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    IWA Revolution: Episode #16

    Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Michael Cole: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the final stop on the road to Thirst For Blood, this is Revolution! Tonight, we’re live in a sold out Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! I’m Michael Cole, alongside Josh Matthews!

    Josh Matthews: Thanks Cole and we now know Team Revolution ahead of the big one at Thirst For Blood, we hope to hear from them tonight!

    Michael Cole: We’ll also have the final build-up for each match at Thirst For Blood, including a face-off between Endurance Champion Oscar Layman and his number one contender Chris Gatling!

    Josh Matthews: We’ll hear from Mr. Smyth, Archer Black and Darius ahead of their triple threat match, in Mr. Smyth’s return match to IWA! First time since he quit against Darius way back at Night of Legends!

    Michael Cole: A huge night ahead!


    Josh Matthews: And look how we’re kicking things off Cole! The one and only KJ Punk, ahead of one of the biggest tests of his career!

    Michael Cole: Nobody envies his task at Thirst For Blood, he is going one-on-one with the unholy Erebus!

    Josh Matthews: He did pin Erebus in the Elimination Chamber last month at Insult to Injury but he’s going to have to put in a shift to beat Erebus next Sunday!

    KJ Punk makes his way out to the ring, a little slower than normal as he looks around at the crowd. He slides under the bottom rope and flashes a sly smile. He asks for a microphone and a stagehand brings one to him.

    Punk: Jarvis Cole. The Doctor. No, no, no. Not Dr. Dre. Not Dr. Who. Not even Dr. Doom. He’s far less entertaining as those doctors. Dr. Cole says that I should we wiped from the gene pool because if I have something that his beast, Erebus, lacks. I have heart. I don’t need someone to tell me how I should feel. I am able to harness one of the greatest things on this planet into a powerful force that helps me overcome even the greatest of odds. I can harness my emotions to propel me to near superhuman heights!

    The crowd pops as KJ looks around smiling before his face becomes more serious.

    Yeah, Cole, you’ve been able to help Erebus get the upper hand on me since Insult to Injury. But he’s not pure destruction like you say he is. I wouldn’t be here if he was any kind of destruction. You’re just afraid to call him what he really is. A fraud. A failed experiment. An embarrassment.

    The crowd responds with “OOOOHHH” as KJ stares into the camera.

    I’ve never backed down from a fight. I didn’t back down from AJ Dixon. I didn’t back down from Darius. I didn’t back down from Shaz. I didn’t back down from Black Blooded. What makes you think that Erebus was going to be any different? I pinned him inside the chamber! Not five men, me! I knocked his dumb ass out cold. I looked down at him with pity as he laid there and was pinned by me. What could he have been if he never came across you. How you ruined his potential. How you turned him into a mindless goon to do your work.

    At Thirst for Blood last year, I became the first ever IWA Heavyweight Champion. At Thirst for Blood this year, I knock out Erebus for the second time. And when it’s all said and done, a true beast, KJ Punk, will be standing tall letting out a roar followed by…..WINNER WINNER!

    The crowd responds with “CHICKEN DINNER!” but it gets drowned out by Erebus and Cole’s music.


    As Jarvis Cole and Erebus emerge from behind the curtain the fans erupt into a chorus of deafening boos. As the two men walk towards the ring, Erebus's footsteps keep time with the the hypnotic rolling drum of the entrance music, swaying and lumbering back and forth with every step.

    Cole orders Erebus into the ring first, putting his beast in harms way to ensure KJ Punk can't take any cheap shots. Punk keeps his distance but refuses to back down as Erebus stomps into place, Cole follows and stands to the right or Erebus, ensuring his 'patient' has all angles covered for protection.

    Jarvis Cole: The human mind is wonderful is it not? Faced with its demise, the mind goes through five stages of grief, creating a curtain with which to protect itself from crippling fear. Are you familiar with the Kübler-Ross model? Of course not, you’re as ill-educated as my beast here. The first stage of grief is denial..

    Denial to accept the inevitable. Denial to accept that you cannot win. Denial to accept that your fate was sealed the moment we walked through the door. You try so hard to convince yourself that everything will be okay.. and why? To help you sleep at night? Does the thought of Erebus terrify you so?

    Do not take me for a fool KJ Punk, I have worked with headstrong individuals who refuse to acknowledge defeat before and the result has always been the same. Death. Demise. Destruction. You cannot defeat the reaper but merely delay him, something we all find out in the end. It doesn’t matter how fast or far you run, eventually there comes a time when you cannot run any longer. You will die KJ Punk, you will die in this ring as nothing more than a fool who tried to be a hero.

    Erebus remains at Coles shoulder, towering above both men, his dead eyes fixed on KJ Punk as the words just wash over him.

    Jarvis Cole: This is the real world, we’re not dealing in science fiction here. The greater force ALWAYS wins KJ Punk. Five men broke down my monster in that cage, FIVE. Not one, not you, not one lucky strike.. it was an all-out assault from five terrified wastes of genetic material.

    You’re no hero who slew the giant KJ Punk. As heroic as you consider yourself to be you’ll always be the villain. You stand in the way of true change, true evolution.. you deny humanity its rightful place amongst the GODS! Your weak bloodline is an insult, you spit in the face of advancement with your very insistence on breathing. Erebus has a talent for cutting off the flow of oxygen.. you may have noticed..

    At Thirst For Blood Doctor Jarvis Cole is going to do what the medical profession failed to do to you at birth. I am going to open the lid on the nearest trash receptacle.. take your bloodied and broken corpse.. and drop it inside where the maggots will feast upon you until all that is left are the shattered bones.

    Cole nods at Erebus who roars furiously and lunges at Punk but KJ is ready for it, kicking upwards into Erebus' chest, stopping him in his tracks. Punk jumps forwards, landing a forearm strike to Erebus' face, sending the big man backwards, but Punk is right back on him with right and left hands.

    Erebus tries to block up but Punk kicks him in the gut and grabs the big man by the head. He goes for a suplex but Erebus blocks it with his foot and lifts Punk up, slamming him against the canvas with a faceplant!

    Michael Cole: Erebus back in control!

    Josh Matthews: It's broken down again! I can't wait for the match!

    Erebus roars again as Cole gleefully rubs his hands together, standing in the corner. Erebus grabs Punk by the hair and lifts him off the canvas, but slams him straight back down, driving his face into the canvas. Erebus does it a second time and goes for a third.

    Only for Punk to quickly jump up and use Erebus' arm against him with an arm drag on the big man! Punk screams and turns back to a rising Erebus. Cole doesn't look so happy now as Punk slaps his elbow. Erebus rises to his feet and Punk runs forwards.

    Michael Cole: Rolling Elbow!

    Josh Matthews: NO! Erebus ducked.

