. The fans roar into a Mercury! chant again as she crawls to the ropes, and uses them to get to her feet. Vivica is slowly stirring, but Pisces Pink is still not moving. Vivica is to her feet, as Mercury kicks Vivica, knocking Vivica back down! Mercury picks Vivica back up again, as he pulls her into a front facelock. Mercury poses by raising one arm to a roar of cheers, but she took a moment to long, as Pisces Pink is to her feet, and nails a last ditched effort clothesline to the back of Mercurys head!

    Mike: Christ!

    Rocky: That looked painful! She looks out of it, Mike.

    Mercury tumbles out of the ring, leaving both Vivica and Pisces Pink down in the ring. The cameras check on Mercury, and she isn't moving on the outside. Vivica is slowly getting to her feet, as is Pisces Pink. They are to their feet, as they begin to trade blows!

    Pisces Pink!
    Pisces Pink!
    Pisces Pink!
    Pisces Pink!

    Vivica has the upperhand, as she grabs Pisces Pink, sending her straight into the corner. Vivica charges to the other corner, as Pisces Pink is slumped in the opposite one. Vivica is psyching herself up, as the fans just boo. Vivica charges, and nails an elbow to the face of Pisces Pink in the corner! Vivica grabs the head of Pisces Pink, and charges away from the corner, going for a bulldog, but Pisces Pink pushes Vivica off! Vivica lands hard, but is quickly to her feet but is knocked down straight away again by Pisces Pink with a big boot. Pisces Pink turns around and gets kicked in the stomach.

    Mike: TWIST OF FATE!

    Rocky: Where the hell did Mercury come from?

    Mike: Shes done it! Cmon, Mercury! Pin her!

    The fans explode with cheers as Mercury collapses onto Pisces Pink and covers her for the pin.

    Thr-No! Vivica breaks up the count!

    Mike: So damn close!

    Vivica starts to slam heavy hands onto the back of Junos head before dragging her into the corner. Vivica drags Juno into a corner and stands her up, facing away. Viv starts to skip around the ring for a moment before getting back to the corner, standing on her hands and locking up Juno

    Rocky: TURANTULA!!!

    Mike: The princess is taking out the queen!

    The fans cheer for Juno as she screams in pain. The ref quickly comes over and admonishes Vivica, but Viv refuses to let go. The ref starts the count

    Fo-Vivica releases the hold. Juno slumps onto the apron as Vivica quickly gets back to her feet. She looks round and sees that Pink is also on her feet, leaning into the corner. The two stare down for a moment as the fans boo, but then Vivica turns around and picks up Juno. Vivica Irish whips Juno towards Pink, and Pink knocks Juno down with a clothesline.

    Mike: Uh-oh!

    Rocky: Two on one!

    The fans erupt with boos as Vivica slowly walks towards a fallen Juno. Pink and Vivica look down at Juno, who is stirring on the floor before meeting each others gaze. Pink lifts Juno and Irish Whips her into a corner hard. She then grabs Vivica and Irish whips her towards Juno. Vivica lands a hard drop kick on Juno, and the UK native drops to the floor again as the fans boo viciously.

    Mike: This is ridiculously unfair.

    Rocky: Daddys little girl is doing what she needs to do before she will eventually turn on the hippo!

    Vivica lifts up Juno and pushes her back into the corner and quickly moves out of the way as Pink charges at Juno, crushing her into the corner. The fans boo as Pink stays pressed up against Juno, not allowing her to fall. Vivica skips around the ring, working the fans as they continue to boo and shout YOU SUCK! Vivica then stands in the middle of the ring and calls to Pink who Irish whips Juno towards her. Vivica bends down, but Juno turns the whole thing around!

    Mike: BLACK WIDOW!!! Right in the middle of the ring!

    The fans explode with cheers as Vivica screams in pain, but the lock doesnt last very long

    Mike: Damn!

    Rocky: Pink just superkicked Juno right to the temple!

