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    Exclamation IWA Official Show Thread

    IWA Revolution: Episode #9

    Location: Birmingham, Alabama

    Michael Cole: Welcome to Revolution ladies & gentlemen! We are at a sold out Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center in downtown Birmingham, Alabama where tonight, we bring you the fallout of a huge PPV in Uprising, and what a show Josh!

    Josh Matthews: What a show indeed Michael! We saw victories for Nightmare Madness, Archer Black and KayFabulous!

    Michael Cole: Plus, The Infection are STILL the IWA Tag Team Champions after they defeated Extremely Lethal in a hell of a fight!

    Josh Matthews: Extremely Lethal pushed Infection all the way and got a deserved standing ovation after the match!

    Michael Cole: But what about our Endurance Championship match Josh? We have a NEW Champion!

    Josh Matthews: Oscar Layman managed to dethrone Darius in a hell of a match- but he can thank Archer Black for the assist!

    Michael Cole: Or perhaps he should thank another man, because at Uprising- Mr. Smyth returned after the match to confront the man who put him out of action at Night of Legends, Darius!

    Josh Matthews: Well unfortunately, Oscar Layman isn’t here tonight. He took on the role of O-Boy after Uprising and is still partying. Hopefully, he’ll be back next week! But we are expecting to hear from both Darius- who will be in action tonight- and Mr. Smyth is here in the building tonight!


    The new music surprises the fans in attendance- who begin to boo loudly as the General Manager David Ryan walks onto the stage.

    Michael Cole: And the one match we haven’t spoken about was our main event! This man, David Ryan- our General Manager was the man in the middle of a hellacious triple threat match between Mr. Blood and Mr. Black, the co-IWA Champions, and KJ Punk.

    Josh Matthews: And Punk had that match won, but Ryan didn’t count the pin! He then counted a pin for Black Blooded to retain after a beatdown! I wonder what he has to say!

    Ryan walks down the ramp with a bit of swagger, before climbing up the steps and standing on the apron. He looks around at the crowd before climbing into the ring and asking for a microphone- something he swiftly gets. He goes to speak but a ‘You Screwed Punk’ chant begins.

    David Ryan: You’re damn right I did.

    The fans boo loudly.

    David Ryan: For months, all I have heard from everybody was how boring I was, how I had no personality, how I was on the show too much. I got a bit sick of it. None of the people decided to appreciate the creative gifts I had given them- none of them were able to take that their precious KJ Punk hadn’t won the IWA Championship.

    How I had made the call to allow Black Blooded to become co-IWA Champions, which was revolutionary, excuse the pun.

    The fans continue to boo and a KJ Punk chant is heard.

    David Ryan: So what did I do? I bowed down to all of you. I changed my mind and announced a re-match but that was the night I decided. Black Blooded being the co-IWA Champions was my call and you people were the problem. You people didn’t understand that it was the right call.

    So I made myself the special guest referee and I got myself a plan. Over the past few weeks, I have built Revolution into a much better show- all by myself! I brought Erebus in to take out that fat son of a bitch Captain Amazing. I brought Mr. Smyth back- because that is what’s best for business! I am making the right calls.

    The fans go into a frenzy of booing for the name drops.

    David Ryan: So last week at Uprising, I made the right call. I made the right call by not counting KJ Punk’s count and allowing Black Blooded to continue as the co-IWA Champions!

    Ryan goes to speak again but he’s interrupted...


    Punk sprints down the ramp as the crowd explodes! Punk slides under the bottom rope and immediately forces Ryan into a corner. KJ grabs Ryan by the collar of his sports coat as Ryan lifts the microphone up and KJ can be heard.

    Punk: Right call?!? How about the wrong call you worthless piece of shit! Where I’m from, you get what you earn. I earned the IWA Championship at Uprising. I had the match won, one two three. That was my time to undo your wrong doing. I was gonna be the champion but you took it away from me!

    Ryan looks down frightened by the fire in Punk’s eyes. KJ slaps him across the face to get his attention.

    Punk: Look at me when I’m talking to you! Hell, if that match has earned me anything besides the IWA Championship, it’s at least earned me a damn explanation. That’s the least you can do for me and all these people here!

    Ryan opens his mouth as if he’s about to speak.

    Punk: That’s not a good enough!

    KJ doesn’t allow him to say anything before he pushes Ryan to a huge pop! Ryan fallsinto the turnbuckle as KJ Punk gets ready to start laying in more shots but the roar of motorcycles fill the arena. Black Blooded ride out, the fans changing abruptly from cheering KJ Punk on to booing the bikers as they ride down the ramp, KJ Punk stopping his assault on the GM as he warily eyes the men circling the ring on their bikes like sharks smelling blood. They stop in front of the commentary desk, each man dismounting and demanding a microphone before stepping into the ring, David Ryan looking from them back to Punk, and, making the smart decision, backs out of the way and to a corner of the ring.

    Mr. Blood: Earned? Boy all the hell you earned is a one-way trip to the end of the fucking line. You know why we still have the fucking title boy? You wanna know the real reason? Because we fucking know how this goddamn game is played. Your Naive fucking bullshit has gotten you nothing but your ass beat, time after time, yet you still wanna fucking walk out here like you fucking accomplished something?

    Mr. Black: Fucking Moron.

    Mr. Blood: So tell you what, why don't you go ahead and apologize to the bossman here for messin his suit up. and get your pansy fucking ass up on out of our ring. The Dominant Predators came here to celebrate, not deal with your pansy-ass bitching and moaning. We're out here to congragulate Davey boy here on making the right decision for business.

    Mr. Black: Damn right

    Mr. Blood: Far as I can tell, you ain't worth the wad the milkman wasted to make you. You have been weighed, measured, and guess what fuckstick? You just can't equal our fucking greatness. We are the Greatest goddamn thing to happen to this shithole company, we fucking are Revolution. This is our show, and not you, these dickhead backwards ass sister-fucking redneck fans, or anyone else can fucking stop us.

    ???: Excuse me Gentlemen.. if I may interject for a moment..

    The crowd grows deathly silent as Jarvis Cole walks out onto the stage with an almost sincere smile on his face. He is accompanied by no music and walks to the ring in his own time. Cole climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes before raising a hand to Black Blooded who stares holes through him.

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    Jarvis Cole: Gentlemen, Gentlemen please.. this is not the time, nor the place for idle prattle and inane conversation. This is a stage for destruction.. for brutal combat.. a place where survival of the fittest is not just a harsh, cold fact.. it is a way of life. Hmm.. what do we have here.. i'm afraid you'll have to forgive me I am old and my eyes don't quite work as well as they once did..

    Cole adjusts his thick spectacles and peers curiously at the other men in the ring before smiling.

    Jarvis Cole: Aha, yes.. I see.. interesting.. yes, interesting. The two of you.. the tall ones with the motorcycles.. you would make ideal candidates for some.. minor improvements.. yes, most definitely. But you.. hmm.. the smaller one.. the one who whines like a child who has had his favourite toy taken from him.. you are nothing but fodder.. how does that make you feel? Ahh yes i'm not just a geneticist.. also a psychiatrist. Tell me.. what do you see?

    Cole waits for a moment as Punk makes to answer but cuts him off abruptly.