    Punk twists back around to see a hand approaching him but is quick and drops to a knee to connect with a shot to Erebus' gut. He follows this up by grabbing Erebus' head and hitting a big DDT!

    Josh Matthews: And just like that, Punk is still fighting!

    Punk is quick to grab Erebus and go for the Southern (Dis)Comfort (Anaconda Vice), but Erebus is once again too strong, hitting a headbutt to Punk as Punk backs up, holding his face. Erebus is quickly back to his feet as Punk is too, still holding his face.

    Erebus runs at Punk, but Punk is quick to react with a huge dropkick, sending the big man all the way back to the other ropes. Punk uses his momentum to run forwards and hit a huge clothesline, taking the big man out of the ring!

    Michael Cole: No way!

    Punk roars himself as Erebus begins to rise at ringside. Cole drops down and orders his monster to get up. He points to the back as the fans boo loudly. Punk shouts for Erebus to 'come on!' but Cole shouts 'we'll see you at Thirst For Blood!' as the two men back up the ramp.

    Josh Matthews: Dare I say, Punk won that round?

    Michael Cole: Just because Cole was smart and sent his monster backstage doesn't mean Punk won. It still won't change the fact that next Sunday, Punk is getting his ass kicked!

    Josh Matthews: Well after the break, four men whom David Ryan told two weeks ago to 'impress him' will be in tag team action! King Strem and Dave Steele meet The Vegas Kid and Abel! Stay tuned!

    Commercial Break.

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    Lacey Foster: Your following contest is set for one fall, introducing first the team of Kingstrem and Dave “The Gunner” Steele!


    Michael Cole: God what an amazing team of power and force those two men will make, this should be a good one!

    Lacey Foster: And their opponents The Vegas Kid and “The burned” Abel!


    Josh Matthews: This is a great team, different styles means they can counteract their opponents better and means they have a real chance of being the successful team here…

    Abel/ TVK (Cena/Punk) Vs. Kingstrem/Steele (D-Bryan/Jericho)
    Start at 0:02 and End at 4:04

    Both Abel and Steele down as both men do all in their power to claw their way to their partners both men willing each other on…

    Michael Cole: How great is Kingstrem, so supportive of his partner and he is willing him on with all his might…

    Both men have scraped their way to the corner and tags are made to TVK and Kingstrem, leaping over the rope TVK is taken down by Kingstrem, again and again he has him taken to the mat as he lands a boot to this gut, violently and cruelly…

    Kingstrem with the upper hand on TVK, he watches him squirm on the mat struggling to regain his composure, slowly getting back to his feet, Kingstrem lands a thunderous clothesline sending TVK into the ropes and Kingstrem meets him with a huge body splash off the ropes, knocking TVK to his back again…

    Kingstrem smiles down at the fallen TVK going down to the mat he goes for a quick cover…


    Quick kick-up from TVK and Kingstrem pulls him up to meet his glare, he lands another kick to the gut as he drags him by the hair to the corner tagging in Steele…

    Michael Cole: Those kick tags and isolation of TVK is such great team work, man I love this team!

    Josh Matthews: They are using dirty tactics!

    Steele tagged in, he smirks over at Abel, like a locked animal is pacing up and down the ring apron, double team snap suplex to TVK, who lands squirming on the mat as Kingstrem exits the ring to his corner, enjoying watching TVK down and out…

    Josh Matthews: Just like that, I mean how can they call themselves a good team, when they resort to double team moves to an opponent!

    TVK has pulled himself back to his feet only to be hit with an uppercut from Steele, seething with anger the two men begin to trade blows in the centre of the ring…


    Coming back TVK lands a kick to the gut of Steel followed by a kick to the ribcage and lands a 3 and 7’s to Steele, knocking him to the mat with a large smack…

    Going for the pin on Steele…


    Kingstrem leaps into the ring and lands a powerful kick to the kidneys of TVK, who rolls of Steele…
    Abel then rockets into the ring, his fury clear and he launches at Kingstrem clearly shocked, Abel lands shot after shot to him and sends him over the top rope with a thunderous clothesline… Turning back, Steele is up, landing an uppercut to the jaw of the distracted Abel, before landing a dropkick to the gut, sending him over the rope…

    Josh Matthews: Its anarchy in that ring, we have half of each team lying flat out in front of us!

    Michael Cole: All I know is, Dave Steele is one strong man to take out the giant Abel, come on, you got this!

    Steele lies in wait, staring down the slow rising TVK, after the kidney shot he is clearly hurt, Steele waits, he goes for another uppercut but, misses, caught by TVK with a skull shattering spinning heel kick the temple, Steele falls flat to the mat…

    Seizing his chance, TVK climbs to the top rope and executes a flawless BLACKJACK to the Steele in the centre of the ring…

    Going for the pin…

    Lacey Foster: Here are your winners, the team of Abel and The Vegas Kid!

    Michael Cole: Well that was less than impressive.

    Josh Matthews: Actually, I felt both Abel and The Vegas Kid looked great in victory!

    David Ryan is shown at his desk, shuffling papers his head snaps up as his door is slammed open, bouncing off the wall it's caught by Mr. Black's giant hand.

    David Ryan: Wha-

    Mr. Black: If this is about that chihuahua, Jason Alexander, don't worry about it, I got... Plans for him if he fails us, and he knows it.

    David Ryan: No, we need to work out what to do with your title.

    Mr. Black: What do you mean, "What to do with it?" I'm the champ, nothing else needs to be done. You know as well as I do there isn't a man here who can hope to equal me, so why even make the attempt? Hell, even the tag teams around here wouldn't be able to take this title off my shoulder.

    David Ryan: That's not good enough, look you have to have competition, There's plenty of guys here you can get a good match out-

    Mr. Black laughs, cutting him off.

    Mr. Black: Like who? Erebus? That 2-braincelled Slingblade impersonator doesn't even qualify as a fighter, much less a pro wrestler. May as well give the perpetual runner up, KJ Punk another chance. Or were you thinking the Razor Ramon rip off? That's all we need, some dirty mexican bringing the prestige of my title down... Or maybe that self-obsessed metrosexual, Van Hooligan? I'm sure he'd appreciate the five to six minutes he'd get to spend in the ring, at least while he was still conscious.

    Look "Boss" I've gone down the list and lets face it, you'd have to someone mold them all into some sort of demigod to have any decent chance at making me break a sweat. So why don't we try something new. You stay out of my business, and I'll do what I do best, and in the meantime, we'll both become incredibly wealthy. Because if you think there is another man in this entire industry nearly as Dominant as I am, you are sadly mistaken.

    Ryan rubs his chin.

    David Ryan: We have to think logically about this. Who deserves the shot? Who has been making Revolution light up?

