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    As the theme for Chaos blasts out across the arena, the cameras zip and zoom to show the excited IWA fans cheering loudly. Various signs can be seen being held into the air, including "JBW: ONE MORE SHOW!", "RIZZO CAN'T HANDLE HIS ALCOHOL!", "#TEAMMODEST RULEZ" and "MA$$' PROMOS BREAK WORLD RECORDS IN LENGTH! FTW!"

    Mike: Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday Night Chaos!

    Rocky: Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Sunday Night Chaos? We're back in our normal slot?

    Mike: I know, right? Well, tonight we have some huge matches for out final stop before Full Throttle. Tonight, we get a taster of the IWA Vanity Championship match at the pay per view as Pisces Pink will go one-on-one with the Vanity Champ, Te'Yanna!

    Rocky: A bit of practice for our champ before she kills Pink at Full Throttle. We'll also see our great champion of champions, Mike Hawk take on Shaz and Ace Note in a handicap match!

    OMG! If We Give This Guy A Cane, He Can Be House! Character Development FTW!

    Fans cheer as Orion Slayde heads out to the ring, wearing his shirt...

    ....he enters the ring. He stares into the crowd as they chant "Shadow" before he begins to speak.

    Slayde: It's moments like these I do what I do. To be in this ring week in and week out. Doing what I do best and being praised for it by you all. More than anything it does something to you to know many of you of have cared for me. Asking about my knee, how it's been, have I been treating it and how all of it would affect my time here in IWA and for that I can honestly say thank you.

    Fans cheer

    Slayde: Now last week you saw me face Krystian Krysys and that match showed while the measures I've been taking to make this knee better have worked out so far...

    Orion pauses and rubs his scars, sighing deeply before continuing....

    Slayde: It's time for you to finally admit to you all and more importantly to myself that it's about time I do something about this. Something to finally set me free of this Achilles Heel of mine....

    Crowd is sympathetic with Orion's words and some yell no not wanting this to be the last night they see "The Shadow" for a while...

    Slayde: I've scheduled some time away for surgery BUT.....Fans await eagerly what comes next.....not until after I walk away with yet another victory at Destined For Immortality II because there is nothing on earth keeping me away from competing on the biggest show on earth!

    Fans cheer loudly and once again chant Shadow

    Slayde: Whether that victory be over Blood....or any other asshole who gets in my way, rest assure I will not be denied my moment of immortality. I will walk out....

    Mr. Blood: Walk? Did the fucking word Walk cross your goddamn inbred morons mouth you dumb sonofabitch?

    Mr. Blood walks out, flanked by The Bloodline, V-Rod to his right, Panhead to his left, and the immense Shovel walking behind as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, each man in a leather jacket, Mr. Blood with a pair of dark, wraparound sunglasses.

    Mr. Blood: My boy V-Rod here fucking made goddamn sure you don't fucking "walk" anywhere, dumbass. Crawl? Sure, Hobble? You fucking bet, Limp? If I fucking let you. See Shit-for-brains. I've been watching you do your little fucking Zach Gowan impression against Krysys's bitch ass, and I know just how to help you put the final finishing fucking touches on it.

    Mr. Blood rolls into the ring alone as the Bloodline fans out, Pulling off his sunglasses, he stares into the eyes of Orion Slayde.

    Mr. Blood: Meet me at Full Throttle. Bring my motherfucking bike, and I'll fucking trade you, for your worthless, broken fucking leg, you no-good fucking theiving cunt.

    Mr. Blood runs a finger through his hair, snapping the ponytail as he stares at Slayde.

    Mr. Blood: Time to face fucking facts boy. You're as fucking useless as a lame fucking horse, and like a goddamn horse, it's time to put your stupid, backwards-ass down. If you're even half the fucking man you hop out here each week pretending to be you'll accept, because even though it will be the last fucking night of your worthless goddamn career, it will also be the fucking greatest.

    Mr. Blood: Boy, I'll make you fucking Famous!

    Mr. Blood leans back against the ropes.

    Orion can't help but laugh...

    Slayde: I'm sorry but do you actually think I care about what you say or what you want? I'm no idiot and have known of your desire to hurt me whether it's from stealing your bike or being better than you or maybe both I'll never know and quite honestly don't care because thanks to your crew of moto-pussies here, you got that chance to hurt me, to truly hurt me at Lost Cause but your mistake was not finishing the job cause here I stand and believe me when I say very eager to repay the favor and humiliate you at Full Throttle.

    Fans cheer loudly.

    Slayde: I accept your challenge. I'm ready to dish out just as much pain as I've taken because I trust in myself and my knee. I will defeat you, Blood. There's no way you're denying me my moment of Immortality oh and there's no need to trade because when I beat you and stand tall over you at Full Throttle...I am gonna get on that bike, rev it till engine beg to die and make those tires screech till it echoes all across the arena and the sweet sound of your pride and joy remaining with me stays in your head forever because I intend to ride into Destined for Immortality II in style and I can think of no better to do just that than yo...oh, I'm bike.

    Blood and The Bloodline are irate.

    Slayde: You're pathetic. The fact that you still need The Bloodline to hold your fucking hand as you come and face me means you're still no closer to being a man at all and still remain as the giant pus....

    V-Rod attempts to shut Orion up with wild haymaker but Orion ducks forcing V-Rod near the ropes where Orion clotheslines him out of the ring, where V-Rod falls hard on his head. Panhead is the next to try to take out Slayde but a boot to the face by Orion sends him rolling out of the ring in pain. Shovel is next and gets a low blow for his troubles, kneeling before Orion, who slams him hard into the mat with the Dark Veil (Double Underhook Piledriver) and the air is electric as it's now only Blood and Orion and you can feel the hate between growing stronger each second.

    They get face to face trading insults before trading fists and the crowd goes wild before security tries to break them apart but fail as each man breaks free and they continue trading shots. Security does their best to control the situation as they finally get Orion out of the ring and create some distance between the two as both continue trading insults including Orion getting the chance to complete hi earlier insult and call Blood a pussy leaving Blood fuming as the crowd chants it directly at him as he sees his Bloodline laid out courtesy of Slayde while he stands in the ring. Both he and Orion say this ends at Full Throttle.

    Mike: My God! This is going to be an amazing match at Full Throttle!

    Rocky: And I have a feeling that things are just heating up not just for these two, but for Chaos as a whole. I feel a rumbling here tonight, Mikey!

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    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the next contest of the evening. Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia! He stands an impressive six feet and three inches, and weighs in at two hundred and thirty five pounds. His name is... "PRIMETIME"!! A!! J!!! DIXON!!!!!

    Mike: Well love him or hate him, this guy is nothing but prime time in that ring.

    Rocky: I'm a huge fan! This guy is seriously one of the most underrated guys in the entire industry, Mike.

    Mike: I'll tell you one thing. No matter how good in that ring he is, he's in for a hell of a match up tonight, and win, lose, or draw, he's going to have to deal with Mathew Black sooner or later. Those two have had major issues between each other recently.

    Rocky: Fuck Mathew Black. AJ has got his number just like he's got this next guys number.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, f
    e stands five feet and nine inches, and weighs in at a solid two hundred and thirty five pounds, from the Vatican City, he... Is... SHINING!! LIGHT!!!!

    Mike: Listen to these fans here, Rocky, they've truly forgiven Shining Light for his past sins.

    Rocky: Well they might have, but I've got no time for him. Personally I can't wait for "Father" Angel Black to finally put him to rest.

    Mike: Black may or may not have his number, but he's got more important things to worry about right now.

    DING! DING!!

    Mike: There's the bell, and this one's underway! I must point out that the referee for this contest is IWA newcomer and veteran Willie Willie.

    Rocky: Ha! This guy's as old as the hills, Mike, let's hope he can keep up with the action!

    AJ Dixon and Shining Light stare at each other from across the ring.

    Dixon is the first to ascend on his opponent and begins walking towards him with evil intent.

    Shining shows no fear, and in an act of apparent faith, he drops to his knees and closes his eyes. He places the palms of his hands together, leans his head back towards the heavens and begins muttering under his breath.

    At this sight Dixon stops dead in his tracks, almost unsure as to what to do next.

    Shining remains on his knees and continues in his prayer.

    Rocky: What is Shining doing here?! I would have thought the time for prayer was before the match started.

    Dixon looks on for a few seconds before a look of anger crosses his face, and he swings an enraged boot in the direction of Shinings head.