    Jarvis Cole: You see your own end.. violent and bloody.. you scream but no one helps? Why don't they help you.. why don't they help you K..J..Punk? You know why they do not help you.. they are afraid.. they are afraid of the one who is grinding the life out of you.. make peace with whatever idol you worship, your time is coming. But back to the bigger ones.. the ones with potential. Potential will only get you so far.. and truth be told my hands are full at the moment with other experi.. other patients. I am a busy man.. seeing to the maintenance of Erebus can be quite consuming.. but I do love my work.. as does he.

    Why am I here, I am very sure you are all thinking to yourselves. And where is he? Where is Erebus? Have no fear he is here tonight, he is in a safe place away from prying eyes.. he is under complete control and he will come when I have need of him. But.. we are just talking.. there will be no need for him.. i'm sure. But the time for talk will soon be over.. Erebus is here for one reason and one reason only, to destroy. I find it very difficult to procure willing subjects to test his limits.. or.. rather I should say.. to keep his bloodlust sated.

    Cole looks at each man in turn again.

    Jarvis Cole: He was once like all of you.. a simple construct of flesh.. blood.. and bone.. stunted by the failures of evolution. A man with no direction.. lost within his own mind.. he had all the potential for greatness but no key to unlock it. I gave him that key.. I gave him the tools to turn him into the monster that he is today.. he struggled at first you know? He kicked.. and he screamed.. and he hurt various people.. but in time he found his place, his obedience. Now he is mine.. as each of you here is his to do with whatever he sees fit.. All of you have a purpose.. to elevate him to greater heights.. to grow his legend.. and you have one man to thank for this..

    David Ryan.. Ahh Mr Ryan. So eager.. so determined to make a mark on this world that you turn to the one man that can make it happen.. me. I gave you what you wanted Mr Ryan, I gave you a monster.. I gave you a bloodied fat failure who dared to make a mockery of your show.. I gave you something that will ensure you are remembered long after you are gone.. but now.. now I think it is time for you to give me something that I want.. yes? Mr Ryan I want something that is in this very ring right now..

    Cole turns to Black Blooded and smiles, holding a hand up and gesturing towards the IWA Title Belt.

    Jarvis Cole: Erebus is beyond any of these meagre offerings.. you know this.. you've seen his work.. and so you must allow him to take what is rightfully his.. what is rightfully mine. You wanted a show Mr Ryan.. and I shall give you one.. live on television Erebus shall toss this fodder around like rag dolls.. and like most of the toys I have given Erebus.. he will break them. Erebus will become your new champion.. and he will become your last champion.. for there is no one in this company.. not K..J..Punk.. and not Black Blooded.. who can stand in his way..

    Cole looks to Ryan who picks up his own microphone. He looks at Cole, before looking at Black Blooded, before turning to Punk.

    David Ryan: How dare you put your hands on me!? I've had it! This is the right call! K J PUNK...YOU'RE...

    Feed Me...Moore?!

    The fans are silent as Ryan goes to fire Punk but the noise levels increase a hell of a lot as Chairman and CEO of IWA, Mandy Moore walks onto the stage. She smiles at the scene in the ring as Ryan has fallen silent. Moore makes her way down the ramp and up the steps. She climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone swiftly. Before she can talk though,

    David Ryan: Miss Moore! How great it is to see you, to have you here on Revo-

    Mandy Moore: Shut up David.

    The fans explode with cheers for the interruption and Ryan shuts up, sharpish. Moore continues to speak.

    Mandy Moore: Earlier this week, there was a meeting of the board of directors of IWA. This meeting was to discuss your actions at Uprising, David and how we feel you've done since you took over here. Call it a job evaluation if you will.

    Now we felt that the way you handled your duties as the special guest referee for the IWA Championship match at Uprising was disgraceful and not only shined on you in a bad light, but also made your show look weak. Because of this, IWA looked weak. We looked very weak indeed.

    And that was something we weren't very happy about.

    The fans are silent as Ryan begins to apologize to Moore, who holds her hand up.

    Mandy Moore: In fact, we've not been happy about your overall performance here since you took over.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Mandy Moore: Now, the IWA Championship was created for one person to hold it, and you have disobeyed that creation to have two people hold it at once. unacceptable.

    So here's what the board of directors have decided! One man will hold that title- after our next Pay-Per-View event, Insult to Injury! In the main event of that pay-per-view, there will be an Elimination Chamber match for the IWA Championship!

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Mandy Moore: And both Mr. Black and Mr. Blood will be involved in the match!

    The fans boo loudly.

    Mandy Moore: Now, we're going to allow some Revolution superstars to gain one of the four remaining spots, with six random competitors chosen to compete for three spots, while ten more random names will be involved in a battle royal to begin next week's show to gain a spot!

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Mandy Moore: And that does include both KJ Punk AND Erebus- as Mr. Punk will not be getting fired. He will in-fact face Archer Black later tonight in a qualifying match, and Erebus will make his IWA in-ring debut against Chris Diamond in a qualifying match in tonight's main event!

    Another huge cheer for each of these announcements.

    Mandy Moore: The third match's competitors will be announced later tonight!

    Moore smiles to another cheer, before she turns to look at Ryan.

    Mandy Moore: And as for you, David. You can consider this a formal warning.

    The fans give a mixed reaction as some are unhappy he wasn't fired straight off.

    Mandy Moore: Enjoy the show folks!

    Moore exits the ring as Ryan looks from Cole to Punk to Black Blooded.

    Michael Cole: WHAT?! Why do the board need to interfere here?!

    Josh Matthews: I think it's brilliant Cole! Six Revolution superstars are going to enter the chamber at Insult to Injury!

    Michael Cole: And only one leaves as Champion? That is huge.

    Josh Matthews: Well, join us after the break folks, in what promises to be a huge show, and we kick things off with a match!

    Michael Cole: ICONOGRAPHY face off, against the Hollywood HomeBoys, stay tuned!

    Commercial Break

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    Lacey Foster: The following contest is a tag team match, set for one fall! Already in the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of 546 pounds, Hollywood Homeboys!

    The fans give no reaction as Homeboys jump onto a turnbuckle each.

    Michael Cole: Oh...they’re back?

    Josh Matthews: Have they ever actually won a match?


    Lacey Foster: And their opponents! Weighing in at a combined weight of 410 pounds, ICONOGRAPHY!

    The fans cheer as ICONOGRAPHY come out of the curtain.

    Michael Cole: These two have a problem with Ano Doom it would seem, and it’s almost as if they’ve got into Doom’s head somehow!

    Josh Matthews: Almost? It’s for certain they have! They’re in Doom’s head! He wants to unmask them!

    (Cara= Jason)(Rey= Ben)(Whiz= Young)(Iceman= Titus)
    (to 9:31)

    Michael Cole: Wicked elbow from Whiz! Homeboys looking on top!

    Josh Matthews: If Jason can get a tag to Ben, you’ve gotta think he’d be red hot right now!

    Whiz drops down and covers Jason.



    Jason throws the shoulder up as Whiz is quickly back on the offensive, as he climbs to his feet and stomps on Jason’s back. He looks over at Ben who is reaching as far as he can but still nowhere near enough. Whiz laughs and pulls Jason back to his corner. He picks Jason up in the corner and begins stomping away at him. He holds his foot in place to Jason’s jaw as the ref counts.




