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    IWA Revolution: Episode #21

    Location: Boise, Idaho

    The cameras cut straight in with live feed of the crowd, there is no pyro, no introduction to the show from Michael Cole nor by Josh Matthews. Instead, there is simply one man stood in the ring. The man is getting boos all around from the fans as the co-General Manager David Ryan holds a microphone, which he swiftly brings to his lips.

    David Ryan: Ladies & Gentlemen, last front of all of you- for the second month in a row, this brand stood up to Chaos...and we lost.


    The fans boo loudly.

    David Ryan: Now I know, I said at the very top of the show last week that the match was unpredictable. I said we could not tell a single winner out of the bunch- because there were so many potential victors.

    The problem was, I saw Chaos’ victory at Thirst For Blood as a fluke. I felt that the win for them was more about Smokey than Sagittarius Blue. I felt at fault for the loss, I had picked four of our five men and the last man was the one I didn’t pick.

    But at Lost Cause, Jason Alexander proved he really was the one to blame.

    The fans explode with boos.

    David Ryan: Now, Jason Alexander will get his comeuppance, don’t you worry about that. But the problem Blue’s win at Lost Cause caused for this brand is that we now have a Destined For Immortality II main event to decide.

    And there is no way in hell I’m going to allow Smokey to pick that.

    So at Destined For Immortality II, Mr. Black will defend the IWA Championship against...

    Smokey just in time!

    The fans roar with cheers as Ryan gets an angry look on his face. Smokey walks out of the curtain with a smile on his face, microphone in his hand. His music cuts out as he immediately begins to talk, walking down the ramp.

    Smokey: What the fuck is wrong with you?

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Smokey: How can you say that this brand lost, simply because one Chaos star won the Insane Asylum match? Do you not see how this brand won because of that very fact? Sagittarius Blue may be heading for an IWA World Heavyweight Championship match at Destined For Immortality II, but now the fun starts here on Revolution!

    For the next couple of months or so, every single member of that locker room, from new guys like Naik Reven to veterans such as Van Hooligan X. From old Champions like KJ Punk to future stars like D-Boy. Every single one of them wants that spot.

    And they’re going to jump through fuckin' hoops to get it.

    The fans give a mixed reaction as Smokey climbs into the ring.

    Smokey: Now, I feel we’re going to need a month to build the very best main event match for Destined For Immortality II, so we need to name a number one contender by Full Throttle. And here’s my idea!

    A tournament.

    The fans cheer loudly but continue to boo as Ryan cuts in.

    David Ryan: A tournament! Let’s give our very best the chance to shine. The final will be at Full Throttle and the winner will face Mr. Black at Destined For Immortality II. The men in this tournament will be the incomparable Erebus!

    The fans boo loudly.

    David Ryan: El Bandido himself, Carlos Alberto Ramon!

    The fans continue booing.


    The fans are in a frenzy booing.

    David Ryan: And finally, the man who lasted over forty-five minutes in the Insane Asylum match, entering at number one and finishing seventh...OSCAR LAYMAN!

    Ryan looks around at the crowd, who look like they’re about to riot, and continues.

    David Ryan: One of those four men will-

    Smokey: Nope.

    Ryan shoots an angry look in Smokey’s direction who is shaking his head.

    Smokey: No. I’m not going to let you do that. While those four men are extremely worthy of facing Mr. Black, there are others on this roster that are just as deserving as those four. Such as the runner up of the Insane Asylum match, Jason Alexander!

    So let’s add him to the bracket!

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Smokey: Or how about the man who entered number 30 in the Asylum match? How about D-Boy?

    The fans roar with cheers.

    Smokey: Throw him in there too!

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Smokey: How about the very first IWA World Champion...KJ PUNK?

    The crowd once more cheers vibrantly.

    Smokey: Well then, there’s seven. And I tell you what we’re gonna do...two quarter finals this week, two quarter finals next week. We’ll have the semi finals split over two weeks, and the final at Full Throttle.

    The problem is, we need an eighth man. So let’s do this...the next man to walk through those curtains will be added to the tournament. But before anybody warned that your quarter final will be tonight.

    Against Erebus!

    The fans immediately quieten down in anticipation.

    Archer Black!

    Archer Black walks through the curtain with a smirk on his face. He shouts ‘COUNT ME IN!’ as the fans give a mixed reaction.

    Smokey: Well then, that’s settled! Tonight, we will see Archer Black face Erebus, and Jason Alexander face Oscar Layman in the first two quarter finals. But the other four guys won’t have the night off...we’re going to see The Infection take on KJ Punk and D-Boy in a tag team match!

    Enjoy the show everybody!

    Smokey drops the microphone and goes to leave.

    David Ryan: Woah, woah, woah. Not so fast.

    The fans boo loudly as Smokey stops at the ropes.

    David Ryan: You didn’t mention the main event. And you see, I’ve got a bit of an announcement. This weekend, I signed a brand new contract. There is only one difference to the old General Manager contract here in IWA...I can’t compete in a match.

    You though, you can.

    The fans are once again waiting in anticipation.

    David Ryan: And tonight, you will.

    Ryan takes a step forward.

    David Ryan: I told you you’re going to get what’s coming to you, and tonight- that comes true. Tonight Smokey, you’re going to go one-on-one against the IWA Champion, MR BLACK!

    In a No Disqualification match!

    Smokey looks on in shock as Ryan smiles.

    David Ryan: Good luck.

    Ryan leaves the ring as Smokey hasn’t moved from his spot. He turns around to see Ryan backing up the ramp with a smile on his face.

    Michael Cole: WOW! What a series of announcements!

    Josh Matthews: Four huge matches for tonight, and I’m being told our tournament will begin after this break as Jason Alexander faces Oscar Layman! Stay tuned, folks.

    Commercial Break

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    Michael Cole: This following match-up is an outrage! I mean Layman is at a major disadvantage here, he has already competed once tonight and now he is going against a man that has no right being involved in this competition, if it had not been for that medalling Smokey he would be jobbing out as normal, which is what talent like him deserve…I mean the true Endurance Champion being forced to wrestle beneath him…sickening…

    Josh Matthews: God I wish you would shut up! Stop being Dave Ryan’s PR guru and call the match, do what you are paid to do!

    Lacey Foster: The following contest is set for one fall with the winner going on to the semi-finals of the IWA Championship tournament. Introducing first, from the Isle of Puerto Rico, weighing in at 230lbs, Jason Alexander!


    Josh Matthews: This young man has faced a fair few attacks as of late, he also gave a great performance in the Insane Asylum match up at DFI, he is very ready for to forward in his career and this match can help him accomplish this…

    Michael Cole: Hopeless delusions…

    Lacey Foster: His opponent, Lay Hoola-man X!