    Ryan smiles.

    David Ryan: Jackson Smith and Israel Pamich.

    Black looks unmoved by the announcement.

    David Ryan: They've got their huge match coming up at Thirst For Blood, what if we added a little incentive? What if we added that the winner will get a shot at you at Lost Cause? The question I have is, do either man deserve it?

    Again, no answer from Black.

    David Ryan: We're going to put that to the test tonight in a Strange Bedfellows match in the main event. We'll put the team of Jackson Smith and Israel Pamich up against our IWA Tag Team Champions, Extremely Lethal. Should Smith & Pamich win, the winner of their match at Thirst For Blood will face you at Lost Cause. If they lose, it'll be back to the drawing board.

    Black nods.

    David Ryan: Now go and make certain Team Revolution is ready for Thirst For Blood, none of you have a match tonight but I want you to stick around...there have been certain rumours flying around. We need to be cautious.

    Black nods again and walks out of the room as we fade to black on a shot of Ryan with a smirk on his face.

    Commercial Break.

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    Chris Gatling comes out to a loud chorus of cheers, but he doesn't seem pleased at all. Wearing blue jeans, boots, & a Mathews Archery t-shirt, he stomps his way to the ring. After grabbing a mic from ringside he eases up the steps into the ring. He stops to observe the crowd & think before he speaks.

    Gatling: As you can all probably tell, I'm not in the best of moods tonight. It's been one of the longest weeks of my life, let alone career. Last Thursday night I had to go to the hospital & get 8 staples in the back of my head because somebody decided to pull a bullshit move. Layman, it looks like you did exactly what you wanted to do; you hurt me. I was in the hospital at your hands, well done.

    What bothers me most though isn't the physical damage though. I'm a big boy, I can handle that. No, what bothers me most is the fact that you had to sneak attack me. That's a slap in the fucking face & you know it! It's a slap in the face to me, it's a slap in the face to this company, & it's damn sure a slap in the face to the honor of that championship! You make me sick as a champion & as a man. You claim that I'm nothing, but it sure seems to me that it's taking more than just straight up 1-on-1 for you to be the better man! You think you're better? Fine by me. As God as my witness, you WILL prove yourself to me in this ring.

    You can pull all the cute little stunts in the world, but eventually it's just gonna be you & me in this ring at Thirst For Blood. There's not a man that does what we do who can scare me. All your little mind games are doing you no good. If anything, they're hurting you. That's right! All you've done since I've become number one contender is prove to me that you're scared. No offense to any of the other guys I beat to earn this opportunity, but I just know that you were praying that one of them would win. Instead, you got me. I may not have been in IWA the longest, but I'll guarantee you there's nobody around here that can deny the fact that I've busted my ass for my opportunities. The time is now Oscar, MY time is now. What's staring you in the face is your ultimate demise. I am the future of the Endurance Championship & all you'll be is a flickering memory in the past. The crowd is loving this.

    Now I've said all that to say this; come Thirst For Blood, we'll have a wrestling match, but right here, right now tonight I'm looking for a fight. The way I see it you've got two choices. You can come out here right now & face me like a man or I can go back there & hunt you down. It's up to you to decide how difficult this has to be.

    Gatling crosses his arms & taps his foot as he awaits Layman's response.

    Oscar Lay-Smith!

    As the theme of Jackson Smith plays, the crowd has little time to react, as Oscar Layman, wearing a "Boss Level = David Ryan" t-shirt steps onto the stage, with the Endurance Championship over his shoulder. He is accompanied however, by a blow-up doll, with Alex's "Lady Boss" t-shirt. The crowd jeers, as Oscar kisses the doll's cheek. Walking hand-in-hand, Oscar leads the doll down the ramp, before collecting a microphone, and he enters the ring.

    Oscar: Mr. Irrelevancy developed an opinion I see.

    The crowd is pissed, but Oscar doesn't care.

    Oscar: There's a reason why I sent you to the hospital... and there's a reason why you're not still there. You need to understand that I eliminate any threats to my title. ANY, and ALL threats - be it yourself, or Benny The Ball. Mr. Blood or Mr. Black. If you want MY championship on YOUR shoulder, then cut the bullshit! It may have been what you classified as a "sneak attack", but my god, it was me standing over you, just like what will happen when the title's on the line.

    You're here today though, because you see, I want to defend my championship. Despite the fact that a day off on Sunday would be advertising: I want to, and will be seen as the greatest fucking thing to happen in IWA. And for that to happen, I need to have challengers. If I end you at Thirst for Blood, I can move onto bigger fish.

    As you can see, I'm a David Ryan fan! Why??? Because he gave me my deserved opportunity to win the gold, which I took. Under him, I challenged for a World Championship. Unlike Smokey, on his show, I have appeared where I should appear every week, in the Main Event! And his team will win at Thirst for Blood.,. yet everybody is talking about him. Everyone's attentions should be diverted towards myself. Not Mr. Black: myself. Not Jason Alexander, myself. Not Chris Gatling: myself!

    YOU'RE NOTHING! After Thirst for Blood, you will fade into obscurity, where you were before the start of the month. There is to be no demise of this man you see in front of you, Chris. Instead, I will RISE and RISE again and again. Whether AaaaaLex is lovingly by my side or not, this title will stay with me. You're weak, you're not mentally prepared, and you WILL Fail, and you can mark my motherfuckin' words, you won't try to upstage me again. Throw Erebus at me, call me out, whatever. At the end of the day, I will still be champion!

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    Gatling: You know Oscar, I think you're a really cool guy. You come out here every week & mimic somebody else; that's cute. Being cute has gotten you pretty far. And being cute may have even won you a championship, but unfortunately for you, cuteness doesn't help you remain a champion when you're facing a man like me! You eliminate threats huh? Well looky here, I'm still around. Oh wait, you LET me be here right? Layman nods his head in mocking agreement. Fine by me, thank you sir. The fact that you said "If I end you at Thirst For Blood" only shows me that you have doubt. Doubt's good though; it lets me know you take me seriously. That's wonderful, I thrive on being taken seriously. I truly hate it for you though because you may take me seriously, but you have no idea what kind of hell you've unleashed on yourself. I'm a different animal than everybody you've ever faced.

    In fact, the man you admire so much is going to become somebody you absolutely detest. That's right I'm talking about David Ryan! Not only did he give you your shot, but he gave me mine as well. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you're gonna wish you never had the opportunity to be the Endurance Champion. The crowd cheers loudly. When I'm through with you, not only will you be the FORMER Endurance Champion, but you'll be a broken man leaving with your tail tucked between your legs. You better enjoy the spotlight that you're basking in right now because at Thirst For Blood you'll be heading back to the shadows where you belong.