    Whiz lets the hold go and grabs Jason, making out to whip him across the ring but instead turning and whipping him towards Iceman, but Jason uses the second and third rope as a springboard, hitting a crossbody on Whiz!

    Michael Cole: Both men down, centre of the ring!

    The fans begin willing Jason on as he crawls towards Ben, all the while Whiz clambers to his feet. He tags in Iceman who grabs Jason’s foot, holding him back just as he goes to make the tag, but Jason swings round and kicks Iceman in the head, before jumping and tagging Ben in!

    Josh Matthews: And here comes Ben!

    Iceman, on a knee due to the kick, rises to unsteady feet as Ben climbs to the top rope, hitting a big crossbody! He jumps up as Whiz is climbing into the ring and dropkicks him out, causing Whiz to hit the outside hard. Ben turns around and runs at Iceman, who picks Ben up, but Ben comes down with The Flight (Cradle DDT)! He covers Iceman.




    Lacey Foster: Here are your winners...ICONOGRAPHY!

    Ben jumps from out of the ring and kindly asks for a microphone from a stagehand and is given one. The stagehand goes to pull his hand away and Ben grasps it instead.

    Ben Reilly Kent: I just want to thank you for everything you do. The ring crew, cameramen, and ringside people never get any credit. A lot of you guys take abuse from the wrestlers here and in many other wrestling companies so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    Ben smiles and shakes the man's hand. He hops back into the ring and proceeds to talk.

    Ben Reilly Kent: Since my brother and I have been here in IWA, we really haven't found our footing. We've been going back and forth with different people and it's really not something we wanted. But then, Ano Doom came along. He's the exact opposite of what we represent. He is a stain on all that is pure and decent. He's the antithesis of what we hold near and dear to us.

    Ben passes Jason the microphone.

    Jason Todd Kent: Indeed my good brother. Recently, Ano Doom came out at the Uprising Pay-Per-View with horrendous pikes on his shoulders with replicas of our masks on them stating some pretty foul and disgusting things. This is further proof that nothing but pure evil resides in the heart of this... man.

    Jason passes Ben the microphone.

    Ben Reilly Kent: That is right my dear brother. We've already beaten the monster in the past but, we apparently have to do so again. Like Ganondorf resurrected as many times as he has been in the past, a new hero named Link will always be there to vanquish him. Peter Parker never backed down from a fight from Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus, Bruce Wayne never deterred from his quest to rid the streets and the world of vileness. And neither will we.

    Ben passes Jason the mic again.

    Jason Todd Kent: Correct as always my brother. Like all classic comic book villains, he wants our masks. I'm sure you'll stop at nothing to get them. But there's one thing different from us, our names are already known to the public. We're not trying to hide our identities. These masks don't represent what you think they do. They represent everything good left in the world, the hope of small children needing a hero to look up to when all of their hope has abandoned them.

    We're trying to uphold a certain moral code that not only most of the world has lost but, most of America as well. We're not losing our masks, remember, you have one as well. It may be only a half mask but you still hide. You hide from your past, you hide from all that is good. The light of everything you denounce.If you try to take our symbol, we will take yours.

    Jason passes Ben the microphone again.

    Ben Reilly Kent: In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil will escape our site. Let those who worship evils might, beware the power of the Kent brothers light.

    Ben gives the microphone back to the stagehand and they walk out of the ring smiling. Ben pulls a small bag out from underneath the ring and starts pulling masks out. He gives some to Jason and they pass them out to all the young kids at ringside, smiling and talking to them.

    Michael Cole: What a bunch of crap!

    Josh Matthews: What a win from ICONOGRAPHY and they sure gave a message to Doom! This is getting all heated up!

    We get a shot of ICONOGRAPHY at ringside again before we head to commercial.

    Commercial Break

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    Chris Gatling steps onto the stage with a distraught look on his face as his music plays. Instead of his ring gear he's wearing blue jeans, a camo t-shirt, boots, and Atlanta Braves ballcap. He walks to the ring like a man on a mission, grabbing a mic, and stepping into the ring. Instead of taking a seat on a turnbuckle like usual, Gatling stands in the center of the ring.

    Gatling: Uprising was the biggest crock of shit I've ever seen in my life.
    The crowd cheers in agreement. I had that match one fair & square, but Black's feet just had to hit the ref. That was okay though; I still had things under control. I was finally having my time to show everybody that I was the superior man when my "friend" and his enemy decided to have a go-around.

    That would have been fine & dandy if Ivan hadn't got his ass handed to him by Clandestine. Just when I needed the man who was supposed to be my backup most, he was nowhere to be found. I was one big move away from finishing off Archer Black when BAM , I almost got my head knocked off. What should have been my biggest victory in IWA turned into my most sour defeat. Sometimes your friends just ain't there I guess.

    With that being said, I'm here to call out the man who costed me that match, Clandestine. Now if we were down in the backwoods of Carolina old boy I'd hunt you down, kick your ass, and leave you laying in a pool of your own blood in a swamp somewhere. I'm gonna give you a fair shot tonight though. You and me 1-on-1 right here tonight! And I suggest you get out here before my instincts kick in & I forget the spirit of competition.


    The crowd gives a mixed reaction to the new music they have not heard before, but then the mixed reaction turns to a pop when Ivan Draymen makes his way onto the stage with a microphone in hand. Draymen makes his way down the ramp, slides into the ring and faces Gatling.

    Draymen: I need to ask you something, Chris. Do you even know what you're saying right now? You're out here saying that I didn't have your back? You're saying I got my ass handed to me, and that you NEEDED me to win? What I'm getting at is ... You're trying to pin your loss on me. Your logic is flawed, Gatling. I did nothing to cost you the match, as a matter of fact, you're the reason you lost.

    You should have kept your eyes on the damn match and not on Clandestine. He was my problem, not yours. You only brought the loss on yourself, Chris. The only reason you nearly had your damn head kicked off was because you weren't focused! Your loss is your loss, I had NOTHING to do with it, goddamn it.

    The crowd gives Draymen a mixed reaction, more cheers than boos.

    Draymen: Hold on, folks. Don't get mad, now. I'm only out here defending myself and to make a point. You weren't the only one Clandestine took out, he took me out too. If ANYONE gets a match with Clandestine, it is going to be me, do you understand? Clandestine is my target and I plan on making sure he pays for what he did to us at Uprising.


    Clandestine appears on the stage with a steel chair in hand. He stares down Gatling and Draymen in the ring.

    Clandestine: Well look what we have in the ring tonight. A backwater hill billy and a man who isn't fully aware of where he is. Oh don't worry Draymen I don't plan on using this chair anytime soon... What's with the confused look on your face Draymen, oh that's right, you probably can't hear me over the ringing in your ears. Well let me SPEAK A LITTLE LOUDER FOR YOU!

    Clandestine flashes a sadistic smirk across his face and then lifts the chair up in one hand and stares at it.

    It would appear though as if that shot to the head Draymen, has finally knocked some sense into you. After all the sound of the steel hitting your skull was music to my ears, music that you are still hearing no doubt.

    Clandestine then starts to walk down the ramp towards the ring.