    Michael Cole: A great man, wrestler and performer, need I say more? He took out that badmouthing Vegas Kid, he knows how to handle himself in this ring…

    Start at 3:00 and End at 8:52
    Prince Devitt (Lay Hoola-man X) vs. PAC (Jason)

    Alexander is on fire, having Lay Hoola-man X laid out in the corner, he waits eager to let his opponent rise, stalking him from behind he waits until he turns and lands a fast and stunning full nelson backbreaker, the body of Lay Hoola-man X bouncing to the mat… As Lay Hoola-man X stays on the mat dazed and stunned Jason locks in the dragon sleeper hold onto his opponent, this hold tightening with every turn made by Oscar, Jason truly in control…

    Josh Matthews: Great submission moved locked in by Jason Alexander, using his upper body strength to his advantage…

    Alexander tries to continue to keep this hold on Lay Hoola-man X, a reversal and he takes Alexander down with a quick Vany-DDT-y, smacking the head of Alexander into the mat, he goes for a quick cover on Alexander…


    Fast kick out from Alexander as Lay Hoola-man X gets back to his feet and begins to lands hard and painful shots to the stomach and the ribcage of Alexander, these shots are relentless and viscous and he is pulled off by the referee and issued a warning… Laughed off by Lay Hoola-man X he gets back on the assault of kicks, now to the stomach of Alexander before, his leg is caught and he is taken down to the mat, smacking his back and head off the hard canvas as he does…

    Michael Cole: That could have caused an injury! That is pure disrespect!

    The two men now crawling back to their feet, they stand toe to toe in the centre of the ring, Lay Hoola-man X landing a shot to the jaw of Alexander, who lands a head-butt followed by a shattering shot to the jaw of Lay Hoola-man X and the two men begin trading blows in the centre of the ring…

    Lay Hoola-man X
    Lay Hoola-man X
    Lay Hoola-man X
    Lay Hoola-man X

    Michael Cole: Come on Lay Hoola-man X! He has the big man right where he wants him! This is done!

    Lay Hoola-man X continues these shots until from nowhere a thunderous roundhouse kick to his jaw from Alexander stuns him, leaving him lying helpless on the mat… Alexander realises he has him, he starts to stalk the fallen Lay Hoola-man X, mimicking the cocky behaviour he
    displayed to the referee …

    Josh Matthews: You were saying Cole? What a kick to the face of Lay Hoola-man X!!!

    Lay Hoola-man X slowly coming through, Alexander backed into the corner as Lay Hoola-man X gets onto his knees…


    A thunderous knee to the face from Alexander, he goes for the pin…




    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner and advancing to the semi-finals Jason Alexander!

    Josh Matthews: That was one hard fought battle between two very worthy opponents and congratulations to Jason Alexander, our first semi-finalist…

    The cameras cut backstage to show Dwayne Warren in the interview area.

    Dwayne Warren: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Daymian Bloodstone!

    The fans in the arena cheer as Bloodstone walks onto the screen. He smiles and looks at Warren, who goes to speak again but out of nowhere, Bloodstone is smashed from behind! The camera dashes around to show Israel Pamich, who grabs hold of Bloodstone and hits a right hand, but Bloodstone returns the favour with his own right hand, and they begin to trade blows in the corridor.


    Bloodstone backs up as Pamich grabs him by the head and throws him into a nearby container. Bloodstone hits it and slams into the floor. Pamich grabs him by the head and begins to pound on his face, shot after shot. Soon, there are IWA officials and referees on hand to drag Pamich off Bloodstone and keep him away as Bloodstone is looked at by doctors.

    Pamich smirks as he pulls himself free and walks away from the scene as we cut to a commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    Michael Cole: Well Josh it looks like we are gonna be greeted by The King himself, King Strem.

    Josh Matthews: He seems to be on a mission. He is storming to the ring and looks pist.

    Michael Cole: Well it's The King Josh, what doesn't piss him off? Well it looks like we'll hear what he has to say. Lets listen in...

    Strem: You know I just had to come out and vent a little. You see the King is angry. There is nothing worse than an angry King. There are many things that make me angry. Spilling milk on the table when pouring my cereal, my favorite sports team losing. These things make me angry, but nothing compared to what I see here in IWA. Each and every damn week, I am in the back, whether I have a match or not, and see people half assing everything. The work ethic here is pitiful. Some of these people want to be extraordinary here but what good is it going to do if you are in the back shoving food down your face or trying to mingle with women.

    *Crowd Boos*

    Strem: What? You don't like The King telling you these things? Well get the fuck over it. We have lives just like you people. In fact, most the people in the back are fucking fat ugly slobs just like each and every one of you. simple minded idiots, just like you people.

    *Crowd Boos*

    Strem: I came into this company because I thought that I would have fantastic talent to go against. Before I came here, I heard nothing but great things from IWA. I am sad to say no one has lived up to the hype for me. I see these champions and how they say that they are the best, but wait until the day you have to face The King, and then we will see how great you truly are.

    * Crowd Boos Strem and start chanting OVER-RATED*

    Strem: Sure go ahead, yup I am over rated. Or, OR, is it the fact I am just so damn talented and no one in this fucking company to know what to do with me? I was a champion and a main event star in a company that is just as good, if not better than IWA considering the mediocrity I see in the back from wrestlers and staff alike.

    *Crowd continues to chant OVER RATED and YOU SUCK*

    Strem: Well, now that I am done venting to you idiots, like you even listened, I am here tonight to announce that I am issuing a challenge. I challenging any sad excuse of a wrestler in the back, hell, I challenge anyone here to come into this ring, face The King, and we can see if The King is over rated like our great fans want to chant ...


    The crowd pops loudly for Ivan Draymen when he makes his way out onto the ramp with a microphone in hand. His eyes stay focused on Strem as he walks down the ramp, and then he rolls into the ring and stands up in front of Strem.

    Draymen: What? Expecting someone else? Someone less experienced? Less threatening? You and I; We've had a few encounters over the past few weeks and quite frankly, I'm not a fan of those encounters. You come off as one hell of a condescending asshole. I am willing to bet my next paycheck that 99% of the people in this crowd want to see me kick your teeth down your throat right now.

    The crowd pops loudly for Draymen.

    Draymen: Told you. Now; You just issued an open challenge. You can not back out of this open challenge now. I'm here to answer your challenge, Strem. No one has shut you up yet and I do not know why. Your time in EWNCW doesn't mean a damned thing here. You're in the big leagues now. You have to put up or shut up.

    Unlike you, I have established who I am here. I have wins that matter. I have made a name for myself in the IWA. I don't use past accolades. I use what matters here and now. So here is my proposition. Lets settle our differences here and now before the escalate any further. Hell, I'm giving you a chance to say you beat Ivan Draymen, an accomplishment that means something.

    I accept your challenge, Strem.