    Shining instantly opens his eyes and catches Dixons boot with both hands before rising to his feet. With a look of pure serenity on his face he snaps Dixon over with a dragon whip leg drag and smoothly transitions into a stretch muffler.

    Mike: Well it looks like he was definitely warned by a higher entity there.

    Rocky: I don't know about that, but Dixon is in trouble here early. I wouldn't have predicted that.

    Mike: When have you predicted anything correctly?

    Shining locks on the hold tighter as referee Willie Willie asks Dixon if he wants to quit.


    Dixon easily drags himself towards the bottom ropes.

    Shining releases the hold.

    Dixon rolls to the outside and in a fit of rage boots the ringside steps.

    Rocky: Oh boy, Dixon is pissed! The last thing Shining wants is an angry AJ Dixon on his case.

    Mike: He needs to focus that rage in the ring, not on the ring.

    Dixon slides back under the ropes and into the ring where shining meets him with two stomps to the back before locking on a front face lock.

    Dixon stands up with ease, and in a show of brute strength grabs Shining by the waist and hoists him in the air before throwing him half way across the ring.

    Shining lands with a thud, but swiftly gets to his feet where Dixon meets him with a vicious mafia kick to the face knocking him back down to the mat before making the cover, tightly hooking his leg

    Referee Willie Willie makes the count.




    Mike: Shining gets his shoulder up, but that kick just put him on dream street. His eyes rolled back into his head with that one.

    Rocky: I don't think he felt very spiritual after that one, that's for certain!

    With a confident look in his eye, Dixon yanks Shining to his feet by his wrist.

    Shining comes to, and quickly twists his hand so it is he who has Dixon by the wrist. One arm ringer later and he attempts a short arm clothesline but Dixon lowers his head, and Shinings bicep connects hard with the top of his bullet hard skull causing pain to shoot up his arm.

    AJ Dixon smiles, and unloads on Shinings jaw with a sharp elbow before dragging him by the back of his head to the corner of the ring and pushing him back first so he rests on the turnbuckle. Again Dixon drives his elbow into Shinings jaw, and follows up with a headbutt, dizzying his opponent.

    Dixon Irish whips Shining towards the opposite corner, but it is reversed, although Dixon remains in position by digging his heels in before sending him back into the corner he was just in.

    Rocky: No two ways about it, AJ is a powerhouse of a beast. He's controlling this one early.

    Mike: Running forearm smash! That had to have hurt!

    After smashing Shining in the face with his forearm, Dixon repeats the Irish whip action from earlier, and follows behind him a couple of steps, nailing him with a crushing lariat to the upper chest a second after he reaches the corner.

    Shining stumbles out and a few steps and Dixon nails him with another lariat, this time to the back of the neck causing Shining to fall face first to the mat.

    Dixon jumps high into the air, and lands hard on the small of Shinings back with an elbow drop. As quick as he has landed he is back on his feet, where he stomps on his back in the same area he landed the elbow drop, before jumping up again and landing hard with a second elbow drop.

    Mike: Dixon is working smart here, Rocky, he's picking Shining apart in that ring.

    AJ Dixon sits down on Shinings back and pulls back hard on his chin.

    Referee Willie Willie checks on Shining Light as Dixon pulls back harder and applies even more pressure.

    Shining refuses to allow the pain he is feeling get the better of him, and begins edging towards the ropes as the fans in attendance will him on.

    Realising he is about to have the hold broken, Dixon releases the clutch, stands up and punts Shining in the ribs. He then drags him up to his feet, boots him in the stomach, grabs him in a front face lock and snaps backwards, driving his head full force into the mat.

    Rocky: DDT!! Cover him, AJ!




    Shining Light gets his shoulder up off of the mat and the match continues.

    AJ Dixon looks down at Shining and once again punts him in the ribs. A quick glance towards the corner of the ring gives away what he intends next.

    Mike: Looks like Dixon is thinking of going up top!

    Rocky: And there he goes, Mike. As aggressive as this man is he is equally as athletic in that ring. Just look at how gracefully he climbs to the top rope.

    Mike: High cross body block!!

    Rocky: But look, Mike, Shining rolled through with it! He could get a victory here!




    Mike: Two and seven eighths! AJ almost beat himself there!

    Both men scramble to their feet, but Dixon is slightly quicker, and swings his boot, nailing Shining in the face full on.

    Shining's head snaps back, and Dixon rakes his eyes, obscuring his vision, enabling him the time to take a step back and nail him with a deadly looking superkick. Stepping through the ropes, he stands on the apron awaiting Shining to get to his feet.

    Shining begins to wearily rise, his back facing towards Dixon.

    AJ Dixon springboards into the ring and in mid-air grabs his opponent by the back of the head before driving him down with a vicious bulldog. Dixon makes the cover.




    Shining kicks out, but just barely. Sensing that the momentum of the match is fully in his favour, Dixon again makes his way to the corner and begins to climb to the top rope, taking time to point to a fan in a "Show Us The Light, Shining" t-shirt and reel off a few insults.


    Mike: He needs to stop jaw jacking with the fans and focus on this match or it could cost him.

    Rocky: Prime Time is firmly in control, Mike. Don't worry about tha-

    Mike: Oh look, here comes Shining! He wasn't out of it as much as we thought!
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    As he is perched atop of the top rope, Dixon is taken by surprise by Shining who rapidly ascends the turnbuckles and takes him over with a liquid smooth arm drag.

    After absorbing the dangerous looking move, Dixon rolls onto his front, before slowly getting to his knees. He makes it to one knee, and is just about to stand up when he is struck in the face with a picture perfect Shining Wizard by Shining Light.

    Mike: LUX MUNDI!!!! This could be over here!




    AJ Dixon raises his arm breaking the count, but Shining capitalises and grabs his arm before he works Dixon into his trademark crossface.

    Mike: Mors et Tenebrae!! AKA The Death Of Darkness! Shining has him trapped in the middle of the ring here!

    Rocky: But look at Dixon, Mike, he just reversed it into a pinning predicament!



    Mike: No!! Shining kicks out, and he still has a hold of that crossface!

    Rocky: But I don't think he has it on tight enough, Mike, look at Dixon, he's managing to rise to his knees.

    Mike: Shining isn't letting go, Rocky!

    Rocky: Well Dixon isn't staying down, Mike, he's just powering his way to his feet!

    Once he is on his feet, Dixon muscles Shining up onto his shoulders, and runs towards the corner, ramming his head off of the top turnbuckle. Dropping him to his feet.

    Shining sways groggily.

    Dixon hits the ropes and rebounds with a jumping knee, but Shining manages to narrowly duck out of the way. Dixon's momentum sees him continue running, hit the ropes and rebound back.

    Shining Light swings a clothesline at the oncoming AJ Dixon.

    AJ Dixon swings a clothesline at Shining Light.


    Mike: Both men nearly lost their heads there!

    With both men down, referee Willie Willie starts the obligatory count.







    Suddenly and inexplicably, the entire arena is plunged into darkness.

    Rocky: WHAT THE HELL!?! I can't see a thing, Mike!

    Mike: That's because the lights just went out, Rocky. What's happening here!?

    Rocky: I bet Smokey forgot to pay the electricity again.

    Mike: This is no time for jokes! I can hear some sort of commotion happening in the ring, Rocky.

    Rocky: I'm almost afraid of what we're going to see when we get power back in here.

    Just as soon as they went out, the lights come back on.

    Both Shining Light and AJ Dixon are on their feet, but someone in the ring is missing.

    Rocky: Wait a minute, Mike, just where in the hell is referee Willie Willie!?!

    Mike: You don't think he hit the bricks because he was scared of the dark do you? I thought he was made of sterner stuff than that.

    Rocky: No, Mike, I think something far more sinister is afoot here.

    Mike: Hey, look up, Rocky, what's that falling from the rafters?!

    Rocky: I'm not sure, it looks like pieces of paper of some description.

    Both Shining Light and AJ Dixon look up to the rafters.

    A small knowing smile creeps across Shining Light's face. He then nods his head, and for the second time tonight he drops to his knees and places the palms of his hands together in prayer as the pieces of paper rain down on the ring.

    A perplexed looking AJ Dixon plucks a piece of paper from out of the air and the ringside camera zooms in on it revealing that it contains scripture of some kind.