    Clandestine: We have a problem here fellas, I have a match tonight and it's one I'm very much looking forward to, no Draymen it's not with you and Gatling, you can wipe that shit eating grin off your face. My match tonight isn't with you either. Boo's can be heard from the crowd I'm moving up the ladder just like Archer is, tonight I'm facing Darius, the former IWA Endurance champion. I said when I first came to this company that you, just like everybody else was just an obstacle and that I was either climb over, break you down piece by piece or just take you straight out of the game. I'm done with both of you and I have no intentions of looking back ever again. The Boo's ring out louder this time Especially seeing as I took you both out at Uprising!

    Clandestine unfolds the steel chair and takes a seat at the base of the Ramp. Clandestine relaxes back in the chair.

    Clandestine: Let me play the part of therapist here for you both if you will. As friends, you two just can't get along. You see I have Archer's back and he has mine. We have no disbelief that at some point our paths will cross and may the best man win when that time comes but you two, you aren't on the same page.
    Do you hear what Draymen said Gatling, I think it is very important that you do, as he has a very good point. I had you beat in my first match until Draymen here decided to stick his nose in and cost me the win and you needed him at ringisde to help you beat Archer. So Gatling it would appear as though you do need him, you need him a hell of a lot more than he needs you.

    Clandestine gets up out of the chair walks back up the ramp to the stage before turning to face both Gatling and Draymen.

    Clandestine: Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Clandestine raises his arms to form an “X” above his head and then walks back behind the curtain.

    Michael Cole: Strong words from all three men, but has Clandestine got a point?

    Josh Matthews: I’m not sure Cole.

    Back in the ring, Draymen turns to Gatling, points at the stage and mouths ‘He’s Mine!’ Gatling shakes his head and points to himself. We head to commercial with a staredown between Gatling & Draymen.

    Commercial Break

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    Lacey Foster: The following match is set for one fall, and it is a qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber! Introducing first... from Athens, GA... this is the Classic City Scourge... Archer Black!


    As the lights go dark, a lone blacklight shining onto the stage like a fell spotlight heralds the coming of Archer Black. He pulls down the hood of his ebony longcoat to reveal an impish face - his eyes are alight with the devil's glee. He seems to be in such a good mood that he almost forgets to yell "fuck you" at the fans by the ramp. Almost.

    Josh Matthews: And here we are, a crucial match on tonight's card - one that will determine who moves on to enter the Elimination Chamber! Archer Black seems pretty confident going in... coming off a controversial victory at Uprising, he must feel very good about his chances!

    Michael Cole: Wouldn't you? Archer got a win over his nemesis, Chris Gatling, on a big stage - which is a big feather in anyone's cap. Now he's getting his chance to show up a so-called "big name" in KJ Punk. Not a huge task for him, I think... Archer has a drive, a will to win that nobody can even compare to!

    Josh Matthews: Archer is driven, all right... The man is mental! He seems to think that he is here to save us all - and plans to try and destroy this company to do it!

    Michael Cole: Oh, he's not going to destroy the show Josh! I don't think he is... nah, he's just kidding. Right?

    Lacey Foster: And next, introducing his opponent... Straight out of Mississippi... This is... KJ Punk!


    As the sound of The Wedding reverberates through the arena, the fans are on their feet to welcome the Mississippi brawler as he comes out to the stage! KJ's walk is steady and full of purpose, determination and focus written in his face...

    Michael Cole: KJ, KJ, KJ... How many second chances does this guy get? Whose anus is he French kissing to get all these opportunities? Will somebody tell this guy NO?

    Josh Matthews: Say what you will, Michael, but KJ has put in the work and fought the wars... especially his last few battles with Black Blooded! KJ has shown that he is quite possibly the total package in a wrestler: strength, agility, technique and instinct... and then some! But I don't know if he's ever faced anyone as devious, underhanded and as cutthroat as Archer Black... and with so much riding on this match, you have to wonder: Who wants it more?

    KJ Punk = Kassius Ohno/Archer Black = Xavier Woods - start at 1:35, stop at 5:49

    KJ puts on the brakes after missing the big boot, turns around -

    And Archer is gone!

    Josh Matthews: Wait a minute - what is he up to? Archer jumped out of the ring!

    KJ leans warily over the ring ropes... and doesn't see his opponent anywhere. He carefully looks around - no sign of Archer Black anywhere! Even the ref is at a loss... and unable to figure out where Contestant B went off to, he begins the ten-count...



    KJ is pacing around in the ring...



    Patience isn't working for him right now - KJ goes to leave the ring and find this little prick before -


    Running elbow to the back of the head - Archer had slipped into the ring from the other side, and blindsides KJ! He quickly grabs a stunned KJ, pulls him to the center of the ring -


    NOPE - KJ braces himself, and Archer can't lift him! KJ turns it around into a capture suplex with a bridge! The ref counts the pin -

    1 -

    2 -

    Archer escapes... and scuttles away to the other end of the ring!

    Michael Cole: Oh, that was close! Good thing Archer got out of that - I think KJ was holding the tights -

    Josh Matthews: He was not holding any tights Michael! What universe are you in?

    Michael Cole: I'm just saying, KJ is going to stoop to any low to try and make sure that Archer loses this match. I saw him grab the tights.

    KJ Punk gets up and sets his sights on Archer Black... who is in the corner seething like an angry dog. KJ doesn't care how mad he is - he takes off like a shot in Archer's direction to crush him in the corner!

    And Archer meets him with a violent running knee attack out of the corner! KJ drops hard, a trail of blood flying from his nose!

    Josh Matthews: Holy cow - that looked like a Busaiku knee kick, a devastating strike made famous by KENTA! Knockout power for sure!

    Archer jumps to his feet - and the look on his face is positively venomous. Hatred seems to ooze from him - all in KJ's direction... especially when he begins to stomp away at KJ's arms like he's exterminating roaches! The ref begins a count to discourage Archer - and in return, Archer counts along up til four, at which point he spins on the ref and gives him a "If you don't shut the hell up, I will fuck your entire world up" look. The ref backs off, and Archer grabs KJ by an arm and pulls him to the corner... slides out of the ring after laying KJ close to the apron, grabs an arm... and slams it down on the apron's edge! KJ lets loose an agony cry as his elbow meets very solid material...

    Michael Cole: Yeah! Get him, Archer - get him!

    Josh Matthews: You can't be serious, Michael! He's smashing KJ's elbow against the ring apron - he'll maim him!

    Michael Cole: And your point is?

    KJ writhes in pain, turning while lying down so that his head is hanging over the ring apron so that he can see - and try to grab - Archer Black. He succeeds in grabbing Archer by his long ebony locks and attempts to fight back!

    So Archer grabs KJ by HIS head... and gets a running start... and smashes it against the ringpost!

    Josh Matthews: This can't go on! Archer Black is trying to cripple KJ Punk! Why hasn't the ref done anything?

    Michael Cole: Why should he, Josh? I don't see anything illegal. Archer was doing a move, and there happened to be a ringpost there. Whodathunk?

    Archer slips into the ring to beat the ref's ten count - and immediately pins KJ Punk!




    Archer Black looks up, wondering why he isn't hearing "three"...

    But he does see the ref pointing at the bottom rope - with KJ's hand wrapped around it!

    Michael Cole: NO! That's illegal!

    Josh Matthews: On the contrary - that's a perfectly legal way to break any hold, including a pin attempt! KJ managed to dodge a bullet... but I don't think he can handle any more! He's got to stop Archer's momentum - or this is all over for him!

    KJ feebly struggles, but Archer yanks him to his feet and stings his face with a backhanded slap! "Stay the fuck down!" Archer yells...

