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    IWA Revolution: Episode #18

    Location: Denver, Colorado

    Michael Cole: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to Denver, Colorado for IWA Revolution as we continue on our path to Lost Cause! We are live from a sold out Pepsi Center, I’m Michael Cole alongside my broadcast partner Josh Matthews, and Josh, what a show we have lined up!

    Josh Matthews: What a show indeed Cole! We’re going to see six tag teams battle it out in a tag team turmoil for the right to be the number one contenders to Extremely Lethal at Lost Cause!

    Michael Cole: We’re also going to see Chris Diamond and Oscar Layman team up to take on Chris Gatling and The Vegas Kid just two weeks before all four men battle it out for the Endurance Championship!

    Josh Matthews: Rumours have been strife all week about the possibility that KJ Punk may be here tonight, for the first time since his loss to Erebus at Thirst For Blood!


    The crowd receives "The Puerto Rican Nightmare" with a fantastic pop as he heads to the ring in his usual ring gear and IWA shirt, picking up a mic placed for him in the steel ring steps as he enters the ring and after the crowd settle a bit, he begins to speak....

    Alexander: Last week was a big night for Revolution. Smokey is now Co-GM and what a way to kick off his new tenure in Revolution then by putting David Ryan in his place and giving everyone their fair chance. Including myself and for that thank you, Smokey but among that and other things....

    In my match with Archer Black last week....

    Crowd boos knowing who Jason will mention

    Alexander: The Infection...seemed to want to send a message to me. Whether it was out of their own free will or just because they continue kiss David Ryan's ass and want to gt on his good graces by coming after me as he has, I don't know and quite frankly don't want to. Archer and The Infection will get what's coming to them soon enough, maybe even as soon as the Insane Asylum.

    The people who are gunning for me for whatever valid reason they believe in their minds is just, are nothing but a nuisance to everything and everyone around them.

    Including a warrior like D-Boy in the main event last week against The Infection. They had to push him to the edge before putting him down. Showing just what kind of bullies they are under the orders of David Ryan while showing the kind of fight D-boy will put up come Lost Cause and we're part of the Insane Asylum and that is something to admire because I too aim to be pushed to the edge and highlight why....

    Crowd cheers excitedly

    Alexander : In the end.....

    Jason smiles and the crowd cheers

    Alexander: It truly doesn't matter who is in my way at Lost Cause. It can be Archer, The Infection, The IWA Champion, the entire Chaos roster or even David Ryan himself because no one will stop me from becoming the best IWA has to offer. No will deny me what's mine. No one will stop me from winning the Insane Asylum and no one will.....

    Big D!

    The crowd boos as the familiar music blares across the arena. D-boy enters the arena without Freya Raynes and stands in the middle of the entrance ramp as the crowd becomes even more vocal with boos. D-boy puts his arms out and almost soaks in the boos as he begins to chuckle and make his way down the entrance ramp and into the ring.

    D-boy: Yo, Alexander... I need to have a couple words with you and this crazed crowd. So I'll be the first to admit that these last couple of weeks have been, well for a lack of a better term... Total shit for D-boy. First off Freya Raynes isn't out here by my side because David Ryan decided it would be good to punish me even further. Which is fine, I deserve it. I was defeated at Thirst For Blood in thirty seconds. That was my first main event. That match meant the world to D-boy and I shrunk. I didn't just let down David Ryan, no... I let down our team of superstars. I let down the revolution locker room. And for that David, I'm truly sorry.

    But that doesn't mean I'm going to lay down and be forgotten.

    D-boy turns around to the IWA universe and begins speaking to them. He looks at all of them with a stoic expression on his face and begins to speak in an almost monotone voice.

    D-boy: Because at Lost Cause I get my chance at redemption. I've been put in a match by that inane douchebag Smokey, a match so important that it could make or break my career. Smokey, the fact that you are the co-gm of this show, well it's D-boy's grandest embarrassment, his greatest failure. But I'm going to turn this around. I'm going to make it a positive. Because at Lost Cause I'm going to enter that match, and I'm going to win it. There isn't a damn thing that this crowd nor any of those douchebags backstage can do about it. I'm the one man pardy. I'm the wrecking machine. Davis, I'm going to go out there and make Revolution proud, I'm going to show you why I was put on Team Revolution in the first place... Because I'm the best damn thing IWA has to offer.

    D-boy turns around and begins walking towards Jason Alexander. He begins to speak but loses his monotone voice and stoic expression. He becomes more infuriated as he speaks. As if this is all Alexanders fault.

    D-boy: But of course I'm not out here to tell you guys what you already know. You all know that I'm going to be the star of the Insane asylum, but there is something else that needs to be said. Alexander, I'm my own man and the fact that you feel the need to constantly stand up for me pisses me off. D-boy is the one man pardy, and you aren't invited to start speaking on my behalf. I didn't need you to come out here and stand up for me last week and I sure as hell didn't need your compliments this week. D-boy is his own man and I like to let my actions do the talking.

    D-boy begins to smirk as he looks at Alexander.

    D-boy: That's why if I had a dream scenario at lost cause... I'd be standing across the ring at the end of that match with no one other than you, Jason Alexander. I want to prove to the world that I'm better than you. I want Freya to see that I'm better than you, and I want David Ryan to realize once and for all that you were the problem. I won't have to partake in inane handicap matches against former tag team champions, no... I'll be on my way to the top of this industry. The one man pardy is going to take this company by storm... Book i---

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    Mr. Black stalks out, the IWA championship gleaming over his shoulder as he walks down the ramp, demanding a microphone as he enters the ring, walking straight up to D-boy, he stares down the smaller man as he brings his microphone up.

    Mr. Black: Shut up.

    The crowd jeers, but Mr. Black doesn't seem to notice, his eyes all for the angry pardy boy in front of him

    Mr. Black: We'd have been better off letting that little Domme female of yours on the team. You lasted what, ten seconds? Drew Carey did better in the Royal Rumble. You are the single greatest dissapointment since the crucifixion. But sure, come on out and talk all about what a big bad "Wrecking machine" you are. Like I'm supposed to be impressed? Like somehow you completely screwing over each and every chance you've been handed is somehow going to make you relevant? You're a one-man party alright, the party that nobody went to. Benny the moron has a better history than you do now, never forget that. The Brooklyn Brawler is more impressive than you, and a damn site more resilient. Honestly, were you even trying? Or did your mistress take all the get up and go you had?

    D-boy looks ready to respond, clearly angry, but Mr. Black turns away in contempt, now staring down Jason Alexander

    Mr. Black: As for you. You want to know why everyone is "Gunning for you"? It's because when they see you they can smell the same thing I do coming off in waves. Weakness, plain and simple. You call yourself a nightmare? The Boogeyman was a bigger threat when he was eating worms. You want to come on out here and kiss up to Smokey and every one of these degenerate moron "fans" go right ahead, but don't even pretend for one instant that your constant stream of failure entitles you to anything more than the sympathy these penniless, worthless peons are all too happy to heap on your undeserving shoulders. You want to impress me boy? Maybe try to live up to your little moniker, because right now all I see is another Mexican begging for the spotlight he's never been worthy of carrying, while tearing down your betters, in fact I'm gonna start calling you Chavo now.

    Mr. Black walks to the edge of the ring, turning to take both men in his sights.