    Michael Cole: All I can say with this next match up is good luck to you Draymen, perhaps a stretched will take you home tonight, this man Kingstrem is on a mission here at Revolution…

    CM Punk (Ivan) Vs. Kane (Kingstrem)
    Start at 1:30 and End at 10:02

    Josh Matthews: How did Strem kick-out of that! Ivan Draymen is in shock…

    Pulling Kingstrem back up to his feet, Draymen begins to attack the midsection; he begins an onslaught of knee shots, relentlessly landing these to the same place, again and again, trying to weaken Strem back to the mat…

    Michael Cole: What is he doing does he think that he can actually beat him? Overconfidence is not an attractive quality in a performer like him…

    Josh Matthews: He is not over confident, he is working hard to win…

    These knee shots continue and they turn to slaps to the chest of Strem, several strong Irish whips and backhand chops being pounded to the chest of Strem, backing him into the corner and back heel kick to the right temple, sending him down the ropes to the mat…

    Josh Matthews: That was some kick to Kingstrem…

    Draymen begins to hit repeated elbow strikes to the chest of Kingstrem, we can see that he is hurt, struggling as these continue, Draymen knows he has the upper hand on Kingstrem… Draymen lands one more elbow strike to the same spot on the chest of Kingstrem before heading to the top rope and smiles as he looks at Strem, struggling to get to his feet, holding his chest as he shows clear signs of the damage from the hands of Draymen…

    Biding his time, perched on the top rope, Draymen waits for the Strem to face him and making a leap for a diving cross body… SPINEBUSTER!

    Hitting this body crushing move on Draymen, slamming him hard into the mat and he
    goes for a quick pin



    Draymen kick out, which angers Kingstrem…

    Josh Matthews: It has taken a turn here, we know see Kingstrem in control here and he is not happy with the kick-out from Draymen…

    Pulling Draymen to his feet by his hair, Strem begins to land a series of high knees to his gut, aggression seeping through him, grabbing Draymen by the waist he throws him in overhead belly to belly , throwing him across the ring and crashing into the ropes…

    Michael Cole: Thunderous belly to belly suplex from Kingstrem, he is coming back and destroying this pathetic excuse of a wrestler…

    Sauntering over to the wary Draymen, who is slumped against the ring post and he receives a knee to the right temple, dragging him across the ring he lays him in the middle and begins to land kicks to the midsection and ribs of Ivan and with a smile, he locks in the ankle lock… Pulling on the left ankle of Draymen who is clawing at the ring apron, searching for some strength to get to the bottom rope…

    Draymen begins to try and twist his body, trying to break from the hold, only for it to be tightened by Strem, a sick smile coming across his face, continue to twist and claw, Draymen breaks free and small package on Kingstrem


    Kicking out, Strem is back to his feet, in slight shock and Draymen has stumbled to the corner, showing the effects of that submission move, Strem makes a run at him and Draymen dodges out of the way, stopping himself only to be hit with a spinning heel kick from Draymen, knocking him back to the mat…

    Josh Matthews: This is amazing! Can Draymen continue with that clearly hurt ankle...

    Unsteady on his feet; he turns to face Draymen and TRAIN WRECK! Knocking Strem to the mat he covers him…




    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, Ivan Draymen!

    Michael Cole: NO!

    Josh Matthews: Big win for Ivan Draymen! Especially with that ankle!

    Draymen holds himself up by the ropes, clearly favouring his uninjured ankle as the fans cheer loudly.

    Michael Cole: Well up next, we are going to see Chris Diamond’s Endurance Championship celebration! I can’t wait for this.

    Commercial Break.

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    Inside the ring, balloons are laid out in the corners of the ring, as the ring has been covered over with a red carpet, all set for the Diamond Championship Ceremony. There are a couple of posters laid out in the centre of the ring, one with Diamond upon the turnbuckle posing and the second with Diamond celebrating his big victory on the last Revolution.


    Boos erupt around the arena as the NEW Endurance Champion is out into the ring. Confetti begins to fall from the rafters and his trademark golden pyro goes off behind him as he poses with the Endurance Title in his arms. He strolls down to the ring with a certain swag and the trademark Diamond smirk.

    The confetti continues to fall and fireworks erupt as fireworks explode from the turnbuckles. The boos continue as Chris’ theme dies down. A ‘YOU SUCK!’ chant goes up before the new champion begins talking, arrogance thick in his voice.

    Diamond: Well, well well. Would you look at me here, standing inside this your NEW IWA Endurance Champion!

    More boos from the crowd in Idaho but Diamond cuts them off quickly.

    Diamond: You’ve been booing me since the day I got into this place but now as your Champion I DEMAND that you sit down, shut your goddamn mouths and show me the respect that I so richly deserve.

    Of course, the crowd react with a lot more heat than before.

    Diamond: I’ve been waiting a long time to say this...I told each and every one of you that I was The Prodigy. When I arrived in here, I was seen by all of you and everyone in the back as just a little cocky punk. A newbie who had absolutely no credentials and the man who would not back up his big talk. All I ever was gonna be was another little PUNK who would suffer in the competitive environment that is IWA.

    Then I went on one of the best streaks in IWA history. I beat every man who was stood in front of me and I shoved it down your throats. But even then, you people still thought that I would never make it to the level that I did, never live up to the name ‘The Prodigy’

    Diamond pauses, before he continues on talking with a grin on his face.

    Diamond: Following on from that, I didn’t have the best run of forms and the superstars in the back said ‘I told you so. This kid aint nothing but a punk!’ People began to believe I wouldn’t even get near the heights that I so ludicrously claimed that I would. Soon enough, it was make or break. Matthew Black, Chris Diamond...Chaos/Revolution...winner take all. All the talk was that, ‘Oh Chris Diamond can’t beat this up and comer’ And I made him tap out like a little bitch!

    More boos from the crowd as The Prodigy smirks in the ring.

    Diamond: From there...I soared up the ranks, culminating last week in the Fatal 4 Way match where I became your IWA ENDURANCE CHAMPION! After all your shit, all your doubt...this makes the Championship all the more sweet.

    Major heat as Chris holds the gold high in the air, before he kisses the Title.

    Diamond: But folks, it’s only just beginning. I will be the GREATEST Champion of all time, forget about Oscar Layman: Chris Diamond is the man who will make the IWA Endurance Championship the most impressive and prestigious Championship not only in IWA...but in the world of Pro Wrestling! Because I am CHRIS DIAMOND....and I am the true PRODIGY of Insane Wrestling A-


    Take it Outside fills the air and a chorus of cheers follow. Chris Gatling emerges at the top of the ramp in his blue jeans, camo t-shirt, and boots. He looks around, soaking up the love. After a minute Gatling stomps down to the ring, grabs a mic, enters the ring, & stands face to face with Diamond.