    But KJ still stands. On wobbly legs... but he still stands!

    Archer sees this defiance and looks like he could shoot KJ Punk dead for it. But then he smiles... and turns in a quick circle -

    Josh Matthews: I know that setup - he's going to steal KJ's Bulldog Bash!

    The elbow comes up!

    And whiffs past KJ's face as he steps to the side! And as he does, he spins in the exact same way...

    And fires his elbow...



    KJ buckles under the effort of spending his last bit of will... and falls into the cover on Archer Black!




    Lacey Foster: Your winner, and moving on to the Elimination Chamber... KJ Punk!!!

    Michael Cole: No way! He cheated! HE CHEATED! KJ PUNK CHEATED!

    Josh Matthews: No he didn't Cole - just face facts! KJ Punk does what he does best - he goes in, he fights hard, and he guts through the worst his opponents have to offer! That's what KJ -

    KJ Punk turns from having his hand raised to see Archer Black creeping up behind him with a steel chair in his hands! The ref tries to wave Archer away, but Archer doesn't even notice the referee... all he sees is the man who cost him an opportunity... the man he is about to send to intensive care -

    Crowd pop! Someone races down the ramp and into the ring!

    Josh Matthews: Look - it's -

    Archer is knocked to the mat... BY DARIUS! Darius kicks Archer in his side as he tries to crawl away, then goes for the chair! He comes around to swing for dome - but Archer is out of the ring and headed up the ramp! KJ looks on as Darius smacks the chair against the ropes, swearing at Archer Black with a wild look in his eyes!

    Michael Cole: Oh look - Captain Crazy is out here to help KJ Punked. Isn't that sweet... Somebody get those goofs outta here!

    Josh Matthews: Darius just came within an inch of getting some deserved payback on the man who cost him the IWA Endurance Championship! Regardless, KJ Punk moves on to opportunity... and the Darius/Black saga continues!

    Darius helps Punk to his feet as we head to another commercial.

    Commercial Break

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    We return from commercial to backstage, where Dwayne Warren is stood.

    Dwayne Warren: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time...The Prodigy!...Chris Diamond!

    Diamond strolls into the shot, glaring at the grinning Warren beside him, before Dwayne clears his throat and begins.

    Warren: Before we get your thoughts on all that has transpired tonight Chris, has last night and Damaged Goods abandoning you sank in yet?

    From the steely look on The Prodigy's face, clearly it has not.

    Diamond: Listen Warren, two men I trusted with my life and considered as friends as opposed to my foes in Nightmare Madness and two men I employed to take out Abel and Alexander, punked out like the little bitches they are, leaving me in the ring to go it alone and despite my insane amount of talent, even I wasn't mentally prepared for a handicap against ME! How the hell do you think I feel!?

    Dwayne slowly takes the mic from Chris, assuming he should be polite and answer, but Diamond disgustedly hauls the mic away and continues.

    Diamond: The fact is, Nightmare Madness, no matter how much they are sure to brag about it, achieved NOTHING, ZILCH, ZERO last night. I was only beaten because Damaged Goods are too pussy to fight like men, so I beg you Abel, Jason don't celebrate a tarnished victory, it's pathetic!

    But I'm not gonna get hung up on that cowardly act Dwayne. You see, tonight...I have the oppurtunity, I have the chance to move onto an Elimination Chamber to fight for the IWA Championship and I'll grab that oppurtunity with both hands.

    Dwayne: Yes, I'd love to get your thoughts on Ms. Moore's decision earlier in the night and your opponent, none other than the monster Erebus, making his return to the ring against yourself tonight.

    Diamond: As much as I enjoyed KJ getting his punk ass handed to him last night by our esteemed General Manager Dave Ryan, I support Mandy's decision to overpower Ryan since hell, any Main Event with Chris Diamond in it...that makes big bucks! It's just unfortunate for all involved that once again, we see that jackass Punk dragging down the quality of a Pay Per View Main Event (Diamond sighs dramatically)

    Warren:...And Erebus?

    For a momentary second, Chris doesn't radiate self-confidence as he squirms uncomfortably at the name.

    Diamond: is one hell of a competitor, I'll give him that. Listen, I know how dominant he has been since he returned here, let's face it, he's one of the most intimiadting characters in IWA....but he ain't me.

    Diamond's uncomfortableness was clearly a rouse as he raises his head, smirking

    Diamond: You see, no matter how vicious 'The Claw' is, or how badly he destroyed a fat bastard by the name of Captain Amazing, the fact remains that no-one is on my level. So please, Erebus and in fact all of IWA...get on my level! Once I beat Erebus, I will move on to Insult to Injury and add insult to the already injured pride of KJ Punk and soon win the IWA Championship! Prodigy out!

    Diamond walks away as we return to ringside.

    Michael Cole: Strong words from a confident young man, but he’s got a hell of a challenge tonight against Erebus.

    Josh Matthews: I agree Cole, I-

    The lights in the arena go out. The entire crowd begins to get roused up.

    Josh Matthews: What the hell?


    Michael Cole: Whose music is that?

    Josh Matthews: I don't even know what the hell is going on!

    *The arena is still dark as a shadow of a figure can be seen entering the stage. You can only see the silhouette of the man as he makes a gesture of a putting a crown on his head, just then you hear the man scream "All HAIL THE KING" as pyro shoots off and the lights come back on to show King Strem standing tall atop the entrance.*

    Michael Cole: Josh!

    Josh Matthews: You got that right Cole, King Strem, a highly talented superstar in EWNCW is now also here in IWA, wonder what his purpose is.

    *Strem just strolls slowly to the ring before entering the ring, he puts his hands up, gesturing crowning himself again. He just stares out into the crowd before grabbing a microphone* is IWA?...Not impressed to be honest.

    *Crowd begins to boo*

    Strem: Haha you know it may be a different company, but it is the same crowd. I come in, me, a man of athletic superior, and you dumb idiots are too blind to see it. But that is ok. The king likes challenges. And what better challenge than to come and start my own little revolution, on revolution of all places. You see, it is hunting season here in IWA. Everyone here is in season, and the King is the master hunter. So don't take light of these words, don't think the King is just blowing smoke up your ass, because this is not just words, this is a warning, a promise if you will. There are a ton of guys in the back, and by the time I am done with IWA, each man will have the respect beaten out of them. They will bow down and ALLLLLLLLLLLLL HAIL THE KINNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!

    The crowd continues with an onslaught of boos. A familiar song hits.

    Pardy of One!

    The crowd begins to boo even louder as D-boy stands alone for the first time on the entrance ramp.

    D-boy: Oh hell no! Who in the hell do you think you are Strem? I'm going to be honest with you, I was backstage with my friend Freya and I was getting drunk being the life of the pardy as usual... But then I began watching you speak out here. I heard how you talked to these fans and I saw the arrogance in your eyes. To be honest I had to ask Freya who the hell you even where because I don't give a crap about any place where D-boy isn't employed because obviously they have no real talent on the roster. Then she went on to tell me all your accomplishments over in EWNCW and I will admit that you my friend have racked yourself up some major wins.

    The crowd begins to boo very loudly as D-boy compliments Strem.