    Mr. Black: The both of you make me absolutely sick. Neither one of you are worthy of polishing my boots, but both of you want to come out here and act like you have what it takes to put me down? Both of you talking like you had a set, like you were really going to contribute something worthwhile, then letting those third-rate losers take you out without breaking a sweat? Last week Ryan got his pound of flesh, this week I take the pint of blood. You're both going to pay dearly for letting me, the rest of the team, and this show down. Ryan. Get out here and let's make this official, It's time you boys paid the true price of failure.

    Mr. Black turns, looking directly into the camera, his eyes enraged, and a little crazy behind his black leather mask.

    Oh, and Jackson. You'd better make sure that both you, and your bull-dyke girlfriend are watching, because this is only a taste of what is waiting for you in Sin City.

    The co-GM!

    The fans explode with boos as David Ryan walks out onto the stage. He smiles at the reception he receives as he continues down the ramp, stepping up the steel steps and taking a microphone from the top, before climbing through the ropes. He begins to speak immediately.

    David Ryan: Now, it seems we have a bit of a dilemma! You see, Jason Alexander wants a piece of The Infection, D-Boy wants a piece of everybody and Mr. Black wants a piece of you two, so we’re going to give you all what you want.

    Tonight’s main event will see Jason Alexander and D-Boy face The Infection and Mr. Black in a 2 on 3 handicap match!

    The fans boo loudly as Jason & D-Boy quickly glance at each other.

    David Ryan: I’m sorry boys, but that’s the right call!

    The Other One!

    The fans explode with cheers as Smokey walks out onto the stage, microphone in hand.

    Smokey: No. No it’s not the right call. It’s the wrong call.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Smokey: So let’s make it the right call! It won’t be an unfair match, we’re going to even up the odds. In the main event tonight, Mr. Black and The Infection will face Jason Alexander, D-Boy...and the number one contender to the IWA Championship Jackson Smith!

    The fans go nuts with cheers as Ryan looks furious in the ring.

    Smokey: Have a fun show Davey Boy!

    Smokey laughs as the fans begin a ‘Smokey’ chant and we head to commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    Lacey Foster: The following contest is a tag team turmoil match where the winning team will receive an IWA Tag Team Championships shot at Lost Cause!

    The Babyfaces!

    Lacey Foster: Introducing first, from Metropolis, Illinois! Weighing in at a total of 410 pounds, Jason Todd and Ben Reilly Kent, ICONOGRAPHY!

    Michael Cole: And we know who will be going out first, these two!

    Josh Matthews: Well, we don’t know who they will be facing yet!

    The Roman Numerals of Six!

    Lacey Foster: And their opponents, weighing in at a total of 447 pounds! The team of Forrest Erickson and Gunner Sylvester, Violent Impact!

    Michael Cole: Oh these guys are in a great position to win this! They’ll hardly break sweat kicking the asses of ICONOGRAPHY!

    Josh Matthews: ICONOGRAPHY are the reason The Ghost is The Ghost! They’ve got a great chance!

    (from 3:44 to 10:08)

    Josh Matthews: Roll up from Jason Todd!




    Michael Cole: Gunner kicks out!

    Jason backs up to the ropes as Gunner rises to his feet and runs at Jason, who is quick to hit a dropkick. He uses the ropes to quickly springboard up and goes for a crossbody, but Gunner catches Jason and tags in Forrest. Gunner throws Jason up in the air as Forrest hits a quick European Uppercut! He goes for a cover.




    Jason gets the shoulder up and Forrest is furious. He grabs hold of Jason and rises to his feet. He backs Jason into the ropes, whipping him across the ring but Jason ducks underneath an attempted clothesline and tags in Ben quickly.

    Ben uses the top rope as a springboard and goes for a splash to the turning Forrest, who catches him, but Ben continues his momentum, bringing Forrest down with The Flight! He covers Forrest.




    Lacey Foster: Violent Impact have been eliminated!

    Michael Cole: NO! Come on ref, that was a quick count!

    Josh Matthews: No way Cole, that was as fair as anything!

    Debut time!

    Lacey Foster: Introducing next, from London, England! Weighing in at a total of 420 pounds, Jerome and Tyler Jones, The Wrecking Crew!

    The Wrecking Crew come running down the ramp and slide into the ring.

    Michael Cole: We’re going to see how good these two men are now!

    Josh Matthews: I’m sure they could be great additions to the Tag Team Division here in IWA!

    The bell rings as Tyler climbs onto the apron. Jerome approaches Ben and goes for a lock up but Ben squirms out and dropkicks Jerome in the back. He runs at Jerome but Jerome hits a quick elbow to Ben’s face. He goes for a quick cover.



    Ben gets the shoulder up as Jerome stands up. He walks across to Tyler, but Tyler is pulled from the apron!

    Josh Matthews: Hey! Violent Impact!

    Gunner looks angry as he attacks Tyler on the floor as Forrest grabs a steel chair and Jerome goes to climb through the ropes and Forrest slams the chair into Jerome’s head! The referee calls for the bell!

    Lacey Foster: As a result of a disqualification, ICONOGRAPHY have been eliminated!

    Josh Matthews: WHAT THE HELL?!

    ICONOGRAPHY look as shocked as anybody as Violent Impact continue their assault on Tyler. Forrest slides into the ring and slams the chair into Jerome’s back. ICONOGRAPHY shake their heads as they walk away from the ring, and Forrest climbs out of the ring.

    Look who are here to pick up the pieces!

    Lacey Foster: Introducing next, from The First Church of The Divinity! Weighing in at a total of 614 pounds, Judas and Mordecai McCall, The Sons of The Holy Divinity!

    ICONOGRAPHY pass The Sons as they swagger out of the curtain. The two men look almost happy with themselves as they slowly make their way to the ring, and Judas slides in.

    Michael Cole: There’s the bell!

    Josh Matthews: The referee’s hands are tied! This is despicable!

    Judas smirks as he covers Jerome.




    Lacey Foster: The Wrecking Crew have been eliminated!

    Josh Matthews: This is bullshit! I hope Violent Impact are happy with themselves!

    Violent Impact do indeed look happy with themselves as they go backstage. The Sons stand together as they await the next team.

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    Lacey Foster: Introducing next, from Pipestone, Minnesota! Weighing in at a total of 493 pounds, Skyler Drek & Ron Macoonie, KAYFABULOUS!

    Michael Cole: Well, the fresh Sons are about to beat these two for definite!

    Josh Matthews: I wouldn’t be so sure Cole!

    (From 3:07 to 8:09)
    (THN= KayFab, DZ/BEL= The Sons)

    Michael Cole: Judas going high risk here!

    Judas goes for a missile dropkick, and lands it! He scrambles across and covers Macoonie, hooking the leg.



    Macoonie gets the shoulder up as Judas slaps the canvas in anger. He stands up and looks up at the ceiling, almost attempting to get some divine intervention as Macoonie begins to rise. Judas is quickly back on the attack though, grabbing Macoonie by the head and going to lock him in. He goes for a reverse DDT but Macoonie twists out and pushes Judas in the chest, before exploding forwards with a big shoulder block. Judas is quickly back to his feet as Macoonie bounces off the ropes and goes for a big boot but Judas ducks underneath and jumps at Macoonie- who catches him!

    Josh Matthews: BEARHUG! Judas is in trouble!

    Michael Cole: Here comes Mordecai!

