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    Greatest Wrestler/Wrestling Moments/Blank of All Time Tournament.

    Hello all. I am new to these forums (this is actually my first post) so if this is in the wrong place or if this has already been done before, please notify me, but I was wandering if a NCAA "March Madness" style tournament bracket would generate any interest. The topics can be anything from greatest overall wrestler to greatest theme song and it would have anywhere from 32 to 64 entries per tournament. Winners of particular match-ups could be determined democratically by vote, and it should stir up a decent discussion/argument from the fans of the various subjects.

    Anyway, if this gets enough positive publicity, here are a few ideas for potential topics of the tournaments (feel free to add your own btw):
    Best technical wrestler (based strictly off of in-ring talent)
    Best overall wrestler (based off of in-ring talent, mic/promo skills, fan reactions, long-term success, and the like)
    Favorite moments
    Best gimmicks
    Best rivalries
    Favorite theme song
    Favorite matches
    Best finishers
    Best stables
    Best entertainer
    And anything else you can think of

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    Technical---Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit.
    overall---John Cena
    moments---lotta Stone Cold moments, the night Cena was drafted to RAW, Alberto Del Rio's entrances, so many more.
    gimmicks---Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton(as heel apex predator), Cena as white rapper, Undertaker, John Morrison, probably more.
    rivalries---Cena vs. Orton, CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy vs. Edge, Jericho vs. HBK, Rock vs. Stone Cold, probably others.
    song---Drew McIntyre "Broken Dreams."
    matches---a lot.
    finishers---RKO, Cross Rhodes, Starship Pain, Stone Cold Stunner, probably others.
    stables---Evolution, Legacy, Corporation, DX.
    entertainer---Cena, Miz.

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    Nice list. Try to save some for the brackets though

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