    Mike: Rocky, just look at what AJ has in his hand. Is-is that a page from the bible?

    Rocky: That's exactly what it is, Mike. It's raining bible pages out here! And we can all wager a guess as to just who is responsible for this.

    Mike: Yes, Mike, "Father" Angel Black has smeared his foul stench all over this match, and you can bet the entire church fund on him being responsible for the disappearance of referee Willie Willie as well.

    The cameras cut back to the ring where AJ Dixon is looking livid at what has unfolded here, while Shining Light remains praying as the pages from the bible continue floating down into the ring.

    Mike: Well I'm at a loss at to what message "Father" Black is trying to achieve here, but we need to get order back here on Chaos.

    AJ Dixon is walking up the entrance ramp as a man's face blasts over the titontron.

    Mike: It's Matthew Black!? What in the world is he doing on the titontron!?

    Rocky: Well I don't know Mike, why don't you give him a minute to freaking explain himself....

    Dixon smirks as he looks up towards Matthew Black on the screen. Black stands in what seems to be outside of Smokey's office, obviously a bit pissed off but you can tell that he has some evil intention in his eyes. Matthew Black smirks as he begins to talk.

    Matthew Black: Two weeks ago Matthew Black called Mr. Primetime himself, AJ Dixon. I told him that he was nothing more than a hasbeen. I said that he was nothing more than a washed up talent who's been passed up by nearly everyone on the freaking roster since being a champion and last week... I went out to that ring and I backed up everything I said. I beat you in the middle of that ring, Dixon. I was totally ready to move on to bigger and brighter things. I was ready to set my eyes on a new goal... The Blackout Championship.

    Matthew Black shakes his head almost trying to cover his anger. Black begins to talk as the crowd begins to chant his name.

    Matthew Black: That was until you decided to take matters into your own hands Dixon. You decided to attack me after the match, you attacked Matthew Black in that ring for no other reason than a hurt ego... So I'm not going anywhere. Screw a title shot, I want another match another match with you Dixon. I no longer want to expose you as the fraud that you are... I already proved that last week. I already proved that I was the better wrestler. I am done with wrestling you, AJ Dixon... Matthew Black wants a fight you Dixon and that's why I came here... To Smokey's office. I went in here and I all but demanded a match with AJ Dixon for Full Throttle but I was given some bad news... The card is too packed for another match between Dixon and Black.

    The crowd boos as Matthew Black expected. Black gets an almost sadistic smile on his face as his intentions seem to be coming more and more clear.

    Matthew Black: But... Don't you worry IWA universe, Matthew Black is going to get a shot at revenge against AJ Dixon!

    The crowd goes ballistic with cheers as Black continues to talk.

    Matthew Black: Smokey then offered me a match for Destined For Immortality but Matthew Black said oh hell no! Matthew Black doesn't want to wait until Destined For Immortality to fight you AJ Dixon... Matthew Black wants to fight you as soon as possible Dixon, and lucky enough for me and the IWA universe Smokey has made that possible. I won't have to wait that long to get a shot at taking down primetime... Once and for all in a true fight. A fight with out rules... A fight that will forever change the future of both of our careers Dixon.

    Matthew Black smirks as he takes a second to let the fans let out a huge cheer. Black becomes more serious as he begins talking once more.

    Matthew Black: Primetime AJ Dixon, The former world champion... Vs Matthew Black, the Seattle superstar not in a match... But in a fight for our lives. You see the Chaos following Full Throttle, Matthew Black will go one on one with AJ Dixon in a no disqualification match! You want to attack Matthew Black when he's not looking, it's time for the fight of your life... It's time I finally humble IWA's most inane superstar...

    Once and for all.

    See you then Primetime...

    The fans go insane as Matthew Black finishes speaking and Dixon and Black both begin to glare at each other. Matthew Black smirks as the crowd goes crazy with the yes chant his fellow Washingtonian made famous. The chant keeps going as the camera cuts back to Mike & Rocky.

    Mike: Wow! A huge match booked for the next episode of Chaos, but tonight just keeps on getting bigger!

    Rocky: Tonight is stacking quite nicely - almost as if it is the show before a pay-per-view - but Black is a moron! Fighting Primetime in an environment with no rules? That's suicide for him!
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    The IWA live feed cuts to a backstage area where Pisces Pink can be seen talking to a few backstage workers. The area backstage appears to be the cafeteria as a few table’s laid out with food and drinks can be seen. In the distance other members of the roster and working backstage crew can also be seen talking and eating away but the focus remains on Pisces Pink who’s her bubbly and happy self as she chats away. Suddenly, the cafeteria lights begin to flicker before going off and then quickly on again..

    As the lights come back on. Akira Tajiri, the Asian Queen is now stood in front of Pink who jumps back a little at the sight of Akira, clearly not expecting her to appear. With the cafeteria now completely silent and all eyes on Akira, the Asian Queen looks out towards them before making a motion with her hands for them to carry on eating and chatting away, to which they do.

    Akira then turns her head towards Pink and smiles before bowing down, her hands placed together in a clear show of respect before coming back up from her bow and beginning to speak.

    :::Akira Tajiri:::
    Hello Pink. My name is Akira Tajiri, it is my honour to finally meet you. I have been watching you compete for many years and your dominance, ability, talent is the benchmark that I hope to achieve one day myself. I didn’t mean to make you jump, but the chance to finally speak with you and trade wisdom was a chance that I couldn’t turn down. I hope you don’t mind? I understand that I am an unknown, an enigma around here. But I assure you, my means off today was simply to meet and great someone I have grown to respect and watch since becoming the IWA fan I am today, the wrestling fan I have become and the best female wrestler in the world that I am striving to be.

    Pisces Pink recovers from her startled state, and once more her bubbly demeanor sets back in...

    Pisces Pink: Well damn, boo-boo, it's nice to meet you too! To be honest, baby girl, I'm not that great, really... I'm just a girl trying to make her way in the world, you know? Gotta say, that match we had last week... you got me, straight up, fair and square. And I ain't mad atcha for that one bit.

    I can see that you got a lot of love for what we do here... ain't hard to tell at all. The way you move in that ring, every bit of effort you put into it - poetry in motion! We need more of that in the locker room, Akira. We need more women, more ladies that can show the world that females aren't just valets or eye candy... Nah, we some straight up ASSKICKERS. So let me say: welcome to the Vanity division!

    :::Akira Tajiri:::
    Last week showed just how good I need to be if I am to reach the top of this division. To feel the strength and ease to which you through me around last week.. Was scary, yet exciting at the same time. *Akira giggles before smiling* I hope one day we can meet again. For the finish that applied last week felt great at the time and a real achievement but I know.. It was under false pretences as your partner had left you high and dry and I took advantage. An advantage that I stand here today, not very proud off and one day, I hope to put it right by pinning you the right way, gaining a win with honour. If one day it should happen, I know it will be a match that will go down in history as two women.. Who wrestle for the love off this sport. Not because of the fame, movie deals or special appearances that can come from wrestling. We both do it, because we were born too. I will always respect that about you, Pink.

    Pisces Pink: Aw damn, you got me blushing girl! And yeah, that was some ol' bullshit the way my... partner... left me high and dry the other night... but that's how the ball bounces in this business, boo-boo. The people who supposed to have your back be the first to split for no reason. And yeah, I would love to wrestle you again! You could be the person who brings out the best in me... just like...

    Pink's eyes get that faraway look as she remembers another who once had that spot. Someone who she once called friend. But those days seem so long ago now...

    Anyhow, you got a real future here in IWA, Akira. You love what you do, and you always look forward to what tomorrow has for you. And that, I respect the hell out of, boo-boo! You ain't the only one looking forward to what's ahead though... tonight, I get a shot at that little broad Te'Yanna. And DAMN, I can't wait to get in there and go in on her! Matter of fact, I'm looking forward to Full Throttle... not just to see my Sagittarius put on a muhfuckin' show, but because I will get my chance - my opportunity - to get my hands back on the IWA Vanity Championship! And believe me, baby girl - that's as real as it gets!

    :::Akira Tajiri:::
    I also wanted to wish you luck in your match tonight and more importantly, your match at Full Throttle. I will be watching.. For I am, always. Just like I have been watching those vignettes play, a new Bombshell looking to make her mark? For we are the same in that respect. However I can tell that we already share very different motives and views. The word Paradise to me, can only mean one Women that I have seen before. A women who has been a champion but a women who lacks the honour of true champion. I have been informed by Smokey that this women will debut at Full Throttle and I will be her first opponent. A certain clash of styles makes for an intriguing match.