    The larger man runs in behind Macoonie and slams a big clothesline to Macoonie’s back, causing him to drop Judas. Macoonie stumbles forwards as Mordecai is quick to grab him and manoeuvre him into a side walk slam! Mordecai climbs onto the apron as Judas is back to his feet to tag him in. Mordecai comes in as Macoonie is climbing up, and kicks him in the gut, causing Macoonie to fall to a knee. He locks Macoonie in.

    Michael Cole: Mordecai looking for Lazarus’ Rising here!

    Mordecai goes to pick Macoonie up but Macoonie manages to stay on the ground. He drops to a knee and picks Mordecai- all 394 pounds of him- up onto his shoulders. He falls backwards with a Samoan drop!

    Josh Matthews: Pure desperation from Macoonie! And Drek wants in!

    Drek is shown clapping his hands on the apron as he stretches his hand out- the determination clear on his face as Macoonie begins to move. Mordecai does the same as he tags in Judas, but just as he does- Macoonie jumps and tags in Drek to a huge cheer from the crowd!

    Drek jumps over the top rope and runs forwards, catching Judas with a flying forearm. Both men are quickly back to their feet as Drek grabs hold of him, hitting a big DDT! He stands up and roars to a big approval from the crowd as Judas begins to get up. Drek watches him and sizes him up, until he grabs him, looking for a corkscrew neckbreaker!

    Michael Cole: Judas reversed it! TWIST OF FATE!

    Josh Matthews: Cover!




    Drek gets the shoulder up! Judas can’t believe it as he goes for a second cover, hooking the leg!



    Drek reverses into the Koji Clutch!

    Josh Matthews: What a reversal from Drek!

    Judas begins to scream as Drek puts as much pressure as he can. Judas’ hand begins to hover above the canvas.

    Michael Cole: No! Judas, hang on!

    Judas looks set to slap the canvas but Mordecai climbs through the ropes, only to be intercepted by Macoonie and a Spear!

    Michael Cole: NO!

    Josh Matthews: Judas taps! Judas taps!

    Lacey Foster: The Sons of The Holy Divinity have been eliminated!

    Michael Cole: You have got to be kidding me.

    Drek lets Judas go, who rolls out of the ring as Macoonie punches the air in triumph. He grabs hold of Drek and helps him to his feet as they turn to face the ramp, awaiting the final team.

    Some Phalanxing on the Go!

    Lacey Foster: Introducing the final team, from Ancient Greece! Weighing in at a total of 480 pounds, the team of Zosimus and Androcles, The Phalanx!

    Josh Matthews: Now these two have got the best deal- they’re the final team!

    Michael Cole: Do they even know what they’re supposed to be doing?

    (from 3:55 to 12:40)
    (The Dudleys= KayFab/Rock & Angle= The Phalanx)

    Michael Cole: Elbow drop from Macoonie!

    Josh Matthews: What a match this has been!

    Macoonie goes for a second elbow drop but Androcles rolls out of the way and Macoonie hits the canvas. Androcles jumps and tags in Zosimus, who climbs over the top rope and grabs the rising Macoonie, throwing him back into the ropes. He lands a big right hand as Macoonie stumbles forwards, sending him to the canvas.

    Zosimus steps onto Macoonie’s chest and over, causing Macoonie to scream in pain and even Drek on the apron to wince clearly. Zosimus turns back around and grabs Macoonie up to his feet, whipping him into a neutral corner. Zosimus runs forwards and goes for a clothesline but Macoonie ducks underneath and lands a big shot to Zosimus’ back. He grabs Zosimus by the hair and drags him across the ropes, tagging in his partner.

    Josh Matthews: Here comes Drek!

    Macoonie grabs Zosimus and delivers a huge scoop slam as Drek comes off the second rope with a lionsault! He covers Zosimus!




    Zosimus gets the shoulder up as Drek is quick to his feet and Zosimus sits up, as Drek runs forwards, going for a kick to Zosimus’ face, but Zosimus catches the foot and pushes Drek backwards to the ropes. Zosimus climbs up to his feet and grabs Drek by the throat, tossing him into the corner and hitting a big clothesline!

    Michael Cole: Here comes the big man once more!

    Zosimus whips Drek into the opposite neutral corner hard and hits a big boot on the rebound! He grabs Drek by the hair and throws him between his legs, locking him in.

    Michael Cole: Here comes the Power of Zeus!

    Josh Matthews: A good old fashioned Jacknife Powerbomb!

    Mid-move, however, Drek manages to tag in Macoonie! Zosimus is unaware of the tag so after slamming Drek to the ground, he covers- only for no count to happen! Zosimus rises to his feet angrily and turns to the referee.

    Josh Matthews: SPEAR!

    Michael Cole: Cover!




    Lacey Foster: Here are your winners...KAYFABULOUS!

    Zosimus rolls out of the ring as The Phalanx begin to head away up the ramp as Macoonie helps Drek to his feet once more. The two men ask for microphones.

    Drek: It appears to me, or should I say “us”, that there are some folks who believe that KayFabulous is nothing but a joke, that KayFabulous can’t get the job done, that KayFabulous chokes when it counts, that KayFabulous can never measure up to the standards of Extremely Lethal or any tag team here in the IWA. And to them, all I have to that they’re absolutely right.

    *Crowd boos.*

    Macoonie: To make a long story shorter: we’re done. We’re sick and tired of being losers. We both can come out here and plug all our second rate T-shirts and wrist watches but that hasn’t done us any good. Both of us let the fame of being wrestlers go over our heads and we started acting like sellouts before we had the merits to even be considered as such. We’ve had to face this reality for months now; no one has had more shots at the at the tag team gold than KayFabulous and no one has lost more tag team title matches than KayFabulous and it’s all because we popped the champagne bottles before we even had a chance to celebrate. It’s no wonder why some folks out there don’t even want to see us where we are right now; because we haven’t proven ourselves to be anything but a pair of glorified number one contenders.

    *Macoonie looks around the crowd before speaking.*

    Macoonie: But don’t think we’re out here just to loathe in our self pity and beg for your sympathy because from here on out, we want you guys to let us have it. Those of you following us on Twitter, any time you see my fat ass doing anything but prepare for Extremely Lethal for Lost Cause, you let me know so that I can whip myself into shape. We both are absolutely done with playing games. We’ve always wanted to give back to our fans but we can’t do it with shallow self-promotion anymore. We’re getting those tag team titles if it kills us and we’re hoping that Lost Cause is the only time we have to try again.

    *Drek now begins speaking in his own microphone as the crowd cheers on.*

    Drek: No more screw-ups. No more mistakes. NO! MORE! You all are going to be seeing a very different side of KayFabulous and more importantly, so will Extremely Lethal. Anyone who has beaten us has done so by the skin of their teeth and that was when we were complacent slackers. We’re working on all cylinders from now on and even if we lose again, at least no one can say that we aren’t worthy anymore and that you all can be proud of us.

    The fans cheer loudly as KayFab celebrate in the ring. We go to a commercial on a shot of KayFab.

    Commercial Break.

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    We return from commercial to a shot of Dwayne Warren and King Strem backstage.

    Dwayne Warren: Folks I am back stage with the king, King Strem. King, last week we saw you in a fatal four way match with the winner getting a shot at the endu...