    Gatling: Chris.

    He extends his hand to Diamond, but is brushed off.

    Okay, I get it. I interrupted your little party & you're not happy about it. It was pretty rude of me & I apologize. A southern boy like myself knows better manners, but I wasn't quite sure if you were gonna shut up or not so I decided to cut you off a little short. Not that you don't deserve to celebrate, because you do.

    What you've done is no simple task & one I respect. You told everybody what you were gonna do, you did it, & now you're gloating about it. See that last part is what bugs me. You did your thing & that's good, but must you bore us with your bragging? It's the same old song & dance I hear from a lot of people when they finally get their hands on gold. You whine & cry because nobody supported you so you want to rub it in everyone's faces. Maybe if you hadn't been such an ass all along, you'd have some fans.

    Enough about what you've done though. I want to talk about what you haven't done. Sure you won a fatal 4-way & took the advantages that you should have. What you haven't done though is beat me 1-on-1.

    Diamond raises his mic to speak, but he's interrupted.

    Yea I know, you never said you had or would. Don't waste your breath. You're talking about the beginning of your reign & what a beautiful story that may be. However, I've got 205 pounds of North Carolina whoop-ass right here that says I can bring it to an early end. You didn't pin me, you pinned The Vegas Kid. If you ask me that was a hell of a match & I'd like to believe I played a part in that.

    The crowd cheers in agreement.

    Hear that? They agree. Now if you want to be the great champion you claim you'll be, why not start it off right? Give these people a good show & let me take some weight off your hands. There's a PPV coming up called Full Throttle. What ya say me & you go all out and have ourselves a match? You put your Endurance Championship on the line & we'll have ourselves a fight!


    Clandestine appears at the top of the ramp, his eyes showing frustration. He brings the microphone to his mouth and screams.

    Clandestine: REMATCH!!!! YOU WANT A REMATCH?!

    Clandestine begins to walk down the ramp, his frustration has eased off and smirk is shown on his face as talks.

    Clandestine: Why exactly do you, the all mighty Chris Gatling deserve a rematch? Because you were the champion? Why does that automatically mean you get a rematch? you've had your shot! and a rematch would only prove that you deserved to lose because Diamond will beat you again. I've beaten you, I've out performed you every time me and you got in the ring, hell half the wrestlers in the back would have no trouble beating you.

    A thunderous chorus of Boo's ring out from the crowd. Clandestine walks up the steps and into the ring.

    Clandestine: In my short time here I've faced You, Draymen, Punk and I've even set foot in one of the craziest matches this company has to offer! The Insane Asylum match. I'm done with you, your chance at the Endurance title has come and gone. It's time for you to move on to pastures new. In other words, time to take you out behind the shed and put you out of yours and our misery.

    The Boos begin again as Clandestine paces around in the ring, never losing eye contact with either of the two men who stand in the ring opposite him.

    Clandestine: Diamond, this is my proposal to you. You've beaten Gatling, you have no need to prove to yourself or the fans you can beat him. You talk about how your going to be the greatest endurance champion there ever will be, How about you start backing up that claim by facing someone you've never faced before, some body who can push you harder than anyone else on the roster, The person who is the fastest rising and best upcoming wrestler in the IWA today.......ME! Or are you afraid because you know you can't beat me!

    Clandestine stares down Chris Diamond waiting for his answer. Diamond looks pissed off as he lifts his microphone to his lips.

    Chris Diamond: THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

    The fans explode with boos.

    Chris Diamond: This is my night! Neither of you will ruin this! You want a shot at my title? Earn it! Next week, Clandestine vs. Chris Gatling!

    The fans cheer.

    Chris Diamond: And the winner will go on to Full Throttle to face me for this beautiful gold. But be warned, you will lose.

    Diamond drops his microphone and climbs out of the ring. He backs up the ramp, holding his title up high as Clandestine and Gatling watch on from the ring. We head to a commercial on a shot of Diamond with his Endurance Championship.

    Commercial Break

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    We go backstage where we see Dwayne Warren ready to conduct an interview as always

    Dwayne Warren: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining me and my guest at this time....Jason Alexander.

    Jason comes forward with a towel around his neck as he is sweating a bit from the match earlier he had earlier.

    Alexander: Pleasure to be here, Dwayne.

    Warren: Let's get right to it, shall we?

    Jason nods

    Warren: Jason, what are your thoughts your on Ryan's statement concerning you earlier tonight?

    Jason can't help but smirk.

    Alexander: Dwayne....please don't call Ryan's threat a "statement". IWA and the world knows of the troubles Ryan and I have had since I began to do what I do best. Shine. After The Nightmare Madness was over, I answered my call and began to do what came only natural to me. Be the best. In this case be the best Revolution has to offer. So what did I do? Around the time Thirst for Blood came about, I stepped right up to Mr. Black, Ryan's personal bitch. With no fear, no hesitation and knowing there was no way, I was gonna lose the opportunity to make a name for myself and my brand which is why I wanted in on Team Revolution come Thirst for Blood.

    Only problem with that goal? David Ryan himself. He feels to this day, I'm not up to standard with the vision he has for Revolution. He repeatedly sabotaged my chances to make my brand proud, still thanks to Ms. Moore, I got my spot and when Thirst for Blood came about I gave it all and fought tooth and nail with Sagittarius Blue, with Blue being the better man that night. I knew I could've done more and set my goals on doing better and making Revolution the talk of the town when Lost Cause arrived and with it came the Insane Asylum. A match where....let's call it fate made it so once again Sagittarius Blue and I once again stood as the best Chaos and Revolution has to offer simply because we are.

    But as fate would have it, the stars aligned in favor of Sagittarius Blue once more and he emerged victorious with a guaranteed main event IWA World Heavyweight Championship Match against Mike Hawk at Destined for Immortality II. While I am proud of my friend Blue for all his success, the sinking feeling in my heart that I once again failed Revolution harbored within me but I would and will not let it consume nor define me. Because I am Jason Alexander and I'm always destined for greatness.

    So to hear from Ryan himself that I will get what's coming to's a welcome challenge. Ryan, you've tried to keep me from being what I am time and time again but surely by now you must realize, I am the best and will continue to be no matter what. Your own vendetta against me will not prevent me from fulfilling my destiny, so do your worst because I promise you here and now, it will never be enough to keep down. I've been given an opportunity like no other and no one will stop me.

    Warren: That opportunity of course is being part of Smokey and David Ryan's 8 man tournament were the final 2 will meet at Full Throttle and the winner will receive an IWA Championship Match at Destined for Immortality II.

    Alexander: An opportunity I intend to capitalize on to the fullest. Ryan sure as hell may not have wanted me in this tournament but a perk of having lost at Thirst for Blood is that he no longer gets to make that call on his own and now stars like me get their fair shot at earning their right to headline Destined for Immortality.