    This is a very rare thing for me, but I don't respect you Layman. And I almost guarantee you these people don't respect you. The crowd roars in agreement. Until you start respecting this business, you'll get the same disrespect thrown right back in your face. That's also why your empty threats don't mean a thing to me. You can stand here & talk a big game with the best of them, but I've not seen one thing from you that warrants fear or respect. I'm done with the petty arguing & facing other people. At Thirst For Blood it's gonna be you & me in this ring & you WILL lose. So tonight, when you go to bed, you better hold that championship tight & relish your last few days as champion.

    *Oscar stares towards the fans, who cheers Chris' words. Oscar rests the doll against the turnbuckle, before holding out the microphone up to its mouth. Inevitably, the only sound heard is the fans jeers, who intensifies as Oscar applauds the doll after a few seconds*

    Oscar: AaaaLex speaks as much sense as she always does. I may be cute, but gorgeous dogs can still bite your leg off. You may patronize me, but Adolf Hitler was patronized by Hindenburg - his predecessor as German President, and he became the most powerful man in modern times. I may not be the Fuhrer, nor am I Anti-Semitic, and I'm definitely not a dog, but you do NOT underestimate me!

    My whole life, I've been looked down on by my peers, but loved, adored by these fans. I WAS THEIR HERO! *loud crowd heat* It took a change in direction for me to be a champion, and now, "mentally ill" or not, "crazed" or not, I DESERVE TO BE CHAMPION!

    I earned more than you ever deserve, and your respect means fuck all to me! I can look myself in the mirror and smile, knowing I am what I set out to achieve. But when your nose is broken, your face crushed, and you're on more drugs than Charlie Sheen, what are you gonna do then? The guilt of putting your family through all that pain, torturing the ones you love. I don't love people, nobody gets hurt... yet instead of feeling empty, I am happier than ever.

    I don't want what you have. I don't need it. I'm not going to play the good guy, say what Mandy Motherfuckin Moore wants me to say, and get cheap pops from people who I simply don't care about. I do respect you as a wrestler, because I know first-hand that underdogs have the potential to overcome the odds. I'm not going to treat you as an underdog. I'm going to use every last ounce of my strength into ensuring that, A: I walk out with my championship, and B: You realize you belong in the Lower-Leagues.

    My tail won't be between my legs, but will be hanging out with my AaaaaaaLex's puppies. I won't be a broken man, but I'll be fixed. I won't be disrespected in MY ring again, AND I WON'T BE THE FORMER ENDURANCE CHAMPION!

    With this title, I just represent the dream that from here-on-forth, you will only dream about.

    Layman throws the microphone to the canvas and holds his title up high. Gatling stares him down all the way as we head to commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    Michael Cole: Well up next folks, we’ve got a huge match!

    Josh Matthews: This has been a long time coming for these two!

    Lacey Foster: The following contest is set for one fall!


    Lacey Foster: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown! Weighing in at 215 pounds, Clandestine!

    Michael Cole: What a big future this young lad has here in IWA!


    Lacey Foster: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Weighing in at 200 pounds, Ivan Draymen!

    Josh Matthews: This could be just the stepping stone that either of these men need for a push to a higher level!

    (Punk= Draymen, Jericho= Clandestine)
    (To 18:21)

    Draymen climbs to his feet and backs up to the ropes. He leans against them, looking around the arena as Clandestine begins to stir on the ground, rolling onto his front and crawling towards the ropes. Draymen rushes forwards, knowing he’s gotta stay on the offensive. He stomps down hard on Clandestine’s back, before dragging Clandestine to his feet.

    He backs Clandestine up to the corner and lifts him up to the top rope. Draymen looks around again and smiles as the fans realise what he’s about to do. Draymen grabs Clandestine and steps up to the second rope, lifting Clandestine up to a standing position in the process. Draymen steps up to the top rope and delivers a devastating SuperPlex!

    Both men crash to the canvas and Draymen rolls over onto his back. He crawls across as fast as he can and covers Clandestine, hooking a leg.




    Michael Cole: What resilience!

    Clandestine somehow stays in it by throwing the shoulder up. Draymen shakes his head in shock before climbing to his feet. He backs up to the corner and runs a hand through his hair, looking at Clandestine on the ground, who has begun to climb to his feet.

    Clandestine climbs to his feet and turns around slowly, as Draymen rushes forwards for the Train Wreck, but Clandestine ducks under, runs forwards and uses the second rope as a springboard to hit a crossbody, as Draymen turns back around, to get nailed! Clandestine backs up to the ropes rolling out and you can see the determination on his face as he scowls and rushes forwards, slamming two right hands into a rising Draymen’s head.

    Clandestine follows it up with a swift kick to the gut. He continues with a couple more kicks to the gut, before grabbing Draymen’s head and dragging him up to a standing position. He hits a vicious DDT that has Draymen laying. Clandestine rolls Draymen over and hooks the leg again.




    Josh Matthews: Draymen stays in it!

    Clandestine is furious as he grabs Draymen by the head but Draymen is quickly into a small package!




    Michael Cole: And Clandestine shows his spirit!

    Both men reach their feet and Clandestine whips Draymen into the corner, running forwards and connecting with the high knee! Draymen looks dazed as Clandestine repositions himself and lands the Full Bell Smash (Pepsi Plunge)!

    Josh Matthews: What a move! Draymen may be out!

    Michael Cole: You know what's coming! Cover!




    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner...Clandestine!

    Michael Cole: What a huge win for that young man!

    Josh Matthews: Ivan Draymen gave it all he had though, what an effort!

    Clandestine stands on the second rope of the turnbuckle and raises his hands above his head to form an “X”. Clandestine then leaves the ring and takes the microphone of Lacey Foster before sliding back into the ring. Clandestine stands and look up the ramp to see Ivan Drayman slowly walking back to the locker room with his head down. Clandestine pulls a sad pouty mocking face before breaking out into a grin.

    Clandestine: Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls give it up for the man right there taking the walk of shame back to the locker room! After failing to beat me.....again!

    Boo's and abuse can be heard from the audience directed at Clandestine.

    Clandestine: Let's get down to business, I'm finished with Draymen, he was the first on the list of names on my way to the top! I said when I first arrived here that everyone in the back was just an obstacle in my way and I would destroy each and every single one of them. Draymen has just found that out first hand. I know every obstacle will be different, some will just surrender to me and others will be stubborn and keep on coming back and back until they can't take the beatings anymore, but they all have one thing in common...... They will fall before me.

    The boo's from the crowd become louder

    Clandestine: Who is next? It could be Chris Gatling, Kyojin, Darius, KJ Punk, Ramon, Mr. Black or anyone else back there in the locker room. I have just one piece of advice to you all.

    The tone in Clandestine's voice becomes more serious.

