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    Mike: Hello everyone, and welcome to Sunday Night Chaos and what a huge start we've already had this month!

    Rocky: Hell yeah! Shining Light is coming home, Mike Hawk and Adonis will go at it at Lost Cause in a winner takes all match and the big news from Revolution on Tuesday.

    Mike: That's right. The Insane Asylum Match will be back this year at Lost Cause with the winner getting a first class ticket to Destined For Immortality to fight for either the IWA Championship or the World Championship.

    Rocky: And that asshole Smokey is now pulling double duty. First he screws out Kyojin of his title shot - forcing him to lower himself to compete against Midget Blue at Lost Cause - but he's also the Co-GM of Revs!

    Mike: Speaking of Kyojin, he's not here tonight as he has not been cleared by doctors to compete. In fact, he has been ordered to stay home and rest after his match last week.

    Rocky: Match? Try a damn beat down!

    The Nest!

    As the music plays, the trio of men walks onto the stage. Mike Hawk, Black Angel, and Mr. Torture are all greeted by the boos of the crowd. The arena is soon filled with the jeers of the angry crowd, but neither of the men seem to mind the reaction of the crowd. Instead, they continue to head forth. Black Angel stops short, and Mike Hawk and Mr. Torture continue on to the ring. They look towards Black Angel and chuckle, as his arms spread and his head looks to the sky. Soon after, pages from his bible, what he calls ‘The Good Book’, fall from the sky. He walks around the ring, watching as those in the crowd pick up the pages and begin looking through it, or balling it up to hurl at the ring. He grabs three microphones and two to his partners.

    Father: Yes, I can see the looks on your faces now – I can see it clearly! You see the truth on those pages, the truth of my words and what they ultimately mean to you. Continue to deny the power of the Voices, the sweet darkness that is slowly fuming in your hearts and one day you’ll realize that it was all for naught! The Torture Chamber, The Nest, the Voices, are the only truths of this world and the next!

    Anger seems to flash in the eyes of the Father

    Father: You all seek to hide beneath the wretched veil of ignorance, it comforts you – it doesn’t make you face the truth that is so bluntly staring you in the face. Yet, that is what you all have been conditioned to do. To hide from the truth, to shift your perception ever-so-slightly to keep in line with the moral guidelines your masters forced upon you. But you see, we – we are awake! All three of us have seen the truth, what you all would call ‘the light’, but let me tell you… that is no light. It is darkness. It is what has always existed and what shall exist forevermore.

    The crowd seems to have shrank back, but just a little. After a moment of silence, they begin to boo again, but Black Angel raising the microphone to his lips hushes them.

    Father: Weeks ago, a man came back into the Chaos fold, after getting defeated by the eventual winner of the five-on-five elimination match at Thirst for Blood. He came back into a rivalry that had nothing to do with him, at the behest of men who had already been fed to the darkness, and through their persistence, continued to fight. He came back and faced me in a match, and I will make no excuse – he defeated me in the middle of this ring. The crowd begins to cheer. Yet, even with this new force of nature on their team, the ‘Demon Shadow’ Slayde, and his cohorts could still not win against the darkness.

    That man’s name… is Shaz. He is the black mark on my record, he is the reason I was so nearly fed to the Nest for my failure, and he is now my target. I escaped being fed, because I promised to feed the Nest the soul of Shaz personally, to take a man who was so high up, yet fell so far down and personally finish the job. Soon Shaz, soon, you will find the embrace of the Nest, but the voices will not be as benevolent as they have to so many other souls that have fallen to me. No, they will not guide you into the darkness of the Nest! They will watch and whisper while you are forced to take the path alone, alone with your thoughts of failure, alone with your thoughts of me. Soon Shaz, you will see the truth. You will see Mike Hawk as World Heavyweight Champion… and STILL, the reigning Blackout Champion. You will see Torture, continuing to torment all those who stand in his path and continue to break them. But, to me, the important thing is Shaz… that you will finally accept the voices into your soul and become a shell of the man you once were – just as Note has become, just as Slayde has become.

    Black Angel drops his microphone and drops to his knees, facing the ramp – his arms spread and his head directed towards the sky. Mr. Torture puts the mic to his lips.

    Mr. Torture: Thank you Father for those enlightening words. May the message from the Voices reach those in the audience, here and at home, if they are not blind enough to ignore them!

    Fans boo like mad. Mr. Torture chuckles.

    Mr. Torture: Your insistence in hoping the light will bring the darkness down really amuses me. Have we not proved time and time again, whether as individuals or as a group, that we are ready to spread darkness all over IWA? Now with Mike Hawk challenging Malcolm Adonis we are about to reach the pinnacle of this company, and from there we will begin a rule like no one has ever witnessed in the world of wrestling. Yet you keep championing men like Adonis, supposedly the sexiest pimp around when he should be in a third rate strip bar, getting naked to please 70 year old women, or the man I will face at Lost Cause, Ace Note.

    Cheers for Ace Note, joined by Let's go Ace! chants.

    Mr. Torture: I'm amazed by both your desire to support the fella, but I'm still more amazed by his stubbornness. For months he has been feuding with Mike Hawk, but he was unable to capture the IWA Blackout championship. He competed in one of the most grueling matches I remember, the Rafters match, and despite it almost costed him his very own life, he keeps on coming. He changed target, he was unable to conquer the Nest, so he moved to try to invade the Torture Chamber. At Insult to Injury, I proved I was too much of a rival for him. I got the one, two, three and stood victorious. He should have left it there, but no, he had to challenge darkness once again instead of accepting his fate and submit to darkness.

    Fans boo even louder. There's a he kicked your ass! chant.

    Mr. Torture: Really? He beat me on Chaos, yes, but I won't say he kicked my ass. It was a very close contest. But still the principle remains. He keeps on coming. Since I joined Mike Hawk and Father Black Angel, he was again in for a fight, and in the end, for another defeat. At Thirst for Blood, his efforts, combined with Slayde's and Shaz's were not good enough to keep our alliance down. I come with momentum to our next fight. The score says we are tied, but I'm mentally stronger. I come from a victory in our last PPV, and since I joined forces with The Nest and the Voices, I'm a much better wrestler than I was.

    More booing.

    Mr. Torture: But let me tell you something, you can say anything you like about me, call me a creep or whatever, but I ain't stupid. I'm perfectly aware this ain't going to be a military parade, nor a bed of roses. Ace Note is no Benny the Ball. He gave Hawk a run for his money on that Rafters match. I've been in the ring with him and I know what he is capable of. I'm studying his matches, against me and against others. But he doesn't know what I'm doing at the Chamber, besides playing with my victims. He doesn't know what is new in my bag of tricks. And I don't mean weapons or cheating tactics. I mean new moves, a better physique and a tougher mind. Or maybe I don't and I'm talking about weapons. Remember those I showed Chase Blaydes in the semi final match of the GP 4 tournament? Who knows what else is in my arsenal, huh?

    Fans boo the shit out Mr. Torture.

    Mr. Torture: But whatever I'm referring to, it will help me to win the match, like it or not. So, Ace Note, at Lost Cause, we will face a final time. That match will determine two things: that I am the better of the two, and after that match, you will be my new slave in the Torture Chamber.

    Fans keep booing as Mr. Torture laughs maniacally.

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    Hawks is leaning back in the corner with his title as Torture finishes up speaking. He looks up at the rafters and begins to smile.

    Hawk: That people is the exact reason I picked these two men to take care of the nest while I am deal with the world title. I am no god or superman or evil deity, I am simply Mike Hawk, so I can't give the nest the proper attention it needs while I am dealing with Adonis. But these two excel at breaking the minds and bodies of men and leaving them in a dark state. Shaz doesn't know who he is anymore, Slayde had fallen victim to his emotions and Note no longer has the confidence he once had.

    The era of the Nest is upon us and as much as these new guys on the roster think that this show is about them, they all know deep down what will happen to them if they cross our paths. You can come at me with all the momentum in the world and a will of fire, but all light will give way to darkness one way or another and now I will finish the job I started months ago by extinguishing the last fire on Chaos, Malcolm Adonis.