    Warren: Well Jason, you are step closer to that goal having defeated Oscar Layman in the opening match, and first quarter final match in this tournament. How do you feel about that win?

    Jason dries off some fo the sweat with the towel he wears before answering.

    Alexander: It feels great and damn if it doesn't give you the confidence to take on the entire world when you do. Layman is a star. He was the IWA Endurance Champion for good reason. He had a great showing in The Insane Asylum having entered at #1. Made right to the final 8. Gotta give him the props he deserves and then but as I stated. No one and I mean no one will stop me. I have too much to prove to the world, to IWA, to Ryan, to Revolution itself but more importantly to myself. I need to win this tournament and God as my witness, I will do it and then go for it all at Destined for Immortality II.

    Warren: That's great to hear Jason but knowing that you have to face the winner of tonight's second quarter final match of the night which will see Erebus face Archer Black in two weeks time for one of the semifinal match ups in this tournament, can you really keep this level of intensity and momentum against the beast that is Erebus or the counter half of the man who bested you not once but twice, Sagittarius Blue twin, Archer Black?

    Jason closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and now speaks as he opens his eyes with presence and has the look of a confident and determined man.

    Alexander: Erebus or Archer Black. Either is a challenge in their own right and a big hurdle to overcome in 2 weeks but I do feel I can and will stand tall when facing either man. If I had a say in who I'd want to face I'd pick Erebus. Never in fear that I can't beat Archer Black, because I know Erebus is the man that is going to push to me to the very limit and make me stronger than ever we put forth the most grueling and intense match this tournament will have before the finals themselves.

    Of course Archer can do the same but when I defeat Erebus...there will no doubts in anyone's mind that I deserve to be where I am and more importantly where I will be...standing tall come Destined for Immortality II as the new IWA Champion.

    Warren: Finally Jason and let me say what a pleasure it is to interview you, may we get your thoughts on the other four men in the tournament?

    Jason smiles

    Alexander: Pleasure was mine, Dwayne. Of course.

    KJ Punk. The very first IWA World Heavyweight Champion. He faced Black Blooded single handedly, failing at times thanks to no stranger to us, David Ryan but you gotta admire the heart and passion he brings to Revolution. He's always looking to be the best and this tournament may be his chance to show why he is one of the best. Should he reach the finals, it will be an honor facing and defeating him.

    The Infection's Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X. The other batch of hand picked stars in David Ryan's vision of what Revolution needs to be. They've been together and watching each others backs since their HWA days but since then their bond has weakened and you gotta wonder how well they can co-exist if they have to face one another in this tournament especially when an IWA Championship Opportunity stands between them? But in the end if either reaches the finals they'll face and suffer defeat at the hands of their worst nightmare. Me.

    Finally...D-boy. The one I'm personally keeping my eye on. He's grown into the superstar he's always meant to be, thanks in part to Freya Rayne...Jason winks at the camera as if he knows she's watching....and some of my own encouragement in standing up to Ryan. I eliminated him at the Insane Asylum and showed that while I admire him and respect him, when it comes down to it, should he reach the finals, he'll suffer the same fate. I will eliminate him and at Full Throttle....will be the the night "The Puerto Rican Nightmare" will reign and be one step closer to forever be destined for immortality.

    Dwayne thanks Jason for his time as we head back to the ring.

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    Lacey Foster: The following contest is a tag team match, set for one fall!

    The Infection!

    Lacey Foster: Introducing first, the team of Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X, the Tag Team of the Year 2013, The Infection!

    Michael Cole: Notice that? These guys won Tag Team of the Year! Well deserved too!


    Lacey Foster: And their opponents, introducing first! From Pardy Central, weighing in at 260 pounds! Being accompanied to the ring by Freya Rayne, D-Boy!

    Josh Matthews: D-Boy has been on a great run since he went solo, and now he’s got a great opportunity in this tournament!

    Michael Cole: Well, next week we’re going to see Carlos Alberto Ramon destroy D-Boy and Van Hooligan X destroy KJ Punk in their respective quarter finals!


    Lacey Foster: And his partner, from Mississippi! Weighing in at 240 pounds, KJ PUNK!

    Josh Matthews: Well I don’t think we can write off anybody in this match to go on and win the entire tournament!

    (Sheamus= D-Boy, Punk= KJ, Bryan= VHX, Ramon= Jericho)
    (from 5:06 to 13:28)

    Michael Cole: What a match so far!

    Josh Matthews: And Ramon has Punk right where he wants him!

    Ramon looks for it, and goes for the Money Maker, but Punk catches him and slams him into the canvas, rolling through with a pinfall!




    Lacey Foster: Here are your winners, the team of KJ Punk and D-Boy!

    Josh Matthews: What a win for Punk & D-Boy! They will certainly take the momentum into their quarter finals next week!

    Michael Cole: Punk pinned Ramon! Ramon is facing D-Boy and Punk is facing Van! This means nothing!

    Punk & D-Boy, along with Freya, head away up the ramp together celebrating as Ramon sits up in the ring, clearly not happy. Van climbs into the ring as Ramon stands up and holds his arms out, mouthing ‘what happened?’ Ramon shakes his head and looks at the floor as Van shakes his own head and climbs through the ropes.

    Michael Cole: Van is leaving without his partner!

    Josh Matthews: Some tension in the ranks of The Infection, perhaps?

    Commercial Break

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    We return from commercial to show Dwayne Warren backstage once again.

    Dwayne Warren: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time, the Vegas Kid!

    The camera pulls back, revealing a jacket that can only be described as Emerald City Green. pants to match as the tiny bits of green gemstone on both pants and coat sparkle in the light The Vegas kid turns, revealing a royal purple shirt with what appear to be zebra-stripes running up and down it, and holding a green fedora with a royal purple band around it.

    TVK: It's all in motion, there ain't no stoppin now,
    Got nothing to lose, not that matters anyhow.
    The Man of many faces, came for the kid.
    And he knows he shouldn't have done what he did
    Chairs are for sitting, not bouncing off skulls
    But then Oscar's always been a bit dull.
    Something like U-gene, without the mat skill
    and all the charm and good looks of an oil spill.

    Dwayne chuckles as the fans cheer, The Kid puts on his hat, looking directly at the camera.