    Akira’s eyes turn very serious and she stares away from Pink to look right down the camera that’s filming there conversation. Back at ringside...

    Mike: Akira is making an impression on the Vanities, and that big Vanity match is later, but first King Wells is trying to prove his dominance here in IWA but Krystian Krysys would like nothing more than to show him why he's the Messiah of straight edge.

    Emily Davis: Intoducing first from The City Of Evil. Weighing in at 223 pounds... Krystian Krysys!

    Rocky: Krystian is a straight edge superstar from the city of evil. He will not back down from any fight, no matter how hard it might be for him.

    Emily Davis: Introducing his opponent, weighing in at 293 pounds... From Boston Massachusetts, King Ryan Wells!

    Mike: Wells has been on a tear around here as of late, it's seemingly impossible to stop him.

    Rocky: Call him by his real name you peasant. King Wells is going to do his best to dominate. Win or Lose though, you better all show some respect for your king!

    King Wells(Ray) vs Krystian Krysys (A^2)
    Start at 6:04; End at 13:15

    Mike: King Wells has been dominating right now, but he better not get cocky. Krysys could land up with the big W if he doesn't stop being so arrogant.

    King Wells looks over the ropes and screams at the crowd that he is their king. He is met by a barrage of boos but he almost begs for more as he backs up into the corner. He waits for Krysys to stand up, almost stalking him as the straight edge superstar begins to pull himself up using the ropes. King Wells begins charging at Krysys as he turns around. Krysys is hit by a huge shoulder block from the much bigger man. Krysys falls quickly to the mat but wisely rolls out of the ring as King Wells begins to scream at him. Krysys wisely takes a breather as King Wells continues his verbal abuse.

    The referee continues his count as King Wells' backs up to the opposing corner leaning against nonchalantly as Krysys slides under the bottom rope, back into the ring to break the referee's count. King Wells charges at Krysys again. He extends his arm out and goes for a clothesline but Krysys ducks. Wells turns around and is kicked in the side of the knee. Wells throws a nasty punch but Krysys ducks under it and kicks the side of Wells' knee once more. Wells screams out in pain and pushes Krysys backwards back into the corner and charges at him. Krysys quickly hops out onto the apron, out of the way of the charging Wells and Wells hits the turnbuckle, chest first. King Wells stumbles backwards trying to catch his breath as Krystian flies over the top rope.

    Rocky: Springboard clothesline!

    The crowd boos as Krystian goes for the cover.

    Th-! No!? Kickout by King Wells!

    Krysys stands up and yells some derogatory things towards the fans as picks up King Wells' by the back of his neck. He quickly lands a swinging neck breaker and floats into a cover as the crowd continues their onslaught of boos towards Krysys.

    Thr! NO! Kickout by King Wells'

    Krysys goes to pick up King Wells one more time. He kicks him in the gut and goes to grab his head, but King Wells pushes Krysys backwards. Krysys rebounds off the rope and King Wells' charges and hits Krysys with a rib crushing spear.

    The pissed off King Wells' quickly picks up Krystian and puts him into a powerbomb position. Wells lifts up Krysys so he sits on his shoulders...

    King Wells(Albert)

    Rocky: Freak attack!

    King Wells goes for the pin as the entire audience screams out in boos.


    Emily Davis: And here is your winner, King Wells!

    Mike: King Wells here tonight proved he could back it up in a big game situation.

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    Backstage, Kaige Chamberlain is sitting in his locker room, wearing a very fine Jos. A. Bank suit, watching the show on a screen backstage. As the show goes on, Seth Gabel enters the room armed with a microphone and a cameraman.

    Seth: Mr. Chamberlain, may we have a word with you?

    Chamberlain: Yeah, why not, you're already here. I reckon you want to talk about some of the things I said and some of the things Mr. Torture said?

    Seth looks around at the cameraman, and then back at Kaige.

    Seth: Why yes, of course. Last week Mr. Torture said you met a new friend, and showed you his barbed wire bat, what do you make of that?

    Chamberlain grabs his ribs for a moment, just a moment before releasing them.

    Chamberlain: Yeah, that baseball bat was a doozy. He proved he likes to go to some pretty extreme lengths to inflict his personal brand of torture on both men and women. That baseball bat is no exception to that rule. But see, he made a mistake. That bat should have been used to put me down, instead, it had the opposite effect. In fact, I went out there with the former Superstar of the Year last week, and proved I had a future in IWA, despite Mr. Torture's attack.

    Seth: It seems just about everyone wants to take you out before you get a chance to get going! Mr. Torture. AJ Dixon. King Wells.

    Chamberlain: I guess they see the future coming up in their rearview mirror, or in Wells' case, passing him on by. Mr. Torture though, I think this is going to be different, unlike Dixon and Wells, Mr. Torture has a knack for playing mind games with his would-be victims. I say would be, because I won't be a victim to the games played by the former member of the Nest. At the end of the day, he is going to have to bring something new to the table, or I'll put him down quickly and continue to move up through the ranks.

    Seth adjusts his tie, nervous to bring up his next point but does so anyway.

    Seth: Now, he brought up you being in the Mafia. He seemed to find that amusing, what do you say about that?

    Chamberlain: Chuckles I find it funny that he did, and had to come out and see my match. Mr. Torture doesn't understand though, he doesn't understand that those games won't work. If he wants to take me out, he's going to have to come out and get me man to man, if he can summon the balls from one of his torture devices to do so.

    Seth: Now, he brought up you not comparing to him and what he does. He says you have a long way to go to reach his level.

    Chamberlain: More grandstanding from Mr. Torture. A long way to go to reach his level? Getting beat up left and right until his savior and former boss, Mike Hawk, had to come down from the rafters to save him and his masked partner - 'The Father' - from getting beat by every Tom, Dick, and Harry that could toss a punch. So, if the road to get to that point is long, it's no wonder I can't see him - I've already passed him by.

    Chamberlain stands up and gets ready to leave his locker room.

    Seth: Requiem of the Asshole.

    Chamberlain stops and turns around his hand on the doorknob.

    Chamberlain: He'll never change the Ballad. No matter what he thinks, no matter what he does to me or tries to do to me, whatever Torture he attempts to inflict on me, the Ballad will always the the Ballad. We can trade verbal shots all day and night, he can prove that he can't take him down with a special bat or his own physical prowess. But at the end of the day, if growing up in the Chamberlain Family, is that when they attack your livelihood, when they want to change you.

    That's when they go bye bye.

    Seth: Well, thank you for that Kai-

    Seth stops in mid sentence and both he and Kaige begin staring off camera. Both of their jaws drop.

    ????: Excuse me, fellas, can I just borrow that camera for a couple of seconds, please.

    Seth: Uhhhh...

    ????: Cheers, bruv, I'll only be a second, promise.

    The camera pans to the right and the fans in attendance gasp in unison at who they are watching on the Insane-O-Tron.

    Pleased to meet you by the way, my name's Ma$$Dinero.

    Ma$$Dinero holds out his hand with a sly grin on his face, and he shakes both men's hands before turning to face the camera. After smiling for a few silent seconds, he speaks.


    Ma$$Dinero winks, chuckles to himself, then walks off of camera singing to himself..

    "Living easy, loving free
    Season ticket on a one-way ride
    Asking nothing, leave me be
    Taking everything in my stride
    Dont need reason, don't need a right
    There ain't nothing that I'd rather do
    Going down, party time
    My friends are gonna be there too


    The cameras cut back to Rocky and Mike. Like Seth and Kaige, they too are wearing looks of astonishment.

    Mike: Well, I, uhhh..

    Rocky: Ummm...

    Mike: Wait a minute, Rocky, I'm being told that apparently Ma$$Dinero has been booked for Full Throttle, where he's going to explain everything.

    Rocky: He better because right now I can't imagine how the hell he got in here tonight! Perhaps he paid Smokey off or something.

    Mike: Well whatever the case, Ma$$Dinero is apparently on the highway to hell, Rocky.

    Rocky: I won't lie. I'm looking forward to Full Throttle even more now. Plus, who would have thought Ma$$ was such a good singer?!