    But now that I have mentioned Adonis, your time in the light, your moment as champion will all come to an end very soon. But you won't go out in a blaze of glory, no I am going to slowly destroy your body in this very ring then you will be begging me to end your reign. But your mind Adonis, you already know that I will break it during the build up to our match. That is how I operate.

    These past few months Adonis, you and these people have called this your era, your time, but you were only lying to yourselves. No champion in IWA or any other company for that matter has been as dominate as me. This era is the Era of the Nest whether you acknowledge it or not and after I take that title, you will no longer have any claims to being the best. Adonis, that title isn't the only thing I want from you, I want to eliminate you from this company so that I will be the top dog.

    The crowd boo as loudly as they can with Mike Hawk's last line as they are obviously against what Mike Hawk has said- but the those booing turn into a LOUD mixed reactions with more cheers as Hood Gon' Love It by Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar blasts around the arena... the crowd know who's coming out.

    I'm Confused. Is This Guy A Face Or A Heel?

    And out comes Shaz. Shaz comes out with a mic, and he doesn't take a second to look at the crowd, or the arena- all he does, is look at the 3 men standing tall in the ring. Hawk, Angel & Torture look at him like he's nothing, and they dare him to enter the ring- and Shaz replies by walking down the ramp, and sliding into the ring- showing no fear at all.

    Shaz: Mike Hawk. You've had an impressive year so far. You became the Blackout Champion, and you've gone through hell in order to keep that title under your possession. You survived against Ace Note in a brutal Rafters Match- and you even hold two wins over the current IWA Champion in Malcolm Adonis.

    But the fact that you and your bitches have the audacity to parade around the IWA thinking that you're the top dogs disgusts me, because you three are far from being the real deal around here. You may be able to fool the likes of Ace Note, and other superstars into thinking that your new faction is creepy, but I'm assuring you right now that you don't fool me at all.

    Crowd begin to cheer

    Shaz: Angel, I was the reason why you was nearly fed to The Nest- and I'm gonna finish the job by officially feeding you to The Nest. Last week, you made an enemy out of me- and you've just made a promise that you won't be able to keep. And it just goes to show... that you three don't have a clue who the hell I am.

    And right now- I'm absolutely FED UP of listening to how you three will take over the IWA- because I'm going to make sure that it doesn't happen. I've put too much hard work and effort into making Chaos the show it is today- and I ain't gonna let either of you tamper with my masterpiece.

    Shaz gets mixed reactions for that last line.

    Shaz: Your mission is to make IWA yours, but my mission is to take all three of you out... and I'm gonna do exactly that. I'm gonna take all of you out one by one, and I'm starting off with you Black Angel. When I returned, I thought I made my intentions pretty loud & clear by defeating you.

    But you haven't took that on board- instead, you've made things worse for yourself by making me your target. And you know what? I'm in the mood to be a generous person. I'll give you the chance to redeem yourself, because I'm issuing a match for TONIGHT on Chaos.

    Shaz vs. Black Angel 2, what do you say?
    Father spreads his arms as he watches Shaz enter the ring, as the man's words come to a close, he ushers back Mike Hawk and Mr. Torture. The crowd boos as the microphone comes to Black Angel's lips.

    Father: You say that your intentions were made clear when you returned and defeated me? A match I acknowledge as a mar on my otherwise amazing record. You stand before the three men that will one day rule Chaos, and particularly IWA, and you challenge one to a match because you're mad?

    Father looks back and nods towards Torture and Hawk, signalling for them to exit the ring. As they do, he turns his attention back to Shaz, bringinng the microphone back up to his lips. The crowd continues to boo him as he does so.

    Then please, do not allow me to continue rambling on and on. You want your match, my rematch, then your challenge is accepted, Shaz. May the Voices be the guiding light to your end for your bravery, but your bravado will fail you like it did against Sagittarius Blue, like at Thirst for Blood against us three, and like it ultimately will here tonight.

    Father drops his microphone, kicking it out of the ring and looks at Shaz. Almost as if he was begging him to come and get him.


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    Mike: We're back, and it looks like we're on our way to our first match already.

    Rocky: Shaz versus Angel, and The Nest are watching from ringside. I don't fancy the thugs chances!

    Shaz/Sonjay Dutt vs. Father Black Angel/Alex Shelley
    Stop at 07:15

    Mike: Damn!

    Rocky: Cover him!

    Angel drops down covers Shaz The ref starts the count...


    Angel flips Shaz over and locks in the Camel Clutch. Mike Hawk and Mr. Torture watch from ringside as Angel locks the hold in tight.

    Mike: Angel has the hold locked in tight.

    Rocky: Of course he has. Shaz fluked the win last time these two went one-on-one.

    Shaz fights to break the hold, but Angel has it locked in. The ref asks if Shaz wants to submit, but he screams “NO!”. Angel screams at the ref to keep asking him, but Shaz refuses still. Shaz claws at the ring, fighting to make it to the ropes,

    Mike: C’mon Shaz!

    Rocky: Tap, bitch!

    One final lunge, and Shaz finally makes it to the ropes. The fans boo as Angel refuses to relinquish the hold, and the ref starts the count.


    Angel shoves Shaz's head to the mat, stands up quickly and drops a knee on Shaz's neck.

    Mike: Angel has that air of confidence about him and we all know that when he is in the zone, he cannot be touched.

    Rocky: Damn straight! Angel knows that he has to work hard to remain worthy of The Nest. With the Blackout Champion – and soon to be World Champ - as well as Mr. Torture watching on, Angel is performing well under pressure!

    Angel positions himself over Shaz, who is slowly getting to his feet. Angel locks up Shaz in a reverse chin lock, but Shaz shoves him off and Angel lands back first centre of the ring. Shaz sees an opening, runs to the ropes, jumps onto the second rope and nails an elbow drop!

    Mike: Turning point!

    Shaz slowly gets to his feet, nursing at his back and neck.

    Mike: Shaz is trying to get back into this!

    Rocky: He has no chance! He’s too busy nursing his boo boo!

    After a few more moments, Shaz looks up and sees Angel running at him, he ducks underneath and BOOM! Enzuiguri connects to the jaw of Angel. The fans roar with cheers as Shaz gets back up to a standing position. Shaz lifts Angel up and locks him up. He looks up to the fans with a smile on his face before screaming “BEST IN THE WORLD!”. The crowd goes insane as Shaz nails The Souvenir From The Ghetto! He goes for the cover...


    Mike: What the hell?

    The cameras focus on the ref, who has been dragged out of the ring by Mr. Torture. Torture slides into the ring as Shaz looks around, wondering what is going on. Shaz see’s Torture approaching and tries to get up, but is stamped on the head. Torture grabs Shaz and drags him across the floor into the corner and continues to stamp on his chest.

    Mike: What the hell? Shaz had this match won!

    Rocky: No he didn’t, Mike. Ref never got to three. We’ll never know if Shaz would have won this match.

    Mike Hawk rises from his chair and slowly walks around the ring. Angel gingerly gets back to his feet and stumbles over to Torture and assists his team mate in stamping on Shaz. Shaz tries to fight back, but with both men working on him, he is unable to get out of the corner.

    Mike: This is a damn mugging!

    Rocky: It’s a team showing unity, Mikey boy.

    Hawk slowly climbs the steps and through the ropes into the ring. He stays on the other side of the ring and watches from his static position as the other members of The Nest continue to beat down Shaz. After a few moments, Hawk calls for Angel and Torture to stop. Torture and Angel lift Shaz onto his feet as Hawk pulls something out of his pocket.

    Mike: What the hell is that?

    Rocky: Looks like a black hood or something...

    Hawk walks over to a propped up Shaz. He takes the hood and puts it over the head of the groggy superstar.

    Mike: I don’t get it.

    Rocky: Something to do with darkness? I dunno...

    After the hood is put over Shaz’s head, Angel and Torture release Shaz and let him fall to the floor. The Nest stand over Shaz, arms raised as the fans boo.

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    The cameras go backstage into Smokey's office, where we see the Chaos GM sitting opposite the IWA CEO, Mandy Moore.