    Clandestine: You won't see Me coming!

    Clandestine drops the microphone and leaves the ring, he walks up the ramp looking straight ahead of him and when he reaches the stage, he forms an “X” over his head with his arms and then heads backstage.

    Commercial Break.

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    We now go backstage where Dwayne Warren is awaiting his next interviewees.

    Dwayne Warren: What do you mean they're running late? Oh, I'm interviewing ICONOGRAPHY? I guess maybe we should just pack this up then. They're great in the ring but, when it's promo time... they're always so damn late.

    Just as Dwayne finishes his sentence, both brothers appear with a very happy look on their faces, slurping down chocolate milkshakes from a local Malt Shoppe.

    Dwayne: We've been here for almost twenty minutes now waiting on you. Do you have any explanation for yourselves?

    They look at each other and smile. Ben takes the microphone to speak first.

    Ben Reilly Kent: No, not really sir. But the thing you have to realize is... we're awkward in situations like this. We know the ring. We're not known for giving groundbreaking promos, or anything like that. We just go out there and do what we do. We put smile on the faces of kids and adults alike. I get so happy when I see them wearing our t-shirts. Makes all the negativity around here totally worth it!

    Dwayne: Negativity? Please, tell me what you mean, Ben.

    Ben: Well, simply put... The Sons. They preach about how we're the wrong doers. How we're immoral. Yet they go out and blaspheme as many chances in a day as they can. They throw our kindness into our face and for what? We last faced a man who thinks he's an indestructible monster... ha! But, either way... The Sons. They're a different breed all together, aren't they? They bash and defile in the name of their lord, then say that they're saved in his name??

    Ben begins slurping more so Jason takes the microphone laughing.

    Jason Todd Kent: See... it's like this. The Sons have no honor. No dignity. So, they come out here and say what they say about us because it makes them feel better when they defile their own gods. They have nothing to lose. And that's really a scary thought. Us? We have nothing to fear. We live our lives the way we do because we like having people like us. It legitimately makes us happy.

    Jason gets a dorky smile on his face and slurps on his milkshake while Ben finishes his and gets sad in the process.

    Ben: This is not right brother. We should get more.

    Jason: I agree brother. I agree.

    Ben: We're going to leave you with this Mr. Warren...we strive on competition. And although The Sons feel the way they do, I'm hoping for one thing and one thing only. Another victory in our belt loop and one step closer to obtaining the IWA Tag-Team Championships!

    Jason: That's right. And do not for one moment think we're looking past them, we're not. We know who they are, what they are and what they represent. Everyone is entitled to free speech here in America but, some people just need to keep their mouths shut.

    Ben: Tone down the language there brother. We have impressionable ears listening to us.

    Jason: You're right brother. I am truly sorry, I deeply regret saying anything that may have offended anyone. I'm sorry.

    Ben: It's okay brother. It was in the heat of the moment. Lets go get another milkshake now.

    Jason smiles as they thank Dwayne for interviewing them and they walk away.

    Dwayne: What the fuck?

    We get a shot of Dwayne before returning to ringside.

    Lacey Foster: The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall!


    Lacey Foster: Introducing first, from Buffalo, New York! Weighing in at a combined weight of 415 pounds, the team of Dakota Graves and Zander Mason...The New Generation!

    Michael Cole: What an impact these guys have had since they debuted! And they can do so again here tonight with a win over Damaged Goods.


    Lacey Foster: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 539 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Sebastien Schweizner! The team of Gaileo and Gommenta...Damaged Goods!

    Josh Matthews: Damaged Goods lost to The New Generation a few weeks back, but they can make it right with victory here.

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    Gaileo = El Generico, Gommenta = Colt Cabana/Zander Mason = Claudio Castaglioni, Dakota Graves = Chris Hero - start at 4:05, stop at 7:23

    Michael Cole: This young, upstart team... this New Generation... just look at them. Look at them! In their prime and beginning to come into their own - I think they really are the future of IWA's tag team division!

    Josh Matthews: They may be... but they still have to actually PROVE that to everyone in the locker room, Cole! Especially these men - Damaged Goods - long-worn veterans in the tag team scene!

    Gaileo is laid out as Graves pulls him up by the hair and stands him on his feet... despite being at a vertical base, Gaileo wobbles on spaghetti legs, badly battered... Even the stiff slaps from Graves do little to wake him! Then the slaps turn into punches! Gaileo stumbles back further with each shot... until he's backed into a corner! Graves walks back, celebrating in front of the angry fans, before charging in with a final, fatal running splash for Gaileo!

    Who meets him with a ground-to-air dropkick as Graves jumps for the splash! Graves hits the mat holding his stomach, all of his air knocked out of him -

    Michael Cole: What? NO! Get up, Dakota, get up get up GET UP -

    But it's too late! Gaileo makes it to his corner... and a tag is made to his partner, Gommenta! Gommenta immediately does the house of fire routine on Dakota Graves - first a double axe handle to the head to drop him, then a meaty clothesline to drop him again... Graves stumbles back up, Gommenta grabs him and whips him for the ropes... catches him on the rebound with a devastating spinebuster! Into the pin -

    But the ref says "No pin!"

    Josh Matthews: What does he - hold on, wait!

    Gommenta barely has time to ask "WTF?!" before a giant boot from Zander Mason clobbers him in the mouth! Mason hit a blind tag on his partner from the apron before the spinebuster - and is the new legal man for his team! The ref tries to break things up, but the New Generation have already started the two-on-one mauling, bringing Gaileo down! Graves goes to a nearby turnbuckle as he calls for Mason to get Gommenta in position...

    Mason smiles as he lifts Gommenta in an electric chair setup...

    And Graves smiles as he is perched on the top turnbuckle, sizing up Gommenta for what will be -

    Someone grabs Graves from behind - and pulls him down to the apron! He turns to face his assailant - and Gaileo throws him off the apron onto the floor with a hip toss! Graves falls back-first onto the unforgiving floor!

    Josh Matthews: What a spill! Damaged Goods are fighting to turn this around - look in the ring!

    Michael Cole: All of a sudden, I don't want to!

    In the ring, Zander is so distracted with the hubbub that he doesn't notice Gommenta leaning backwards - while on his shoulders - before it's too late!

    REVERSE HURRICANRANA!!! Mason gets spiked into the mat - and Gommenta immediately transitions into a pin! The ref counts it!




    Lacey Foster: The winners of this match... Gaileo and Gommenta - Damaged Goods!

    Michael Cole: NO!

    Josh Matthews: What a huge win for Damaged Goods!

    The camera fades backstage as Dwayne Warren is walking up to two men praying. Warren waits for a minute until it becomes too uncomfortably long and he pokes one of the two men on the shoulders and Judas McCall turns his head and gives him a cold glare.