    Right...this is the bit where we were supposed to come back to ringside so that Alex Kidd can cut a promo. He was going to talk about how annoyed he was by the actions of Benny The Ball last week and then challenge Benny and his teddy to team up and take on Kidd in a 2-on-1 handicap match at Full Throttle. Since that part of the promo is missing, here is something else to keep you entertained:

    The fans continue to boo, but those boos become an eruption of cheers when the tron comes to life. On the tron is Benny The Ball, who looks silently at the camera. He does nothing for a few more seconds before he slowly gives a thumbs up, but then slowly turns his hand upside down to give a thumbs down. The fans roar even louder as Benny drags his thumb across his throat. He looks at the camera for a few more seconds before walking away. The camera then focuses on the wall where Benny has scribbled:

    Teddy and I will see you at Full Throttle.


    Mike: Benny teaming with a teddy bear in a handicap match? How the hell is that gonna work?

    Rocky: It isn't. Alex Kidd will finally kick Benny's ass at Full Throttle and finally rid us of the pointlessness that is Benny The Ball!

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    Know Thy Self!

    Mike: The ever creepy Mr.Torture out for what will be a fascinating bout. Torture is one hell of a talent but it’s fair to say he’s kind of been treading water here in the last couple of weeks, no thanks to the whole ‘Nest’ capitulation recently.

    Rocky: This may be the case, but as you said, Mr.Torture is one hell of a talent. A source told me backstage that Torture has been quoted as saying his time is near, which is an ominous sign for the Divine One tonight.


    Mike: The people are on their feet for the People’s Champ! And Divine has been in a bit of a tussle with the Real Italian Stallion, Antonio Rizzo, in the last few weeks. This will surely come to a head soon enough.

    Rocky: Indeed it will and I would put my house on Rizzo to beat Divine.

    Mike: Well of course YOU would Rocky, I wouldn’t hestitate to think Chris would heartily disagree with you.

    Chris Divine (The Rock) vs. Mr. Torture (CM Punk)


    Mike: Look at Torture MOCKING Divine and the people of the IWA Universe, who are not taking this too well I might add.

    As Torture mocks the fallen Divine, he is unaware as he turns around and is met with a SPINE TINGLING SPINEBUSTER! The crowd roar for Chris as he trash talks down at his foe before quickly going for the pinfall...



    Th- Torture kicks out at two and a half, rolling away to hold his back in pain. The 200 pounder stalks the fearsome Torture, signalling for the Divine Intervention...

    Mike: This one could be over relatively quickly folks!

    Torture is up and Divine goes for it....Torture hurls him off! Divine hits the mat hard and feels the small of his back in anguish, which Torture takes advantage of by booting him right in the back, causing The Divine One to roll out of the ring and down to the floor outside. The crowd boo as Torture taunts ‘So Fine’.

    Rocky: Look at that idiot Divine...a messenger of God!? PAH!

    As Rocky continues to mock the recently returned Divine, before bouncing off the ropes and looking to fly through the middle rope on the return...BUT DIVINE CLUBS HIM WITH AN ELBOW TO THE FACE! The master of the Torture stumbles his way back into the ring and onto his knees, feeling the after effects of that big elbow right to the head.

    Mike: Divine has him right where he wants him!

    Indeed, it seems as though Mr. Torture is not in the best of shape of the match, after Divine really caught him with that elbow. Chris climbs up to the top rope, yelling out to the fans who respond massively of course. Torture slowly gets up and Divine leaps...TORNADO DDT! Torture’s head smashes off the mat, knocking him out cold surely.

    Divine, perhaps not best pleased with the gamesmanship from Torture, is not done just quite yet however. Pulling Torture up to his feet, he glares at him, before calling him a ‘PUNK BITCH!’ before nailing him with the DIVINE INTERVENTION!

    Mike: What a move!

    Rocky: Diamond does it better...

    Mike: Shut up! Here’s the cover...




    The crowd leap to their feet, giving Divine a rousing reception as he polishes off another victory, really beginning to gain some momentum now.

    Mike: What a great win that is. It isn’t that Torture isn’t any good, just that Divine was on fire.

    Rocky: I have to say, Divine has come back with a hunger that has never been seen before from Mr. ‘So Fine’ Divine.

    And this is where yet another missing promo goes. This one was for that vignette of the woman who will be debuting at Full Throttle. So to make up for it not being here, listen to this song that I played at a gig last night that I hadn't played in ages:

    The camera cuts backstage as we see Seth Gabel with a mic.

    Seth Gabel: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me here right now is none other than Te'Yanna!

    Crowd react with HEAVY boos as the camera zooms out the dark skinned champion is rocking bright pink lipstick, black mascara on her face- and her new feature of today, her pink extensions.

    Gabel: Te'Yanna, how do you-

    Te'Yanna puts her hand over Gabel's mouth to shut him up.

    Te'Yanna: Listen, SETH GABEL. I don't know if you're aware- but I am your IWA Vanity Champion. I don't need some second class low-life interviewing me. So please, do me a favour- and get out of my face.

    Te'Yanna takes her hand off Gabel's mouth, as Gabel gives her a strange look.

    Te'Yanna: NOW!

    An upset Gabel walks off, as Te'Yanna looks at the camera.

    Te'Yanna: Now that we've got rid of the trash, let's move onto some more serious things.


    I warned you. I told you that if you ever came near me again- trouble would come calling for you. Two weeks ago, I gave you the most vicious beatdown that you have ever received in your career, and I thought I would've been the cure for your bipolar disorder- but unfortunately for all of us...

    You're STILL mental.

    Crowd boo loudly

    Te'Yanna: Last week, I was forced to team up with you- and I was unhappy about that. Doesn't anybody think I had a right to be? I'm the IWA Vanity Champion for god's sake! I shouldn't be allowed to team up with people who have such low caliber, people who lack the ability and the looks that I possess.

    About the result? I still don't know why people are moaning about what went down in that match. Pisces Pink was desperate to be tagged in- so I tagged her in. Simple as that. Luckily for me though, there wasn't a rule saying I couldn't exit the match. So unfortunately for her, I did exactly that.

    But as far as I'm aware- I NEVER did anything wrong. It's Pink who's been in the wrong all this time. All she has ever done since returning back to IWA, is harass me. Last week I was in my first ever main event match, but it's such a shame that it didn't mean anything considering there was a porker in the match.

    Crowd's booing intensifies

    Te'Yanna: Pisces Pink, sorry to break it to you darling- but this isn't a farm. This is IWA. IWA isn't a place for farm animals, it's a place where people need to be FIT in order to wrestle. But you aren't fit at all, you're far from it.

    Therefore, there isn't a chance in hell that you're ever going to be the Vanity Champion again. Tonight, me and you go one on one in a non-title match to give everybody a taster of what's to come at Full Throttle.

    But I'm not giving any tasters at all- I'm going to give everyone the FULL experience of what SHOULD'VE happened at Full Throttle.


    Because you're not going to leave the arena tonight.

    Te'Yanna smirks, and holds her title up high in the air to the camera.

    Rocky: Oh, the champ is fired up!

    Mike: And the preview to the Vanity Championship match at Full Throttle is next!


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    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia, Pisces Pink!

    Mike: Pisces Pink has been on a dominant rampage since returning a few weeks ago where she took out Juno Mercury.

    Rocky: That bitch took out the top Vanity that this company has in an attack that she was not prepared for. Juno will return one day and Pink will get her dues.

    Emily Davis: And her opponent, from London, England, she is the IWA Vanity Champion, Te'Yanna!

    Mike: And this was Pink's partner from last week and the two couldn't get along.

    Rocky: And who is surprised? Why should Te'Yanna be forced to lower herself to the pitiful level of Hippo Pink?


    Mike: What a spear!! These two have been going nonstop all match!!

    Rocky: It looks like Pink twisted her knee during that spear!

    Pink sits up and holds her left leg, scooting herself back into the turnbuckle. She pulls her knee pad down and rubs her leg up and down, trying to ease the pain away. Pink then pulls herself to her feet with the ropes and limps over to Te’Yanna.

    Pink picks Te’Yanna to her feet then locks in a claw onto Te’Yanna's shoulder, pinching massive amounts of pressure into her and throughout her whole body! Te’Yanna drops down to a knee and pries at Pink's fingers, but Pink has the grip tightly locked in! Te’Yanna drops down to a second knee, but then Pink places her foot on the back of Te’Yanna's head and smashes her face down to the mat!