    Smokey: Next week.

    Mandy: You're going to wait that long?

    Smokey: There's no urgent rush for it and having another week gives me the opportunity to see who on Chaos deserves to be in the Insane Asylum match at Lost Cause.

    Mandy: What about Revolution?

    Smokey: What about it?

    Mandy: You're the Co-GM. You have a say who on that brand goes in too.

    Smokey leans forward on his desk.

    Smokey: My job on Revolution is to make sure that Ryan doesn't keep fucking up. I'm not there to run that show, I'm there to stop him running it into the ground. I'll let him make the decisions and when I see a need, I'll intervene.

    Mandy: Not what I saw on Tuesday. Seems like you enjoyed throwing your weight around there.

    Smokey leans back in his seat and chuckles to himself as he kicks his feet onto his desk.

    Smokey: Ok, I admit, that was purely for my own pleasure. Just letting the bastards know that I have authority over them.

    Mandy stands up and makes her way out of the room.

    Mandy: Well, just remember, I don't care how you do it, but you need to turn Revolution around and if you fail, I'm putting the blame solely on your shoulders.

    Smokey looks back as Mandy exits the room. He then says under his breath...

    Smokey: Shouldn't have hired an incompetent fuck head to run Revolution then.

    Juno storms into the office of Smokey, her hair fiery red and with her face dawning matching war paint, her expression furious

    Juno Mercury: SMOKEY! I have a bone to pick with you…

    Smokey looks at Juno.

    Smokey: Oh goody. Sadly, I left all the fucks I could give in my other jacket, so make it quick.

    Juno frowns before continuing.

    Juno Mercury: Look you have two eyes in your head, so you clearly saw what happened in my ring last week, you saw what a joke that was, someone claiming my battleground to be there’s!

    Smokey, you know me, what a hard worker I am, how determined I am and how much I fucking deserve that belt! I have worked my ass off to get here, my jackass father did not prevent that, my background did not prevent that and this worthless division will not prevent me standing tall! All those laughable excuses for vanities will never hold a candle to me, never be able to stand toe to toe with me, never wanna walk into my kingdom without fear of being slain…

    Juno takes a seat on Smokey’s desk

    Juno Mercury: Smokey, Smokey, Smokey, what will it take to make you see that I am the champion this company needs, deserves and wants… I demand to be made the number 1 contender for my title!

    Remember when I was that sickeningly bubbly and friendly girl that came here wanting to show my talent but, still show respect but, WHERE IS MY FUCKING RESPECT! That is where you can change it, show you actually care about talent, that you care about sheer determination and show you care about the best goddamn vanity to walk these halls…
    My kingdom needs their queen…

    Juno whispers in the ear of Smokey

    Juno Mercury: I seek my coronation…

    Smokey stares at Juno before finally speaking.

    Smokey: Get off my fucking desk, you little tramp.

    Smokey shoves Juno off his desk. Juno looks furious and goes to say something, but Smokey cuts her off.

    Smokey: Don't waste your time. Couple of things I want to get straight with you, buttercup. Firstly, I couldn't give a flying fuck about your dad. Secondly, and most importantly, I should make you the number one contender? You have been the number one contender for almost every Pay-Per-View since February. How many fucking chances do you need? Sometimes you have to take responsibility for your own shortcomings.

    Smokey stands up and walks over to Juno, placing a hand on her shoulder whilst opening the door

    Smokey: But, because of the non-finish last week, I guess I'll book a match that is as predictable as you choking in a title match. Lost Cause, we'll have ourselves a triple threat match between you, Kairo and Te'Yanna for the Vanity Championship.

    Now...fuck off.

    Smokey shoves Juno out of the open door and slams it shut. We then cut back to the arena.

    I've Never Walked To The Ring Before. I Don't Like It.

    Mr. Blood storms out, not even waiting for the Bloodline who march out behind them to a chorus of jeers and boos. Mr. Blood pays all of it no heed however, the enraged biker storming into the ring and demanding a microphone

    Mr. Blood: Get your fucking ass out here right the fuck now you fucking piece of SHIT!!! That's a fifty thousand dollar fucking work of art you fucking went joyriding in you cocky prick! You'd better bring my fucking bike out here, and do it Right Fucking Now or I swear to Christ I'm gonna rip your goddamn head from your fucking shoulders, You hear me you fucking cockflap?

    The Bloodline make it to the ring, rolling in to back up their "uncle" they flank him, arms folded, looking just as angry as their leader

    Mr. Blood: God Damnit you fucking asshole, I said GET THE FUCK OUT HERE! What the Fuck is wrong with-

    Smooth Criminal

    Orion Slayde comes on stage wearing his trench coat to the roar but Mr. Blood's bike is nowhere to be seen and as he has a mic with him, he speaks from the stage...

    Slayde: I had to stop you right there because there is absolutely nothing wrong with me or so my doctor tell at least.....anyways....I understand why you're upset but understand things from my point of view, just for a second....indulge me.

    I simply saw a chance to do something that I knew would send a message to you and it did. Here you are kicking and screaming about your bike yet doing nothing about it. Is it cause you can't or as you like to call it...won't? Regardless I think the message I wanted to get across to you is pretty clear and just in case it went above your're a bitch and will do nothing to prove me wrong....and now that I've done so, I'd like to apologize or my heinous act last week. I stole your bike and for that....
    Orion smirks....I'm sorry....Orion says with a grin....I'm so sorry......Orion is grinning ear to ear.....can you tell?

    Blood sees the insincerity in Slayde's words and is fuming...

    Slayde: Anyways....sorry....but the bike isn't here. See....the craziest thing happened last week. I, as the free spirit I am and having the pleasure of being able to ride a legendary Black Blooded bike, went to a bar and went right in there where the entire crowd could see it, revved that son of a bitch and my, oh my, how that beast roared.

    Parked up right inside the bar and believe it or not....after I turned around take a was gone without a trace. Seems someone dared to steal a stolen bike....what are the odds of that happening? but what did I care, right? I just kept drinking the night away with no regrets.

    Blood can clearly can be heard from across the ring screaming....What?!!

    Slayde: I know, I know....that was my bad.....

    Orion smirks

    Slayde: But fret not....I've made it up to you, I swear and trust me, even though IWA doesn't pay very know those damn budget cuts and all....I actually went out my way to find a perfect replacement for you. My treat....

    Orion goes to the back and brings this out.... he and the crowd try to not laugh too hard.

    Mr. Blood is enraged. he goes to the ropes to attack Slayde, when the Bloodline step forward, one of them, a larger man, grabs his arms, as the smallest member goes to his boss's ear, trying to calm him, but Blood will hear none of it, violently throwing off the arms of his group, he turns and punches the man holding him before exiting the ring, almost jumping out in his haste as he holds the microphone in one hand, stalking up the ramp towards Slayde, who stands almost indifferently, clearly not intimidated even as the Bloodline follow their leader up the ramp. Mr. Blood slows, the bloodline flanking him as they catch up.

    Mr. Blood: You miserable fucking bitch. You cockbiting fucktard, you just signed your own motherfucking Death Warrant! Do you hear me bitch? We're gonna fucking kill you, you fucking thieving piece of fucking trash! The match is fucking off, you aren't gonna face just my boy here, you're gonna get all of us beating fifty thousand bucks out of your fucking ass, you get me bitch? We're gonna fucking destroy you.

    Mr. Blood stops halfway up the ramp, confusion and anger warring on his face.


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    Orion smiles with great confidence...

    Slayde: Cause.....this is just too easy.

    Orion reaches inside his trench coat and in the inner pockets has a folder which he reveals to Blood and opens it to show him pictures of the bike, safe and sound in what appears to be a storage unit along with the key for it hanging from his neck under his trench coat before taking a step back as Blood tries to get it, zipping up his trench coat to avoid further attempts from Blood to reclaim the key and calls Orion a fucking thief and looked to continue but Orion cuts him off by speaking now....

    Slayde: You know you're easy to get a rise out of under the right conditions, right? Easy enough to actually know for a fact how you'll react and take the necessary precautions to keep things going my I went ahead and talked to Smokey...who loved this idea by the way....

