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    *Impact Spoiler*

    For the TNA X Division Championship, Robbie E w/Cookie vs. Kazarian. Robbie E gets on the mic beforehand. Last Sunday TNA management threw a grenade at him. He was prepared to wrestle two dudes, not one dude. But tonight he’s got Cooks, he’s ready and he’ll be two-time X Division champion. Cookie says Jersey’s in the house, b——. Kazarian comes down and gets on the mic too. He says as an OG of the X Division and card carrying member of Fortune he’s bring the X Division back to the forefront. This company’s foundation was built on the X Division. Not as much foundation on Cookie’s face. If Robbie wants to be a part of that, send that sloppy treasure troll to the back and let’s do this. Cookie leaves and the match is on. Winner via DQ, Kazarian. Cookie ran down and hit Kazarian with her purse when he went for the Omori Driver on Robbie. They beat down on Kaz until Traci Brooks runs down for the save. A cat fight breaks out but Kazarian and Robbie break it up.
    Well i do not know about you but i am thrilled that Traci is back in TNA I am hoping she gets a title run this time round i mean she was with TNA for 7 years and never got a title push.


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