    Pink lays hard right and left hands into Te’Yanna's skull, then presses her elbow onto Te’Yanna's spine! Te’Yanna screams out in pain but Pink is relentless! Pink continues to apply pressure, but then slams Te’Yanna's face back down to the mat!

    Mike: Pink is being ruthless!

    Rocky: And a damn bully!

    Pink then grabs Te’Yanna by a leg and drags her over to the turnbuckle. Pink then lifts Te’Yanna up against the turnbuckle and shoves her up against it, driving her elbow into Te’Yanna's jaw hard! Pink then backs away from the turnbuckle, then charges Te’Yanna ... But Te’Yanna moves forward and hits a low dropkick to Pink's injured leg, making Pink fall forward into the turnbuckle!!

    Mike: It was only a matter of time! Te’Yanna used the leg to her advantage!

    Rocky: And now she can put the hippo down!

    Pink starts favouring her left leg and howling out in pain. Te’Yanna just laughs quietly to herself and slowly walks over to Pink. Te’Yanna then kicks Pink's injured leg four times, then stomps on it twice.

    Te’Yanna then slides out of the ring and pulls Pink's injured leg to the outside and lines it up next to the steel post. Te’Yanna then lies Pink's leg on the steps, then climbs up to the turnbuckle. Te’Yanna positions herself so she is facing the outside, then she drops down from the top turnbuckle and slams both feet down onto Pink's leg!!

    Mike: My god! She could have crushed Pink's leg!!

    Pink flops around in the ring, trying to pull her leg back into the ring. Te’Yanna then slides back into the ring and stalks Pink as she slowly pulls herself away from the turnbuckle. Te’Yanna then kicks Pink on the back of the head, and picks Pink up to her feet, then lifts her up ...

    Rocky: Gut Buster! Yeah, baby!

    Pink drives her knee into Pink's gut hard, dropping Pink down to the mat! Te’Yanna dives down onto Pink and hooks Pink's good leg so Pink would be forced to use the bad leg to kick out!


    A hooded figure charges through the fans with a chair in hand, leaps over the barrier, slides into the ring and slams the chair onto the back of the head of the referee.

    Mike: What the hell? Who the hell is that?

    Rocky: Whoever it is, they have just screwed the Vanity Champion!

    Te’Yanna looks around, trying to understand what just happened. She stands up as the hooded figure starts to stalk her. Te’Yanna turns around...

    Rocky: Damnit! What the fuck was that for?

    Mike: Right between the eyes there. The Vanity Champ is out of it!

    Pink rolls over onto her stomach, but the hooded figure decides not to wait and starts slamming the chair into Pink’s back over and over and over again.

    Mike: Jesus!

    Rocky: Now that’s better! Beat the shit out of that hungry hippo!

    The hooded figure continues to slam the chair onto Pisces Pink’s head and back. Blood starts to pour from the head of Baby Girl Pink as she lies there motionless. The hooded figure then starts to wail on the fallen Te’Yanna!

    Mike: This person has truly lost it!

    Chair shot after chair shot gets slammed onto Te’Yanna, and then suddenly the ref gets a pummelling too. The hooded figure slams the chair onto all three fallen men and women in alternating fashion in a huge fit of rage. The fans boo viciously as the figure hurls the chair out of the ring and up the ramp. The assailant starts to kneed their head with their hands and paces around the ring for a few moments. All of a sudden, the assailant rips of the hood.

    Rocky: Juno Fucking Mercury! Yeah, Baby!

    Mike: She’s back! She’s been out since our last Pay Per View!

    Juno rolls out of the ring and shoves Emily out of the way. She grabs the Vanity Championship and rolls back into the ring. First she approaches Te’Yanna and rubs her hand in her face, caking it with Blood. She then wipes the blood onto the Vanity Championship.

    Mike: What the...?

    Juno then walks over to Pink and does the exact same thing, wiping Pink’s blood onto the Championship.

    Mike: That’s...normal...

    Rocky: Don’t be so fucking judgmental, Mike.

    Juno then rises the championship into the air, to an eruption of boos. She then wraps the championship around her waist and rolls out of the ring.

    Mike: Where the hell is she going? That’s not her title!

    Rocky: She is the queen Vanity and the rightful champion. Just listen to our smarks!

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    IWA cameras are moving through the backstage area before they come to a door titled 'Italian Studies' and we see the cameraman's hand pushing the door open and music is heard from the inside (A classical European piece, obviously) before the camera shows us Antonio Rizzo, adorned with some spectacles and twirling his moustache into a perfect curl.

    Rizzo: Ah! Please, do come in com-padres and take a seat. I am going to take you on a journey like no other. Sit back and enjoy as the Mozart of teaching, Antonio Rizzo gives you a lesson in why Italy is better than America. So that your poor little US brains do not explode with an overload of information, I am going to give you FIVE simple reasons as to why Italy, my native country, is better than your America.

    Rizzo points to a powerpoint on the board, the title slide heavily featuring his native Italian flag alongside an American flag with a red cross through it. He clicks a button on a remote and we go to the first slide.

    Rizzo: NUMERO UNO! Very simple: The food. Let me show you what a beautiful Italian cuisine looks like in an Italian restaurant in, say, Turin:

    A pristine bowl of Spaghetti ala meat balls. The most delightful meals in the world, in the most beautiful locations in the world. You Americans, on the other hand, like to get fat by eating a 'quarter pounder' at McDonalds or a few 'wings' in your local bar. This leads me nicely onto my second point.

    Rizzo clicks onto the next slide, on one side: A beautiful leggy woman, with tanned skin and wearing a black bikini. On the other side, a stereotypical fat woman in a not too flattering photo of her munching on a 'Maccy D's' quarter pounder.

    Rizzo: Yes....NUMERO DUE...The women. On the left hand side of the screen, we see a sexy, incredible Italian woman. Do not think she is the exception to the rule. Every Italian woman I have been with (and I have been with many) has looked fantastic. As for the right *Rizzo makes a comical 'eek' face* Yes well, the less said about this the better. I could stop here, as I have already proved that Italy is, how you say, unanimously better than America. However, I still have three reasons to get through before I let you go class.

    Clicking on to the next slide, Rizzo smirks. Once more, the slide is split. On the left, a Cherry Red Ferrari 458 Italia and on the right, a quite horrific looking Cadillac Cimarron.

    Rizzo: Yes, I am no expert in the fields of cars but I am smartened up enough to know one thing about cars. If you are offered an American 'muscle' car for do not take it. It is a disgusting American property and compared to the near orgasmic talents of any Ferrari, it is nothing. Now class, we move on to perhaps the most important lesson of all, and one of my greatest grudges with the US Nation. I'm just going to come out with it...forgive me for my language but...your sports? They are SHIT.

    Antonio clicks onto his penultimate slide, before turning back to the camera.

    Rizzo: Let me speak on the most popular sport in all of the America 'Football'. Actually, there is not much to say quite frankly. Any sport that takes FOUR hours to complete what should be a quick game is....well...unsurprisingly idiotic. As for European sports, let me point to the most obvious....The real football. No, not soccer and not the handegg you refer to as football. Real Football. Take a quick look at this video made by the stadium announcer at 'Napoli' the local team of Naples....

    The camera man focuses in on the projector, which plays the following clip:

    Tell me IWA Universe....where do you see this passion, this energy in any crappy American Sport? Hmmm? I did not think so.

    'Mr. Europe' clicks onto his final slide, with his now trademark shit-eating grin on his face fully intact.

    Rizzo: Ah yess....finally, perhaps the most important of all. The great history of our nation. Julius Caesar led the greatest era in World History, and the most progressive I may add, as the leader of the Roman Empire. Despite his world wide hatred, 'Il Duce' Benito Mussolini managed to come to power faster than any of you fat, lazy sods could tie your shoelaces and ran a country with an Iron Fist, which your 'great' Barack Obama has spectacularly failed to do.

    But I am not here to enter a politics debate, simply to open your eyes. I sincerly hope this has been an eye opening experience for you all and I welcome you back to Italian Studies any time. GRAZIE Y VIVA L'ITALIA!

    Rizzo waves gleefully and we cut to another area backstage. Cameras enter a dimly lit, grungy locker room as both titles are hanging up in random lockers. Hawk is sitting behind a table with his feet propped up watching footage of Shaz and Note.

