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    In the ring its cesaro but other than that it has to be sandow as my second choice but ryback besides creative screwing up with him or the gay goldberg chants he has been impressive i know he started off boring beating local guys but when the feed me more chant got going i think he should have beaten punk instead of getting screwed by maddox then have him lose to the rock as he is a credible person to get beat by which takes nothing away from ryback, i think him losing so many ppv matches has hurt the character as much as ryback rules but i am a fan as he looks legit, big guy who would hurt someone
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    Bo frickin' Dallas! Oh yeah!

    Seriously though, I'd say Cesaro, everything until he became a real American was gold. Sandow comes in second for me.

    Divas to believe in.

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    For me, I would say The Shield and Taryn Terrell (I know I'm probably in the minority on that one).
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    Ambrose, Sandow, and Bray, all 3 guys are just plain awesome.

    Also the electric lantern doesn't bother me at all, I love that entrance.

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    I'd have to go with Bray, at the top. I love the gimmick top to bottom.

    Next would be Cesaro, because he can go in the ring; he has the look WWE likes, the only thing he is missing is the mic skills. I think he should have been the Paul Heyman guy.

    Third is Fandango; I like to let this work themselves out, and Fandango has been playing his role perfectly.

    Ryback, Shield, and Big E, round out the rest. For different reasons.

    Special Mention:

    I don't know if this counts, but 3MB, more specifically Heath Slater. He is never going to win the big one, but whenever he is out on stage, I can't help but watch. He seems to be out there having the time of his life, even under such a shitty gimmick. Plus he has one of the sickest superkicks. Whenever they actually let him shoot one off, it instantly is loud as hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El T Draino 316 View Post
    First off, great topic man.

    I'm torn, but I'll say my favorite is Fandango - and NOT Fandango the character. I'm so impressed by the charisma and confidence in which Johnny Curts portrays such an outrageous character. If he didn't have a such a massive personality, this gimmick would've bombed in the first week. He's also got the look, mic skills, and ring chops of a future main eventer (check out a recent Smackdown vs Punk). He can be intense, funny, cocky, and outright ridiculous.

    My second favorite is Seth Rollins. Ambrose is cool as hell, but there's something about his in-ring style that isn't appealing to me. Rollins is just super athletic, his look is unique, and his mic skills have been solid since Day 1. He needs a better finisher.

    Lastly, Bray Wyatt has impressed - but I can't put him on the list without seeing him wrestle a match on the main roster. His mic skills are AWESOME. Whatever that IT factor is, he's got IT.
    I agree about everything you have said about Rollins except about his look being unique, he looks exactly as Punk did with long hair, just different attire
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    My favorite has to be Damien Sandow. He has done fine in the ring, cuts amazing promos that really go with his gimmick, and shows personality. I believe me being a Christian makes me connect to him, even though he is promoting himself as the "Intellectual Savior of the masses" (which we all know who that really is), I love seeing his self-righteous attitude.

    Really good thread.
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    have we all forgotten how amazing sweet t is? lol. for real tho, gotta go with cesaro. I feel there is much more to see with this guy if creative pushes him right. I also enjoy fandango.

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    Im really digging the Sheild and Wyatt Family. A lot of fans kinda think the Wyatts debut was a bit dissapointing but I for one thought it was really good. I think their characters are awesome and they are staying true to form. They are meant to have this cultish eeriness about them (and they still do) They are not technically sound in the ring but they arent supposed to be... They are supposed to be these savages that hand out beatdowns to anyone who crosses them. So, yeah those are my two picks

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    S Rollins more then anyone else...


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