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    EWNCW - Official Discussion Thread

    Creative Team:
    Tommy Thunder, Rehmix, TheJosephBanks, bearkg88,, Vandarius, G.G.G., CricketTragic, Tai Knight

    Welcome to EWNCW, EWN's first ever and original e-fed!
    Now as you might be able to gather, this isn't the original thread for EWNCW. The original thread had to be closed when a moderation issue regarding a banned member of EWN messed up a few of the threads in the e-fed section, hence why a new and improved thread had to be create. For history purposes, and if you wish to check out the origins of EWNCW, or if you're a current member feeling nostalgic and want to take a trip down memory lane, then the original thread can be viewed here.

    The original thread for EWNCW was created back on 29/10/2010, but it wasn't until about half a year later that the origins of an actual e-fed begun to take shape.

    Before the end of 2010, IrkenInvader took control and started working. What he came up with was simply one off matches with a few of the characters, most of which were characters created by Irk himself (and in some cases, usernames of other EWN members that were following EWNCW). The first of these one off matches were posted on 4/12/10, and continued throughout December of 2010. Another member called TJHawkesybaby decided that he wanted to have a go at writing these matches, and he sent in one for Irk to post on 15/12/10.

    When Irk decided that it was too much hassle, TJHawkesybaby decided to give it a real go and actually try and produce a weekly product and show, and thus, on 22/12/10, EWNCW was born! This weekly show was simply knows as 'EWNCW' and was posted on a Wednesday, no specific name was given to the show. Various people offered a little assistance to TJ in the making of these shows, but the bulk of all shows was done by him.
    After 4 episodes of EWNCW, we had our first ppv event; 'Pain for Treasure'!
    Episodes 5, 6 and 7 of EWNCW followed before a name for EWNCW's show was finally decided upon as it was christened 'Inferno', with the first episode posted on 25/2/11! 3 episodes of Inferno were had, which saw the introduction of more legendary characters, before we headed to our next ppv event; 'No Guts, No Glory'!

    7/4/11 marked the day that TJ officially decided to step down from writing EWNCW. He was at the time in a band and was getting increasingly busy in real life. Enter MattElder! Though Matt did unofficially take over the previous week, covering for TJ who was unable to do a show, this was a move made official on this date. Matt ran with EWNCW for a good few months, taking it to new heights by expanding in every sense with more talents coming on board, more writers being added, and eventually, plans for a second show introduced. TheBeardofZeus was the first new writer to come on board, to help with the writing of Inferno.

    On 14/6/11, Matt had to step down, and so a new head of EWNCW was needed. Initially Tommy Thunder and TheBeardofZeus were pointed out as the people that should run the place, but it was ultimately TBOZ who took over as Tommy just helped. TBOZ would write Thursday night Inferno with help from Tommy, Rich Cranium and eboy before EWNCW's second show was finally started. On 4/7/12, Monday night Rage was born! This show would be headed by myself with help from eboy, as TBOZ and Grind_Bastard did Inferno with help from Rich. This team would be the writing force behind EWNCW for the couple of months before TBOZ decided to step down at the end of August 2011. This signaled the moment that Tommy Thunder became the head of EWNCW, a position he still hold to this day.

    When this happened, Rich became a full member of the creative team as eboy and Tommy wrote Rage, while Grind and Rich were the brains behind Inferno.
    In November/December, Rich decided that he wanted to step down, since he'd gotten a new job that involved a lot of international travel. It was around this time the eboy also stepped down. After some tryouts, we welcomed Torphy and Rilla, now known as TheJosephBanks to the creative team! Both Torphy and Rilla/TJB proved to be excellent additions to the team as they were full of fantastic ideas and enthusiasm. This team was our stable team of writers for a good few months, with Torphy now heading up Inferno, until Torphy decided to step down on 28/3/12. This signaled the return of TBOZ to the team, if only on a short term interim basis, as well as the recruiting of Kingstrem.

    Since then we've become somewhat stable as a creative team with the likes of eboy, SEZ, TTC and a couple of others joining and leaving as the next year has gone on.

