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    Punk maybe? or Orton- that would be safe thing for WWE to do- Orton and Miz have a history. Punk and Miz would be a better match to watch though.
    All I know for sure is Cena will be in the headlining match

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    John Morrison, since they have a long line of history with each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cranium View Post
    Since this thread is about hypotheticals, if Cena faces the Rock, then who will face The Miz if Miz is still WWE champ?
    Randy Orton...?

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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    daniel bryan may be good in the ring but he cant sell a promo
    let there be rock vs cena and sting vs taker instead

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    Cena vs Rock hands down, both are underrated for their wrestling ability.

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    If these matches happened then JR would face Miz. He's never had a wrestlemania match either

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    Undertaker versus Kane
    Cena versus Miz

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