    Juno lands onto the ring floor with an absolute thump as the fans go back to booing Vivica and Pink. Viv is on her knees nursing her neck and shoulder as Pink quickly picks up Juno and Irish whips her into the ropes. Juno ricochets and ducks Pinks clothesline. Juno continues through and bounces off the ropes again as Pink ricochets off the ropes on the opposite side. Pink goes for another clothesline and Juno ducks again

    Rocky: Danmit!

    Mike: Pink just accidently took out Vivica!

    Rocky: The princess! No!

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    Pink stands there looking over a fallen Vivica. She turns around and is immediately knocked down by a dropkick from Juno. Pink is straight to her feet again, but is knocked down by a second kick from Juno. Pink is up a third time, and is knocked down for a third time by yet another dropkick. The fans start to cheer again as Pink stands up and stumbles backwards to the corner. Juno is in the opposite corner and wastes no time charging forward and leaping into the air

    Mike: Crossbody!

    Rocky: No! Pink caught her!

    Pink keeps a hold of Juno and steps forward into the middle of the ring. She launches Juno into the air, throwing her over her head in a fall away slam, but Juno lands on her feet! The fans roar as Juno spins round Pink and lands a huge right hand. Pink stumbles away and comes face to face with Vivica, who boots her in the stomach and nails a hard DDT. The fans continue to cheer as Vivica gets back to her feet and starts to scream at Pink for clotheslining her earlier, but Juno creeps up behind Vivica, spins her round

    Mike: TWIST OF FATE!

    Rocky: Cover!

    Thr-No! Vivica kicks out!

    Mike: I dont believe it! What does Juno have to do to win here tonight?

    Juno looks up the the ref and holds three fingers up, a look of disbelief in her eye. The ref reaffirms his two count as Junos head drops. All of a sudden, Juno is shoved to one side as Pink barges past and lifts Vivica up. Pink starts to scream at Vivica and just starts pounding her with her fists. Vivica stumbles back into the corner as Pink continues the assault, hammering fists into the skull and face of Vivica.

    Mike: Christ!

    Rocky: Ref! Stop her!

    The ref tries to admonish Pink, but is ignored. The ref starts the count as Juno backs away and watches

    Fou-Pink drags Vivica away from the corner, a look of rage in her eyes. Pink locks up Vivica PISCES SLAM!!!

    Rocky: The floor just shook!

    Mike: Damn! Is Pink gonna win this one?

    Pink looks down at the fallen Vivica but before she can go for the cover, Juno spins her around and lands The Twist Of Fate!

    Mike: Cover her!

    Pink lands right next to Vivica. Juno sits up and notices the positioning of her adversaries. She looks around Villa Park, and the fans become unglued as Juno gets to her feet and walks towards the corner. Juno slowly climbs until she is crouching on the top rope. As she stands, the fans roar with cheers. Juno looks out to Villa Park, then points down to Vivica and Pink before leaping off the top rope



    The fans erupt with cheers as Juno quickly scrambles back and covers both Pink and Juno. The ref drops, and the fans count along




    Mike: YES!!!

    The fans explode with cheers as the bell rings. Juno doesnt move for a moment from her pinning position, but eventually rolls off and sits up in the ring.

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and NEW IWA Vanity Champion, Juno Mercury!

    Rocky: Shes finally fucking done it!

    The ref pulls Juno up to a standing position and hands her the championship belt. Juno looks down at it for a moment before taking it. The ref grabs Junos hand and raises it, much to the delight of the fans in Birmingham. The fans roar into a Mercury chant as the ref walks Juno round the ring, hand held high.

    Mike: What a journey. Months of heartache. Months of oh so close. And here she is tonight Juno Mercury defeated both Vivica and Pisces Pink to become the IWA Vanity Championship and dont be fooled ladies and gents pinning Pink and Viv at the same time was symbolic. Juno defeated her two biggest adversaries on the biggest stage of them all to win the biggest prize of them all. There is no way that you can have a bigger win than that!

    Rocky: Youre starting to sound like those guys who have jumping on the Juno bandwagon for the last six months.

    Mike: You know what? I am jumping on the bandwagon and I dont care. This is such a huge moment for Juno Mercury. Juno Mercury is the new IWA Vanity Champion!