    Blood's looks irate that he was manipulated

    Slayde: ...and came up with the grand idea that if you tried to use The Bloodline to do your dirty work for you which you were clearly going to do, then my match with....points to the Gear currently to the left of Blood...., you know that Gear I picked last week, the one who whispered sweet nothings in your ear to make you feel important, would go on scheduled and should his brethren or their precious "Uncah" Blood try to get an edge over me by laying a hand on me before or even during the match...well I believe his exact words were:

    "The Bloodline will be like The Infection....and by that I mean afterthought on Chaos and Blood will serving Sloppy Joe's as part of the catering team until 2014, should make him feel right at home."

    Crowd cheers at these news as Blood is quite literally blood red in anger

    Slayde: But don't worry, it plays both ways as Smokey has always been a fair man and as an....incentive let's call it..., if you manage to play nicely tonight and abide by his rules, then he will grant you the chance to get your hands on me in the near future and all that anger and frustration of knowing you got played like a fiddle can be set loose and I will be able to kick your ass myself and show you picked a fight with the wrong fucking man.

    Orion gets directly in the face of Blood to provoke him and smiles doing so.

    Mr. Blood stands, enraged as his mind processes the pictures, the ultimatum and his options, looking for any advantage. The bloodline, so sure as they followed their leader up the ramp hesitate, looking to him for direction.

    Mr. Blood: Fine, you pansy ass son of a bitch. You wanna go fucking play teacher's pet and run to daddy? Alright, I'll play by the fucking rules. For now.

    Mr. Blood turns, grabbing the smallest member of the Bloodline, he rips off his mask for the first time, tearing it in the process and revealing a man with a small blue Mohawk, and steel-grey eyes, with piercings on his eyebrow and lip. The man stands tall, coming up to stand next to his leader.

    Mr. Blood: Tonight, V-Rod here runs right the fuck over your bitch ass. Take a real good fucking look bitch-boy, every fucking punch from this man, comes from me, every kick, may as well be from my boots. And after he's fucking beaten your dumb ass and leaves you fucking broken in the middle of that goddamn ring.

    Mr. Blood takes a breath, laughing malevolently

    Mr. Blood: then we fucking do the dance. You'd better be fucking ready boy, your nightmare begins tonight.

    Rocky: What does Slayde think he’s playing at?

    Mike: I don’t think anybody has done anything like this to Mr. Blood before but regardless, as Blood and the rest of the Bloodline leave the arena, we are now about to see a match between Slayde and a member of the Bloodline, V-Rod.

    Orion Slayde/Punk vs. V-Rod/Jericho
    (Start 7:23, End 26:30)

    Mike: And Slayde is going for a hurri ... No! V-Rod caught Slayde!

    Rocky: And he just brought Slayde down with a powerbomb!

    Slayde's head bounces off from the mat due to the impact! V-Rod then stomps onto Slayde's left knee! Slayde rolls onto his stomach, grasping his left leg. Slayde sits up on both knees, but then V-Rod kicks him in the chest hard multiple times before driving his knee into Slayde's jaw!

    Slayde falls backwards onto the mat once again, then V-Rod grabs Slayde's left leg again and drags him over to the bottom rope. V-Rod drapes Slayde's left leg over the bottom rope, then V-Rod pulls back on the leg and pushes the rope forward with his foot, causing a massive amount of pain and pressure to Slayde's knee! V-Rod keeps pulling the leg until the referee reaches the count of four, then he releases the hold and gets back to his feet.

    Mike: V-Rod is just dissecting Slayde's left knee. If he keeps this up, Slayde won't even be able to stand up on his own!

    Rocky: Good! Piece of crap deserves it!

    V-Rod pulls Slayde to the centre of the ring and pulls him up to his feet. V-Rod whips Slayde into the turnbuckle hard, then V-Rod runs at Slayde and hits him with a shoulder block in the corner! V-Rod then sits Slayde up onto the top turnbuckle, drapes his legs over the top rope and steadies him. V-Rod climbs the ropes, hooks Slayde in a front face lock...

    Mike: DDT! OH MY GOD!

    Rocky: Good! Hope he’s dead!

    Slayde hits the mat hard but the impact makes Slayde roll out of the ring and hits the floor below! V-Rod sees this, slaps the floor in frustration, then rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring. V-Rod grabs Slayde by the hair and tosses him into the barricade, then drags him to the steel steps. V-Rod sets Slayde up against the steps, stomps his left knee once more then backs away.

    Rocky: V-Rod is going to break Slayde's knee!

    V-Rod watches as Slayde lays back against the steps, trying to catch his breath, but then V-Rod charges at Slayde and goes for a running knee strike to Slayde's head against the steel step ... But Slayde rolls out of the way!! V-Rod crashes into the step and goes over top of it! Slayde pulls up himself with the barricade as V-Rod lands on the floor. The fans cheer on Slayde while he catches his breath for a moment as V-Rod slowly gets to his feet. Slayde sees a child with one of Slayde's t-shirts on, so Slayde ruffles the child's hair before making his way back into the ring.

    Slayde leans against the turnbuckle as the referee continues to count V-Rod out, but V-Rod manages to slide back into the ring at the count of eight! Slayde wastes little time and kicks V-Rod in the midsection hard, then drops him with a DDT in the center of the ring! Slayde then wraps his bicep around V-Rod's neck and locks in a headlock, squeezing the life out of V-Rod's body! V-Rod reaches for the bottom rope with his foot and manages to slip it under the rope, making Slayde break the hold.

    Mike: Slayde has a lot more work to do if he wants to keep V-Rod down!

    Rocky: And with a banged up knee, that may prove to be difficult!

    Both Slayde and V-Rod rise to their feet, but V-Rod kicks Slayde's left knee! V-Rod then runs to the ropes, rebounds off from them and flies at Slayde with a forearm ... But Slayde catches V-Rod mid air! Slayde looks around at the crowd, then hits V-Rod with the Shroud of Darkness! V-Rod drops to the mat, clutching his back as Slayde backs into the turnbuckle with a smile on his face. Slayde then shakes his left leg as if he is shaking off the pain, then makes his way over to V-Rod. V-Rod sits up, but then Slayde kicks him on the jaw hard!

    V-Rod's head slams against the mat from the kick, then Slayde picks him up from the mat once again. Slayde tosses V-Rod into the turnbuckle, then continually lands hard right and left hands into V-Rod's midsection. Slayde then places V-Rod on the top rope, then gets behind V-Rod, but V-Rod elbows Slayde in the stomach hard! V-Rod brings Slayde's head down onto his shoulder, then stands both of them up on the top rope ...

    Mike: What the hell is he doing?

    Rocky: Looks like a muscle buster from the top rope?

    Mike: V-Rod calls this Drop The Clutch. This is gonna be huge!

    V-Rod tries Dropping The Clutch, but Slayde stands steady! Slayde punches V-Rod in the kidney hard three times, bounces on the rope then brings his knees up to the back of V-Rod's neck ...

    Mike: OH! MY! GOD!


    And he connects!! Slayde brings V-Rod down from the top rope and drives his knees into the back of V-Rod's neck with the World of Shadows!!! V-Rod lays motionless in the center of the ring while Slayde rolls around, clutching his left knee. Slayde looks over to see V-Rod out of it completely, so Slayde slowly drags himself over to V-Rod and then finally drapes his body over V-Rod's!


    The fans roar with cheers as Slayde rolls off of V-Rod and clutches at his left knee.

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Orion Slayde!!!

    Mike: What a match!! What brutality!! These two men tore each other apart!

    Rocky: Mr. Blood is not gonna be pleased about this. He’ll kill Slayde when he gets his hands on him!

    Mike: And that documented knee problem for Slayde...surely a target for anyone who wants to take advantage of Slayde.

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    Cameras pan to backstage with Seth Gabel standing by*

    Gabel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Ryan Wel---


    *Gabel takes a backhand to the face and looks scared*

    Gabel: Sorry your majesty….I mean, please welcome my guest at this time, KING Ryan Wells.