    Hawk: Tonight I am going to face the two men on the roster that want my head the most in a handicapped match before we meet this Sunday. They both are so focused in gaining momentum and thanking Smokey for doing them a favor that they fail to see the bigger picture as always. Neither of them are walking out with any piece of gold anytime soon. Tonight they have the advantage and they probably will win, but I didn't get this far by winning every battle, I'm here because I win wars.

    Note, you have already lost your mind and everything else that made you special long ago. Beating me this Sunday will give you the one thing you crave most, the Blackout title. But it isn't about this belt for you anymore, you just want to pin me and break my hold on your little mind and I have no problems with that because I completely fucked your mind up by bringing your brother's death up to the world a few months ago. But I'm not the one holding you back from your goal, Shaz is.

    Shaz and I have fought plenty of times also and now he wants to prove to the world I'm out of his league and he is the rightful world champion. He wants to be the man to beat me but in order to do that, he is going to take you out once you do the dirty work and steal the win because that's what criminals do. Tonight he'll help you and maybe even let pin me once you guys beat me senseless but Sunday, he'll break that trust just like he's done to everyone else in the past all to get what he wants.

    Hawk gets up and picks up both of his titles as he begins to prepare for his match.

    Hawk: He doesn't care about your hardships and he didn't care about you getting a shot in the first place. I'm going to have the biggest target on my back make no mistake about it, Smokey wants these titles out of the Nest and flowing back with you low lives.

    But even if I lose one, I'm still walking out the other belt and I'll have a rematch clause to use against either of you. But Note, if your "buddy" Shaz wins, you aren't going to have the satisfaction of beating me or taking this Blackout title and Shaz knows the same things going to happen if you win. But if I win, you both are going to walk out as the guys who couldn't get the job done when you had the advantage and I don't think you want that at all.

    I may not have a good chance of winning but the darkness leaves nothing up to chance because I already have the winning hand. So you both can ignore my warnings and wait to be betrayed Sunday or listen to me and play my game, the end result is going to involve the referee giving me back my titles either way you play it. Your both entering into the darkest part of the Nest Sunday so watch your backs or I'll watch them for you.

    Hawk turns off lights and walks out with both titles.

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    Mike: This arena has a big fight feel to it as we await our next match-up. Mike Hawk, IWA's dual champion will defend both of his titles at the upcoming pay-per-view in a triple threat match against Ace Note and Shaz, but here tonight he must fend of both competitors in a handicap match.

    Rocky: What a royal screwjob right!? Both these guys get to take a shot at the champion before Full Throttle!? This is blatantly unfair.

    How To Break Into The Main Event!

    Mike: Ace Note is loved by the fans here in IWA but you can tell he's more determined than ever! Mike Hawk better watch out or he will be dropping that Blackout title very soon.

    Rocky: He might be determined but remember that Hawk was able to fend off Note for the better part of last year. Note needs to bring his A game at Full Throttle, and even that might not be good enough. But Ace better not overlook tonights match-up. Mike Hawk's nest could consume them here tonight.

    Bitch, Please! I've Been Main Eventing Since Day One!

    Mike: These fans really have gotten behind Shaz as of late. Shaz has really proven to be one of the top talents here in IWA. He's a former world champion and has been on a tear as of late. It's going to be interesting to see how him and note fair tonight against Mike Hawk.

    Rocky: Tonight against one man!? Ha, you act like that is somehow fair. Mike Hawk is great but Smokey must have it out for him or something. This is total crap.

    Ah Yes, But I'm The Top Guy Now!

    Mike: Mike Hawk looks absolutely determined tonight. These fans are booing him but he seems totally unphased.

    Rocky: That's because he's the champion. He knows how good he is and he is looking to prove it here tonight.

    All three men stand in the middle of the ring as they begin a stare down. The referee breaks up Mike Hawk who is looking dead into the eyes of Ace Note. Ace Note and Shaz talk in the corner about who is going to start the match-up and Ace Note steps out onto the ring apron. Shaz and the champion Mike Hawk begin to glare across the ring at each other, both men refusing to flinch.

    Mike: And the referee just called for the bell! This is going to be one hell of a match.

    Mike Hawk and Shaz both begin to grapple in the middle of the ring. Both men try to out power one another, but seemingly match each other in strength. Mike Hawk quickly pulls Shaz down and hits him in the shoulder with a harsh knee. He lets go of his grapple and quickly grabs Shaz for an earth shattering ddt. Mike quickly shoots in a half and floats into a cover.

    NO! Kickout by Shaz!

    Rocky: Mike knows he's going to have to do much more than that to defeat the former world champion Shaz here tonight.

    Mike Hawk quickly picks up shaz after the nearfall and puts him into a side headlock. Shaz is having none of it though and lands a big suplex to break the headlock. Mike and Shaz both quickly get back to their feet as the fans begin to chant Shaz's name. Shaz quickly grabs Mike's hand and throws him against the ropes. Shaz charges at Mike and hits him in the gut with a harsh running knee to the gut. Mike Hawk flips over Shaz's leg and begins to try to catch his breath. Shaz quickly grabs Hawk by his neck and pulls him towards Ace Note and tags in his partner.

    Rocky: See this is just unfair! Mike and Shaz get to fight it out and Shaz just gets to go out of the ring and take a break!? This is total crap!

    Shaz lifts up Mike Hawks arm and exposes his stomach more and Note quickly delivers a rib crushing kick. Shaz gets out of the ring as Mike Hawk stumbles backwards. Ace Note quickly follows up his attack on Mike's ribs with a harsh spear and goes for the quick cover.

    Thr- NO! Kickout by Mike Hawk!

    Mike: Now that was close, keep up the attack Note... Don't give the champ any breathing room!

    Ace Note smirks as he looks at the downed Mike Hawk. The fans begin an uproar of cheers as Ace Note yells at them to get louder. Ace Note begins to pick up Mike once more. Pulling Hawk up off the mat, Note is hit by a harsh European uppercut. Note stumbles backwards but comes flying back with a harsh forearm to the face of Mike Hawk. Hawk hits Note with a wicked haymaker that starts a trade of blows between the two men.


    Rocky: What a haymaker by Hawk; Ace Note hit the mat like a sack of potatoes!

    The crowd begins to boo as Note quickly tries to stand back up. Mike rushes towards Note and hits a nasty swinging haymaker and goes for the floating cover.

    Thr- NO! Kickout by Ace Note!

    Mike: Ace Note is showing a ton of fight here tonight!

    Hawk quickly stands up and looks down at the former acrobat. He almost looks frustrated that he seems to not be able to get rid of Ace Note. He begins stomping around Ace as the fans begin to roar in boos. Shaz begins stomping on the steps as the fans begin an onslaught of claps and cheers to get Note to get back into this match up. Hawk continues the stomps as Note tries to roll out of the way. He gets onto his hands and knees and Hawk backs up a bit and kicks Note in the side of the rib cage, almost returning the favor from earlier. Note collapses as he gasps for breath.

    Rocky: No MERCY! I love it, Hawk looks like a shark in bloody water right now.

    Hawk smirks as he lifts up Ace Note and irish whips him against the ropes. Ace Note rebounds off the ropes as Mike extends his arm. Note ducks under his arm and begins to run faster as he rebounds off the ropes one more time...

    Mike: Double Clothesline! Hawk and Note look totally out of it!

    Both men look totally exhausted as the referee begins a ten count. The referee gets to a five count as the fans begin to chant Ace Note's name. Ace Note out of no where seems to gain consciousness, almost feeding off the crowd. Ace makes it to his corner and tags in Shaz who seems to be totally fresh from his break.

    Rocky: UGH! Shaz is totally fresh! This match is over, good try Mike!

    Shaz steps into the ring to a standing obviation by the fans. Mike begins pulling himself up using the ropes and looks across the ring towards Shaz. Mike begins to smirk across the ring, looking completely fearless as the fresh man Shaz begins to walk towards him. Mike throws a wicked haymaker but Shaz ducks and punches Mike in the ribs and begins an fury of strikes to the midsection. Mike drops to the mat and Shaz quickly goes for the cover.

    Th- NO!

    Mike: Mike got his foot on the rope!

    Rocky: What a clever guy, that is why this man is the duel champion!

    Shaz almost laughs as he seems to be in total control of the situation. Shaz picks up Mike and begins dragging him across the ring towards Ace Note. Note begins asking for the tag but Shaz instead lands a harsh DDT in the middle of the ring. Shaz quickly stands back up and looks towards Note and yells "I've got this!". Shaz quickly transfers into the cover as the fans begin to cheer once more.