    TVK: Layman, you want me, just name the place
    Kid's always got time to re-break your face
    Face me straight up, just like a real man
    or the best impression of one that you can
    I ain't going nowhere, this jaw ain't glass
    Come at me again and I'll beat yo-

    *TVK doesn’t finish the sentence; instead he screws up his face. He releases the microphone, before he lowers his hands to his groin, before suddenly falling to the floor. The camera then zooms out to show Lay Hoola-Man X on his knees behind the floored TVK. LHX smirks, before he reaches over to TVK, and begins hammering him with right hands. After approximately 15 quick blows, to TVK, LHX lifts his rival up to his feet. LHX looks at Dwayne Warren, who scampers away, before he picks up the microphone, and smashes it against the skull of TVK. TVK drops to his knees, blood trickling from his nose, before LHX finishes him off with a running knee to the temple. The crowd jeers from inside the arena, as LHX looks at the damage he’s caused. He sits cross-legged behind TVK, looking down his nose at him.*

    LHX: I hope you can hear me, Vegas boy… well actually, I hope you have to watch this back with the medical team. These past few weeks haven’t been my best – I can admit that! But the source of all my troubles is you Vinnie. There are a lot of things you, David Ryan, and the whole IWA roster needs to hear.

    See Velma, last Revolution was my chance to prove myself. My title reign before that was rather lacklustre. Smyth was the reason I won it. My title belt was the reason I defended it. I had something to prove.

    The only person who was ready to give up during our title match was you, Vegas. 3 other people were still able to fight. I’ll give Chris credit in the sense that he capitalised on the weak… I’ve done it myself in the past, but he doesn’t deserve MY title!

    See Violet, these supporters are important to you, but you don’t give the fans what they want. They wanted a classic match with the best man coming out on top. That didn’t happen! But they don’t turn on you.

    No, they turn on those who battled for them, who fought with them, who did everything for them! Come on guys, you only support the strongest, the prettiest! If anyone picks on their favourite jobber then you hate them for it! I made a god damn name for myself, but because it was at the expense of “your Darius” I was hated!

    *The fans make their distaste known, as LHX continues*

    LHX: And I’m still hated because I don’t like you, boo boo... like I particularly don’t like Punk, Gatling or Smith! I try to alert them to the ever-changing attitudes of your “supporters”, and then I’m apparently an enemy of yours!

    These fans don’t support the best, Viagra. Mike Hawk is one of the best… he proved that at Lost Cause. I lasted longer than anyone else in the Insane Asylum. Not ‘til the end, but longer than 29 other men! Does that qualify me as one of the best?

    Let’s be brutally honest here though, Vivacity. You know I’ve proven that I deserve an IWA title shot? I shouldn’t have to leap through these hoops. I may be some “psychotic freak”, as you so elegantly described me as being; Dave, but I’ve got talent. But *mockingly* “sorry Oscar, someone new is here”. “Sorry Oscar, someone better is here”.

    *Back to normal voice.* Why is it always me who waits for his turn? It makes sense to be the boss’ friend, as you know with Smokester, Veronica. Then you get opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. But no, tonight is a wake-up. I shouldn’t have to go through a tournament! There should be a tournament to decide who faces me!

    You want to know why I did what I did in the Insane Asylum? Well see, Vero, this is all down to you. You cost me my Endurance Title, so I cost you even the chance to compete competitively in the Insane Asylum. That to me isn’t a fair trade. Even with this attack, the retribution is still smaller than the size of the crime.

    See Velocity, I don’t see any titles in your future, so the fairest way for me to even this out? Well, Vanessa, it’s to end your career. It’s to send you away from IWA to never be seen again! Then it may be enough. But until you’re crippled, you’ve got a giant target on your back, and I’ve got the bow and arrow.

    *LHX climbs to his feet, as TVK begins to stir. He rests against the interview set, looking down at TVK*

    LHX: I am the most unpredictable man in IWA, but one thing that everyone can correctly predict is the rise of yours truly.

    *More hate from the audience is heard, as LHX drops the microphone. He shakes his head angrily at TVK, before looking around at his surroundings. He quickly walks away, to leave TVK on the floor.

    The camera focuses on TVK, who’s obviously in serious pain, before LHX comes back in with a Cricket Bat in hand. He uses his free hand to grip TVK by the throat, before he throws him against the interview set! TVK holds his spine, feeling the effects of that toss, before LHX runs at him, and in a clothesline manner, sandwiches TV between the bat and the interview set! TVK slumps to the floor, wearing a crimson mask, oblivious to the wry smile LHX has. This time, LHX saunters away, with TVK in a pool of his own blood as we return to ringside.

    Josh Matthews: My god, I hope The Vegas Kid is okay.

    Michael Cole: Lay Hoola-man X is the next big thing on this show! He doesn’t need a tournament to prove that!

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    The crowd cheers for Darius as he makes his way out onto the stage. He slowly looks around the arena as they begin to chant his name, then he makes his way down the ramp and heads into the ring. He then takes a microphone from the center of the ring and brings it to his lips.

    Darius: I have a question for you all ... Do I look like I lost weight? I feel like I'm lighter ... 222 pounds lighter to be exact. Hmm ... What could that weight loss be?

    Darius scratches his head with the microphone.

    Darius: Oh yeah, now I remember. I got that prick Mr. Smyth off from my back finally!

    The crowd pops hugely.

    Darius: I don't know how you guys felt during the steel cage match ... But I was loving every fucking second of it. I will give Smyth credit where it was due, he did do some damage to me.

    It was a battle, one hell of a battle, but the better man came out on top. The better man broke the other man in half with a spear. The better man walked out of that steel cage with his head held high! ...

    Until another man came to steal my thunder. A man named Dave Sullivan.

    The crowd boos loudly at Sullivan's mention.

    Darius: The coward attacked me after I was in a brutal steel cage match. He attacked me when I was weak because he knows DAMN WELL he couldn't do it when I'm on my game. He thinks his little "Path of redemption" or whatever is going to start with me. I have never heard of such a stupid idea.

    Yes, lets have the junkie addict attack the completely drug free and healthy beast known as Darius. Smart move, Dave! Real fucking smart. Now how bout you put down the spoon or the needle, take the belt from your arm, and come down here to face me like a man, you son of a bitch.

    I'm tired of being attacked from behind. Not one person has the balls to look me in the eyes before they do that shit. Not a single damn person. So make that difference Dave. Come down here right now and FACE ME LIKE A MAN.


    The fans explode with boos as Dave Ryan, the co-General Manager of Revolution, makes his way out of the curtain. He strolls down to the ring and climbs in. Darius doesn’t look happy as Ryan is handed a microphone.

    David Ryan: I know. Wrong Dave. But don’t worry Darius, because I’m out here to find out exactly the same thing you are.

    Why is Dave Sullivan here?

    The fans give a mixed reaction.

    David Ryan: So Sully, get your ass out to this ring and tell me why you’re here.


    The fans explode with boos as Dave Sullivan slowly walks out onto the ramp, staring down at the scene in the ring, the man he attacked at Lost Cause and his former HWA creative buddy staring right back at him- and smirks. Sullivan slowly makes his way down the ramp as he ignores the cries of the fans to either side of him.