    KS: What happen last week is just another perfect example of this company putting the numbers game on me. You can't have me go one on one with your poor peasants so you have to throw them all on me at once. The only thing good about that match was I was never pinned, therefore, I did not lose. I should still get a title shot. If anyone should have a chance at the endurance championship, it is the king. I endure so much shit week after week from what seems to be the same guys. What do I get in return Dwayne? Jack shit. I am a king, a true ruler of the ring. Where does everyone get off thinking they deserve the chance to win the endurance championship more than me? I know I am still "new" here, but that doesn't mean shit to me. I have a track record longer than some of these people who claim they are more deserving. The king is the only deserving one and sooner or later, you and everyone else will see. I will get my title opportunity, and everyone will bow down and all hail the king...

    King Strem turns to leave but his path is blocked by Ivan Draymen. Draymen smirks at Strem, then shakes his head with disappointment.

    Draymen: Wahh, wahh, wahh. My name is Princess Strem and I lost the match; But I don't want you to think that I am the loser I truly am so I am going to say I didn't lose when I did! I can't get the job done right so I'm gonna cry like the whiny little princess I am until I can maybe one day beat Benny the Ball!

    Steam practically bellows out of Strem's ears as Draymen mocks him, but then Draymen's sarcastic grin turns into a look of pure disgust.

    Draymen: I can't stand people like you. You call yourself a king, you say you're the best and that you deserve a title shot ... But you haven't done a damned thing here since you've debuted in the IWA. I won't take away your credentials from EWNCW, but those don't matter here Strem. This isn't EWNCW; This is the Insane Wrestling Association.

    You're not a real king, you don't have servants to do your work for you. If you want to win and actually earn a title shot, you need to stop being the lazy prick you are and pick up the slack. Complaining about losing won't get you a shot at the Endurance championship. Winning matches will. If you really want to prove that you deserve a championship shot; Prove that you mean something here ... Fight me. Prove to the fans, the locker room, and me that you can actually get the job done.

    I want to see you in that ring next week so we can go one on one. I challenge you to a match. I wouldn't expect a win though, Strem ... Because in the words of the great Shawn Michaels ...

    Draymen gets into Strem's face.

    Draymen: I'm going to kick your teeth right down your damn throat.

    Draymen then shoves Strem back against the wall and walks off as we return to ringside.

    Lacey Foster: Your following contest is set for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 497lbs, The Burned, Abel!!


    Josh Mathews: Great to see Abel, this guy is clearly still reeling from that loss a few weeks back but, he is back and I know better than ever!

    Lacey Foster: His opponent, weighing in at 310lbs, Dave “The Gunner” Steele!


    Michael Cole: What an amazing ever developing talent, he is really proving himself to be a threat in that ring and having beaten Abel, he is not afraid of stepping back into the ring with him…

    Gunner (Steele) Vs. Knux (Abel)
    Start at 1:02 and End at 3:45

    *Ignore other members of Aces&Eights at ringside*

    Both men are down, Abel feeling the strain after he missed the leg drop on Steele, using the ring ropes he pulls himself up, he turns to a smack to the jaw from Steele also back to his feet…
    The two men square up, Abel towering over Steele, this does not induce fear to him but, spur him on to land another shot to the jaw of Abel and the two men begin to trade blows…


    Landing shot after shot to Abel he has him against the ropes and lands a series of shots to the gut and midsection, trying to weaken him down, this continues until he is down to his knees on the mat and he lands a knee to the temple of Abel, sending him down to the mat…

    Michael Cole: This man is amazing, proving his first win over Abel was not a fluke and was a well-deserved and earned victory over a much lesser talent, he has taken out a bigger and more experienced superstar…this match is done!

    Having pulled Abel to the middle of the ring, Steele begins to land a series of elbow drops to the heart of Abel trying to keep him down and defenceless… Steele leaping to his feet begins landing shots to the kidneys and ribcage, this vicious attack continues until the ref counts to 4 and pulls him back…

    Josh Mathews: I doubt cheating is called for?

    Steele is lying in wait, Abel slowly regaining his composure and…

    Michael Cole: What the hell!?!

    The Ghost!

    The lights go out in the arena, the crowd are stirring with a mix of apprehension and excitement as the lights come back on The Ghost is standing in the centre of the ring, he has Steele in a chokehold, he slams him down to the mat, almost breaking him in two!

    Michael Cole: What is The Ghost doing to Steele! What is he doing here! This is a repeat of last week, I feel it!

    As the bell rings The Ghost turns to the fully risen Abel, holding his ribs from the assault he makes a run at him only to be lifted into a military press followed by a thunderous backpack stunner…

    There is carnage in the ring as the lights fade to darkness again and we head to a commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    *Cameras arrive backstage in Jackson’s locker room were we see Jackson sitting down oh his couch getting ready as Alex walks up behind him and puts her arms around him*

    Jackson: Hey babe

    Alex: Hiiii

    Jackson: *chuckles* What do you want?

    Alex: Just want to tell you how proud I am of you.

    Jackson: Thank you but, I didn’t accomplish anything yet.

    Alex: What are you talking about, you accomplish a lot since being here and at Thirst for Blood you beat a man that had no business being in the same ring to begin with so you can have a shot at the IWA Title. The same title you trained so hard to get and now look, you have a shot at it. In your home town no less-

    Jackson: Don’t forget Black is from there too

    Alex: Fuck him, *Jackson eyes gets wide at the unexpected response* I don’t care, that is your home town. He doesn’t even deserve to be from where you grew up at, you did more for that city than he ever will. Black is just a big monster that can be taken down like the rest of them, everyone has a weakness babe, monster or no monster. You have me as a weakness, why, because every person who tries to get to you uses me to do it, it happens all the time. Also Erubus has Cole, Ryan has Black’s dick, Van has his stupid catchphrase, and Black has his undeserving oversized ego.

    Jackson: *laughs* Fucking pathetic

    Alex: Hell yea and at Lost Cause, you are going to show everyone why he doesn’t deserve it! But for now, you have a 6 man tag team match against The Infection and Black with D-boy and Jason as your partners.

    Jackson: Yea, this should be a good match and as long as D-boy does what he did last week and actually put up a fight, we should win. This will also be a good chance for me to get my hands on the Infection, always wanted to kick their asses and make them realize they are just overrated.

    Alex: And you know else you can do?

    *Jackson gets up and turns to face Alex who still has her arms around his neck.*

    Jackson: Prove that son of bitch that I do belong in this title match!

    Alex: Damn right baby!

    Jackson: And what better way to start tonight!

    *The crowd cheers as Alex and Jackson kiss before the cameras go away and we return to ringside*


    KJ slowly makes his way down to the ring. He has a slight limp showing the effects from the match at Thirst for Blood. He gives out fives to fans down the ramp as he slides under the bottom rope and stands in the center of the ring as the crowd pops. Punk looks around at them before taking a microphone.

    Punk: At Thirst for Blood, I was in one hell of a match. No, it wasn’t a match. It was a fight. A fight that I wanted. See, I’m a man that proves myself against the men that people say can’t be stopped. I did it against Black Blooded by myself and I did it against Erebus. I’m going to continue doing it against Erebus. After that match, a normal man would want to back away, go somewhere else. Not me. I didn’t get pinned. I didn’t submit. He knew that I wouldn’t tap, that he couldn’t pin me. So, he did the only thing he could do: make me pass out. Erebus, next time we meet, you’ll have to do more than that. You’ll have to kill me inside this ring if you want to beat me again. Call it a death wish, call it pride, but I’ll even the odds.