    *King Ryan Wells comes into the shot, in his crown and robe, with his sceptre in hand, with his servants behind him*

    King Wells: That’s better Seth, now kiss the ring.

    Gabel: What??

    *Wells sticks out his hand and it shows a big and shiny diamond ring, fit only for a king*

    King Wells: The ring, KISS IT.

    *Gabel looks at his camera man, and at Wells, who is growing impatient. Gabel finally grabs the hand of King Wells slowly and plants a quick kiss on his ring before looking back up, ashamed*

    King Wells: Good, now ask your questions.

    *Gabel adjusts his tie and tries to maintain professionalism before speaking*

    Gabel: Ok, right, the questions…oh yes! King Wells, you came out to the ring last week during a match between AJ Dixon and Kaige Chamberlain, two men who were on Team Chaos with you and did nothing seemingly. What was your reason for coming out and interrupting the match?

    *King Wells laughs mightily while trying to answer the question*

    King Wells: INTERRUPT? Oh my dear boy, the King does not interrupt anything. It is an honor for those two peasants to have me grace them with my presence! It is an honor, reward, and a gift for me to come out and watch them pathetically wrestle each other! They should be of the utmost humble and be bowing before me, thanking me for taking my most royal time out of my day to actually watch them ATTEMPT at wrestling! They are lucky I did not get in that ring and punish them both for pretending to be wrestlers and to teach them their true destinies in life: to be my court jesters!

    *King Wells starts laughing again and looks back at his servants and they instantly start laughing, scared to go against their master*

    King Wells: I went out there simply because I wanted to! I do not have to explain myself to any peons, especially you Seth! I was out there to observe my subjects! I am allowed to do whatever I please as I am the Lord and Savior, the King and Ruler, of the Jungle we call IWA.

    Gabel: Please don’t hurt me again…but why do you call yourself the King of IWA?

    *King Wells’ face suddenly turns from cheerful to stone cold anger*

    King Wells: WHAT….DID YOU JUST ASK?

    Gabel: Please! I’m being told to ask this question by my boss! Please don’t hurt me!

    *King Wells is staring at Gabel with a glance that could pierce through metal before stepping back, regaining composure and settling down*

    King Wells: Fine, if you dumbfounded wastes-of-skins want to know, not that you should have to ask seeing as it is clearly QUITE OBVIOUS….I will explain. You see, I have always been better than anyone else ever bred on this planet before, during, and after my life. It started as an adolescent, into my young adult years, and to today. So clearly, coming into the wrestling business would show no different results. And that has certainly what has happened, despite whatever half-brained moron or group of them would argue. I have made my mark, and that mark turned into my territory, which is IWA.

    You see Seth, this business is a jungle. IWA is a jungle. We have your typical buffoons who think they are actually in charge, like Malcolm Adonis and Mr. Black, and then we have the slippery, sneaky little snakes who try to slither their way into glory but fail, like Kyojin or Mr. Smyth. And then we have the elephants, who may look big and scary, but are nothing more than a stuffed animal who can be easily ripped to shreds, like Erebus and Orion Slayde. And of course, who could forget the birds, who fly way up high and avoid all confrontation due to their fear and only attack when their prey are hurt, weak, or even dead like Mike Hawk or Ano Doom. Also, not to mention the tiny bugs who should be squashed on sight, like AJ Dixon and Kaige Chamberlain. But then….we have the lion, the true King of the Jungle, who reigns supreme over all the rest due to he being the strongest, smartest, most feared, and most ruthless.

    *Gabel is scratching his head in confusion before King Wells gives him another stare-down and Gabel immediately stops and stands frozen again, with the microphone pointed towards King Wells*

    King Wells: Now it’s quite clear and obvious who the lion is Seth, it is I. I am the one who dictates and dominates IWA with an iron fist and anyone who defies me, suffers the most gruesome and horrific punishment anyone could imagine. It is quite evident I am the only one suitable to be King of IWA, King of this Jungle, because of my strength, my intelligence, my ability, my ruthlessness, and of course, the fear I instill in others just at the very thought of me. So THAT is why I am the King of the Jungle, the King of IWA, your God, your Ruler, and your Savant! You are all meant to be ruled!

    *King Wells starts laughing again as Gabel is looking nervous again and the crowd can be heard booing immensely from the arena*

    Gabel: I see….well…anyway….moving o----

    ???: Hey Wells!

    Out of nowhere, Primetime AJ Dixon comes from off camera and pushes the chest of Ryan Wells. Gabel trys to separate the two but Wells closes in on Dixon and squishes Gabel between himself and Dixon. Dixon doesn't look happy and Wells isn't thrilled either.

    Dixon: What the fuck do you think you were doing last week Wells? You get bored back there playing with yourself that you had to come out during Primetime's match and try and one up me? On my show, during my time, you try and do me one better? You almost cost me that match.

    And for what? To get a taste of my spotlight? You think you are the first person to try and climb off my fame, try and use my TV time for his own personal game? I ask these questions now becasue Gabel here didn't have the balls to ask you them in your little "interview."

    Dixon continues to move forward, further squashing gabel in between Wells and himself, all the while Gabel is trying to keep his mic up for the sound to be picked up.

    Dixon: While you walk around in this fantasy kingdom of yours, you miss the reality that the kingdom already belongs to me! This isn't a castle to be ruled, this is TV to be made and Primetime is the real estate of champions. And their is only real estate for one King and that is me, Primetime AJ Dixon, the King of the Airwaves, Prefection Personified, The Lion of IWA

    Dixon takes a breath and lets his words sink in before speaking again

    Dixon: This is my jungle, my playing field, my castle, and these are my lords and my seirfs that I rule over. They pander to me, they come to me, and they worship me because I am the best thing day after day, show after show. You can call me King Midas cause everything I touch turns to Gold cause I am just..that...damn...good!

    Dixon laughs a little as he can tell that King Wells is not pleased by his comments.

    Dixon: I'm going to make this easy enough for even you to understand Ryan. Okay, your reign as "King" is over before it even began. You can't sit in a thrown that has an owner. Primetime already has its King and he is standing before you. And just like history, the only way I'm giving up my IWA thrown is through defeat, but, let's be honesty...that just isn't going to happen...not now...not ever...fantasy...or reality.

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    As Dixon goes off on Wells, Kaige stands off to the side, leaning against a wall watching and listening. Neither man seems to notice the tuxedo dressed man standing in their vicinity, but Kaige doesn't seem to mind that the pair of men hasn't acknowledged his presence yet. After a moment, he reaches up and removes his fedora, and brushes off the brim of it.

    Kaige: Now, now ladies, you're both pretty in your own ways. 'King' Wells, we missed you in the five on five match, man, what happened? We were so sure our King was going to lead us to the promised land, lead us to Victory, and it turned out that our King was a fraud, a bamboozler, nothing more than a fake. What happened? When I beat you, did you lose your confidence, because it's damn obvious you didn't lose that mouth of yours. But that's okay, our esteemed leader wasn't so hot himself, it all came down to the 'midget' of the group, ain't that a trip?

    Wells looks angrily at Kaige, tearing his attention from Dixon in the process. As he does so, Kaige simply ignores the seething 'King' before him and pulls the squashed Gabel from between the slices of King and Primetime bread.

    Run along, Gabel.

    Gabel quickly exits the frame, as Kaige's attention turns to Dixon.

    Let me just say, when we were down a fifth man, I didn't expect Smokey to bring back the man that nearly made it impossible for me to compete in the match. And no, King Wells, that wasn't you. What you did further aggravated my injuries, but what Mr. Primetime here did nearly put me on the shelf for life. Too bad the released don't stay released, but perhaps I should be happy that you're back - I mean, you did beat me last week - after King Wells decided that he wasn't getting enough man hugs and decided to try and get a double one. A two-fer, as though so call it.

    But I want you to know something, I respect that you came back to help out Chaos, when we were down a man - for a moment, I thought we were going to have to put in the benchwarmer, Amadeus Frewin, or however you say his name. Sagittarius beat him, and genius McGhee over here wanted to put him on the team - after trying to get Blue off the team for losing a match. Logic, I know, I know. In either event, I owe you a ass-whooping, one you were going to get last night, until we were rudely interrupted by a man I've already beat. You know, you both could probably switch nicknames, and keep what you just said - and it would be no different. It's like I'm talking to newly separated conjoined twins.