    D-boy: Yea but here is the thing Strem... That's over in EWNCW and I don't give two shits about what you did over there. This is the house that I am helping build. This is the show that I have been on since day one and this is the company that I made my debut. Everyone of these fans knows I'm IWA through and through and I don't take kindly to you coming in here acting like we should give a damn that you are a big name over in another fed. Listen up Strem... I don't care and these people no matter how stupid they are, know better than to give two shits about some new guy like yourself.

    The Crowd has a huge mixed reaction to D-boy.

    D-boy: So, Tonight I want to teach you a lesson in respect Strem. I want to teach you that you can't come into another mans fed and pretend that you are hot shit. No, no Strem! This is D-boy's fed to pardy in! This could be when D-boy finally proves to the world that he's not a tag team guy. Rymac and I have parted for good here in IWA. I literally stomped in his face in the middle of that ring for no other reason then he was a roadblock in my way to a championship! We were friends, Rymac and I... Can you imagine what I'd do to some punk kid who is just acting like he owns this place?

    The crowd reacts with jeering remarks about The Pardy Boyz.

    D-boy: But after Uprising I realized something. D-boy doesn't have to be alone in this world. I shouldn't just waltz out here and make fights by myself. That's why I decided to trust in her... I joined forces with a new force here in IWA. She saw the talent that I had and offered to help me out. I was leery at first but after talking to her for several hours I realized something. That unlike yourself Freya was here to not here to gloat and pretend like we should care about her. No, Freya is here to make an impact! That's when I knew that Freya and I, we'd make an unstoppable combo! That's why I'm enthusiastic to introduce her for the first time to the IWA universe! Ladies and Gentleman, Freya Rayne!

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    Music hits and out skips Freya Rayne to the top of the ramp, mic in hand, she smiles as she stands at D-Boys side

    Freya Rayne: Well hello Revolution! I am Miss Freya Rayne; I am a wrestling and business extraordinaire, I am here to make winners into champions and losers run back home to their mothers… I am no soft touch, I get what I want and I do it the honourable way… I may be the only girl around here but, I will thrive on that, thrive upon the fact that I am the only and most dominant female in Revolution, so watch out boys…

    *Freya smiles to herself*

    Freya Rayne: So I digress, the reason I selected D-Boy as my first prospective client here at IWA, he has that little spark I like, he turned on his own partner, knowing he could do better, be better on his own but, he was missing one element, me. With me, he will be unstoppable because Freya Rayne, is all anyone ever needs and with me in his corner, I will lead him to glory, to the heights he never dreamed of reaching…
    So Kingstrem, on behalf of D-Boy, your challenge is accepted and that match is happening now… Prepare yourself

    *With a smile she drops the mic and they head down to the ring*

    Josh Matthews: Well I love impromptu matches, that Freya Rayne one is a sharp character, I wonder what she will provide to the D-Boy dynamic as a singles competitor… I am also very excited for the IWA in ring debut of Kingstrem!

    Michael Cole: I am just glad the life of the party is gone from that dead weight Rymac and I am so excited to see Miss Rayne and what she will do to improve his character…

    Kingstrem (Ryback) Vs. D-Boy (D-Bryan)
    Start at: 2:59 and End at 8:54

    Michael Cole: The intensity in the eyes of Freya as she watches every move, every piece of action from both men, she is a true analyst and clearly knows her stuff and she knows it…

    Kingstrem has the upper hand on D-Boy, he watches him squirm on the mat struggling to regain his composure, slowly getting back to his feet, Kingstrem lands a thunderous clothesline sending D-Boy flying into the ropes and Kingstrem meets him with a body splash off the ropes, knocking D-boy back to the mat again…

    Kingstrem smiles down at the fallen D-Boy and then to Freya, she has no reaction to the look he gives her, going down to the mat he goes for a quick cover…


    Quick kick-up from D-Boy and Kingstrem pulls him up to meet his glare, he lands a jaw shattering right hook to the jaw of D-Boy, resulting in a slap to the face of Kingstrem to D-boy… The two men begin to trade blows in the centre of the ring…


    Michael Cole: YES! He is coming back! Freya must have taught him well…

    D-Boy tries to go for another slap but, is caught, Kingstrem smiles again and lands a knee to the gut, followed by a massive German Suplex, sending D-Boy flying across the ring…

    Josh Matthews: You were saying?

    Michael Cole: Shut your mouth, it is not over until the 1, 2, 3…

    Kingstrem lies in wait, staring down the slow rising D-Boy and launching across the ring a rib shattering spear to D-Boy nearly breaking him in two…
    Lifeless in the centre of the ring, Kingstrem climbs to the top rope, he seizes his moment and lands a flawless elbow drop to the chest of D-Boy…

    Josh Matthews: Go for the cover? I mean he has him beat…

    Michael Cole: Must I repeat myself! I love Freya Rayne, her presence at ringside is wonderful, she is not your normal manager she is someone that knows what is right for business and I can see she has faith in D-Boy…

    Kingstrem circles the ring, circles his pray and his eyes ignited with fury, ignited with the passion he has for winning… He waits for D-Boy to use all in his power to get back to his feet…

    Freya watches without missing a moment, she looks at every step taken in that ring…

    Kingstrem has D-boy pegged, turning him to face him, he lands a massive kick to the gut and he picks D-Boy up into a power bomb, throwing him down into a dominator slam D-Boys face smacking onto the mat!


    His finisher hit he goes for the cover on D-Boy

    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, Kingstrem!

    As his hand is raised Freya with a sullen look upon her face heads back up the ramp…

    Josh Matthews: Not a good start in singles competition for D-Boy, Freya might just have lost her only client…

    Strem watches her go with a smirk on his face as D-Boy is beginning to get up. Strem climbs out of the ring having been victorious and walks away as D-Boy reaches his feet to realise he lost.

    Michael Cole: And D-Boy is not happy!

    D-Boy kicks the bottom rope in frustration as he leans over the ropes, staring up at the stage- where Strem turns around one more time to smirk.

    Commercial Break

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    As we return to Revolution, the titan-tron loses its feed and static appears as everyone is silent in awe and scared while all that can be heard is screaming and what sounds like fighting before the tron comes on again, in a back room, with two figures in the shadows and another man whimpering in a corner

    Michael Cole: What the hell is this?

    Josh Matthews: I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s not pretty.

    *One of figures in the shadows picks up the camera and points it at the man who is whimpering*

    ????: Tell them your name, TELL THEM!

    Injured Man: Phi….Phil…

    *Phil starts crying as his face is battered, bruised, and bloodied*

    *The other figure steps forward and says something*

    ????: And what is it that you do, Phil, for a living? Don’t be shy, tell the people.

    Phil: I’m..a cameraman…for IWA…oh god please don’t hurt me anymore please, I beg of you! I have a family!

    *Phil starts shaking and sobbing again, in obvious terror of his captors*

    *The man holding the camera points it on himself, and can now his face can be seen, but he is an unfamiliar face*

    ????: I am Forrest Erickson, I am a force to be reckoned with. If you get in my way, what happened to our friend Phil, is only a small sample of what I will do to anyone.

    *Erickson starts laughing manically as he hands the camera off to the other man*

    ????: And I am Gunner Sylvester. You may have known me as the man who was screwed out of the WBC World Heavyweight Championship by another man cheating. But now, I’m here, and whoever may get in MY way, will be put down to rest, FOR GOOD. And they can cheat all they want…but I’ll be the only man breathing when all is said and done.