    The crowd pops as Punk takes a moment.

    Last week, Jarvis Cole was talking about how Erebus was going to be in the Insane Asylum match. How he was going to win. Unfortunately for Erebus and the bad doctor, KJ Punk is officially entering the Insane Asylum!

    The crowd pops but it’s soon turned to boo’s as Clandestine’s music plays.


    Clandestine appears at the top of the stage with a mic in hand. He stares down at the ring and KJ Punk intently before raising the mic to his mouth.

    Clandestine: Cut the music! Boo's can be heard from the audience oh how original, you're all booing me, perhaps you should all SHUT UP and listen to what I have to say, before you decide to boo me, you cretins!

    The boo's get louder

    Clandestine: KJ Punk, should I call you that? Or do you prefer KJ? Punk perhaps? Actually don't answer that, it's not important because at the end of the day, your still a choke artist who fell from grace.

    Boo's get louder again.

    Clandestine: You were the first ever IWA World Heavyweight champion. That is something no one can ever take away from you, it's an impressive feat and something these people should applaud.....

    Cheers and claps are heard for KJ Punk

    Clandestine: But then, it all went wrong, you lost the title at Lost Cause 2012 and ever since have been on a downward spiral, even losing AGAIN at Thirst for Blood. Now here you are throwing yourself into the insane asylum match, just hoping you can relive the glory days one more time. I'm not going to lie, there is some tough competitors already in that match and due to the powers that be who decided not to give me a match at Thirst for Blood because they don't know how to handle someone with the talent I have, The insane asylum match just got a lot tougher for you. As of right now, ME, Clandestine is entering the insane asylum match!

    Clandestine drops his arm to his side still holding the microphone as he stares down KJ Punk before turning and starting to walk towards the stage entrance. Clandestine stops midway, turns to face the ring and raises the microphone to his mouth.

    Clandestine: You know what, I'm feeling generous. As you are someone who is falling down the ladder and I'm someone who is climbing the ladder everytime I step into the ring. How about next week in that very ring, we see Clandestine vs KJ Punk go one on one!

    The fans explode with cheers but boos return as Clandestine is sent flying to the ground from behind. Erebus stands there as Punk watches on from the ring, screaming at Erebus to ‘come on!’ Erebus is soon joined on stage by Jarvis Cole, who points at Punk while Erebus grabs Clandestine by the throat on the floor, locking him in.

    Michael Cole: BROKEN CHAINS!

    Josh Matthews: On the steel!

    Cole hasn’t moved his hand from pointing at Punk as Erebus roars. We head to commercial on this shot.

    Commercial Break.

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    Lacey Foster: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring, from Trebinje, Herzegovina! Israel Pamich!

    Michael Cole: Some integrity, bitches!


    Lacey Foster: And his opponent, from Birmingham, England! Weighing in at 222 pounds, Mr. Smyth!

    Josh Matthews: This is Mr. Smyth’s first match on Revolution since his return!

    The bell rings, the match is under way, both competitors fixed on the other...

    Josh Matthews: Man, just listen to the crowd... no love at all for either of these guys.

    Michael Cole: Normally there'd be the one guy getting cheers and the other guy not getting cheers... no crowd favorite in this match - despite the fact that both of these men possess great ring ability!

    Pamich paces back and forth, hurling snide remarks and insults at Mr. Smyth... who seems totally unfazed, wearing his gameface: stern and businesslike. Eventually Pamich gets close - a little too close, and Smyth makes a grab at him - which Pamich manages to escape from. Israel wags his finger at Smyth mockingly...

    Josh Matthews: Both of these men have the ability to get under your skin and pull stuff that should never be allowed! But in honesty, they can wrestle when they feel like it - point in case, Israel Pamich evading Smyth there, though mocking him - not such a good idea...

    Smyth simply looks dead at Pamich as he continues to poke and prod at the Brit, before simply and flatly asking "Are you afraid you'll get your pussy hurt?"


    Everyone stops and just stares after what they just heard - even Cole and Matthews.

    And especially Israel Pamich. The jokes and jibes stop, replaced by nothing but anger at what he just heard. So it doesn't help things when Smyth goes to step through the ropes before tossing one more insult at Pamich...

    "Bloody little cunt."

    Josh Matthews: Those are fighting words if I ever heard any, Cole! Pamich just grabbed a hold of Smyth before he could leave the ring, trying to drag him back into the ring -

    Michael Cole: And gets his throat snapped across the top rope! Vintage Mr. Smyth, full veteran instincts on display - knowing how to play mind games with Pamich, pushing that button... now he's in the driver's seat - back into the ring, has Pamich down on the mat with an improvised hammerlock...

    Mr. Smyth = Doug Williams/Israel Pamich = Garett Bischoff - start at 1:46, stop at 4:06

    Michael Cole: Mr. Smyth really feeling himself... he's got Pamich's measure, I'm telling you - ran a very tight submission game, put Pamich in the corner and snuffed his momentum -

    Josh Matthews: But Pamich also spotted some chinks in Smyth's armo himself... Smyth can fall victim to routine, bread-and-butter offense, very cocky and easily underestimates his opponent -

    Smyth is posturing before the masses, celebrating his victory early -

    Pamich rolls him up from behind - school boy!



    And Smyth escapes just before two! Smyth scrambles out of the ring to escape any attempts to pin or submit him, the referee yelling at him to get back in while Pamich stands in the ring - pointing and laughing at Smyth! "No Integrity!" he yells, drawing the fans' ire as he laughs derisively, at Smyth - and at the fans!

    Josh Matthews: Seems like more mind games, this time courtesy of Israel Pamich! No surprise that nobody buys it - Pamich preaches integrity without having an ounce of it to his name!

    Smyth paces on the floor, looking like he would like nothing more than to body Israel Pamich... but also understanding that he needs to put a plan together. Meanwhile, Pamich is getting full of himself, pointing to himself and proclaiming himself "The Man of Integrity!" as the crowd retorts "You're a liar!" over and over! Pamich's self-serving smirk soon melts away... into a snarl. These peons wouldn't know greatness, power, REAL INTEGRITY if it came along and bit them in their -

    Rollup from behind!



    And this time, it's Pamich who barely escapes the three count - and from Smyth's own school boy rollup! Pamich is livid, getting in the ref's face and telling him that he should DO SOMETHING about that lousy Englishman, to which the ref responds by politely telling Pamich that he should GET THE HELL OUT OF HIS FACE so that he can DO HIS DAMN JOB. And all the while, Smyth is slowly sneaking up...

    Thumb to the eye! Smyth stumbles away - Pamich had baited him! The ref berates and threatens Pamich, but Pamich pays him as much attention as an alligator does water... simply sizing up Smyth as he tries to get back on track -

    Josh Matthews: Smyth turns around... A LITTLE INTEGRITY!!!

    Michael Cole: No - he missed! Smyth ducks behind him - and lands his patented double-arm backbreaker - VINTAGE SMYTH! Has Pamich in his sights... AND CONNECTS WITH THE RULE! Has him pinned -




    Lacey Foster: The winner of this match... Mr. Smyth!

    Smyth gets up to his feet with a grin on his face but then ...


