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    poole never heard of it? neither have i

    well thats bloody stupid *nxt spoilers*

    r-truth who in my opinion is the least likely of any of the 6 to win the chamber match and will probably be the first man to be eliminated in probably the biggest match he'll be in all year with that said you have to make all 6 men look credible to little johnny purple shirt so why oh why have i just read an nxt spoiler that he has been pinned(and by the sound of realitively cleanly)by brodus clay(not knocking broadus clay he and bateman the stand out rooies by a long way and reminds me of bam bam bigeloe)but fact is brodus clay suppose to be a "rookie" and r-truth is suppose to be in the top 6 on the the A show competing to be in the biggest match possible with the biggest pay day why have him pinned by a guy who if he got fired now he probably wont remember him in 5 years the mind really boggles wwe pull of a stroke of genious with getting the rock on board for mania but forget about the basic rules of wrestling promotion because they only make their own product look weak by having an alledged top 6 guy being pinned by a nobody

    end of rant

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