    Judas McCall: What in the world do you want Warren. Do you know what you have just done? You have interrupted The Sons, no one should ever get between the sons and their holy savior... What makes you think that Mordecai and myself will not destroy you on the spot?

    Mordecai McCall: You never interrupt a man in prayer, for that is a sin punishable by death, is that what you want? Is that why you bothered us Warren? Are seeking death, because we can grant you that, and maybe you will be lucky enough to meet our savior in the end.

    Warren: Woah guys calm down, I just thought I'd ask you about your latest target of aggression, Iconography... What makes them so hated by the sons?

    Judas smirks as if he is amused by Warrens ignorance.

    Judas McCall: Oh the ignorant minds of the unsaved souls. Mordecai and I do not hate any of you. We are just warriors in a greater scheme, his scheme. We are here to push the word of the lord and anyone who our father feels gets in the way of his love and his words... Well they must pay. You see you act like we hate people like you, the unsaved masses but we don't. We are your personal saviors. The lord has sent us here for one reason and one reason alone... To save you all from damnation. Now only an ignorant man wouldn't want to do that Warren... Are you ignorant?

    Mordecai looks on at his brother, nodding in agreement

    Mordecai McCall: Ignorance is not a sin Warren, you can be helped if you choose to accept that. Do you? Do you wish to be purged of all your wrong doing and accept our lord as your own? Do you wish to be forever saved? Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to our Lord, he is forgiving to all who ask for it.

    Warren: But you didn't answer my question guys... What makes Iconography different? What put the target on their back.

    Judas and Mordecai look at each other with stoic expressions on their face as Judas turns his attention back towards Warren, maintaining his stoic expression.

    Judas McCall: That is a great question with a simple answer Warren... They are false Idols. Iconography comes out there every week and children jump up and down as if they are to save them from their pedestrian lives. Once a week men and woman everywhere turn on their tv's and idolize two masked men who claim to be nothing more than two nerds but they are far more than that. They are a distraction. They come out there every week and everyone thinks they can be just like them, but they can't nor should they. You see those inane fools turn you away from his will. They are adored by the fans when all that admiration shouldn't be for them... No, it should be for our father. We will make that love for our father, as we destroy your heros...

    Mordecai McCall: The truth is these people, they look at these two men and they see them as saviors, protecting them from the horrors of life. The truth is not that, but they are sheltering them from his word, with their false idolizations and it is that, that brings them to our attention. We have no hate for either man, we hate no one. However, their actions.. They need to be dealt with, in a manner suited by the savior, do you understand Warren?

    Warren: What did Iconography do to deserve--

    As Warren speaks The Sons look pissed off. They are unamused until Judas decides to cut off Warrens sentence and speaks with a bit of rage behind him. His passion fills every word. His love of his father seemingly overwhelming.

    Judas: They did everything Warren. Do not sit there and act like you don't understand their sinful ways. They are gluttons of attention. They are prideful and they fight for all the wrong reasons Warren. They want to be heros. They want to be superstars... But they forget to thank the one man who made their entire careers possible. The one man who is responsible for their existence. Our father Warren... Any man who goes against his will is asking for punishment. Our father told us that those two insane men were next in our path of destruction... We will tear them limb from limb for the love of the lord.

    Mordecai McCall: And when the end has come for them, bloody and beaten, they will look upon us and smile, because they know that we have bettered their lives, and shown them a true righteous path.. The path to the Holy Kingdom, to his palace high above. They will thanks us, and we will smile because we will know that two more souls have been saved..

    Mordecai and Judas share a look, than look back at Warren, who looks confused and afraid. The two men decide to end the interview and walk away, as Warren breathes a sigh of relief and we head to commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    Archer Black!

    Archer Black skulks out from the back as "Thriller" fills the arena with it's eerie tones... And in an unusual turn of events, he actually does not harass the members of the crowd. Whereas he normally insults and berates everyone he passes by, this time, he seems possessed of absolute tunnel vision - bearing down on the ring with determined, monotonous steps. He even snatches a mic from a stagehand without looking - almost as if running on autopilot...

    Archer Black: Mrs. Smyth! Daria! Can you hear me? Can you girls stop playing with each other and pay me a little attention this evening?

    I'm sure you have it on your calendar - along with your weekly pedicures together - but in less than a week, Thirst For Blood will be upon us! Which means that we all get to come together and settle our differences in the age old tradition of violence, maiming and senseless bloodletting!

    *grins maliciously*

    And I can't wait! Truth be told, it's all I've been thinking about! I know you two have your own little reasons - your own plans and expectations and frankly just extraneous bullshit - for wanting this little showdown.

    I don't!

    I see this all for what it is: a wonderful opportunity to be violent and angry and, well... be myself! I'm not like you sad little monkeys: I don't need a reason to engage in violence! Violence justifies itself to me! For those who have to justify violence, they have the stones of church mice!

    Wait. That's wrong. You two WISH you had stones bigger than church mice!

    So whaddaya say, kids? Any last words before our little sortie? Any thoughts you want to get off your chests before we do this little dance? Come on out now - the hatred is fine! I promise: I won't tie you up and leave you in a janitor's closet!

    Mr. Smyth!

    Mr. Smyth steps out onto the staging area to an eruption of boos, which wash over him. He walks down to the ring and as he climbs the steps, he grabs a mic. Mr. Smyth stands on the ring apron and points to Archer Black.

    Mr. Smyth: Don’t say a word.

    Smyth steps through the ropes and approaches Black.

    Mr. Smyth: Seriously, what are you doing out here? Is it not enough that I am carrying Darius? Now you now feel the need to jump on for a piggy back ride? Is nobody on this brand over enough without having to use me?

    The fans boo as Black stares daggers into Smyth. Smyth walks away from Black and starts to slowly wander around the ring.

    Mr. Smyth: Thirst For Blood is just around the corner and with that, I make my in ring return to IWA. I know what you’re thinking, Archer. It’s the same thing that Darius is thinking. It’s the same thing that everyone in the back thinks and it is the same thing that these troglodytes think: Mr. Smyth is a weasel who doesn’t know how to wrestle. He always gets others to do his bidding because he can’t do it himself. That’s what you all think, right?

    The fans pop as Smyth chuckles to himself.

    Mr. Smyth: You’re all so far off the mark, it’s rather amusing. I don’t weasel – I manage and give opportunities to those who may not have otherwise had the chance to showcase their skills. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at it this way. I am a former two-time IWA Endurance Champion, and I only ever lost that title once. I defended that title against Malcolm Adonis...

    The fans pop loudly.

    Mr. Smyth: ...Sagittarius Blue...

    The fans pop loudly again.