    Juno is on her knees in the middle of the ring, looking down at the Vanity Championship. She places her head on the belt and stays in that position for a moment before getting to her feet. She walks around, championship in hand and soaks in the cheers and chants from the IWA Faithful. Juno slaps the title three times and thrusts it into the air, the fans exploding with cheers in response. Its on this shot that we head backstage.

    We cut backstage where Dwayne Warren is right alongside Jason Alexander...

    Dwayne Warren: Ladies and gentlemen we are just minutes away from our Main Event of Day 1 of our historic 2 Night Destined for Immortality PPV Event. With me now is #1 contender to the IWA Championship Jason Alexander, who'd like to say a few words before acing off against the menacing and unrelenting force that is the IWA Champion, Mr. Black.


    Jason takes the mic handed to him by Dwayne and confidently smiles before speaking...

    Alexander: Thank you, Dwayne. Immortality. To be forever remembered in history. That's the dream everyone when competing tonight and now I am moments away from achieving that dream by becoming the IWA Champion.

    Mr. Black. Your day of reckoning is here. Your worst nightmare come to life. The end of your reign and your claim of being unstoppable because tonight you face a force truly unstoppable. Me. All my career, hell all my life I've been dreaming of nights like this and what I'd do to make sure that when they came my way and the answer has always been the same. Anything and everything to win.

    That's why tonight I hope you are to commit full force to remaining champion because as you told Jackson Smith at Full Throttle, if you intend to beat me, you're gonna have to kill me cause there is no way this historic night ends in any other than with me becoming the IWA Champion. Tonight is the night that my dreams are fulfilled and my rise to the top of Revolution reaches it's peak and you go stumbling down into the abyss where you belong.

    Get ready because tonight, I put everything on the line for the chance of making my moment of Immortality a reality. You face a man without fear of bloodshed, bones broken or of my spirit being broken because the moment I am declared the IWA Champion all those sacrifices will be well worth it and there will be no doubt that I deserve to be best.

    I'll see you out there Black and try not to cry when you lose, just know this moment was always destined to come.

    Alexander drops the mic and walks away as we return to ringside, for the main event.

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    Michael Cole: Well, we have reached the end of Day One ladies & gentlemen, and up next is the main event!

    Josh Matthews: Mr. Black has been IWA Champion since the very beginning of Revolution. Nobody has been able to stop him, but tonight- will Immortality be reached by his challenger?

    Michael Cole: Jason Alexander won a tournament to earn himself the right to challenge Mr. Black tonight, beating seven other men, including Van Hooligan X and Carlos Alberto Ramon! Tonight, he will go to war for the IWA Championship.

    Josh Matthews: Its certainly been an uphill struggle for Alexander ever since he split from Abel. Tonight, will all his hard work pay off? Or will he be just another victim of Mr. Blacks reign?

    The fans explode with cheers as Jason Alexander walks slowly out of the curtain. He looks around at the cheering crowd and takes a deep breath, before beginning his walk down to the ring, a very serious look on his face.

    Josh Matthews: I dont think Ive ever seen Jason Alexander look as focused as he does tonight.

    Michael Cole: He knows what hes about to face, hes coming up against a freight train! Hes gonna need to be at the top of his game to even keep up!

    Alexander reaches the ring and rolls in, jumping to his feet and walking over to the turnbuckle, climbing to the second rope and throwing his arms out to another loud cheer from the crowd. He shouts something inaudible before finishing by mimicking championship gold around his waist. He jumps back down to the canvas and turns to face the ramp as the referee speaks to him, and Lacey Foster stands with a microphone in her hand.

    The fans cheering soon turns to boos as the theme song of the IWA Champion hits the airwaves. The Unstoppable Mr. Black walks through the curtain to huge boos but he seems to ignore them as his eyes fix immediately onto his opponent. The IWA Championship is slung over his shoulder as he begins to walk to the ring.

    Michael Cole: KJ Punk, Mr. Blood, Erebus, Oscar Layman, Jackson Smith- these are some of the names Mr. Black has beaten on his journey as the IWA Champion. Can he do it once again when the pressure is on?