    The grin turns to a scowl as the crowd pops loudly to the sound of Darius's music! Pamich rolls out of the ring and starts to make his way up the ramp as Darius comes out onto the stage. Darius then makes his way down the ramp, slowly passes Pamich ... And then charges into the ring and spears the living hell out of Smyth!! Darius then begins to relentlessly pound down onto Smyth's skull with rough right and lefts! Darius then rolls back up to his feet, picks Smyth up, and whips him into the corner.

    Darius backs away from Smyth a bit as Smyth attempts to recuperate against the turnbuckle, but then Darius charges and connects with another spear against the turnbuckle! Darius backs away slowly as Smyth stumbles forward ... But then Darius spears him a third time into the turnbuckle once more!

    Smyth starts to fall down to the mat, but Darius scoops him up, climbs onto the middle rope and then slams Smyth down onto the steel post spine first with a sickening Spinebuster! Darius then grabs Smyth by the head and throws him from the top and down to the mat below with authority. Darius makes his way to the ropes, leans over the top and takes a microphone from one of the crewmen. Darius then kneels down to the unconscious Smyth and breathes heavily into the microphone before speaking.

    Darius: Hey, uh, Smyth ... Remember last week when you offered me a match against you at Lost Cause? I know you're knocked out and all but ... Well ... I have your answer, my friend.

    The crowd explode with cheers.

    Darius: You aren't screwing me again. I choose the Insane Asylum match.

    Darius stands up to his feet and slams the microphone down onto Smyth's face, and then he exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp.

    Josh Matthews: Another man in the Insane Asylum match!

    Michael Cole: I hope Mr. Smyth is okay! Darius deserves to be punished for that!

    Mr. Smyth is surrounded by EMTs in the ring as Darius disappears behind the curtains. We head to a commercial break.

    Commercial Break.

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    Michael Cole: Welcome back to Revolution folks, well if you were watching during the commercial break on the IWA app, you would have seen that Mr. Smyth was escorted out of the arena in the back of an ambulance. We wish Smyth all the best in his recovery.

    Josh Matthews: He’ll be fine!


    Chris Diamond would soon come out with a wide grin on his face and saunter on down to the ring, clearly very happy with himself after his performance at Thirst for Blood and the subsequent reward handed to him on a plate by David Ryan. He hops in the ring and gloats for the fans, who don't appreciate that one bit.

    Diamond: Well, finally...justice. Justice at last, justice from the great Dave Ryan, our TRUE leader. You can forget about Smokey and his continuous swearing, Mr. Ryan is what is best fro Revolution and this company. Now what do I mean by justice? Well, it's very simple. Think back to the second episode in Revolution history, if your brains can handle that...

    Diamond pauses, waiting to see if anyone remembers.

    Diamond: Now, you know what I did on that episode? I beat the Endurance Champion at the time, Darius. I beat him in the middle of this ring, one..two..three. unfortunately for me, this was back when Dave's judgement was fogged by him wanting to pander to the people, so he screwed me out of my rightful chance. Well, thankfully for all involved...Justice was served on an amazingly delightful plate. A shot at the IWA Endurance Title. Some ask why? Why is Chris Diamond so deserving of a shot at the gold?

    I'll tell you EXACTLY why. It's because of what happened nine nights ago at Thirst for Blood. I made that no-good son of a bitch Matthew Black TAP OUT. I embarrassed him, I dented if not destroyed his pride. And most importantly, I'm the only man on this roster to come out of that Pay per View with his head held high...You people better not forget that when you boo and jeer me. I am the only man on this roster who fought and WON for this roster. Chris Diamond- The SAVIOUR of Revolution!

    He spreads his arms wide, ensuring a negative reaction from the crowd in Denver.

    Diamond: Now, enough about the past, it's time to look on. Look forward to two weeks time, a mere fortnight away...when I pick up my first slice of gold in this company. Let's take a look at my opponents then shall we? Chris Gatling- You shouldn't even be in consideration right now boy. You had your damn chance, something I NEVER got by the way, to beat Mr. Personality Disorder at Thirst for Blood. You failed! Get to the back of the line while I get my opportunity at the spotlight.

    The crowd boo Diamond for his petty insults, but he ploughs on regardless.

    Diamond: Now, we all know that Oscar Layman is a talented dude and a true champion...But he ain't the Prodigy. Come two weeks time Oscar, no matter who you show up as whether it be Oscar Erebus or Juno don't stand a chance cause you ain't on my level pal!

    As for The Vegas Kid, everyone here knows we got history. You handed me my first loss but my career has kept going up since then, reaching the heights of Thirst for Blood and it will continue to do so. All you'll ever be my that kiddies favourite rapper...sorry, RHYMER...never to achieve anything worthwhile in his life.

    More boos for Diamond, who smirks at the disapproving fans before going on.

    Diamond: Moral of the story is, Gatling,'re undeserving of your opportunities, I am deserving of my opportunities. And I'll prove it in two weeks time. There will be no happy ending for the freak, the 'Warrior' or the rapper cause this story ends with Chris Diamond winning once more, going onto the Insane Asylum match and ending up standing tall as the credits rolls at Destine for Immortality...with The Prodigy as the IWA CHAMPION OF THE WORRRLLLL...


    Chris Gatling steps out onto the ramp & starts to speak to Diamond.

    Gatling: Are you done yet?

    He continues down the ramp, talking as he goes.

    Gatling: You wanna talk about justice? I've got your justice right here! I earned my shot at the Endurance Championship, but I had my opportunity ruined by the coward we have for a champion. The match was as good as won when he pulled out the oldest cop-out in the book. He got his self disqualified just so he could keep the title. Do you know what does? It diminishes the prestige of the championship. This business means too much to sit idly by & watch Oscar Layman or anybody else piss on what generations of men have worked so hard to build up!

    He slides into the ring & stands in a corner away from Diamond.

    Gatling: Now I could have waltzed out here and bitched & moaned about my shot like you did, but that's not me. Whether it's 1-on-1 or there's a 100 men in the ring besides Layman & myself, it doesn't mean a hill of beans to me! Right now I've got a severe case of tunnel vision. All I see is the Endurance Championship & the man who holds it. As far as I'm concerned, you're non-existent Diamond. As bad as I know that hurts your ego, it's true. You don't belong in this match & we both know it.

    So you beat Darius on the second episode of Revolution. Good for you, here's a pat on the back. The thing is, Darius isn't the Endurance Champion anymore & in two weeks neither will Oscar Layman. Wait, I almost forgot; you made Matthew Black tap out too. Good for you, here's a pat on the back. Does it seem like I'm picking on you Chris? Good, because I am. It's not because I dislike you. Hell, until tonight I didn't even know who you were. But now that you've come out here with your feathers puffed up like a strutting turkey I know a little more about you. The thing is, you're still irrelevant.

    Back to my match with Layman at Thirst For Blood for a moment. Oscar probably thought he was doing himself a big favor. What he didn't count on was that his little plan might backfire. I'm not your run of the mill hack. I'm here for a purpose & nobody is gonna stop me from achieving it. If anything I should be thanking Layman for lighting the fire that is currently burning in me. In two weeks I will do whatever it takes to win the Endurance Championship. Then I'm going to march into Lost Cause with MY championship. When the smoke clears after the Insane Asylum match, I will be the last man standing.

    He steps closer to Diamond & looks directly at him.