    Mr. Smyth: ...Orion Slayde...

    Another pop.

    Mr. Smyth: ...Oscar Layman...

    The fans erupt with boos.

    Mr. Smyth: ...and with each of those title defences, I was victorious. I’m the current JBW TV Champion and I was the final and best TWE IronFist Champion. All those titles I won on my own with no help. I never needed help and come Thirst For Blood, I won’t need it again.

    The fans boo again.

    Mr. Smyth: I’ve got you in my sight, boy, but that is your own fault. You put yourself there. You could have just walked away and kept your head down after your monumental failure last month, but no; you have decided to stay. That is a mistake.

    You’re pulling me off course and I don’t like that but, like the great businessman that I am, I can adapt to any given situation.

    The fans boo as Smyth get’s in Black’s face.

    Mr. Smyth: The best thing for you to do when that bell rings is get out the ring, jump the rail and take a seat in the front row. This thing going on right now is not about you – it never was. You want to be the centre of attention, but it’s never going to happen. In this context, nobody cares about Archer Black. Not me, not Darius and certainly not these troglodytes. You’re that fuzzy sound you hear when you start to lose signal whilst listening to the radio – it’s a little annoying but on the grand scheme of things, it’s not important and is easy enough to pretend is not there.

    Darius needs to be removed from my IWA and you will not get in the way of my development plan. Come Thirst For Blood, I will be standing over the pair of you victorious. Have a guess why that'll happen, boy.

    The fans boo loudly as Mr. Smyth smiles.

    Mr. Smyth: That's right - because that is what’s best for business.


    The crowd pops massively for Darius as his music cues and he makes his way onto the stage. He stands at the top of the stage, shaking his head at Black and Smyth, then makes his way down the ramp and pulls a microphone from his hoodie pocket. He then rolls into the ring and stands between the two men.

    Darius: Here we are once again; Mr. Smyth, Archer Black, and Darius, standing in the IWA ring, bitching at each other. Are we running Revolution reruns or something? Yo, Dave, I know you can hear me back there. We better not be screwing these people over! But wait ... These can't be reruns, right? I mean we're actually here ...

    Darius puts a finger on his chin, then his face lights up like a light bulb turned on over his head.

    Darius: Oh wait! I know why it feels like a rerun! Because you two fucktards come out here every fucking week, saying the same goddamn things over and over and over and OVER again! Look, now you've made me swear in front of the kids! I hope you're happy!

    Let me just tell you two how you sound right now, alright? Black, this is you; "Hue hue hue, Darius and Smyth are girls! Hue, hue, hue! They have no balls! Hue hue hue!"

    Darius looks at Black as smoke practically bellows from his ears. Smyth is chuckling at Black, mouthing the words "Its true, you know." But then Darius cuts him off.

    Darius: Woah, woah, woah. You can't say a damn thing, Smyth. You're no better than Black, buddy. "I am the FORMER IWA Endurance champion! I am the champion in a company that has a show once a year if we're lucky! I know whats best for business even though I refuse to fight!"

    You know what ... I'll cut to the chase. You both are all talk and absolutely no walk. I've beaten the both of you one on one. This Sunday at Thirst for Blood will be no different. I plan on shutting the both of you up. I plan on getting the both of you out of my way. I should be the IWA Champion by now. I should be the face of this company, but because of you two twats, I'm still stuck on your level.

    Maybe I should do the entire IWA universe a favor. Maybe I should just beat the living hell out of you until you are brought out via ambulance. Maybe I should have you brought out in body bags. This will be a triple threat match and if memory serves me correctly ... There are no disqualifications in a triple threat match.

    Darius grins widely.

    Darius: Get ready to hang up your boots boys; Thirst for Blood will be your final match in the IWA. I won't let you get in my way any longer. This ends Sunday. Count on it.

    The three men eyeball each other as we head to a commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    Lacey Foster: Your following contest is a No Disqualification Tornado Tag-Team match set for one fall! Introducing first with a combined weight of 480lbs, Androcles and Zosimus , The Phalanx!


    Josh Matthews: Great up and coming team here in IWA, not afraid of a hard fight I can see having been very excited to take part in this match up!

    Lacey Foster: And their opponents, with a combined weight of 468lbs, Gunner Sylvester and Forrest Erickson, Violent Impact!


    Josh Matthews: This type of match should suit these guys down to the ground, being trained by the hardcore legend known as Tommy Dreamer, they should know one or two things about holding their own in this type of match-up…

    Michael Cole: Might be interesting?

    The Shield (Gunner/Seth & Forrest/Roman) vs. Team Hell No (Kane/Daniel Bryan (Zosimus/Androcles)
    Start at 0:15 and End at 5:38

    Forrest is the only man standing tall as the two members of the phalanx lie on the mat, Gunner coming through and back in the ring as Forrest has Zosimus back to his feet, landing kick after kick to his ribcage, he throws him across the ring to the arms of Gunner as he takes him down with a snap suplex to off the ropes and back to the mat…

    Josh Matthews: Violent Impact is on fire here!

    Violent Impact begin their assault on Zosimus, Forrest rolling out of the ring he throws chairs into the ring, followed by a kendo stick thrown to Gunner catching it and Forrest taking one of his own he gets back into the ring and they begin to a series of shots with the kendo sticks to the fallen Zosimus, lying flat on the mat …

    Chair shot!

    Androcles has gotten back up; landing a thunderous chair shot to the back of Forrest, one to Gunner, stunning him to the ropes… Another and another to Forrest he drops the kendo stick and Androcles lands a dropkick to the chest of Forrest, sending him out of the middle rope to the mat…

    Josh Matthews: Wow I can see Androcles won’t back down here!

    Androcles and Gunner start a brawl in the centre of the ring, shot after shot landed to the bodies, they break apart and back to their feet, Androcles lands kick after kick to the stomach of Gunner as he struggles to get back and Apollo’s Fury is hit and he lands the head of Gunner of the chair in the centre of the ring…

    Going for the pin…

    Kick up from Gunner, weak but, still powering through…

    Josh Matthews: How did he kick out of that!

    Zosimus and Forrest and now brawling outside of the ring, Forrest launching an attack on Zosimus, his power and determination weakening the normally powerful Zosimus, leaning against the ropes, he takes another kendo stick, sweeping the legs from under Zosimus and knee to the temple, flattening and knocking Zosimus out cold…

    Gunner is on top of Androcles, repeating this series of chair shots to the back and ribcage of Androcles, a table is slid under the ropes as Forrest gets back into the ring and sets it up…
    Androcles is still out cold from his chair attack and the two men pull him up and THE LAST RITE! Slammed though the table Gunner goes for the pin on Androcles…


    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, the team of Violent Impact!!!

    We cut away as music begins to play.