    Thr-NO! Kickout by Mike!

    Rocky: What heart by Mike... He's not giving up even though he's getting assulted by this former convict!

    The fans begin to boo as they seem frustrated that Ace and Shaz seem unable to put down the champion. Shaz goes to pick up Hawk but Note again asks for the tag. Shaz stops what he's doing to turns around and looks at Note. Shaz screams at Note to stay out of it as Note just holds up his hands and looks unamused by the actions of his tag partner. Shaz turns around and begins to pick up Mike one more time. Shaz goes to suplex Mike but Mike stops it. Mike counters with a suplex of his own.

    Mike: Oh no... Shaz should have tagged in Ace Note!

    Shaz quickly stands back up and but Mike grabs him and begins pulling him to the corner as Ace Note just looks on. Mike hits Shaz with a harsh tornado DDT and goes for a cover as the fans begin to an uproar of boos.

    Thr- NO!

    Rocky: There you go Champ! What a DDT... Shaz seemed to kickout by reflex alone.

    Mike picks up Shaz and looks across the ring towards Ace Note who just shakes his head towards Shaz. Mike lands a neckbreaker and goes towards the top rope as the crowd begins to boo loudly. He stands up on the top rope, facing towards the crowd, back turned to Shaz as the fans continue to boo.

    Mike: Phoenix SPLASH! Holy crap!? This match is over!

    The referee goes to count as Mike hooks Shaz's leg.


    Emily Davis: And here is your winner... Mike Hawk!

    Mike: What in the world did we just see!? Mike Hawk just beat both of his opponents for Full Throttle in a two on one match!? Note and Shaz just weren't on the same page tonight.

    Rocky: That is dominance! Mike just knocked off two of IWA's top talents by himself. What an athlete; what a champion!


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    The fans boo loudly as Kyojin makes his way to the ramp, throwing his arms out as pyro cascades down behind him. Kyo makes his way down the ramp and jumps onto the turnbuckle, looking around with a smirk on his face. He drops down to the canvas and holds his hand out for a microphone. He brings the microphone up to his lips, but before he can speak...


    Blue comes storming down the aisle and quickly slides into the ring. Blue grabs a mic as the fans explode with cheers. Sagittarius Blue stands in the middle of the ring. All around him, the Asylum is alive with roars of support from the audience. Cheers and yells from fans pour in from all directions.

    But Sagittarius Blue is not smiling. He holds his mic with an iron grip. It's not hard to see that he looks like he's in one of those moods... Normally, he paces back and forth when upset or angry. But this time, he stands in one spot, almost stock still. He looks over at Kyojin, standing smugly off to one side - and his eyes narrow.

    And then... after a dramatic silence... Blue speaks...

    Sagittarius Blue: You self-inflated, delusional son of a bitch.

    That's all I can think whenever I look at you. Whenever I hear you. Whenever I even hear someone say your name.

    Just look at you right now. Standing over there, so fucking pleased with yourself. So pleased with being "Greatness Personified." Still so happy over being Superstar of the Year... EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE NOT SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR ANYMORE. I don't normally play the "old dog" card, Kyojin - I respect and look up to the veterans who have been in the trenches long before I ever got in the ring... but YOU? No. I will go there, Kyo.


    Once... once, you were a man above all others - arguably a wrestling god! There was a time when wrestlers would shake in their boots when they heard that you would be in the building. Long-time, multi-time champions - men who were synonymous with gold, with legacies of greatness - would bail at the sound of your name! Once... once, Kyojin... YOU. WERE. LEGENDARY.

    And then... you changed.

    You turned on the Asylum - the fans, the people who support us. Took them for granted.

    You turned on the locker room - spat on them, ridiculed them, just because they're not you.

    You believed yourself above everyone - that people are ants and you're the kid with the magnifying glass.


    Time and again! "Look, it's Little Boy Blue, he's so cute thinking he can wrestle, what a joke!" Look at you - YOU'RE DOING IT NOW. I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES! I see it every time you look at me, you piece of shit!

    Kyo raises his mic to speak -


    No. I'm not done. Nowhere close. I'm not done putting you in your place. In case you haven't figured it out, "golden boy", that's what I do! I am the equalizer! The patron saint of impossible! Every week, I come out and fight people much bigger and stronger than I am! I FIGHT GIANTS! You, Kyo - you're the biggest giant of them all! There is nothing in existence - not even planetary bodies - bigger than your ego!

    What the fuck makes you think you're better than me, huh? What the fuck did you snort to make you think that you can walk your delusional ass into a steel cage with me - ME, of all people - and NOT get fucked up??? Not get your arm broken? Not get your jaw broken? Not get hurt - not get beaten - NOT GET MAIMED??? So help me, Kyo - I don't care what religion you follow...

    But I will put the fear of Sagittarius in you. And the last thing you will think before you wake up in ICU with your teeth in your throat and every other bone in your body broken will be this...


    Kyo yawns really exaggerated, making a long monotonous sound into the microphone. He acts surprised as he finishes, looking across at Blue.

    Kyojin: Oh I’m sorry, did I interrupt you?

    The fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: No, please Blue- continue. Continue to tell us all about how amazing you are, how incredible you are, how wise and how full of knowledge you are. Continue to talk about that time you won a match that I wasn’t part of- and continue to believe yourself above me.

    Because I’m going to prove you wrong.

    The fans explode with boos.

    Kyojin: Are you really that stupid? Of course not, you think I’m going to sit here and allow you to play games with me? I’m the Superstar of EVERY Year. I’m the greatest wrestler to ever step foot into this ring, and the reason you’re attempting to get into my mind is because you know that to be true.

    You’re not the first to try, and you’re certainly not going to be the last. Let me reel off a list of names for you who did the exact same thing. Van Hooligan X, Darius, Jman, Artemis Eclipse, better men than you.

    And each of them fell when push came to shove.

    The fans boo loudly once again as Kyojin shakes his head.

    Kyojin: It baffles me that you have the audacity to walk out here, claim I’m delusional and then announce that I’m old news. Call me an old dog, announce that my days in the spotlight are over? How about I just point you to the fact that throughout this entire company’s tenure, since my debut on the very first ICW PPV, there’s not been a single PPV here where I haven’t been in a spotlight match?

    Like it or not Blue, I am Mr. IWA.

    The fans explode with boos as Kyo laughs.

    Kyojin: These people may think they’re the reason IWA is so successful, hell, I’m sure some people in the back believe themselves the reason why this company is so successful. Guess what? Those are the delusional people Blue.

    I’m the only reason IWA is where it is today- because of the sweat, blood and tears I have put into this company. The fact is Blue, this company runs through my veins, and I’m not going away for a very long time.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: So, should I stand here and do exactly what you tell me to do? Underestimate you? No Blue, I’m not. It’s because you are so damn good that you’re in this match with me in the first place. If you weren’t good, you wouldn’t have done what you did last month and won the Insane Asylum match.

    If you weren’t so good, I wouldn’t have taken the chance on you at Thirst For Blood when I tested you because I wanted to see if you could live up to the hype. And I knew exactly what was going to happen when you entered that Insane Asylum. Without me in there too, you were the only guy who was ever going to go on and win.

    And because of that, your’s already written.

    The fans give a mixed reaction, unsure where Kyojin is going with this.

    Kyojin: We all know you’re going on to Destined For Immortality. We all know you’re going to be in the main event match there, facing the IWA World Heavyweight Champion- whether that be Mike Hawk or Shaz, we all know that’s going to be your night. Every single person in the ‘Asylum’ as you call it will be watching.

    Because they want to know if I’m right.

    The fans give another mixed reaction.

    Kyojin: I told you I’ve been testing you. This- everything from Thirst For Blood until now- has been a test. At Destined For Immortality, you have the very same chance I had all the way back at Glory Days. You have the chance to become the name associated with this company.

    But first, you have to prove you can be Mr. IWA. And how does the saying go?

    To be the man, you have to beat the man.

    The fans cheer loudly and there is wooing in every corner of the arena.

    Kyojin: The man here is standing before you in the ring. Do you have what it takes to become the man? Because come Sunday, we’re going to learn the answer to that question.

    Kyojin steps into Blue’s face.

    Kyojin: I’m taking you to hell Blue...where nobody can hear you scream.
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