    Gatling: I'm gonna give you a little piece of parting advice, one Chris to another, don't get in my way. Regardless of how focused I am on Layman, I will still destroy you. You're all blowed up like a loud mouth pup, never been in a junkyard fight. Well if you're gonna bark at the big dog boy, then you're gonna get to feel the bite.


    The Vegas kid comes out, spinning around with his arms extended, a microphone in one hand, his ever-present deck of cards in the other.
    He stops, standing at the top of the ramp looking down into the ring as the fans cheer.

    TVK: You think I ain't worth a dollar, but I feel like a Millionaire.
    I hear you babbling again Diamond, still full of hot air.
    The rhymes that I bring you, come with their own tune.
    That's why the kid, always makes the ladies swoon.

    Holding out his microphone to the crowd, they begin to chant "T. V. K." as he makes his way down the ramp, stopping in front of a woman holding up a sign reading "Marry Me Kid!" he leans over, sliding a playing card into her hands, as she holds it to her chest the camera zooms in, showing the Queen of Hearts. Finally The Vegas Kid makes it the rest of the way down the ramp, rolling lightly into the ring he springs up to his feet, bringing his microphone up to his lips once more.

    TVK: I beat you once Diamond, and I'll do it again.
    For unlike you, I'm not like other men.
    One of a kind, just like Rob Van Dam's theme
    Just ask your little lady, she knows what I mean.

    Diamond looks ready to punch the kid in the face, but he just laughs it off, looking now to Gatling.

    TVK: Gatling you're a man, who's won my respect.
    But when gold's involved, I gotta be direct.
    Tonight we're teaming up, just like Batman and Robin
    When the title's on the line, to me you'll be jobbin
    Vegas is my town, the streets are my veins
    so it's only right that's where I start my reign.

    Gatling shakes his head, seemingly stuck between amusement towards his temporary partner, and irritation that he refuses to talk straight.

    TVK: Now Oscar I know you're listenin in the back.
    Sitting back there, planning your attack.
    But listen to me before you put on that mask.
    You want to know who you are? Just ask.
    I know your true face, the face of a coward.
    Your gimmick was cute, but now it's soured.

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    Oscarion Layde

    Before the crowd has a chance to react to Orion Slayde's music, IWA's Endurance Champion: Oscar Layman steps onto the stage. Wearing the signature green tights of Slayde, Layman stands on the ramp with his title on his shoulder, and a microphone in hand.

    Layman: You know guys...I'm not entirely sure why all three of you are having this debate, because it's just arguing about who plays second fiddle to Oscarion Layde. Whom is just above average out of the three of you. Whom is the one that is number 2...Oscar IWA's midcarder of the year!

    Speaking of this past year...the 13 months of IWA's existence, let me lecture you on my accomplishments. I beat Matt Ryder and Brock Edwards...or was it Jonathan Seahawk? I also beat Ryan Wells after his big return...or, “his highness” currently. Why I've been faced with Schizophrenic bitches in the 13 months...I'm not sure.

    I beat Ali Kazam, despite the obvious handicap of being a mortal. I twice earned the right to challenge for a World Title, one of those meaning I qualified to main event an IWA PPV. And...let's not forget...the reason why you three have tricked yourselves to be worthy of being the best in my division...I dethroned, humiliated... and annihilated Darius, for this shiny gold belt.

    The crowd jeers, but Oscar is wearing a big grin.

    Layman: 13 months now, I've had opponents, enemies...monsters thrown at me in every direction. And 13 months on...I am the best in my current role out of the whole of IWA. After overcoming the odds, you would think that...well, my “luck” is going to catch up with me...but seeing you three...I know that that is far from the truth.

    Oscar smirks, and looks on towards the ring, but stays on the stage.

    Layman: Thirst for Blood, I technically didn't beat you, Christopher...but what I set out to do, I accomplished...I made you suffer. You beat a child with an ego who calls himself King... the 2nd most entertaining jobber behind Benny The Ball... The Madness himself, and by that I mean he's had one too many blows to the head if he thinks he's any use... and, well... your “partner tonight”.

    Beating those four shouldn't have gave you the opportunity to fight me, so I took that right away from you. Imagine if I didn't have your blood on MY belt, would you improve? Would your determination shine through? Would losing an honest fight make you worthy to win this belt. No. But I'm making you better for the future, giving you a motivation. And if it wasn't rushed...possibly you would be somewhat successful. But in the long term..long after my hand is raised in two weeks time... you'll see that I was making you a better man.

    The crowd boos.

    Layman: And Mr. I can rhyme any time, The Vegas Kid. Being a glorified Dr. Seuss gives you no right, to being the top of the midcard division. I'm no genius who can write a book called “The Cat in the Hat”...but I can rhyme Kid with quid. Quid: a British Pound. A pounding is what you deserve. Vegas rhymes with Gay-mas: Christmas with you and your Urban “buddies”.

    In IWA, you've done nothing but make 50 Cent look like Mother Teresa. You've made Diamond's persona of “The Prodigy” seem original. Yet...Oscar readjusts his title have nothing to show for it. But at Destined For Immortality, my name will be in lights: IWA Endurance Champion...IWA Champion...First dual champion in Revolution History...And a pretty swell guy. When Destined for Immortality rolls around, you'll be in the job centre in Nevada, having achieved fuck all.

    More jeers from the crowd.

    Layman: Finally, there's Mr. Christopher Diamond! The only man I can somewhat understand being rewarded by facing me. But Chris, you're right, I'm not the Prodigy...but I am a Champion: nothing any of you three can ever have claimed to be. And it'll be the same here-on-forth. Why? Cause I am the most unpredictable person in IWA.

    Guys, make no mistake: two weeks will see me beat all three of you....Lost Cause will see me eliminate all three of you from the Insane Asylum, then win. And Destined for Immortality is a formality for me.

    And that's's just..that...easy!

    Oscar lays down the microphone, before walking down the ramp. He hands his title to the referee, before climbing onto the apron.

    (from 10:02 to 24:57)
    (HBK= Gatling, HHH= TVK, Rhodes= Layde, Dibiase= Diamond)

    Josh Matthews: Clothesline from Diamond, Gatling bounces off the ropes!

    Michael Cole: Roll-up from Layde, the legal man!


    Josh Matthews: He’s got the tights!



    Lacey Foster: Here are your winners...Chris Diamond and the IWA Endurance Champion Oscarion Layde!

    Layde & Diamond both have their hands raised by the referee as Gatling rolls out of the ring. TVK is shown on the apron, laid out from his earlier troubles.

    Michael Cole: What a win for these two young men! They are the future of this company!

    Josh Matthews: But the question is...who will be the Endurance Champion in two weeks time?

    Chris Diamond seems to know the answer to that question as the referee goes to get the Endurance Championship. Diamond is quick as a flash as he grabs Layde.

    Michael Cole: DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!

    Diamond quickly grabs the Endurance Championship from the referee and holds it up high as he places his foot on Layde’s chest.

    Josh Matthews: Chris Diamond sending a clear message there, he’s coming for the Endurance Championship!

    Michael Cole: Well up next, we’ve got our main event! Stay tuned folks!

    Commercial Break.

    *Cameras cut to the backstage area where Dwayne Warren is standing by*

    Warren: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Daymian Bloodstone. Daymian let me first welcome you to IWA and to Revolution.

    Bloodstone: Thanks Dwyane. You know it was a tough decision for me to branch out and Join IWA. I've been in a alot of places but they usually are some how tied together. But once I saw how things were done around here and felt the atmosphere from the IWA fans, I knew that this is a place I had to be.