    Josh Matthews: He has been a formidable Champion but notice that one mans name isnt there: Jason Alexander. Alexander has come so close in the big matches to this point, but can he finally overcome it for the biggest match of all?

    Black reaches the bottom of the ramp and throws the IWA Championship into the ring. He steps onto the apron before stepping over the ropes in one swift movement. He picks the IWA Championship up and holds it in the air, staring across at Alexander, who begins to bounce on the balls of his feet. Black places the title once more on his shoulder as his music stops and the bell rings to huge cheers. Lacey Foster steps forwards.

    Lacey Foster: The following contest is set for one fall, is your main event of the evening and is for the IWA CHAMPIONSHIP!

    This gets another loud cheer as Alexander & Black remain staring across at each other.

    Lacey Foster: Introducing first, the challenger! From The Isle of Puerto Rico, weighing in at 230 pounds! He is the Puerto Rican Nightmare, JASON! ALEXANDER!

    The fans explode with cheers as an Alexander chant is heard.

    Lacey Foster: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at 450 pounds, he is the IWA Champion! THE UNSTOPPABLE! Mr. BLACK!

    The fans react with huge boos as the Alexander chant gets louder. Lacey climbs out of the ring as Black hands the IWA Championship over to the referee, who holds it in the air.

    Josh Matthews: You have to ask- is that the final time Mr. Black will hand over the IWA Championship?

    Michael Cole: Time will tell Josh, but I wouldnt bet on it. Black retains tonight, Im calling it!

    The referee hands the IWA Championship to Lacey through the ropes before backing up into the centre of the ring and checking both competitors are ready. They each nod as the referee calls for the bell and the crowd cheer loudly.

    Michael Cole: HERE WE GO!

    (Black= Taker, JA= HBK)
    (From 12:28 to 23:03)

    Josh Matthews: Flying clothesline from Alexander! Can he get a cover?

    Michael Cole: Hes going for one!



    Black throws the shoulder up as Alexander rolls away, using the ropes to reach his feet once more. Black begins to climb up his feet, getting to one knee before Alexander is back on the offensive with a kick to his shoulder. Black hits the canvas but rolls through and stands up, going for a big right hand but Alexander ducks underneath and hits a dropkick, sending Black into the ropes. Alexander is quickly back to his feet as he runs forwards, hitting a crossbody that takes both Black and himself over the top rope to the floor below!

    Alexander is quickly up to his feet as he rolls into the ring once more. Black begins to get up as Alexander is back to his feet in the ring. He looks at Black before running away from him, bouncing off the ropes and coming straight back.

    Josh Matthews: Suicide dive from Alexander!

    Black is forced back into the barricade as Alexander hits the canvas. The two men lie motionless on the floor as the referee begins to count.





    Both men are moving by now, as Alexander grasps onto the apron with one hand, while Black moves across to the barricade.


    Alexander grabs hold of the apron with his other hand as Black grabs hold of the barricade.


    Alexander finally makes it back to unsteady legs as Black begins to pull himself up.


    Alexander dives into the ring, lying down on the canvas as Black reaches his feet.


    Black turns to the ring and stumbles across, rolling in to break the count. Both men remain lying down on the canvas for a few moments before they each begin to move, climbing to their feet almost simultaneously.

    Michael Cole: This has been a battle so far!

    Josh Matthews: But neither man has quite been able to gain an edge over his opponent yet!

    Alexander runs at Black, who responds by catching him around the throat, ready for a Chokeslam, but as he lifts Alexander, the challenger drops down, backing up to the corner. Black turns around as Alexander runs forwards and delivers a high-impact knee to the face of the Champion!



    Alexander collapses into a cover.


    Black throws Alexander in the air and is back to his feet as Alexander stays on his knees, staring at the champion with a look of utter shock on his face.

    Josh Matthews: Black just kicked out at one, with authority! He was hit by one of Jason Alexanders strongest moves, and he does that!

    Michael Cole: He is UNSTOPPABLE!