    Dixon chuckles, remembering that Kaige hasn't been able to beat him yet. Wells is still seething and approaches Kaige.

    Hold on there, cowboy, there is somthing important we have to discuss. You interrupted my match last week, and that just shouldn't happen, baby Kyojin. Your win, Aj Dixon, was nothing more than the byproduct of a distraction, and I am going to want my rematch. If you interfere again, Wells, I will put you down. I will make you the 'Fallen King', that you so aspire to be, and maybe - if you put on a little dark make up, talk about some metaphysical place where souls get eaten or ferried, then maybe the Nest will finally accept the application of a King - or maybe Mr. Torture will become known as the 'King Torturer'.

    Wells gets in Kaige's face, and Kaige smirks, ready for a brawl. Dixon gets into the mix as well. King Wells, still seething and in the face of both Chamberlain and Dixon, backs up and fixes himself and looks at both of them, who are in attack mode, and Wells just smirks and chuckles a bit

    King Wells: You neanderthals really believe that you could ever get your patriarch to stoop so low as to participate in such a meaningless and pathetic brawl? How utterly predictable! You all fight like savages while I fight like a man and the wrestling god that I am. I, and I alone, make the rules, regulations, and laws in this domain, not you two, but I, your King! You should be bowing before me for you are in the presence of royalty yet you show these signs of disrespect and for that, I promise you, both of you, that you will be punished for your lack of respect for your ruler.

    *Both Chamberlain and Dixon step back now, still anger in their faces*

    King Wells: See! This is exactly what I meant by you two serving as my court jesters! You are entertaining me, by being so comical! By god we have found your destinies! You were put on this earth, given the most honorable privilege of being in my company, to serve your King! But tonight has been entertaining enough so you have both done your job admirably....something you're both not used to hearing I presume. I do not interact with peasants, I have much better and more important affairs to attend to, so go back to your quarters and when I become bored, I will call upon your services again to do your "intimidation act" because that you simpletons says, "hit the spot". So I say, adieu. Come servants!

    *Both of his servants follow King Wells as he walks off stage, both Chamberlain and Dixon both livid but do not move as Wells keeps walking away laughing. The camera then pans around a bright and colorful space filled with discarded emblems of circus tradition, including a whip, a leotard, a few torn up ticket stubs, empty popcorn bags, a megaphone, and a rubber nose. Soon, someone walks over to the leotard and picks it up. The camera pans upward to reveal that it’s Ace Note who picked it up and thanks to the new camera angle, the space is revealed to be a circus tent, empty of people besides Ace Note himself. Note drops the leotard on the ground and looks at it with disdain.*

    Ace Note: If I had to choose a reality on where I’d be this far into my career, I never would’ve liked it to be this. Humiliated because I’ve never avenged my brother’s name, belittled because the Nest keeps getting the better of me at every turn, and backed into a corner because out of all the places I dreamed of winding up in, the circus tent would not have been one of them. But I truly believe I know why I’ve been dragged through the mud so many times in past the past several months. It’s because I saw all the “freaks” and the “weirdos” in the IWA and I didn’t want to become like them, losing my sanity and being disconnected from the people I care about so I tried to start over and become someone else that I could never truly be; a normal person. Normality isn’t the name of the game in the IWA; it has and always will be about survival by standing out.

    *Ace Note walks over to an empty cage, designated for the lion-tamers to perform their act, and runs his fingers slowly across the bars.*

    Ace Note: If I truly want to get ahead of the pack, I have to stop running. Since Day One, I’ve always been running. Running away from my family and my roots hasn’t been effective at all. I tried to become someone else entirely because I thought that the pain and the guilt would leave me and I’d be able to rest without images of ‘the tragedy” plaguing my mind and torturing me. But what I forgot was that when I wasn’t Ace Note, I was truly something incredible and when I abandoned my past, I abandoned my power, too. And right now, I need power more than ever.

    *His knuckles get whiter as he grips the bars even harder.*

    Ace Note: I’ve only seen the world in polar opposites, light and darkness and I’ve played for both teams before. But in the end, I was always burdened with fighting for a cause that I never truly understood and it would cost me just like it’s been costing me recently with Mike Hawk and his damn Nest. But there’s one place that they know nothing about because their obedience to the darkness leave them too comfortable to explore outside their comfort zone. It’s a place where I feel invincible because I know that as the wind rushes past my hair and I defy gravity, that I can never be hurt and I can never truly fail. That’s why I’m here under the big top once again, the place where I swore my feet would never cross ever again. But the time has come for me to take up the mantle as the man that never failed to impress when I was in my element; the air.

    Darkness and light can never be complete without air for it’s the only void in existence that can sustain its power. And as The Nest are about to find out, when it comes to the vast landscape that is the air, I’m damn near invincible. It’s just too bad the Malcolm Adonis won’t have the same luxury that I do because as much as I respect him, I don’t think he has a chance in hell at defeating Mike Hawk. Thanks to the failures of the ones who couldn’t stop him, myself included, he’s only gotten stronger. But that strength only extends to Hawk himself and not Torture or Black Angel because they’re only disciples, not masters. That means that at Lost Cause, I KNOW that I’m going to defeat Mr. Torture. And as far as the championship match goes, quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter to me who wins or loses because after I’m done with Mr. Torture, I’m coming for that Blackout Championship and when that time comes, I’m going to win it.

    *Ace Note claps his hands and the lighting instantly shuts off, shrouding him in a blanket of darkness.*

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    Mike: This next match up will display two of our newer but very personal rivalries in a tag team match-up. Matthew Black and Amun-Ra are looking to silence the critics as they take on Amadeus Frewin and Antonio Rizzo.

    Rocky: Silence critics? HA! Not a chance... Frewin and Rizzo have this match in the bag.

    Emily Davis: Introducing first from Florence, Italy. Weighing in at 246 pounds... Antonio Rizzo!

    Mike: 'Mr. Europe' has a lot to prove here in IWA. And I'm sure his love of america will be overwhelming.

    Rocky: No need to be condescending Mike. The true Italian stallion will come over here and destroy you! Do you really want him to take the frustration he has with America out on you?

    Emily Davis: Introducing his tag team partner... Weighing in at 250 pounds, Amadeus Frewin!

    Mike: Frewin is on quite a little role as of late. He might not get the job done the right way, but he seems to get it done.

    Rocky: You bet he does. And at the end of the day, the good guy routine will only get you so far. Good on him for realizing that so early on in his career.

    Emily Davis: Now introducing their opponents. First from Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 210 pounds, Matthew Black!

    Rocky: Speaking of people who need to realize that the good guy routine will only get you so far...

    Mike: Are you serious!? Matthew Black is there to entertain the fans. And that's what he does, doesn't he?

    Emily Davis: Introducing his tag team partner! Hailing from Egypt, weighing in at 241 pounds... Amun-Ra!

    Mike: Amun-Ra is one bad man, I wonder how dangerous he will be in this match-up tonight.

    Rocky: He might be a bad man... But he has two dangerous competitors against him tonight. Amun-Ra better have a move under his sleeve.

    Amun-Ra(Cabana)/Matt Black(Generico) vs Antonio Rizzo(Claudio)/Amadeus Frewin(Hero) (Ignore Alignment)
    Start at 4:04; End at 7:34

    Mike: What a move by Rizzo. Black needs to recoup and fast.

    Rizzo quickly walks back over to Matthew Black and begins to pick him up. Rizzo hits him with a harsh European uppercut that sends Black stumbling back. Rizzo begins to almost chuckle as he continues to land European uppercut after European uppercut. Mrs. Frewin looks on with enjoyment as Rizzo punishes Matthew Black. Rizzo quickly grabs the arm of Matthew Black and lands a harsh clothesline that flips Matthew Black inside out. He goes for the quick cover.

    Thr- Kickout by Matthew Black!

    Rocky: HA, Matthew Black looks out of it! What an impressive showing by Rizzo!

