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Thread: Heyman girl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    Ok, didn't know that, takes the wind out of my sails a bit. She's still not ready though. In the ring she's fine. On the mic and during her enterance, victory poses etc she's awkward and doesn't appear comfortable. She needs more time to get better at that in my opinion.
    Haha sorry man, regardless of that she will be brought up before WM as she is too over with the crowd. Will it be a success, I dont know but we will be seeing her before WM. Putting her with heyman was just an idea I had last night
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    I always have LOVED the idea of Tyson Kidd returning as a heel, taking out The Great Khali and reuniting with real-life wife Natalya. Then both of them getting the push they deserve by becoming "Paul Heyman Guys", or rather in Natalya's case, "Paul Heyman Gal". Natalya becoming heel and joning up with Heyman would make more sense, since she's been treated like a joke by WWE for so long, plus she's said to be the best all-round performer in the Diva's division in WWE.

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    Doesn't matter got Paige.

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    Heyman should hire Natalya
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    Wouldn't Missy Hyatt be the original Heyman girl? I guess you're talking more like a wrestler than someone who helped him secure the talent?

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    I like the idea if it was more of a stable and not a client type thing...

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    I wouldnt mind seeing a Paul Heyman tag team. A small faction where you have people competing to be Heyman guys would be neat, but at the same time him having a more exclusive group of wrestlers would be better. Also he does not need to take up that much air time.

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    I would love for Heyman to have a full stable a la the Heenan Family back in the 80s and into the 90s. Give him a tag team and a diva, could be great.

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    Put Tamina Snuka with him, bring her back as a vicious heel and have her terrorise the rest of the divas division.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee565744 View Post
    Put Tamina Snuka with him, bring her back as a vicious heel and have her terrorise the rest of the divas division.
    This is about the only option I'd entertain here with Heyman - save bringing Kharma back.


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