    Warren: Speaking of your past, can we expect to see similar work here in IWA?

    Bloodstone: Not at all. In other places I was never taken seriously. I was always the joke. So I gave in an went with it. Than I got angry and snapped. I'm trying to redeem myself here in IWA. Here you will see a much more serious, physical and over all more focused Daymian Bloodstone. I am here for one thing and that is to be a champion. I will not let anyone in the lockerroom and in management stand between me and main eventing IWA. I am the future of IWA. I am going to be a champion. There is no debating that. The only question is when. The answer to that question is very soon. Bloodstone is IWA. And that my friend is a fact!

    Warren: A lot of people want to know what you think when It comes to Israel Pamich and what he did during your debut last week.

    Bloodstone: What Pamich did last week was completely disrespectful. He can't stand the lights being on someone with actual talent so he had to come out and interrupt me? He doesn't even say anything! He just walks to the ring like he owns the place and we are suppose to just appreciate that he is here.Than the little coward runs when I decided to fight! Pamich, you are a worm that needs to be squashed. You are the absolute worst person I have ever seen. I'm going to do everyone here a huge favor and remove you from IWA.

    Warren: Are you saying what I think you are saying

    Bloodstone: You're damn right I am. Pamich I challenge you to a match next week here on Revolution. You wanna trying and steal my time, you better be willing to back it up. I am a man of action and you coming out and trying to make that moment about you is like slapping me in the face. If you have any balls at all you will meet me in that ring and fight me like a man, which I know might be hard for you since you act like a bitch most of the time. So Issy, me and you next week in that ring. If you decline my challenge you truly are a giant pussy!

    Bloodstone nods and walks away as Dwayne turns back to the camera.

    Dwayne Warren: Back to you at ringside.

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    *The screen turns to black, and once again we see Naik Reven pacing up and down a dark empty room*

    "So after all this time, after all these years, people have finally taken notice of my existence, and all I had to do was be a sick disgusting fucker? What does that say about all of you?

    *Reven smashes the light bulb flickering above him, so we can barely see him*

    "It's funny, all I've ever wanted in this world is to be noticed, is to be feared. And now my dreams have come true, but still, I'm not satisfied."

    "A part of me thought that this whole "teaching the world a lesson" thing was just a sick unrealistic vision I had created in my head. But now, people are actually afraid of me. When it's usually I that's afraid of them. You know how that makes me feel?"

    *Reven grabs the camera and stares right into it*

    "It turns me on. It means I have you sick fucks right where I want you."

    "I don't care if you cheer me or boo me. It doesn't matter. There is nothing that can stop my arrival. I promise you this, IWA. When I arrive, none of you will ever be the same again"

    *Reven starts kicking a brick wall over and over*


    *He grabs the camera, stares into it and tilts his head*

    "My name, is Naik Reven, and I am coming."

    *He gives off a familiar sick laugh*

    "Listen to them, the children of the night, what sweet music they make...

    The camera shuts off again as we return to ringside.

    Michael Cole: Well, this Naik Reven will be at Lost Cause, and it’s a poignant name, because he certainly seems like one!

    Josh Matthews: I can’t wait for him to make his debut! And speaking of things I can’t wait for, it’s time for our main event!

    Lacey Foster: The following contest is a six-man tag match set for one fall, and is your main event of the evening!

    The IWA Champ!

    Lacey Foster: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at 450 pounds, he is the IWA Champion, Mr. Black!

    Michael Cole: What a champion this man is, with Ryan by his side, I can’t see anybody taking the title from him, especially Jackson Smith!

    The Infection!

    Lacey Foster: And his partners, the team of Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X, The Infection!

    Josh Matthews: Well these two have been on a great run as of late!

    The Puerto Rican Nightmare!

    Lacey Foster: And their opponents! Introducing first, from the Isle of Puerto Rico! Weighing in at 227 pounds, Jason Alexander!

    Michael Cole: This man sucks. It’s as simple as that. He sucks, and he failed everybody at Thirst For Blood.

    The One Man Pardy!

    Lacey Foster: And his partner, from Pardy Central! Weighing in at 260 pounds, D-Boy!

    Josh Matthews: Whether or not D-Boy wants to be part of this match remains to be seen, but he showed a lot of heart last week!

    The Boss!

    Lacey Foster: And their partner, from Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at 255 pounds, Jackson Smith!

    Michael Cole: This will be fun, watching Mr. Black squash Smith tonight and ensuring no match at Thirst For Blood!

    Josh Matthews: Or maybe tonight is the night Jackson Smith proves his credentials to be the next IWA Champion!

    As the ref starts the match, the legal men in are D-Boy and Carlos Alberto Ramon... While the fans are definitely against CAR and not afraid to vocalize it, a somewhat unusual reaction comes up for D-Boy...


    Josh Matthews: Seems like since the fallout from our last PPV, the fans have actually gotten behind D-Boy a bit, Cole!

    Michael Cole: Well, you know what they say... People love a good comeback story. Or what they think is a good comeback story. We'll see what happens when the ref counts three tonight!

    D-Boy = RVD/CAR = Alberto Del Rio - start at 3:18, stop at 5:25

    Josh Matthews: And it's D-Boy cooking with gas early on! Not a usual thing, seeing Carlos Alberto Ramon beg off like that... maybe feeling the pressure from -

    The ref turns back to check on CAR, making sure that he can continue the match. What the ref doesn't see is VHX steal into the ring - with a cheap shot to the back of D-Boy's head! D-Boy goes down, VHX slips out - the ref misses him - and CAR immediately pounces on D-Boy for the pin!

    But it's just a near fall! D-Boy tries to make a break for his team's corner, but CAR is on him with an STF cinched in tight! D-Boy is feeling the pressure on both his neck and leg - CAR is torquing down like no tomorrow!

    Michael Cole: Seeing CAR's true colors now - a savvy ring general who creates opportunity and capitalizes! Locks down D-Boy - not a hard thing to do - preventing him from making a tag and putting him in a dangerous submission situation!

    But despite it all, D-Boy fights back... and somehow breaks free! He scrambles to his feet - CAR with a rear waistlock to stop him... D-Boy escapes, takes his back - pumphandle slam! With CAR down, he immediately goes to tag in -

    Josh Matthews: Jason Alexander, The Puerto Rican Nightmare! House of fire - takes down CAR with a mean clothesline! Now with a hard elbow knockdown on CAR, nearly crushing CAR's face! CAR definitely out of sorts, stumbling about, a perfect target for -

    CAR turns around - right as Alexander unleashes one of his calling cards - the superkick!

    And it whiffs just over CAR's head as he ducks and rolls away! Alexander doesn't seem to bother giving chase as CAR scrambles over to his corner, and brings in...

    Michael Cole: Tagging out to Van Hooligan X! His longtime partner, and co-Tag Team Champion title holder!

    VHX immediately goes after Alexander - who stands his ground and hooks him for an arm drag! But VHX counters - into a jumping armbreaker! Jason Alexander cradles his arm as VHX continues his assault...

    Jason Alexander = Daniel Bryan/VHX = The Miz (pretend A-Ry isn't there) - start at 4:10, stop at 6:50

    The hammerlock is tearing at Jason Alexander's arm and shoulder. He screams in agony as VHX bears down, and wonders if he felt something give way or pop...


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