    One big change that deserves a mention is the merging of the tag team only fed BWA with EWNCW during the first half of 2012. There had been a lot of talk of too many feds on EWN around this time, and after some talks with Vegas (the then BWA owner who was a member of EWNCW), the decision was made to merge BWA into EWNCW.
    More information on Brutality can be found below!

    Another big change that occurred was the merging of the fed known as Alpha Revolution, and later TWE with EWNCW. Another fed that was producing good show with 2 brands but dwindling interest became EWNCW's developmental fed. Since then it has been through a re-branding process and is now known as Ready to Evolve (RTE) and is now a direct brand of EWNCW, serving as it's developmental brand (similar to how NXT is to WWE).
    More information on RTE can be found below!

    Other writers that have contributed to EWNCW over the years and helped out in the creative department since it started include:
    no_1eddiefan, CGBigman, Shaz11, eyehatecena, Pumpkinhead, thejman93, TheBeardofZeus, Asherdelampyr, TTC, CricketTragic, AshleyPunk, scribler_jones, Holy_Jose2391, irishman101, B-MCINTYRE, pauadrian, Krysys, AirBourne and TheDevilsAdvocate

    If you want any information on how to sign up to EWNCW, then please don't hesitate to contact any of the current creative team seen at the top of this post!
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    There is no difference in quality from one brand to another in EWNCW. There is no A show, B show and C show. We simply strive for 3 A shows.

    We also STRESS that pushes and title runs are earned and sustained based on the following criteria:

    1) Promo quality. I always apply the following rule; The promos you supply for the shows will be the make or break of your character.
    2) Promo promptness (late promos can result in your character not being on the show)
    3) Activity in the thread, both via 'In Character' posting and out of character. Both show that you're interested in the fed and are supporting the fed.
    4) Shows feedback. We're always looking to improve the fed. We can't do this without feedback. We ask kindly that everyone posts some sort of feedback on each show.There is a feedback form that's actively used in various feds here that is an easy to use format, but you may of course chose to use your own format for reviewing (as some do), and you're welcome to do so!

    If you would like to join EWNCW, then please fill out the following:

    Nicknames (if applicable):
    Billed from:
    Wrestling style:
    Real wrestlers similar to yours:
    Finisher(s) (no more than 3):
    Signatures (no more than 6):
    Other general moves:

    and post it in out roster thread: OFFICIAL EWNCW Roster Thread

    The entire creative team are very approachable people. If you ever have any ideas to propose, either for your own character, or indeed as something that you'd like to see other characters do (we're all fans here remember), then don't hesitate in contacting any or all of us.


    No Bullshit Policy:

    A lot of trouble has emerged from the e-fed section as time has gone on, and that in turn has turned a lot of people away from e-fedding. We're all in this to have fun, nothing else, but the trouble that has brewed from the section has sucked a lot of the fun out for some.

    Because of this we bring you the 'No Bullshit' policy. If any member of the creative team see any member of the EWNCW roster (or creative members for that matter) messing around, causing trouble, or even involving yourself in trouble that doesn't concern you, you will be given a stern warning, or a strike if you will.
    If you continue to involve yourself in trouble, then you will be thrown out of the fed (that goes for regular roster members and creative members) in a 'no bullshit' fashion.
    We don't want members of our fed involved in any brewing trouble in the feds, and we won't put up with it. You get one fair and stern warning the first time, if you continue to get involved, you're out. Simple as that.

    Thus far we've not had to throw anyone out, which is a good reflection on our members, and long may that continue.
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    Monday Night Rage

    Current writers:
    Head booker: Tommy Thunder
    Writers: CricketTragic, Tai Knight

    As the title suggests, this show is usually posted on Monday just before Monday night Raw, although this is flexible taking into consideration possible delays or problems that might come up in our personal lives.