    Rizzo goes to pick up Matthew Black once more but this time is met by a european uppercut of his own. Rizzo goes to throw a wicked left but Black ducks under and grabs him by his neck and rips him down to the mat. Matthew Black runs against the ropes as Rizzo goes to stand up. Matthew Black hits a running high knee onto the face of Antonio Rizzo that sends him falling back to the mat quickly. Matthew Black goes for a quick cover of his own.

    Thr- Kickout by Rizzo!

    Matthew Black quickly stands back up and begins to drag Rizzo to his corner. He tags in Amun-Ra who quickly gets into the ring. Matthew Black and Amun-Ra pick up Antonio Rizzo and do a duel Suplex to him as the crowd bombards the arena with cheers. Black quickly gets out of the ring afterwards to break the referees five count. Amun-Ra quickly goes for the cover.

    Thr- Kickout by Rizzo!

    Mike: This match up turned around quickly. Rizzo might be taking a beating but this man will not give up.

    Amun-Ra begins to pick up Rizzo and Irish whips him across the ring. Frewin covertly tags himself in with out Amun-Ra seeing this. Amun-Ra goes for a clothesline but Rizzo ducks it and lands a big boot on Matthew Black that sends him flying into the barricade. Rizzo quickly gets out of the ring and Amun-Ra quickly turns around and is hit by a harsh clothesline. Frewin goes for the cover.

    Th- Kickout by Amun-Ra!

    Mike: What a kickout by Ra! Wait, what's going on!?

    Rocky: Mrs. Frewin is on the ring apron taking off the turnbuckle!

    The referee sees what's going on and walks over to the ring corner. Mrs. Frewin has the turnbuckle already off so the referee begins to put it back on. Mrs. Frewin reaches into her pocket and throws a pair of brass knuckles into the ring. Amadeus Frewin puts on the Brass knuckles as Amun-Ra begins to stand up and turn around. He hits him square on the jaw and throws the brass knuckles out of the ring. Mrs. Frewin yells at the referee to turn around as Mr. Frewin goes for the cover. The referee begins to count.


    Emily Davis: And here are your winners... Amadeus Frewin and Antonio Rizzo!

    Antonio Rizzo and Frewin begin walking up the ramp as Matthew Black begins to stand up. Black sees the brass knuckles that Frewin had used on Amun-Ra and this seems to infuriate Matthew Black. Black rushes into the ring and checks on Amun-Ra before he walks over and grabs a microphone and begins to speak. The fans begin to overwhelmingly cheer the pissed off Matthew Black.

    Matthew Black: Thank you fans, I know you are always there to support me and tonight... Well I'm asking for a fight. Amadeus Frewin, I'm not an idiot. I know exactly what you did tonight. Amun-Ra and I were all you boys could handle and at the end of the day you cheated to pick up the victory here tonight. I could get pissed off and destroy the backstage. I could go back and demand Smokey restart this match tonight, to right the wrongs of tonights contest. Blah blah freaking blah. I'm not going to do any of that Frewin. Because I don't plan on getting mad Frewin... I plan on getting even.

    The crowd begins to loudly cheer Matthew Black's name. He smirks as he continues to speak.

    Matthew Black: You see, I'm not afraid of you Frewin. I know exactly what you are. You are the school yard bully. The bigot who judges people with out knowing their story. The jock who swirly the nerds... You walk around here acting like you own the place, and I've sat around listening to your inane banter long enough. You aren't who you say you are Frewin. You aren't some bad man who is unbeatable. You are just another man too inadequate to get the job done the right way, so you rely on dirty tactics. Matthew Black doesn't like you Amadeus Frewin, and soon enough... I'll expose you for exactly who you are Frewin.

    You are nothing more than a fraud.

    Matthew Black holds the microphone over the ropes as the crowd chants you're a fraud. He is almost too annoyed by the actions of Frewin tonight to smile but he does a faint smile as the crowd gets louder and louder with the chant.

    Matthew Black: Well, I guess I don't need to expose you to these people. But I plan to do so much more to you Frewin, so much more. I don't want to beat you in a match Frewin, I want to kick your ass. I don't care about putting on some five star match with you... I want to beat you beyond repair. You want to come out here and attack Amun-Ra like a coward. You want to act like a big man last week and get into my face after my interview. No, I'm not your little bitch Frewin. If you want to treat me as such... Show me how much of a man you are... Step in between those ropes with me... One on one... For the fight of your life.

    As Matthew Black finishes his last line the crowd bombards the arena with cheers. Matthew Black begins to smile as he looks out towards the fans.

    Matthew Black: You see fans, when I see a coward... I owe it to you to put him down. Frewin, that's exactly what you are. You knew you couldn't beat Amun-Ra and I in a match tonight... So you took the easy way out. I'll see it coming next time Frewin. The IWA universe would like nothing more than for me to kick the dog piss out of you and that's exactly what I plan to do. I don't care if you want a street fight. A steel cage. An extreme rules match... Frewin, I just want you to do something you've never done in your entire life... Be a man!

    You wanted my attention, here I am Frewin. So I have a challenge for you Frewin. Next week, Chaos... You and I have the match of the night. We steal the show, we hog the spotlight. And let me make you a promise Frewin, if you don't accept my challenge... I will understand. I'll understand that you are nothing more than a coward. A spineless poser, a wannabee. But more importantly all these people... and your wife will know. You want to become famous on my name Frewin, next week is your chance. Step in between those ropes with Matthew Black in a one on one contest. But I'll assure you that it will be my hand, raised in victory...

    Matthew Black drops the mic as he helps Amun-Ra up and they both walk to the backstage together.

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    *As it did the previous week, the arena is plunged into darkness. Some fans begin to scream out of fear, whilst some boo in anticipation of what is going to happen next. After a few minutes of silence, the voice of Shining Light begins to echo throughout the rafters*

    Shining: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who commits an act of evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark but the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. Malcolm Adonis, you are one of these men.

    Of course Malcolm, me and you are quite acquainted, are we not? One does not simply tie another man to a cross and fail to gain a sense of intimacy with him. My loss at Destined for Immortality sent me into a state of shock. You had gone up against God and defeated him. I found myself questioning whether or not you were indeed human. I spent months in exile, contemplating whether or not I was fit to call myself a servant of God. My faith was weak, I was weak.

    But you did not break me, I broke myself. Power was my weakness and my temptation. I failed to take into account your emotional state at the time of our match. I pushed you to the edge and unleashed a side of you that had never been seen before. You see, a common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. But a life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

    So I imagine that the news of my second coming must have come as somewhat of a surprise to you. Surely you thought you had heard the last of me? It’s too bad that stupidity isn't painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told or think. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. In my eyes, stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.

    But surprisingly, my second coming is not to seek revenge. In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy, but in passing it over, he is superior. No, I am returning to seek revenge. I am returning to bring the light of salvation to IWA. I am returning to extend an invitation from the Lord for those who have sinned to reconcile with their creator. I am the shepherd who will bring the flock back to their master. Stay awake, for you do not know on what day your saviour is coming.

    I am Shining Light.

    I am the Vatican Assassin.

    I am the light of the world.

    I am coming home.

    *The lights in the arena burst back into life as the cameras focus on Mike and Rocky.*

    Mike: Hoofah! Shining Light means business and coincidently, Malcolm Adonis is in for a fight tonight as he goes one on one with a member of the Hawks nest... Mr. Torture.

    Rocky: Not just a member of the Hawks nest... This guy enjoys pain. This man thrives on it. I understand that Adonis is the world champion but he has his hands full tonight with Mr. Torture!

    Emily Davis: The following match is a non-title bout set for a one all. Introducing first weighing in at 220 pounds. From the Torture Chamber... Mr. Torture!

    Mike: This is one bizarre man, but one determined competitor too. He is not to be taken lightly.

    Rocky: Well he is a competitor here in IWA... That could be said for all of our stars... But I do agree, it rings incredibly true for this man... This man loves pain, and I respect the hell out of him for that.

    Emily Davis: Now introducing his opponent from Las Angeles, California. Weighing in at 258 pounds, he is your IWA World Heavyweight champion... Malcolm Adonis!

