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    The true meaning of " YOUR FIRED " made popular by CEO of WWE: Vince McMahon

    Hello good afternoon this is my first post on here so i would love support from the fellow members of this site and feedback on my topics and what you guys would like me to talk about. Well here I go.... In the WWE you the fans have heard this popular phrase " YOUR FIRED " made famous by WWE CEO Mr McMahon but do you really want to know the truth from my opinion about this phrase when he tells his wrestlers that he has "fired " are really meaning when he says this. Of course there is WWE TV, Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, and so forth but you realize that being fired from WWE TV doesn't really mean being fired. What Mr McMahon is informing you is good luck on your future endeavors within the WWE not wrestling or other ventures at least until you clean up your act or we the WWE needs a boost in business. Some superstars that have been " fired " by good ole Mr McMahon have gone on to other ventures and been as successful if not sometimes better off at that moment in where they went to. Take Jeff Hardy for example, the WWE wished him well on his future and he ended up in TNA where he is one of the main stars and yes he has battled his demons outside the WWE and TNA but im pretty sure that if WWE reached out to him for a part time contract or whatever the case he would maybe consider it. So the point im trying to make is that superstars that get " fired " from TV are still technically with the company but they are only there for appearance purposed and to sign autographs on WWE's behalf and like the Bella's that got " fired " they are back doing reality shows but not really wrestling as much so you see what im saying. Oh yea and i forgot to mention say it with me people ROB VAN DAM he was let go as well but he is back on a part time basis. So to end this, i would like to say to the WWE fans out there when you hear these words again just remember its not a final goodbye as the door is always in the WWE whether you were a good or bad WWE star. Thanks for reading.

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    when he saids your fired its part of a storyline and the wrestlers aren't really fired.

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    Are you talking about him literally firing people backstage or fake fire on TV?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androo View Post
    *You're. [characters]

    At least the elephant's been acknowledged now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    when he saids your fired its part of a storyline and the wrestlers aren't really fired.

    Unless your name is Jeff Jarrett and VKM has just purchased WCW...

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere View Post
    Are you talking about him literally firing people backstage or fake fire on TV?

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    In other news: the matches have a pre determined outcome, Vickie didn't really marry Edge and Brad Maddox has all the power of an energy saving lightbulb!

    Firing wrestlers as part of a storyline is a quick and easy way to write someone off TV when they want to do something else. Take Jericho as an example, he was fired earlier in the year so he could go touring with Fozzy and this time around he's using the other classic: he's injured. Why do you think such a big deal is made about "wish you well in your future endeavours." That's what the really say when they release people and, believe it or not, that doesn't happen live on Raw.

    Divas to believe in.

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    I'm not 100% sure on what I've just read, is this serious? I don't get the joke.
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