    All Rage shows here: Rage


    General manager:
    John Cleverly

    Christopher Pentalion (play by play)
    Pierce Kingmaker (color)

    Ring Announcer:
    Jason McManus

    Dick Thompson
    Erica Generica


    AJ Dixon - (played by Rehmix)
    Andy Cannon - (played by clrj35140)
    Chris Divine - (played by bearkg88)
    Cody Hart -(played by bearkg88)
    Darren Bull - (played by TTC)
    King Strem - (played by Kingstrem)
    Kyojin - (played by No_1eddiefan)
    Mark Dimension - (played by chunkkynutzzz)
    Matt Elder - (played by MattElder)
    Mike Hawk - (played by wrestlingfan66513)
    Severus - (played by mr.onemanband)
    Tai Knight - (played by Tai Knight)
    William Carlin - (played by Grind_Bastard)


    Current Champions:

    World Heavyweight Champion: Vacant
    Evolution Champion: Vacant
    Rage Ignition Champion: Vacant
    EWNCW Vixxens Champion: Vacant
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    Thursday Night Inferno

    Current Writers:
    Head booker: bearkg88
    Writer: Rehmix

    Thursday night Inferno was EWNCW's first ever official brand, and is posted (again subject to any delays and problems) on Thursdays.

    All Inferno shows can be found here: Inferno


    General manager:
    Nathan Staples

    Bob Daniels (play by play)
    Bodom (color) (occasional wrestler)

    Ring Announcer:
    Lilly Morgan

    Jonathan Sanchez
    Guy Smith


    Ano Doom -
    (played by SouthernBlood)
    DJ Williams -
    (played by CM Rock-Austin)
    Gillz - (played by CGBigman)
    Jman -
    (played by thejman93)
    Shining Light -
    (played by Shining Light)
    Grind Bastard -
    (played by Grind_Bastard)
    Krystian Krysys -
    (played by Krysys)
    Matthew Black -
    (played by Dennis)
    Daymian Bloodstone - (played by Vegas)
    Shaz -
    (played by Shaz11)
    Van Darius - (played by Vandarius)
    Ma$$dinero - (played by Kashdinero)
    Kaige Chamberlain -
    (played by TheJosephBanks)

    Tag Teams:

    Current Champions:

    EWNCW Champion: Vacant
    International Champion: Vacant
    Inferno Ignition Champion: Vacant
    World Tag Team Champions: Vacant
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    EWNCW PPV's (from August 2012) can be viewed here: EWNCW PPV's

    Next PPV and updated card:

    EWNCW World Tag Team Championships triple threat match
    The Wrecking Crew vs Damaged Goods vs Domination

    EWNCW Evolution Championship triple threat match
    ??? vs ??? vs???

    EWNCW Internaional Championship triple threat match
    ??? vs ??? vs???


    Last PPV and results (winners bolded and underlined):

    Last man standing match or the World Heavyweight Championship
    William Carlin (C) vs Matt Elder

    Ultimate X match for the EWNCW Championship
    Mike Hawk (C) vs Arthur Lansdale

    I Quit match
    Malcolm Cage vs Mark Dimension

    Monsters Ball match
    Grind Bastard vs Jman

    Hardcore tag team match
    Krystian Krysys and Tai Knight vs Shaz and Van Hooligan X

    First Blood match for the International Champinship
    AJ Dixon (C) vs Andy Cannon

    Crucifixion match
    Mr Smyth vs Shining Light

    Inter-gender Stell Cage tag team match
    KJ Punk and Ash Attack vs DJ Williams and Rosita

    TLC match for the EWNCW Tag Team Championships
    The Zodiac Brothers (C) vs The Wrecking Crew vs Touch of Class

    Best of 3 falls match for the Rage Ignition Championship
    Kyojin (C) vs Shuriken Blade

    #1 Contenders Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere match for the Rage Ignition Championship
    Daymian Bloodstone vs King Strem vs Gillz (No winner)

    Tornado tag team tables match for the World Tag Team Championships
    Mixed Emotions (C) vs Domination

    Texas Bull Rope
    Eddie Juarez vs Van Darius

    Fatal 4 Way Last man Standing match
    Abel vs Cayne vs Ano Doom vs Kevin Matthews

    Gauntlet match for the Inferno Ignition Championship

    Darren Bull (C) vs Matthew Black vs Alex Wildheart vs Chris Diamond


    PPV Calender:

    In Violence we Trust - (Hardcore ppv)
    Glory to the Brave
    Threat of the Net - (Cyber Sunday-esque fan voting ppv)
    Pain for Treasure
    Rise from the Ashes
    No Guts, No Glory - (Finale to the War Games series)
    Raging Inferno - (Rage vs Inferno ppv)
    Bred for Combat
    Day of Reckoning - (Features two King of the Cage matches)
    Destiny's Calling
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    Current Writers:
    Vandarius, TheJosephBanks, G.G.G..