    Michael Cole: Sullivan is showing no fear here! He’s just walking out to whatever awaits him in that ring. That is one hella great showing of confidence.

    Josh Matthews: It could be called confidence. It could also be called stupidity. Let’s find out which one it is.

    Sullivan reaches the ring and slowly climbs onto the apron, staring at Darius coldly. Ryan steps in front of Darius, turning around to hold him back as Sullivan climbs through the ropes. Darius goes to step around Ryan, who stands his ground as Sullivan stands up fully.

    And Ryan blasts Darius with a low blow.

    Michael Cole: Ryan just low blowed Darius!

    Darius stumbles forwards, his hands holding his groin as Sullivan grabs him and delivers a swift RKO!

    Josh Matthews: RKO! Sullivan has laid Darius out again!

    Sullivan bends down and picks Darius’ microphone up.

    Dave Sullivan: Eddie my boy, thanks for the warm welcome.

    The fans begin to boo loudly as they begin to realize Ryan and Sullivan were working together the entire time.

    Dave Sullivan: Why am I out here? Why am I in the IWA? I am here because I made a deal with an old friend. I needed a job...I needed a second chance, and Eddie was willing to give to me. I wasn't just going to be handed the job though, because in exchange I had to do him a favor. Dave Ryan needed me to do some pest control. To take care of a little problem that has been terrorizing this company for far too long. He explained to me that Darius here was getting out of control, and that he needed someone with a prior experience in dealing with problems like these. And trust me I have dealt with punks like Darius many times in the past.

    So here's what is going to happen Darius...your days of being disrespectful to Mr. Ryan are done and over. You have no say here anymore. This is Eddie's turf, and I'm going to help him make sure it stays that way.

    Dave Ryan shakes his head as Sullivan drops his microphone, and the two embrace with a large welcome back hug. Ryan and Sullivan both crawl through the ropes and begin heading up the ramp as Darius cries out in pain and anger and we head to a commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    Lacey Foster: The following contest is set for one fall!

    Archer Black!

    Lacey Foster: Introducing first, from Athens, Georgia! Weighing in at 130 pounds, Archer Black!

    Michael Cole: Here we go, quarter final number two!

    Josh Matthews: The winner of this will face Jason Alexander in two weeks time!


    Lacey Foster: And his opponent, from Hell’s Kitchen! Weighing in at 298 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Doctor Jarvis Cole, Erebus!

    Michael Cole: Well, Black answered this call, can he cause an upset and win here?

    Josh Matthews: It’ll take a lot!

    Archer Black (Evan Bourne) vs. Erebus (Kane)
    Start at and 0:16 and End at 5:00

    As Black is coming through, Erebus stalking him, looking for guidance from Jarvis Cole as he stands on the outside, analysing every move made by Erebus… As Black turns to face Erebus, he makes a run towards the giant only to be taken down with the open arm uppercut flooring Black back to the mat…

    Josh Matthews: Black is not getting a chance in this match-up, Erebus is showing the pure dominance he can show in this ring…

    As Black stumbles back to his feet he walks straight to the giant staring him square in the face before he lands a smack to the jaw of Erebus, stunned be looks out onto Jarvis Cole who shakes his head before Erebus lands another uppercut to the jaw of Black taking him back into the ropes before flying forward and the two men begin to trade blows in the centre of the ring…


    Looking stronger, Black lands a dropkick to the chest, followed by one to the knee of Erebus, he takes down Erebus with another dropkick followed by a spinning heel kick to the temple of Erebus, this flooring the giant as Black fires a cocky grin to the watching…he heads to the top rope and looks on to the fallen Erebus, leaping from the top rope he lands a leg drop to the back of Erebus head…

    Michael Cole: For someone a lot smaller than his opponent he can really deliver and that added smirk to the valet of Erebus really shows who is on top here… I like it…

    Landing the leg drop, Black tries to turn Erebus and goes for a cover on the giant, kicking out at 1, throwing Black off him, he leaps back to his feet, lying in the corner in wait, as Erebus gets back to his feet, Black makes a run only to be caught with an uppercut to the jaw of Black, stunning him into the ropes, coming back at him, he is hit with a massive boot to the jaw flooring him to the mat, going for the pin on Black…


    A weak kick-up from Black he struggles after the big boot delivered from Erebus…

    Josh Matthews: You wonder what Jarvis Cole says to calm this monster of a man, Erebus would normally destroy a man like Black having kicked-up, Black is showing his weakness here…

    Erebus pulls up the weak body of Black, who lands a The Cold Shoulder onto Erebus…

    0:04 Until End…
    Dolph (Black) vs Cena (Erebus)

    Only stunning Erebus, he lands a series of knees and kicks to the ribcage and midsection of Erebus, followed by an elbow shot to the already stunned giant he lands another Cold Shoulder, sending the big man down to his knees, he makes a run at Erebus, only to be caught and a lands a sidewalk slam to Black, turning him inside out in the centre of the ring…

    Erebus pulls Black up by the hair and lands knee thrusts to the ribs of the weak Black, these continue as he is backed into the corner, when he lands a gut-wrench powerbomb into the turnbuckle, the head of Black bouncing off the turnbuckle, turning to face the giant, Erebus locks in his vicious claw onto Black, locking this spiked gauntlet onto this smaller opponent, he applies more and more pressure until he weakens him down to the mat, Black has no movement, no response as Erebus applies more pressure the bones in the face of Black almost shattering at this move… The non-responsive Black causes the referee to call for the bell…

    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner and going forward to the semi-finals Erebus!

    Micheal Cole: This beast of a man has won this match and will go forth in his competition…

    Erebus has not broken this lock he has on Black, the referee trying to break the lock this man has on his opponent, Jarvis Cole now in the ring trying to break the hold… The referee going over to the ropes, he talks to Lacey Foster…

    Lacey Foster: The referee has reversed his decision, meaning that the winner and new semi-finalist Archer Black!

    This announcement causes Erebus to break away finally, the nose of Black bleeding, as he lies unconscious on the mat, Erebus gets up to see the face of Jarvis Cole, anger and disapproval across it, as he stares down the giant, he exits the ring shaking his head, shortly followed by Erebus…

    Josh Matthews: Erebus threw this victory away, he threw away his chance at the IWA Championship…I can see the disappointment in the eyes of Jarvis Cole, I am interested in seeing how this develops…

    Michael Cole: Well, up next, we’re gonna be joined by the Tag Team Champions, Extremely Lethal, stay with us!

    Commercial Break.

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    Extremely Lethal!