    Mike: Malcolm Adonis looks like he's ready to brawl tonight! These fans love him!

    Rocky: They are his little pawns aren't they? Malcolm is going down tonight! Long live the hawks nest!

    Both men look across the ring at one another. They both smirk as the referee calls for the bell.

    Malcolm Adonis(Cena) vs Mr. Torture(Orton)
    Start at 4:24; End at 11:39

    Mike: What a counter by Adonis, can he capitalize!?

    Adonis stands up and quickly spots Torture charging at him. Adonis quickly spinebusters Mr. Torture to the mat. The crowd cheers, but Mr. Torture is quick to get back to his feet and is sadistically chuckling at Malcolm Adonis while holding his back. Adonis quickly hits him with harsh clothesline and smiles as he kisses his arm and drops a quick elbow and goes for a nonchalant cover.

    Th- NO! Kickout by Mr. Torture!

    Rocky: Torture had those fans thinking this was over, not by a mile! Get it together Torture! This is a huge opportunity!

    Malcolm Adonis is quick to get back to his feet and quickly grabs Mr. Torture and puts him into a DDT position. Adonis smiles as the crowd begins to chant his name and puts up one arm as he goes to plant Mr. Torture. Mr. Torture lifts up and back body drops Adonis. Adonis screams in agony as he quickly stands up holding his back. Mr. Torture quickly grabs Adonis and throws him shoulder first into the corner ring post. Adonis grabs his shoulder and yells out in pain as Mr. Torture goes for a school boy pin, grabbing onto Adonis's tights.

    Thr- Kickout by Adonis!

    Mike: ... Did that just happen. That was just a split second away from a huge upset.

    Mr. Torture smiles as he Adonis stands up and looks over at him and nods his head. Adonis holds out his hand to suggest a test of strength but is hit by a right hand by Mr. Torture. Adonis laughs, and then becomes dead serious striking Mr. torture with a wicked right of his own. They begin trading blows in the middle of the ring.


    Mike: That right hook sent Torture falling to the mat. It's time Adonis Time! Wait, Mike Hawk!

    Mike Hawk walks out onto the entrance ramp. Adonis quickly grabs Mr. Torture and lands a wicked DDT. He goes for a cover but then realizes that Mike Hawk is standing on the enterance ramp and stops. Adonis stands up and starts yelling at Hawk to leave. Mr. Torture begins pulling himself up as Mike has Adonis distracted. Adonis turns around and realizes that he gave Mr. Torture too much time and he begins charging at Mr. Torture. Malcolm throws a flying shoulder block but Mr. Torture gets out of the way, but instead Malcolm accidentally hits the referee. The referee lands harshly and seems to be totally out of it.

    Rocky: What a jerk move! That referee did nothing to Adonis!

    Mike: I don't think it was on purpose Rocky. Lets calm down.

    Malcolm checks on the referee who is laid out. but quickly realizes his mistake as he turns around to 'Father' black angel standing behind him. Black Angel kicks him in the stomach but Adonis is quick to grab his leg. Black Angel then lands a wicked enziguri. Black Angel picks up Malcolm Adonis with Mr. Torture. Torture puts his head in between his legs in a powerbomb position and begins laughing sadistically. He lifts him up in a crucifix position and lands a crucifix powerbomb as Black Angel tries to help up the referee...

    Mike: Torture Crux! NO! Now Black Angel has helped out the referee... What a screw job!

    The referee begins to stand as Mike Hawk looks on with almost glowing eyes. Black Angel gets out of the ring and begins to laugh. Mr. Torture goes for the cover on the champion.

    Thre- Kickout by Malcolm Adonis!

    Rocky: What in the world!?

    Mike: The resilience of a champion! Adonis just won't quit!

    Mr. Torture lifts up Adonis and screams for him to stay down. The crowd bombards the arena with boos as Torture. Torture grabs his head and wraps his arms around it as he begins walking towards the corner. He gets onto the second rope

    Rocky: Wheel of torture(slice bread #2)... This match is ove- NO! Adonis held onto the ropes!

    Adonis grabs torture and does a running powerslam as the crowd begins to cheer loudly. Adonis looks up the ramp as he lifts up Mr. Torture and points towards Mike Hawk. He lifts up Mr. Torture and performs his finishing move, Malcolm XXX(Dominator).

    Mike: This match is over!

    Malcolm pulls Mr. Torture into the middle of the ring and goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: And here is your winner, Malcolm Adonis!

    Mike: What a hard fought battle from both men tonight. But against all odds our champion came out on top.

    Rocky: This wasn't the match we are all waiting for though. Sure the champion looked strong tonight, but how will he fair against Mike Hawk in a couple weeks... That's going to be the true test.


    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    We're Pushing This Guy So Hard That When We Drop The Ball, We'll Almost Feel Guilty!

    A roar of fanfare sweeps the building! Cheers and whistles are almost all that is heard over the entrance music of the Royal Rockstar, and it only gets louder as The One And Only takes to the stage! Sagittarius Blue looks around the arena, looks at all the people cheering for him... and after a drawn-out pause, shouts "NOW OR NEVER!" at the top of his lungs, causing the crowd to nearly blow the roof off. He makes his way down to the ring and takes a mic from ringside as he steps into the squared circle. He holds the mic up to speak, but stops to let the cheers die down. It takes about a minute and a half.

    Sagittarius Blue: How you guys doing tonight? Enjoying the show?

    *Amazing crowd response*

    Sagittarius Blue: I know, right? Me too! I mean, you've got so many awesome people on tap tonight! You've got Malcom Adonis, the reigning and defending IWA World Heavyweight Champion... Guys like Ace Note... Even lil' ol' me. But there's somebody missing tonight! Can you guess who?

    *Crowd chants "KYOJIN!"*

    Sagittarius Blue: Yup. Poor Kyo. He wasn't able to make it tonight. A shame, I tell you. Came down with a nasty case of "I got my ass beat." Damn shame, man.


    Who the hell am I kidding. It wasn't a shame. IT WAS GREAT.

    *massive crowd pop*

    Superstar of the Year! The mothafuckin' man! The master of pure wrestling! Yeah, fuck that shit. He got what he deserved for being a douchebag "captain" for Team Chaos. Tried to sell yours truly up the fucking river... all because he didn't get to win the day. Decided that if he couldn't win, he'd take his ball and go home so that nobody else could play. Way to show team spirit. On the other hand, myself and a few other Chaos guys, we stuck together for a just and noble cause - to shove Kyojin's head so far up his ass that he could finally see shit clearly! Now THAT is team spirit, ladies and gentlemen - and a special "thank you" to every guy in the back who contributed to that!

    But it won't end there! Oh no, folks, why rob you of that wonderful suspense and adrenaline? You know you want to see this all play out and finish in spectacular fashion. You want to see this rivalry go to its grand conclusion! You want to see what you've been wanting to see since for-fucking-ever...

    Sagittarius Blue... versus... Kyojin.

    And at Lost Cause... YOU WILL.

    But let me tell you now... at Lost Cause, I will not beat Kyojin.



    It's bad enough he thinks I'm inferior to him, like I'm some freaking chimpanzee. But he tried to screw me out of the win at Thirst For Blood. He could not handle losing and dared take it out on me.

    Basically, he poked Bruce Banner with a taser.

    Don't think that this is all just personal vengeance... I have a lot to prove. Namely, that they have the wrong person challenging for the IWA World Heavyweight Championship. It shouldn't be Mike Hawk. Guy hides in the fucking rafters! He's a photophobe! Me? Win or lose, I THRIVE IN THE LIMELIGHT! And if I have to steal that spotlight to prove my point, so be it!

    And if I have to bring Kyojin's head to Smokey on a silver platter with garnish and iced tea... THEN I'M ALL FOR IT.

    The stars will align... and the only Lost Cause? Will be Kyojin after he underestimates me for the last time!

    Blue launches the mic out of the ring as he walks over to the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle and works the fans into a huge frenzy. It's on this image that the screen fades to black, followed by the IWA logo flashing across the screen.

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!



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