    RTE used to be it's own stand alone e-fed on eWN known as 'Alpha Revolution', later, after it was merged with TCW, it was renamed TWE. Earlier in 2013 it was merged with EWNCW and became a developmental territory to EWN's original e-fed.
    In Summer 2013, TWE was rebranded and re-structured and became RTE, and now serves as EWNCW's third show. It acts as the developmental brand of the company (think of it as what NXT is to WWE). All brand new created characters that sign up to EWNCW will start off their 'careers' here and will work their way through the system and up the ladder. It is a slightly smaller show in comparison to the main EWNCW shows. Also, like WWE's NXT, RTE doesn't have it's own ppv's. Instead, RTE will have special shows (in place of a normal weekly show) called 'RTE Fight Night', where titles will be on the line and such.

    For any information on RTE, please contact Vandarius or TheJosephBanks

    Current Roster:

    General Manager:
    Bodom - Face


    Cameron Tyson
    Michael Dangerfield

    Ring announcer:

    Jessica Young

    'Cowboy' Bill Buxley

    Alexsandr Ivankoff - heel (Played by SouthernBlood)
    Amadeus Ferwin (with Mrs Elfreida Ferwin) - heel (Played by SouthernBlood)
    Cannibal - heel (Played by Vegas)
    El Diablo Se Alza (with Monica Jimenez) - heel (Played by SouthernBlood)
    Graves - Tweener -heel (Played by mr.onemanband)
    Jaxxon - Heel (Played by Vandarius)
    Knight Wing
    - face (Played by Krysys)
    Israel Pamich -heel (Played by CricketTragic)
    Matt Ryder - tweener (Played by TTC)
    Patrick Michaels - heel (Played by G.G.G)
    Reiko - face (played by chunkkynutzzz)
    Scott Cage - heel (Played by Bearkg88)

    Tag Teams:

    The Soul Calibur
    (Regan McCloud and Weston Call) - face (Played by Krysys)

    Children of Chaos
    (Slither and Twisted) - Heels (Played by Vegas)

    For All of You
    (Michael Symonds and Sam Lorell) - Face (Played by CricketTragic)

    Amazing Perfection
    (Silas Parker and Blaze Evans) - Heel (Played by mr.onemanband)

    The Levy Brothers
    (John and Mark Levy) - Heel (Played by SilverGhost)

    Ashley Temish - face (Played by Krysys)
    Eden Sky - heel (Played by GlamourGirl)
    Mrs Elfreida Frewin - heel (Played by SouthernBlood)
    Senora Monica Jimenez - heel (Played by SouthernBlood)
    Misery - heel (Played by Vegas)

    Current Champions:

    RTE Champion: Amadeus Frewin (04/4/14 - present)
    RTE Tag Team Champions: Vacant
    RTE Vixens Champion: Vacant
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    Championship History

    World Heavyweight Championship (formerly the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship)

    Manabu Nanahara (23/1/11 - 14/4/11)
    Shuriken Blade (18/4/11 - 26/6/11)
    Kevin Matthews (26/6/11 - 1/8/11)
    Tommy Thunder (1/8/11 - 18/9/11) (Was scripted to have left the company with the title, and a new champion was crowned. His reign is considered to have continued through this period)
    Shuriken Blade and Tommy Thunder (both men considered disputed champions) (8/4/11 - 28/8/11)
    Tommy Thunder and Gillz (both men considered disputed champions) (28/8/11 - 31/10/11)
    Gillz (beat Thunder to become undisputed champion) (18/9/11 - 31/10/11)
    Silver Cena (31/10/11 - 6/3/12)
    The Beard of Zeus (6/3/12 - 4/7/12)
    K-Jammin (7/4/12 - 17/1/13)
    Ronaldo Romulus (17/1/13 - 11/12/13)
    William Carlin (11/12/13 - 30/4/14)