    *The familiar theme of Extremely Lethal hits as Psychosocial by Slipknot sounds the arena, and out walks the two members of Extremely Lethal, and still IWA Tag Team Champions, Carbon and Venomous, too a loud ovation from the fans. Both men make their way down to the ring with their titles strapped around their waists, dressed in their trademark white lab coat, safety goggles and gloves. They slap hands with a few fans on their way down to the ring, as both men look very happy. They both get into the ring and Venomous grabs two mics and hands one to Carbon, who looks as though he will be the first to speak as he raises the mic to his lips waiting for the music and crowd to die down.*

    Carbon: And still your IWA Tag Team Champions… Extremely Lethal!

    *The fans let out another loud and deafening cheer as Carbon unstraps his title from his waist and raises it into the air, and Venomous follows suit, before both rest the titles on their shoulders.*

    Carbon: Yes as you all saw at Lost Cause, in front of a worldwide audience, we defeated KayFabulous to once again retain the IWA Tag Team Championships. Now props go out to KayFab for two reasons… the first… the challenge they gave us at Lost Cause. We knew they would be tough, we knew they would bring everything they had, that they would try and pull out all of the stops… and why? Of course to try and win these IWA Tag Team Championships. Luckily and thankfully me and Venomous were prepared for everything KayFab had and more, so we wanted to thank them for the challenge they presented and gave to us at Lost Cause because they took us to the limit, and in the process we became better wrestlers. We became better wrestlers in the ring, and in preparation, so we wanted to thank KayFab because the challenge they gave us, made us better wrestlers.

    *A small pop comes from the crowd.*

    Venomous: Now the second reason we wanted to thank KayFab, is for last week… because we almost made a huge mistake. Yes last week KayFab interrupted and cut us off, but in doing so actually helped us. Yes, last week before Lost Cause me and Carbon were so excited about being able to compute our algorithm that was the solution that would help us beat the new and improved KayFabulous at Lost Cause, that we were going to reveal the answer to the whole world. But thankfully KayFab cut us off and prevented and distracted us from doing so, and in the process we were able to keep the solution in house so KayFab didn’t have a chance to change and combat our findings. And as proven, our solution was correct and worked and we were able to defeat KayFab.

    Carbon: So now that our thanks to KayFab is finally out of the way, we can safely file our third lab report away because we no longer need to make amends to our results because KayFab will not be coming back for another title shot in the near future. We are three for three in proving our hypothesis in our lab reports since coming to IWA, including KayFabulous, Pardy Boyz, and The Infection! We have proven that no matter what you may think of us as wrestlers and scientists, specifically chemists, when we combine our in ring talent with our scientific knowledge, nobody can beat science, and specifically chemistry!

    Venomous: So now that we have filed yet another lab report safely away, me and Carbon want to prove that the combination of chemistry and wrestling is virtually unbeatable, by facing some new blood, which by the way is not an element or a compound but rather a mixture not chemically combined.

    Carbon: See me and Venomous have taken notice of all of the talent in IWA’s Tag Team Division, and we have been very impressed. However, we did not feel it was fair to pick just one team to face us for the titles, so we, Extremely Lethal are issuing the chance of a lifetime, for one team to face us at Full Throttle for the IWA Tag Team Championships. So if you think you have what it takes to beat the combination of chemistry and wrestling, then come on down! But be warned we are still out to prove that our combination of science, chemistry and wrestling is unbeatable!

    *The fans cheer and begin to grow in anticipation of which team will be the first to answer Extremely Lethal’s challenge. Extremely Lethal waits in the ring for a team to come out for what feels like forever, when finally…

    Violent Impact!

    *The crowd turns from loud cheers to even louder boos as Forrest Erickson and Gunner Sylvester walk out, shaking their heads as they stand on the top of the stage, with small smiles on both of their faces and microphones with both of them*

    F. Erickson: A chance of a lifetime you say? For the IWA Tag Team Championships? As the most dominant tag team in IWA, and I mean in all of IWA, we happily accept this opportunity. At Full Throttle, the beloved team of Carbon and Venomous, Extremely Lethal, will cease to be the IWA Tag Team Champions because they will be facing the greatest tag team in the history of wrestling, Violent Impact.

    *The crowd starts booing even louder as both Erickson and Sylvester just laugh*

    G. Sylvester: You see guys, your first mistakes were giving us the opportunity, because we take the most of every opportunity and turn it in our favor. Since we got here, no team has been dominant, powerful, and commanding over the IWA Tag Team division than Forrest and I. We just have too many intangibles on our side. We have the speed, the strength, the teamwork, the training, and the ability. None of the teams around have even half of what we have. And that goes double for you, "champs".

    We have beaten every obstacle in our way in dominating fashion, unlike you two, who just barely win. We do it with ease and could do it five times over before we even break a sweat. You've beaten chumps as a #1 Contenders, and that's the only reason why you're still holding those titles. You've beaten KayFabulous, the biggest joke of a team in IWA. You beat The Pardy Boyz, a team that is split because together they are no good, and even on their own, they are no good. They didn't even know how to lace their own boots up without needing to be wasted. They lacked the focus and skill to even be decent in this company.

    F. Erickson: And then of course, the mighty Infection. Ramon and Hooligan are the most overrated team wrestling has ever seen. One is a sad excuse for a Mexican, and one who is dirtier than most of them. And of course the other one is an ugly Brit whose wrestling skills mirrored his looks. But together, they were even worse than they were apart. I mean, it's just mind-boggling how bad they really were, but nobody could see that. Their past accomplishments overshadowed their actual talent. In reality, they couldn't even lace our boots let alone give us a worthy challenge.

    *The crowd boos even louder, as Violent Impact walks down the ramp, with the cameras catching many crowd members flipping off the team as Sylvester and Erickson climb in the ring, face to face with Carbon and Venomous*

    G. Sylvester: You two are nothing but delivery boys. Those titles, you're just keeping them warm for us, a real tag team. Both of you don't even have an ounce of talent. But winning those titles to you, makes you both think you are actually worth a damn here. Well, here is the truth, you are worth less than the bugs we squash with our boots. Those titles are ours, a team actually worthy of being called the best tag team in IWA. There is no team that can beat us, especially you two. So I'd advise, instead of embarrassing yourselves at Full Throttle, just forfeit the titles and hand them over to us.

    *The crowd starts booing even more and starting a "You Suck!" chant as well while Carbon and Venomous are both looking angry, with their patience growing thin*

    F. Erickson: Otherwise, you're going to get humiliated and crushed to ash all in one match as we wipe the floor with you and throw the rest of you two to the dogs to finish you both off. I'd say save face and just drop the titles and leave with your tails between your legs and pout, rather than be put into an early grave by us. We are the best tag team in IWA. Those titles belong to the best tag team in IWA, so it's only fitting that we should have them. So either give us the titles now and leave, or accept us as your opponents at Full Throttle and be decimated.

    *Both Erickson and Sylvester get face to to face with Carbon and Venomous*

    G. Sylvester: What'll it be, chumps?


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