    Now the words "Enough. I do this my way.", flash onto the screen in bold white letters, followed by the same piercing blue eye, that burns with conflicted determination, and the feed instantly kicks over into the same stretching for miles, amazingly mind blowing emerald green field.

    *Ano Doom is shown standing in the distance on a tremendous fallen stone, that is almost large to cover the entrance to a cave, as the camera zooms in. He stands in all black, gloves, pants, boots, and long leather trenchcoat, as he faces with his back away from the camera. *

    Ano Doom: Almost. The time is almost here where I fully strike out into the distance and begin my unending search for the savage dream that has eluded me for far too long. My mind, body, and soul, are just about fully prepared to be entirely devoted to the cause at hand. It's taken endless hours, but I'm almost as fully focused as I'll ever be. It's a strange, confusing, and quiet fucked up feeling, when you've been away for so long...It's like you've exist.

    It's almost feeling like you're...dead. This is how I've felt in one more ways than one, for completely too long; over an extended period of time. I've become almost like a spectre; a spirit, around the IWA, just every time you get a strange feeling when you think you're alone in a room, is that me? I've become somewhat of a forgotten figure, that ended a while ago by now, the type you just never know, when or if at all, I'll be showing up again.

    Not to mention I've been dead inside now for multiple years. Remarkably though, I've been reinvigorated though over the last several months, it's almost like...I'm alive again. That's...just not possible though, is it? Once something's dead...It's not coming back...For it can't, correct? Wrong.

    In mysterious ways, every so often when someone gets in terrible, life threatening situations, they're given another chance to do things under their own will, even though many people may not believe i"It's not possible,or "It's not really you!" I'm going to practically pass through anything, or anyone, that attempts to stand in my way, as I go forth and bring things full circle. No more false identities, I'm coming back like a rotten dead man out a grave. People all over, are gonna see something come out me, that may as well have passed on fifteen years ago. They're question if I'm truly the walking version of what's before them.'

    The answer to that, is yes. I'm as real as you are, just long forgotten and locked away. Don't turn your back at Thirst For Blood, because I just MIGHT be that shadow on the wall behind you. Or that creaking door where you swear no one's there. That gust of strange wind inside of a closed arena. Not as Ano Doom though. EVER AGAIN. THIS will be the face you see going forward.

    *Suddenly, he turns around, and yanks the same black bandana off of his face, as he exposes it almost fully for the first time. He merely stares from behind dark glasses as a face full of tattoos with a stubblish dark goatee is looking into the screen, then he raises one fist and the feed shuts off as we head to commercial.*

    Commercial Break.

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    Michael Cole: It’s time for our main event of the evening!

    Josh Matthews: What a huge match here!


    Michael Cole: Here comes the Tag Team Champions!

    Josh Matthews: Extremely Lethal will defend those titles against KayFabulous at Thirst For Blood, but will they come out on top here?


    Michael Cole: And here comes Israel Pamich! What a man!

    Josh Matthews: His tag partner tonight will be his opponent next Sunday at Thirst For Blood, and if they win tonight- the match will be a number one contender’s match for the IWA Championship at Lost Cause!


    Michael Cole: And finally, Jackson Smith.

    Josh Matthews: Y’know Cole, if Smith and Pamich win here, Smith has a chance to kill two birds with one stone next week. He can finish his business with Pamich while also re-entering himself into the IWA Championship picture.

    Michael Cole: Israel Pamich may say something about that.

    Lacey Foster: The following contest is your main event for the evening, and a Strange Bedfellows Tag Match! If Jackson Smith and Israel Pamich win, their match at Thirst For Blood will be a number one contender’s match for the IWA Championship! Introducing first, to my right...weighing in at a combined weight of 469 pounds, the team of Israel Pamich and Jackson Smith!

    The fans give a mixed reaction.

    Lacey Foster: And to my right! From Berkley, California, weighing in at a combined weight of 537 pounds! They are the IWA Tag Team Champions, the team of Carbon and Venomous...Extremely Lethal!

    The fans roar with cheers.

    Jackson Smith = Shelton Benjamin/Venomous = JoMo - start at 2:21, stop at 4:40

    As Venomous lies dazed on the floor, Smith is seen running towards the ropes for a follow-up dive attack -

    Then stops and starts to yell... as Pamich sneaks around to where Venomous is!

    Michael Cole: Apparently, Jackson Smith fancies himself "his brother's keeper" - doesn't trust his own partner to simply keep an eye on their opponent!

    Josh Matthews: Who would? This is Israel Pamich we're talking about -

    Michael Cole: Yes! The Instiller of Integrity himself! If you can't trust him, who can you trust?

    Pamich eyes Venomous with the intent of a wolf stalking a crippled rabbit... but when Jackson Smith slides out of the ring and stands between them, Pamich stops to regard his partner with a steely gaze before stalking back to their corner. The ref is up to seven on the count as Smith rolls Venomous back into the ring and follows for a pin...

    But Venomous catches him with a surprise roll-up! The ref counts - and it's a near fall!

    Josh Matthews: Whoa, slick countermove from Venomous - could have ended the match, but he's pretty banged up from earlier, couldn't secure the cover!

    Michael Cole: Much as I'm not into nerds, this Extremely Lethal duo are something - they are the tag champs, after all... but this little test that David Ryan put together could be a volatile formula all of its own.

    Josh Matthews: Right, Cole... Going into Thirst For Blood - less than a week away - our general manager wanted to see how well these two, Pamich and Smith - could coexist. And what incentive for them to make this work - a possible shot at the IWA Championship!

    Michael Cole: Sure. If they can get over wanting to kill each other first. Pamich and Smith have had some serious issues as of late, and they risk pulling them apart -

    Jackson Smith and Venomous have been trading a fast sequence of chain holds and counters when Venomous hits a sudden low dropkick that takes out Smith's knees... then puts Smith down with an enziguri! Smith moves to go for his corner - Venomous catches him with a crucifix from the rear - another pin attempt!



    The ref stops just shy of three as Smith kicks out! From his corner, Israel Pamich starts yelling at him viciously, berating him for falling to such a paltry set of attacks. Smith, now on his feet, yells back that if Pamich is so damn sure that it's nothing, then HE should get HIS ass in here and maybe do some work HIMSELF. Pamich holds out his hand for a tag and tells Smith that he should get off his lazy ass and let a true professional ply his craft. Smith warily eyes Venomous and Carbon - Carbon holds up his hands on the apron, no threat here - and Venomous actually encourages Smith to bring in his partner...

    Michael Cole: How sweet... pity from the champs. Way to show class, geeks.

    Josh Matthews: More like nobody wants to hear Pamich's mouth - but everyone wants to shut him up!

    Jackson Smith tags in Pamich -


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