    EWNCW Championship

    (first EWNCW champion) (29/11/11 - 17/4/12)
    Krystian Krysys (17/4/12 - 28/8/12)
    Tommy Thunder (28/8/12 - 11/12/13)
    Mike Hawk (11/12/13 - 30/4/14)

    International Championship

    TJ Hawkes (13/3/11 - 15/5/11)
    Tommy Thunder (15/5/11 - 1/8/11) (title was vacated when Thunder was scripted to have left the company with the title)
    Billy McCoy (18/8/11 - 29/11/11)
    Mark Dimension (29/11/11 - 6/3/12)
    King Strem (6/3/12 - 28/5/13)
    Luke Jameson (28/5/13 - 11/12/13)
    AJ Dixon (11/12/13 - 30/4/14)

    Evolution Championship

    Markus Beerstein (2/2/12 - 6/3/12)
    Ronaldo Romulus (6/3/12 - 17/6/12)
    Ryan Wells (17/6/12 - 12/11/12)
    Mark Dimension ( 12/11/12 - 28/5/13)
    The Beard of Zeus (28/5/13 - 11/12/13)
    Shaz (11/12/13 - 30/4/14)

    World Tag Team Championships

    God Money (13/3/11 - 18/3/11)
    The Force of Greatness (18/3/11 - 26/6/11)
    God Money (26/6/11 - 30/8/11)
    The Collective (30/8/11 - 29/11/11)
    Domination (29/11/11 - )

    Mixed Emotions ( - 29/3/14)
    Domination (29/3/14 - 30/4/14)

    EWNCW Tag Team Championships

    The New Assault Program ( - 25/8/13)
    Hot Wasabi (25/8/13 - 11/12/13)
    The Zodiac Brothers (11/12/13 - 29/3/14)
    Kaige Chamberlain (29/3/14 - 30/4/14)

    Inferno Ignition Championship

    Ano Doom (First Inferno Ignition Champion) (7/2/12 - 5/3/12 )
    Sweet Jones and Johnny Rose (5/3/12 - 18/5/12)
    Ali Kazam and Sweet Jones (18/5/12 - 16/6/12)
    Sweet Jones (16/6/12 - 31/7/12)
    Johnny Rose (31/7/12 - 12/11/12)
    Andy Cannon (12/11/12- 27/5/13)
    KJ Punk (27/5/13 - 11/12/13)
    Darren Bull (3/2/14 - 30/4/14)

    Rage Ignition Championship (formerly the Ignition Championship, and before that the Forum Championship)

    Tommy Thudner (23/1/11 - 15/5/11)
    Seth Ferrell (15/5/11 - 8/8/11)
    King Strem (8/8/11 - 30/10/11)
    Daymian Bloodstone (31/10/11 - 6/3/12) (title became exclusive to Rage mid-way through reign)
    Shaz (6/3/12 - 12/11/12)
    Hanz Gruber (12/11/12 - 16/1/13)
    The Blue Flash (16/1/13 - 7/4/13)
    Van Hooligan X (7/4/13 - 11/12/13)
    Kyojin (3/2/14 - 30/4/14)
    RTE Championship

    Vandarius (26/8/13 - 14/2/14)
    Alex Wildheart (14/2/14 - 04/4/14)
    Israel Pamich (04/4/14 - 04/4/14)
    Amadeus Frewin (04/4/14 - Present)

    RTE Vixxens Championship

    Ash Attack (26/8/13 - 04/4/14)

    RTE Tag Team Championships

    Damaged Goods (26/8/13 - 4/9/13)
    Xavier Hightower and Kaige Chamberlain (4/9/13 - 14/2/14)
    The Zodiac Brothers (14/2/14 - 04/4/14)
    A Touch of Class[Kaige] (04/4/14 -04/4/14)

    The EWNCW Awards

    Superstar of the year
    2011 - Gillz
    2013 - Ronaldo Romulus

    Tag Team of the year
    2011 - God Money
    2013 - Hot Wasabi

    Newcomer of the year
    2011 - Daymian Bloodstone and Krystian Krysys (tie)
    2013 - AJ Dixon

    Promo man of the year
    2011 - Tommy Thunder
    2013 - Ronaldo Romulus

    Moment of the year
    2011 - Tommy Thunder leaves EWNCW
    2013 - The Devil's Advocate returns on Rage to confront Chris Divine with the JBW World Title.