    *The camera is pointed back on Phil, who looks into the camera with tear-filled eyes*

    Phil: Christine…I love you, and if I don’t…*starts crying*…make it out of here, please tell Tommy…that I love him….PLEASE DON’T KILL ME, I BEG OF YOU!

    F. Erickson: Oh see now Phil, that’s the FUN part, we aren’t going to kill you. As pathetic as it is to see you cry like a little bitch, we’re not going to kill you, but certainly make your life a living hell. I promise we will beat you to within a centimeter of your life.

    G. Sylvester: And then….hahaha…the best part is, you’ll be changing your tune there, Philly. You’ll beg for death to be brought upon you. You’ll be on your hands and knees, if you have enough life left in you that is. And you’ll beg for mercy, but for us to end it all, because the pain is too unbearable.

    *Erickson takes back the camera and points it at himself as Sylvester starts wailing Phil and his screams can be heard in the background*

    F. Erickson: You see IWA, I’m a trained killer. I come from the best of the best, I am a United States Marine. I served my damn time for the “good old Red, White, and Blue” and what did I get? The skills to hurt those I wish, and terminate anyone I just don’t like! Look at me the wrong way, and you’ll be found in a dumpster the next morning, in 10 separate trash bags.

    *Erickson laughs manically while the screams of Phil become louder*

    F. Erickson: Having fun Gunner?

    G. Sylvester:*in the background* Oh hell yeah! This one squeals like a girl!

    *Erickson looks back into the camera with a big, devious smile, before changing it into a serious and stern face*

    F. Erickson: But you know what else I got? NOTHING! Fucking nothing! I put my damn life on the line for the goddamn “US of A” and I come back and I get nothing! Because you fucking corporate bigwigs, and stuck-up rich people can’t cough up any support for veterans, like myself! We’re doing your damn dirty work and then we all end up unemployed because you can’t be bothered with hiring those who put their country before their own family in the name of “Patriotism”! Not one fucking job offer! You didn’t care before, but you will now that I’m going to have my revenge on all of you!

    *Erickson turns towards Sylvester and the screams of Phil*

    Here Sly, take this, I want a couple rounds with Phil, I can’t stand talking to all of the scum they call “fans”. Come here you, I want a turn!

    *Sylvester takes the camera and points it at himself, with a huge grin on his face and what appears to be blood splatter on his face*

    G. Sylvester: Nice job dumbfucks, you got him angry! That doesn’t bode well for your friend Phil! Oh look at this…

    *Sylvester notices the blood splatter on his face and wipes it off*

    Looks like I did a number on the cameraman. But here is the thing IWA, we’re just the people who got treated badly and all we’re doing, is giving you that same treatment. Whether Phil survives tonight or not, he’ll be the first in a very long line of victims. You all remember me for getting screwed out of being a WBC Heavyweight Champion. But when push came to shove and I asked for your support for my rematch, you all fucking vanished!

    *Sylvester starts pacing with the camera while grunting, obviously angry*

    G. Sylvester: You all went about your miserable lives and didn’t give two shits about anyone else but yourselves! I dedicated each and every one of my fights for you so called “loyal fans” but in the end, there was nothing loyal about any of you except for yourselves! So now I’m here, along with Forrest, to give you all the payback you all most definitely deserve!

    *Both Erickson and Sylvester appear on the camera laughing in a devious manner*

    G. Sylvester: Forrest Erickson and Gunner Sylvester, we are Violent Impact, and we are coming IWA. We will cause havoc, destruction, and chaos to you all, so hide in your shelters, because WE ARE COMING.

    F. Erickson: Next week, just wait…oh boy, just wait, next week we will be there, and that’s when it all begins, just you wait, JUST YOU WAIT! WE WILL DESTROY ALL IN OUR WAY! But…anything else you’d like to say to your fans at home Phil?

    *Camera is pointed towards Phil, who is in even worse shape than before, and looks up, in a very weak manner, and spits out blood before managing to get some words out*

    Phil: Please…….

    *The camera is dropped and Phil can be heard screaming again as Sylvester and Erickson attack him again before the camera feed goes static and is gone as we head to another commercial.*

    Commercial Break

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    Lacey Foster: Your following tag-team contest is set for one fall, introducing first with a combined weight of 480lbs, Androcles and Zosimus, The Phalanx!

    The Phalanx!

    Josh Matthews: I like these two, they are hardworking, determined and they are both equally talented and strong, they will go far in this tag team division.

    Lacey Foster: There opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 614lbs, Mordecai and Judas McCall, The Sons of the Holy Trinity!

    The Sons!

    Michael Cole: Now they are a tag-team, they will do anything for the victory, as they will always do what is right in the name of victory.

    Start at 2:36 and End at 7:46
    The Phalanx (A/Seth Rollins & Z/Roman Reigns) Vs. The Sons (J/Daniel Bryan & M/Randy Orton)

    Mordecai’s thunderous kick-out shocks Androcles, close to his corner he pulls up a limp Mordecai, dragging him to the corner, a tag too Zosimus from Androcles…
    Zosimus picks Mordecai up and places him a crushing, body breaking bear hug, Androcles springboards from the top rope, landing a fierce flying lariat to Mordecai and Zosimus drives him to the mat with a thunderous spine buster, going for a fast cover…


    Judas has rushed into the ring to break up the count and he is warned by the ref to get out of the ring…

    Josh Matthews: What great action we are seeing, two strong, dominant teams…

    The hit to the back of the head of Zosimus from Judas stunned him slightly and he is struggling to get back to his feet, Mordecai sees the struggle as he gets back to his feet also, he seizes the opportunity and lands a kick to the ribcage of Zosimus, another, another, another and as he turns to him, BIG BOOT to the jaw of Zosimus…
    Going to the corner and tagging in Judas, pulled to his feet by Mordecai, Judas lands a kick to the gut of Zosimus, falling to the mat; Judas lands another kick to his gut while he is down…

    Josh Matthews: He needs to get outta that corner, he needs to get the tag too his partner…

    Judas has begun an assault to the down and out Zosimus, his assault getting more vicious and more severe and more aggressive, he is eventually pulled off by the ref and given a warning from the ref…which he laughs off…
    He turns and dropkick from nowhere to the jaw of Judas, knocking him to the mat, holding his jaw in shock, this fuels him up and he leaps too his feet again and they begin to trade blows in the centre if the ring…


    Having gained the upper hand Zosimus lands a spinning heel kick to the left Temple of Judas, sending him back to his corner, the slip up Zosimus results in a pathetic tag from Judas to Mordecai… Fresh and ready they lock up in the middle of the ring, backing him to the corner, Mordecai lands a kick to the gut, kick to the midsection, continuing this pattern he is pulled off by the ref, dragging the weakened Zosimus back to his corner, he tags in Judas…

    Michael Cole: Those quick tags between the bothers shows the effective team work and tag team ability it takes to make it work, keep them both fresh and ready to take on the challenge that is one of the attributes tag-team wrestling is in dire need of.