    Josh Matthews: How much did that just change the tide? Alexander looked set to have won, now hes looking like hes seen a ghost! Black is already up, and Alexander cant believe it.
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    Alexander slowly gets to his feet as Black seems to chuckle, running forwards and delivering a huge big boot! Alexander hits the canvas as Black doesnt seem to be done, running to the ropes and returning before driving his four hundred and fifty pound frame into Alexanders chest with a huge elbow drop! Black covers.



    Alexander throws the shoulder up but Black grabs a hold of his hair, climbing to his feet and pulling Alexander with him. He picks Alexander up and slams him back down to the canvas with a scoop slam, before using his entire body weight to step across Alexander, who squirms from the pain. Black looks out at the crowd before turning back to Alexander, grabbing hold of his hair once more and dragging him to his feet.

    Black pushes Alexander back into the corner and whips him across the ring, following him to deliver an elbow smash to the face, causing Alexander to fall back and sit down in the corner. Black stomps down on Alexanders chest, before doing it a second and third time. He reaches down and grabs hold of Alexanders hair once more, dragging him to a standing position. He slaps the chest of Alexander to a huge ooo from the crowd.

    Alexander squirms from the blow but Black holds him in place with his left hand, before delivering a second slap with his right hand. He pulls Alexander out of the corner and delivers a monstrous clothesline to the challenger, covering him.




    Michael Cole: Alexander throws the shoulder up, but this is just dominant from our Champion!

    Josh Matthews: He is in complete control here!

    Black drags Alexander to his feet once more and grabs him around the throat, going for a Chokeslam again.


    Josh Matthews: NO! Alexander escaped again!

    Alexander backs up as Black turns to face him. Alexander runs at Black.


    Josh Matthews: Cover!




    Alexander gets the shoulder up as the fans react with a loud cheer. Black stands up and looks around at the crowd, who quickly change their cheering to booing. Black seems to chuckle, shaking his head. He signals for the end and grabs hold of Alexander by the hair once more, lifting him up and locking him in.

    Alexander though, has other ideas.

    As Black goes to lift him, Alexander twists out and hits a big forearm smash to Blacks face. Black stumbles with the blow, but Alexander doesnt finish there- running forwards and delivering an Enziguiri to the big man! Black hits the canvas face down as Alexander lies down.

    Josh Matthews: Out of nowhere! Desperation move from Jason Alexander!

    Alexander crawls across and grabs hold of the IWA Champions arm, attempting to push him over onto his back, and after the initial struggle, manages to do so. He covers.



    Black gets the shoulder up as Alexander rolls away and sits against the ropes, capturing his breath. The Champion begins to get up as Alexander does the same. Black goes for a right hand but Alexander ducks underneath and kicks Black in the gut, but hes quickly caught by a shot from Black, sending the challenger back to the canvas.

    Black grabs hold of Alexander and goes to pull him to his feet, but Alexander explodes with a roundhouse kick, momentarily stunning Black with the blow. Alexander follows up with a Superkick!

    But Black still doesnt go down.

    So Alexander explodes with another Superkick!

    And Black falls to a knee.

    Alexander runs in with a Shining Wizard.

    And Black catches him, delivering a vicious powerbomb!

    Michael Cole: Another show of tenacity from our IWA Champion!

    Black covers Alexander.




    Alexander throws the shoulder up again as Black pounds the canvas with anger. He turns to face the referee, who immediately cowers out of the ring. Black turns back to Alexander and drags him up to his feet as the referee returns to the ring. Black backs Alexander up to the ropes and whips him across, catching him with a Side Walk Slam!

    Black climbs back to his feet and turns to face the referee, who again almost jumps out of the ring. Black just stares though, before turning back around to face Alexander, who has rolled away from Black. He stands up in the corner as Black runs at him, but Alexander ducks in between the ropes and delivers a Pele Kick to Blacks face!

    Josh Matthews: Big kick from Alexander! Can he capitalize?!