    Most Improved of the year
    2013 - Mike Hawk

    PPV of the year
    2011 - In Violence We Trust
    2013 - Threat of the Net

    Show of the year
    2011 - Monday night Rage

    Match of the year
    2013 - William Carlin vs Seraphim Gates of Hell match at Threat of the Net

    Best theme
    2011 - 'Let's Ride' by Airbourne (Tommy Thunder) and 'Reset' by Mutemath (Seth Ferrell) (tie)

    EWNCW Special Recognition award (for outstanding contribution to the fed)
    2011 - MattElder
    2013 - TJ Hawkesybaby
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    All things Defunct in EWNCW

    Defunct Shows:

    Wednesday Night Brutality

    Brutality was the former company known as Blacklist Wrestling Association (BWA), known on EWN for it's unique tag team only concept. Early into 2012 BWA reached an agreement to become part of EWNCW, and after BWA's critically acclaimed final ppv 'War is the Answer', BWA became known as Wednesday night Brutality, and became EWNCW's third brand. It featured all of EWNCW's premier tag teams in action every week, and aired on Wednesdays (again, subject to delays/problems).

    BWA was a tag team only fed with 2 brands of it's own, but after interest in the once thriving concept had dwindled, keeping 2 brands going was a tough ask. So BWA eventually became known as Brutality (one of the BWA brands) and became EWNCW's third brand, whilst keeping the original concept of the BWA fed of being a tag team only show! Brutality would be written by various combinations of people, the main ones being Vegas, S.E. Zero Krysys and Grind_Bastard. After about a year, the decision was made to close the Brutality brand. This decision was taken due to the continued dwindling interest in the tag team only gimmick, so the tag teams of the Brutality brand were spread evenly across the Rage and Inferno brands.

    All Brutality shows can be found here:

    Friday Night Warzone

    Warzone was a weekly show that gave the EWNCW audience the chance to see a little extra action each week. Tune in each Friday to see some exiting matches featuring all three EWNCW brands! As previously mentioned, this show was effectively a direct equivalent of WWE Main Event or a better version of WWE Superstars. This show could, and would feature promos from time to time.

    Several people gave it a go of trying to produce this show, with Grind and more so eboy being the most successful, but in the end, it was decided to shelve the show after it became a little redundant. Who's to say that the show won't return in future though!

    All Warzone shows can be found here:

    Defunct Championships and their history:

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    EWNCW Alumni Section:

    Shuriken Blade (EWN username - SilverGhost)
    Billed from: Los Angeles, CA
    Height: 5' 11'
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Finishers: Boma-Ye Knee, Emerald Flowsion

    Runsuke Serra, known better as Shuriken Blade, was one of EWNCW's stalwarts and one of the most popular superstars in the company's history. The only 2 time World Heavyweight Champion is a much respected competitor and has wrestled all of the big names in the wrestling industry. A much traveled superstar, he has won countless titles in several companies, making him a firm favorite of the EWNCW fans. Well known throughout the industry for his well versed use of well placed and vicious knee strikes, he has forged a name as not only a respected competitor, but a dangerous one too. Think you have what it takes to take on the Shuriken Blade? It only takes one knee to the head, and you'll be seeing stars for weeks.


    Manabu Nanahara (EWN username - Manabu)
    Billed from: Nagasaki, Japan
    Height: 5ft 11"
    Weight: 218lbs
    Finisher: Spinning Knockout Heel Kick

    A proud fighter and always making his entrance with the Japanese flag waving high in his hand, 'The Japanese Fury' Manabu Nanahara was the first ever World Champion in EWNCW history, winning the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship on 23/1/11 at EWNCW's first ever ppv event; 'Pain for Treasure'. After a hard fought match against The Heartbreaker, Nanahara came up victorious.
    Nanahara left EWNCW in April 2011, vacating the title, meaning that nobody defeated him while he was champion. Will the' Japanese Fury' return someday to reclaim what was never taken from him?
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    All information on how to join EWNCW can be found here in our roster thread.


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