    The Sons start a double team attack on Zosimus, his midsection and gut being kicked and battered, the ref counts up to 3, and Mordecai exits the ring, a sinister smile upon his face… Pulling up Zosimus, Judas is met with a kick to the back of the leg; these are repeated until he is down to the mat, seizing this chance, Zosimus tags in Androcles… He flies over the rope to get back on the assault…

    Androcles picks him from the mat, landing fists and high elbows, getting more powerful and stronger; Judas is now on the mat, backing up to the ring ropes and a thunderous kick to the kidneys from Mordecai to Androcles, resulting in him getting in the face of Mordecai, the ref issues a warning and we see Mordecai drop from the apron to the floor, backing against the barrier…

    Josh Matthews: Good tactics from The Sons as we see Androcles gain the upper hand…

    Michael Cole: As I said a strong tag-team…

    Mordecai runs to the other corner, and starts kicking the legs of Zosimus and pulling the feet from under Zosimus, knocking his head of the corner of the apron, Mordecai beginning a beat down on him, kicking him in the ribcage and gut… The ref turns to see the commotion outside the ring… Judas seizes this opportunity; a low blow to Androcles, the ref turns…
    Judas pulls him into his gut and DEITIES REVENGE!

    The Pepsi Plunge hit and Judas goes for cover…

    Lacey Foster: Here are your winners, The Sons of the Holy Trinity!

    Michael Cole: What a win!

    The camera cuts to Freya Rayne walking around backstage, she walks down a dark corridor and sees Kingstrem standing alone and she skips up to him, addressing him with a lucrative smile

    Freya Rayne: Kingstrem, I am glad that I have caught you alone…
    I would like to formally introduce myself as I did not receive the introduction I would have liked or deserve when I was in the ring, so I would like to take it upon myself to introduce myself to you…

    I am Miss Freya Rayne; I make superstars rise and the losers fall both as a wrestler and a businesswoman…

    She extends her hand and they exchange a handshake

    Freya Rayne: Now that that formality has been taken care of, down to the reason I came to find you…Firstly I came to congratulate you on your debut and with that your excellent victory over D-Boy and now the real reason that I am here Kingstrem…

    I wanted to tell you, that I was very impressed with what I saw out there tonight from you and when it comes to me I am a very hard woman to impress but, you have something that I like, something that gives you that extra spark to impress a woman like me…So this is why I want to give you this…

    She hands him her card

    Freya Rayne: That is all you will need, if you want to make it here, all you need is staring you in the face… Think about it…

    Winking at him, she turns and walks away, the same lucrative smile on her face as we head to commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    Birmingham, UK

    *The crowd immediately respond with nothing but hate and negativity towards the stage as Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X, the Tag Team Champions make there way out from behind the curtain. Sporting there arrogant and cocky smiles, carrying there titles proudly over there shoulders and relishing the negative feedback from the crowd, they begin making there way down the ramp..

    As they slowly walk down the stage, heading to the ring. They reach a point where a small section of fans are holding up Extremely Lethal posters. Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan stop and share some words with the fans and things begin getting heated and the security are called over. Ramon then lunges out and is able to grab the poster from the crowd. Both Ramon and Van just stare at the well made, fan poster before Ramon rips it in half and throws it down to the floor with a smile on his face..

    Van Hooligan then steps on too the two pieces of the broken poster before wiping his feet and kicking the paper backwards before rubbing his hands together as if to say “We beat them.. Who’s next?!" as the crowd continue there heated boo’s. As both men draw closer to the ring, Ramon is handed a microphone and appears ready to speak as they both enter and take centre stage.*

    CAR: My name! *Crowd heavily boo as they know what’s coming.* My name is Carlos! Alberto! Ramon! I am the face of Revolution, the resident bay guy of IWA, El Bandido and I am the reigning, defending, voted.. CHAMPION OF THE YEAR!

    His name is the Hooligan and all round, ass kicking, award and title winning.. Van Hooligan X and together we told you! We told you all we would rule this division and this company and that’s exactly what’s happened Chico’s!

    *Crowd continue there boo’s as Van and Ramon just smirk.*

    CAR: Oh come on! I mean.. Come on! Why the hate bichanos? Surly, I mean surly you guys didn’t think we would lose to a couple of Science Geeks did you? I mean you didn’t really believe they had found the cure? Come on now! I know you guys are.. Oh, what’s the word.. Oh Yes! You guys are estúpido! But honestly, If you thought they were going to beat us? The all star team of the two most talented superstars in wrestling combined then you guys, are Louco man!

    You see me and my buddy, Van. We don’t do threats, we only do promises and when we say we came here to dominate and win these titles, did we lie? No.. No we didn’t. We are men of our words and so when we tell you.. We will never ever lose these titles, do you think we are lying? Nope! And you know why, because there’s not a team alive that are good enough to take the titles from us and the prove is there for everyone too see. Look at Black Blooded, they had to go to a weaker division on the same show, just to stand out and have a chance to compete and why? Because we cast a pretty big shadow over the world of wrestling..

    They know, they couldn’t compete head on with us and when they did, they lost. We did what they couldn’t in a matter of weeks when we captured the gold. So it was only natural they would move on and good luck to them. We have now beating anyone off any significance here on IWA and there it appears that we have ran out off challengers! People are running scared of us.. The Infection are on a roll and we show no signs of stopping.

    *Crowd continue booing as Ramon has hit full arrogance mode.*

    CAR: You know something, just to prove how fearful people are of facing us, knowing how good we are.. BWA a tag team specialist federation is hosting a one time deal show soon.. Have you heard off it?

    *The crowd cheer as chants of “B.W.A.” ring out around the arena.*

    CAR: Me and my friend, my amigo Van Hooligan. Being the competitors we are and how much we enjoy putting on a show for our fans! You guys! *Ramon winks* Our own little diseases! We reached out too be on the show and though they would have loved to have had us.. Because lets face it. The Infection are money, they said they couldn’t have us on the show and why?

    Because we are.. Too good! They are worried that the result would become too obvious and that me and Van would be crowned the best team off the show and frankly I agree.. I’m sure you guys do too right?

    *Ramon holds out the microphone as the crowd continue booing.*

    CAR: I thought you would! *Ramon winks before letting out that cocky smirk once more.* So you see, that’s more prove if you needed any, when it comes to the big matches and shows, there’s nobody that outshines and gets the job done better then the Infection! When we say we are going to do something.. We do it! So here’s something else I’m telling you! The Infection are here to stay and we are never going away! There’s not a team that can take our titles and why?

    Because we are the Infection!!

    There is!.. NO!!..CURE!

    *Ramon smiles as he lowers the mic as Van begins to applaud his buddy’s words as if he’s spoken nothing but the truth. Ramon and Van then appear to be ready to leave the ring when..*

    Extremely Lethal!

    *The new theme music hits and blares around the arena, and is recognized by the fans as the new theme of Extremely Lethal that debuted at the Pay-Per-View Uprising, and the fans explode with cheers as Extremely Lethal hits the entrance to break up the celebration of The Infection. Extremely Lethal waits at the top of the ramp for a minute as they look around the arena and soak in the cheers. They then seem content and begin to stride down the ramp staring at The Infection until they get to the ripped poster supporting Extremely Lethal, courtesy of The Infection. Both men stop and pick up a half of the poster and look at it and then look at The Infection. Extremely Lethal stays on the ramp and they put the two pieces of the poster together to show the camera and the world what the poster is supposed to look like. Carbon then raises his mic and begins to speak.*

    Carbon: You see what you did here?

    *Carbon and Venomous pull the poster apart to show where The Infection ripped the poster.*


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