    Black stumbles backwards as Alexander settles on the apron. He uses the ropes as a springboard to jump up and hitting a clothesline, taking the big man down. He immediately climbs up to the top rope and jumps, hitting a moonsault on the champion!

    Michael Cole: MOONSAULT! Cover!




    Black gets the shoulder up as Alexander quickly rises, knowing that was the closest hes come yet to winning the title. Alexander goes straight back on the attack with kicks to Blacks gut. He backs up as Black gets to his knees. Alexander runs forwards but Black goes to meet him and goes for a clothesline, only for Alexander to duck underneath, bounce off the ropes and come back with The Darkest Nightmare!


    Black hits the canvas like a sack of potatoes as Alexander drops down to cover.




    Black gets the shoulder up as Alexander desperately looks at the referee, who confirms the two count. Alexander runs a hand through his hair as he climbs to his feet using the ropes and turns back to Black, who has begun to get to his feet once more. Alexander runs at Black who catches him and delivers a vicious Chokeslam! He drops down and covers the challenger.



    Michael Cole: And Mr. Black has RETAINED...


    Alexander kicks out as the fans explode with cheers. Cole quietens down as Black cant believe it. He climbs to his feet and signals for the end. He grabs hold of Alexander and locks him in for the Black , lifting him up but Alexander rolls over and backs up to the corner. Black turns around as Alexander explodes with a Superkick, dropping the Champion!

    Alexander doesnt cover him though, as he scrambles across to the corner and climbs up to the top rope. He steps up and delivers his patented Inverted Twisting Shooting Star Press!


    Michael Cole: Cover!

    Josh Matthews: ONE!

    Michael Cole: KICK OUT, CHAMP!

    Josh Matthews: TWO!

    Michael Cole: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

    Josh Matthews: THREE! YES!

    The fans explode with cheers as Alexander rolls away from Black, his hand in the air in triumph.


    Alexander rises to his feet with a look of shock on his face as the crowd is in a frenzy of cheers. He smiles as the referee hands him the IWA Championship. He drops to a knee, holding the title against his chest.


    Michael Cole: I cant say Im not disappointed but my God, what a match!

    Josh Matthews: He had to overcome the very best Revolution has to offer, but he can now call himself the I! W! A! Champion!

    Alexander holds his newly won Championship on the floor as Black has left the ring. Fireworks begin to go off around the stadium as Alexander rises to his feet, his eyes out on the crowd. He steps up to the second rope and holds his title up in the air to a huge cheer.

    Michael Cole: What an incredible night.

    Josh Matthews: Well lets run down some things: Oscar Layman now has an IWA Championship match whenever he wants over the next year!

    Michael Cole: Ma$$dinero overcame Shuriken Blade in All Out War!

    Josh Matthews: KJ Punk turned on Team Smokey, revealing himself as Ryans Master Plan to ensure David Ryan remains in charge of Revolution!

    Michael Cole: Juno Mercury FINALLY did it, she finally won the Vanitys Championship!

    Josh Matthews: And culminating in what we just saw, Jason Alexander is the NEW IWA Champion.

    Michael Cole: And were only half way through!

    Josh Matthews: Tune in tomorrow night for Destined For Immortality Day Two, I wanna thank our Chaos cohorts Mike James and Rocky Reynolds! Thanks guys!

    Michael Cole: And thank you for tuning in tonight! It has been unforgettable! Goodnight!

    We get a shot of Alexander on the corner, holding the IWA Championship up high as the Destined For Immortality logo comes up in the corner, before we get a shot of the crowd cheering, Alexander stood tallest in the entire stadium as the screen fades to black and the IWA logo flashes across.

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    I'm nicking a filler because it's time!

    Time for Day 2 of Destined for Immortality!

    Who the fuck is hyped up?!

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    Who wants to see Destined For Immortality!?

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    Shame it had to be in Birmingham though, not anything special is it?

    *awaits death threats from Eddie & Benny*

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    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaz11 View Post
    Shame it had to be in Birmingham though, not anything special is it?

    *awaits death threats from Eddie & Benny*
    Have you looked out of your own fucking window? (assuming it's still there, of course!)

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!



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